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WHAT’S ON AT BIG WOOD? Check out the website above for parent courses Big Wood’s Panini bar now serving in the Alder block. Panini’s only £1.50. Give them a go. Are you entitled to Free School Meals and haven't registered? Contact school for more info.

SPEED RESTRICTIONS Nottingham Police are regularly carrying out speed checks in the vicinity of Warren Primary Academy and Big Wood School. They have recently sent 20 or more letters to motorists who were exceeding the 20 mph speed limit. The restriction is there for the benefit of us all – particularly the many hundreds of children who cross the local roads on a daily basis. A child hit by a vehicle at 20mph is much more likely to survive than a child hit by a car that is travelling at 30mph or more. A car travelling at 20mph or less is much more likely to be able to stop before hitting a pedestrian in the road. As the posters say, “Kill your speed, not a child!”

PE SHORTS . . . Or should that be Sports in brief? Year 8 Girls‘ Basketball will be competing at Jesse Boot in the City Finals Year 7 Boys‘ Football start their campaign at Bulwell Academy Year 11 Basketball Girls‘ will be competing in the County Finals On the 9th March, 24 pupils will be taking part in the Chelsea/Fulham training and stadium tour. They get the chance to train at the Fulham ground followed by the Fulham—Chelsea match at Craven Cottage on Saturday The Big Wood Sports Council is in full swing now working with staff and pupils looking at the sports provision in school. The Council will be supporting years 7 & 8 in a Urban Hockey Tournament at NTU in the hope that they reach the finals They are also supporting the transition projects with local primary schools taking place at Big Wood On Wednesday 16th January, 30 pupils took part in the Cross Country event at Wollaton Park in the glorious snowy conditions. The following pupils will go on to represent Big Wood in the City Finals in February; Jack Daniel Seymour, Nathan Gascoigne and Jamie Reilly. Well done!



Contents Big Wood Girls—City Champions

It’s a common misconception that university is incredibly expensive and beyond the reach of “ordinary people”. There is often the belief that youngsters are better off getting a job soon after school and working their way up through the work place. The truth of the matter is much more complex. Every young person should consider applying to university as one of their future options.

They will also be able to tell you about the incredible educational opportunities that university gave them – making them more employable than many of their contemporaries who didn‘t go to university.

Year 7 spelling bee Big Wood’s Got Talent Science report by Jack Hawkins A Christmas Carol

Mrs Aldred embraced the pupil challenge of setting up a staff v pupil netball tournament.

Over a working life, it‘s estimated that a graduate will earn approximately £200,000 more than someone who leaves school with one or two A‘ levels. What are the disadvantages? The main concerns that we hear expressed are those of ―student debt‖. However, it is important to realise that there is financial support available, especially for those whose parents don‘t earn a lot and that fees for university are not paid up front. In fact, students don‘t start to pay off the loan until they start earning £21,000. To put this in perspective, if a student eventually earns £25,000 a year they would pay it off at approximately £30 per month. And there is a strong chance that many will never pay the full sum. After thirty years, the debt will be automatically cleared. It‘s important to choose your university and your course carefully. Questions that you should ask yourself: Where will the course lead me? Is the course likely to make me more employable? Offer me more skills and knowledge in an area that I‘m passionate about? If it leads towards a vocation (a career), what are the job opportunities in that field? Sadly, in the UK we seem to go through some subject areas like they were a fashion accessory. You need to be absolutely clear about the career opportunities offered by your university course. Unfortunately, a course in forensics, for example, doesn‘t always lead to a job with CSI; a course in Drama doesn‘t always lead to a career in film and television. You do have to weigh up the odds. Some subject areas, though not necessarily linked directly to job opportunities, are extremely well valued by employers. Courses in Mathematics and Science, for instance, are rated highly. Our country is also desperate for well qualified Engineers and IT specialists for instance and we currently having to rely on people from abroad to fill vacant posts.

Nicola Warren, Professional Stylist

Please phone Nicola on on 07837 676 287

University Life

What are the benefits of university? If you talk to most people who have been to university they will probably focus on the social opportunities: the opportunities to meet new people from all over the country and, in fact, from all over the world. They‘ll talk about the opportunities for travel and the fact that it ―widened their horizons.‖

XStyle Salon Open at Big Wood School Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Loyalty card now available. 20% of first booking.

Buzz JANUARY 2013

It is never too early to begin preparing for your university life. Interested? See Career Staff at school, visit the school library, and talk to your tutor or Head of Year.

Held just before Christmas, the evening was a fun packed event with all involved thoroughly enjoying it.

More information to follow

To encourage pupils to begin thinking about university we have organised the following: Study skills sessions with Derby University; aspiration activities during PSHE with Nottingham Trent University for years 7 and 8. Shortly we will be offering: Aspirations visits, University Experience Life Days, Personal Economics sessions, Dragons Den activity, Girls into Science Project, residentials and much more! Watch this space!


YEAR 7 SPELLING BEE A huge thank you to all who helped support the Spelling Bee. It was an exciting event going down to the wire.

BIG WOOD GIRLS—CITY CHAMPIONS Our Year 11 Girls Basketball team drew all preliminary tournaments eventually making a three way final against Nottingham Academy and Ellis Guilford School. They now represent the City in the No t t i n g h am s hi re Count y B as k et bal l Tournament to be held in February 2013 at Nottingham Trent University.

Our overall champion is Malachi Thompson and runner-up is Mackenzie Russell. The house champions are the Reds with a massive 62 points.

Forget the popular ITV talent show 'Britain's got Talent', the last day of term saw a star studded line up of both contestants and judges in the first Big Wood's Got Talent. From forty four acts who originally auditioned to be in the show it was the job of Mr Wood, Mr Watkins and Mrs Edwards to select the best twelve to entertain the masses.

Mrs Corrigan said, ―I was impressed with the standard of spelling of all those who participated. I would also like to praise the whole of year 7 for their passionate support of the houses. It was a whole team effort!‖

Hosted by our very own Ant & Dec, Mr McGowan and Mr Aldred, a mixture of dance acts, singers, comedians and impressionists overcame their nerves to put on a show that will be remembered by the 500 strong audience for a long time to come.

Well done girls, we’re all very proud of you! Pictured back: Shanai Taylor, Aline Achina, Lucy Scott, Abi Falade Pictured front: Chantelle Mhinda, Jessica Bimpudi and Chyann-Jade

The panel of judges comprised of some A-list celebrities who were flown in especially for the event, Mrs Healey (aka Cheryl Cole), Mr Wylie (aka Gary Barlow) and Mrs Hancock (aka Nicole) had the tough decision of deciding upon the top 3 acts to be our prize winners. The overall winner was Jack Weightman with his comedy sketch of Marjorie Dawkes fat fighters from the BBC 1 show Little Britain. Jack was bold enough to insult the majority of students and staff in the hall in addition to questioning the weight of our head teacher! Runner up prizes went to Jarrell Kirkland 7LEB for his street dancing and to Adam Hunt 9SSV who gave a very moving recital of the song 'Mad World'. Well done to all involved and we all look forward to the search beginning for next year's stars! MAYA’S MOVING ON UP—Reading Detective solves secret to success!

A Christmas Carol Key stage three drama club performed a knock out version of the traditional story of, A Christmas Carol with fabulous carols sung by the choir. It was an evening full of creativity, talent and most of all Christmas spirit. All pupils that attended the rehearsals and performed were excellent. Their commitment to both the drama club and choir paid off delivering a truly magical evening. I would like to thank all the pupils involved: you never let me down and also all the staff. It was a memorable evening. A big thank you, from Mrs Johnson.

Maya Williams (8JLW) is doing amazingly well with her Literacy skills. She has worked extremely hard to improve her comprehension by 21 months in just 3 months! Maya has always loved reading and is currently reading at home, ‗About A Boy‘. She now realises that she is not only looking and reading words but understanding them too. She used to feel that she never had the time to be confident with her reading but said, ―One good answer, is better that loads of rubbish answers.‖ Mrs Dunne is very proud of Maya‘s progress and said, ―Maya is the first pupil at Big Wood to complete the CatchUp reading programme up to level 12. She has learned to be a reading detective. She can search for clues which may not be obvious, to allow her to answer comprehension questions, as well as taking her time to make sure she gives the best possible answers.‖ Maya’s Top Tip Have a note pad ready when you are reading and if there is a word you don't understand, write it down and then look it up in the dictionary!

Twenty one Year 10 pupils went to the National Space Centre in Leicester with Mr Phillips, Mr Simmons and Mrs Meats. We departed at 9.30am and got there at 11.00am. Inside there were four floors. Each floor had different games information and slideshows about space travel. The thing that I enjoyed about the trip the most was the Space Flight simulator because it was real fun; it seemed like the real thing. I learned about the trip to the moon, the size of the rocket capsule and that space travellers had to eat dry food tablets. Jack Hawkins. Year 10.

Big Wood Buzz January 2013  

Big Wood Buzz January 2013

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