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Executive Summary The implementation of this media plan is intended to increase donation dollars for United Way of Lane County. Through a budget of $8,000, plus $12,000 in free media from the local television station KVAL this plan will increase donations by 15% while also keeping high awareness of United Way throughout the entire calendar year. The Target Audience is Adults ages 50-69 with an annual income of $40,000 and higher. Past campaigns typically ran from September to April of the following year. This has led to strong donations during the holiday months, but weaker summer months. Our first change is to divide the campaign into two three-month segments. The two segments will include a winter campaign, which will run October through December and a summer campaign that will run from May through July. The plan will contain four different media to connect with the target audience on multiple levels of engagement. The selected media will include television advertisements on KVAL, Internet banner ads on two local websites, outdoor flyer’s featuring QR codes directing viewers straight to the donation page, and one event sponsorship during both the summer and winter campaign segments.

Situation Analysis

$3.4 mil Annual donations






United Way of Lane County is currently operating under an average annual donation budget of $3.4 million. The majority of those donations coming during the nine month campaign period. During the donation push United Way receives a significant amount of money from the work place sign up available that allows employees to sign off a small portion of their pay check to donate to the non-profit.

Name recognition, reputation Strong national presence + local presence Supported by national affiliates Contributes to most local charities, don’t compete Address all problems in the community Only non-profit with work place campaign

Little brand awareness No target audience Poor online presence Potential givers don’t know where money goes Most donations come through the work place United Way doesn’t create it’s own programs

Opportunities for donated media time Lane County has a moderately affluent community Many people in community want to contribute,

Other non-profits Recession Online donatation platforms

can increase awareness, new givers

Meredith is a 47 year-old, married, mother of three children in Eugene, Oregon. When not working part time as the secretary for a local Accountant, Meredith is focused on her family. Her oldest son is a freshman at Oregon State University, and her two younger children are a twin boy and girl in their sophomore year of high school. Her husband Brad is a Professor in the Political Science department and earns $49,000 a year. Working as a secretary, she earns $22,000 a year. Meredith enjoys practicing yoga, reading, embroidery, and cheering on her children at sporting events. She is involved in various community organizations, such as her children’s high school’s Parent Teacher Association, and considers herself an active member of the Eugene community. She values the good of her community, and believes in doing her part- whether that is donating her money or her time.


Average annual income.


Average annual donations.

Marketing Objectives Raise annual donations from 3.4 million to 4 million by increasing repeat donations and showing transparency of charitable benefits.

donations up



Media Objectives


Split campaign budget between two specific donation seasons (summer and winter) to provide year round exposure to charitable benefits.

summer + winter

Media Plan In order to successfully increase annual donations by 15%, we have divided our campaign budget into two specific donation seasons. This will give the audience year round exposure to charitable benefits of United Way of Lane County. United Way of Lane County will have a media mix of TV, Online banners, community events and outdoor guerrilla. Each of the executions will be placed surrounding the two donation seasons. It is important for United Way to create a steady stream of brand recognition throughout the summer. The increased amount of free time provides a perfect opportunity to make the community aware of United Ways charitable events...

Digital Print We chose the because it specifically reached a large population of our target audience. The website is updated with breaking news, and reaches 32,000 readers per day and delivers 3.2 million page impressions per month to 815,000 unique monthly readers ( The rotational banner ad has a maximum of ten ads, so the minimum number of readers to see United Way’s advertisement average to 3,200. was a strategic approach because it has potential to become a surprisingly positive investment. The largest banner space available is evaluated to reach 20,000 plus page views per month while remaining at a substantially lower cost than competitors. Much of our target audience is active in the community and find themselves on

Guerrilla FlyPositioned as inspiring news articles about United Way’s involvement helping the community, the outdoor guerrilla ads are flyer’s that are spread around Lane County. The flyer’s will be found on telephone poles, information boards, and other prominent locations. The ads will attract readers and inform them about the different charitable works United Way supports. A QR code at the bottom of the flyer will direct readers to the donation page on the website. The cost of this medium is estimated at $1,000 and spent on printing. This is possible because most of the copy can be retrieved from previously written articles on, volunteers will distribute the flyer’s, and placement will be in free locations.

Newsletter With our quarterly newsletter, we hope to increase the amount of donations, and specifically Online donations. The newsletters would be sent via email at the start of each of the campaigns, and two more through the year to update volunteers and donors on the work that United Way is doing and the money raised thus far, and remind them to donate. At the end of the newsletter would be a link directing readers to the Online donation section of the United Way Lane County site. By informing and engaging volunteers about the work that United Way is doing as well as how they can involved and the impact their donation will make, we believe that Online donations will increase. This will also help those on the mailing list that may not frequently donate or be unsure what exactly United Way does feel more of a connection to where their donations would

Community Events By sponsoring visible events in the community, we hope to see an increase in donations, as well as awareness. By sponsoring an event for Camp Kesem in the summer to correspond with the first part of the campaign and an event for the Skyhawks Basketball Camp to coordinate with the winter part of the campaign we will not only be positively benefiting the community, but the $1,600 towards each campaign will increase awareness. When active members of the community whom are a part of our target demographic see that United Way is directly making an impact on the people of Eugene we believe that we will see an increase in donations. This will also contribute toward to our goal of increasing awareness of United Way and how they benefit the community.

Television With our $12,000 of donated media, we chose to utilize Prime Access spots on KVAL. These spots would run during the six months of our two campaigns exclusively, and would contrast with the spots donated to United Way by national syndicates. At a CPP of $333, with Prime Access we can reach the greatest number of people in our target demographic, for the lowest price. We decided to use television because we believe that with the highest reach, television would be the most effective method to increase donations. As well, television will allow us access to adults that may not have previously donated, as part of our objective is to increase new donations.

Media Schedule January February March April May June July August September October November December R&G Banner EE Banner Outdoor Newsletter TV Community Events

Budget R&G Banner


EE Banner






TV Community Events

$12,000 $3,200


Evaluation Our campaign has two main goals. Increase total donations by 15% and maintain steady stream of donations throughout the calendar year. Through provided research we have see an opportunity to increase donations during slow months through the split campaign strategy. Our media strategy will also increase donations during United Way’s peak months. The shortened winter campaign will still achieve higher donations through strong, new advertising strategies. Once December has passed the success of each medium can be evaluated by the following: Total Campaign: The goal is to increase donations by 15% (Total of $4 million between the two campaign segments) Summer Campaign (May-July): This is the time when donations are weakest. Therefore potential is greatest. The summer campaign will be a success if United Way receives over $1 million in donations prior to the start of the winter campaign. Outdoor Guerrilla: The outdoor advertising can be evaluated through electronic data gathered by the number of donation page hits that were directed via QR code. Donors who read the ad know the code takes them directly to the donation page, so this data will be highly accurate. Online Banner Ads: The Online banner ads will also be calculated through electronic data. Since Register Guard and Experience Eugene cater to Lane County the clicks each banner ad receives suggests a donation or future donor. Community Events: The success of United Way’s community events will offer clear and precise evaluations. Once each event is completed it will be easy to tally the donation dollars each event raised. The atmosphere of the event will also provide insight on what to keep or tweak for future events. Quarterly Newsletter Email: Keeping the community updated on United Way’s projects is a way to increase repeat donations by linking back to United Way of Lane County’s donation page. The quarterly newsletters will be evaluated through donations that are received within 30 days of distribution. TV advertisements: The local TV ads will pair with United Way’s national campaign to create a strong visual and highly reached population. These commercials will be evaluated through program ratings and placed accordingly.

Appendix SRDS United way research report #1 United way research report #2

United Way media plan  
United Way media plan  

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