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Advancement in Bidet Bidet means a personal cleansing method that utilizes a stream of water to clean up the areas. It is more hygienic as compared to the use of just a toilet paper. The word was first used in the 15th century referring to the pet ponies of the French Royal Family. In the 19th century, the Europeans made modifications in the traditional structure and created a porcelain cleaning device, primarily for the purpose of contraceptive and purgative uses. Using bidets is much simpler than the other systems. Now that the bidets come with built in accessories and in affordable range, t is better to use it. With time, the use of bidets has transformed to more of a personal cleansing method, improving the aspects of sanitation and the sense of hygiene. The conventional bidets required major plumbing work, whereas the newly made Bio Bidets can be simply attached to the existing toilet. Marketing of bidets has encountered certain trends from time to time. There is one such industry trend that has been driving the bidet marketing slow. But the increased acceptability of bidets in North America has increased in its market. There are two American companies which produce bidets. They have been able to change the trend and manufacturing of Biffy and USABIDET toilets. These mounted bidets are widely used in domestic. In Europe and South America, the use of bidets has been popular for decades which are not but a couple of centuries. But in major parts of North America, there is a huge avoidance of bidets. Modern bathrooms have been able to reduce the need for the bidets as hot water facility is easily available and hence, a bath or shower is obviously a convenient activity. But recently there has been an increase in the usage of modern equipped bidets in North America, as these bidets come in a lower cost. The attachable bidets may be made of materials such as plastic, chrome plated metal or stainless steel. Thus it serves as an accommodation to most likes. Remodelling of bidets in North America is expensive but is widely followed. The latest involves putting a water pressure attachable model to the existing toilet in minimal form. The bidets are quite affordable in North America. The bidets come in a selected range of prices. One can choose a simple or designed bidet according to one’s wish. The electronic attachable bidets attract the attention of those who have a fetish for gadgets. In a bidet equipped with a remote control, least hand operation is required. One just needs to monitor the control. And also with the increasing number of manufacturers producing bidets, more features are continuing to be added to the existing structure of the bidets. Thus, the additional features may make the bidets even more accessible and convenient to use. Some bidets are equipped with in built night light that offer illumination.Some bidets also come with the facility of having built in deodorizers or carbon filters for maintaining hygiene. Bidet also cleansing method that utilizes a stream of water to clean up toilet the Bidet Attachment. This article has been taken from articleid=3533772&CFID=232106922&CFTOKEN=44054337