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Porter Ranches Bull Sale logue. The

ion of our bull sale cata Welcome to the 2019 redit our to another level of uniformity - It is

offering has evolved this yea ct several bulls out of the pen goal that you should be able to sele fident that they will calve and without any information and feel con been improved by maintaining grow with less management. This has nced EPD selection. We have depth of pedigree, with focused bala is sound and able to breed with graded these bulls for phenotype that ormance. Without a strong able the ability to provide expected perf bodied bull, EPD’s are mute. em the Simmental Association has It is difficult to speak to the EPD syst and the array of numbers have employed. There has been a change re, this year I am speaking more to been diminished in spread. Therefo are a more scientific approach to the API an TI values as I believe they of EPD’s without the confusion. get more comprehensive value out Keith, Sandy, Hunter, Emilie, Marie & Kevin that enhances data nd sou a ultr with in aga es The offering com more heritable traits and measure the our ability to select on the basis of it is with great pride ide. As you page through the offering prov ts men sure mea e thes king of the API and TI index. influence trac that rank consistently in the top 20% s bull ing lead stry indu r offe to ulated on the basis that we are able of visual appraisal, but instead are calc is bas the on out n give not are These numbers d. Today, as I write this t. These bulls have been bred to bree men sure mea and e anc orm perf of production the herd calved out. 2 weeks and have achieved 75% of for ing calv n bee e hav we e, sag the cows to calve welcome mes lt of a hands off process that allows resu the is eve beli I rate tion cep To have that con to milk appropriately management system. The cow has our to d che mat ally etic gen be unassisted, and Good bulls here ; there are no excuses after June 1st. and be able to compete and get bred expectation t men their own and meet the manage come from females that perform on that keeps them in the herd. actful to the right selection of a herd sire is imp Time waits for no-one, and making our best with is It e. herd for generations to com the success of your calf crop and cow ance your enh and s ines bus rove your farm and ranch es. intention that we offer bulls that imp selv them of care s and hoofs on the ground take quality of life by letting the genetic out papers and /calf pairs. They will be selling with This year we will be offering 30 cow add some quality to nity ortu ration. This is a nice opp ope cial mer com any into l wel fit will e had a good start. young females into a herd that hav of Bohrson Edge, Taylor Richards, Matt Criddle Our Sale Team of Dan Skeels, Dean ht into a bull insig ide prov and s to assess the bull Marketing Services will be available that fits your needs. ortunity cattle. We would appreciate the opp We welcome your inquiries about our . We look in making selections for your program to show you our cattle and assist you March 15th. forward to seeing you on or before Kevin

Join us on March 15th

Kevin (780) 968-6772 Email: Keith & Sandy (780) 968-0002

Kevin Cell: (780) 915-9823 Fax: (780) 968-5002 Keith Cell: (780) 915-3969

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Porter Ranches Bull Sale  

March 15, 2019 Simmental Bulls

Porter Ranches Bull Sale  

March 15, 2019 Simmental Bulls