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A Manifesto for Truth in the May 2010 Elections Fellow Filipinos, Today, we stand at a crucial crossroad that can unmake us as a nation. It is in our hands to ensure this does not happen. I am calling for a manual recount of all the ballots cast in all precincts nationwide to settle the election controversy once-and-for-all. Many of us had hoped that poll automation would begin a new era of clean, orderly, and honest electoral exercises. Unfortunately, it is increasingly clear that is not what happened. Smartmatic, the group hired by Comelec to design and manage the voting system for the May 10 elections, failed to ensure clean and honest elections. Numerous reports coming from all over the country indicate that election irregularities and blatant fraud were so widespread that the voting system installed by Smartmatic needs to be investigated. Some of these complaints have already been aired before the Congressional Committee on Suffrage. Independent IT experts have pointed to glaring weaknesses and failures in the automated system's technical and security apparatus. The Commission on Elections and Smartmatic should explain these deficiencies satisfactorily to the Filipino public. As an engineer, I am trained to analyze vital points in any structured system and it is apparent to me that critical areas in the automated election process may have been compromised. Parallel to these technological failures are complaints from both candidates and voters. Different individuals have testified, under oath, that

Para sa Bayan,


Bayani Fernando Aaron Garcia Aaron Teves Abba Teves Abbey H. Canturias Abigail Romarez Ace Manuel Adamson Romarez Adelina Mata Ado Iñigo Tribiana Adonis Ramirez Adrian Lizares Agatha Paculba Agnabeth Layan Agnes Chin Agnes Pijuan Agnes Teresa D. de los Angeles Agripino Estrella Jr. Aida Buenaventura Aimee de la Rosa Al Anthony A. Sacris Alain Escueta Alan Monotilla Alan Munoz Alan Sacris Alan Sanchez Alberto Adlawan Alberto Dalmacion Jr. Alberto M. Bughaw Alberto Monotilla Alejandro Taeb Alex Casanova Alex Hocson Alex Labao Alexander Arroyo Alexander Estrella Alexander Jimenez Alexandria Sembrano Alf Espiritu Alfie Teodoro Alfred Gerard A. de los Angeles Alfredo Mañacap Ali Atienza Alice Escueta Alice Friend Alice Torres Alice Zapanta Alicia L. Tumagan Alik Azurin Allan Joaquin Allan M. Sacris Allester Teves Allinette Ramos Alma Ronda Almar Tan Alona L. Tumagan Alvin Bala Alvin Gococo Alvin Gonzales Alvin Monotilla Alyssa Landicho Amada Tapalla Amado Martin Gonzales Amparo Romuladez Tan Amparo Sta. Romana Ana Advincula Ana Arboleda Ana Gonzales Ana Marie Echevarria Ana Perdices Anabel Adriano Analei Atienza Anatoly Kardov P. Buss Anching Ramirez Andrew Dela Serna Andrew Garcia Andrew Guerrero Angela Gonzaga Angela Kris Israel Angelita Rubiyah Elido Angelita Tongol Angelo Yu Angie M. Jerez Anie Ramos Ann Maricar Marquises Ann Marie Abellana Annabel Betita Annaliza Villamin Annalyn Ursal Anne del Rosario Annette Favila Annie Militar Annie Nieva Anthony Bantigue Anthony Sia Anthony Tucay Antoinette Sembrano Antonette Manzano Antonio Adante Antonio Catalan Antonio Catalan Jr. Antonio Jarder Antonio Mata Antrud Anne Sacris April Arroyo April Teves Aquilina P. Secuya Arcelly B. Doromal Archidel S. Evangelista Arcillo Ramones Ariel Atienza Ariel Gocon Arlene Hernandez Arlene Monotilla Arlene Villanueva Arls Hartzel Somodio Arman Joseph Armando Lonosa Arnel Banial Arnel Lizardo Arnel Sacris Arnie Paterno Arnold Corriente Arnold Mata Arnulfo Hernandez Art Esterita Arthur Soriano Artmark K. Macalipay Arturo P. Grande Arturo Tanyag Asea Rabaya Astrid Anne A. Sacris Atkimson Kua Atty. Ariel Radovan Atty. Jesse Figueroa Atty. Rosa Besedillas Atty. Scoop Favila Audie Lebanos Audrey Rose Sacris Aurora Liwanag Aurora R. Garcia Ave Maureen Marquises Aya Fahmeeda Herrera Baba Monfort & Family Baby Bolano Baby de Castro Babylin Adolfo Babylynne Justiniano Bai Mindalano Bambi Andrada

Bambi Enriquez Barbara Paculba Barretto Ursal Basil Raya Bay Gonzales Baybee Pastor Beatriz Sembrano Bebot Laurel Beda Torrecampo Bede Ongtengsiem Bein Peralta Sr. Bejie Atienza Bel Asador Belen Casilao Belen Mendoza Belen Santiano Belida R. Ursal Belith Asistido Bella Alacapa Bella Zaldivar Julian Belle Enriquez Belly Ludovice Ben Luis Sagulili Ben Nacman Benedict Benegay Beng Atienza Benicia M. Albia Benilda C. Vicente Benita Bersabal Bennete Sythay Ber Buscayno Bernalyn Villarin Bernard Adante Bert Malapitan Beth Encarnacion Betty Labrague Bianca Maglana Bianca Sembrano Bienthoughts Peralta Bill Santillan Bing Santos Blare M. Kriekenbeek Blyth Fielding Bobbie R. Javellana Bobby Ariza Bobby Bautista Bobby Hilado Bobet Beig Bogs Agamon Boots Maglana Boyet Barretto Boypax Sasan Brenda Bascon Brian Masigan Brigido Camongol Jr. Brizette Rabaya Bryan Lamar Bryan Somodio Buddy Cunanan Buddy Vergara Burger Aromin Byron Lee Caludio Akol Camille Benitez Camille Moresto Camille N. Almaden Candelaria Marawi Carlo Santos Carmelo Gotladera Carmen Bermudez Carmen Del Rosario Carmen Franco Carmen Moreno Carmenicita Magana Caroline May Estrella Carolyn Andaya Carolyn N. Almaden Cashm Arconcel Catalina Romualdez Catherine Supnet Ceazar Rivera Cecile Fernandez Cecile Oppen Cecile Sanchez Cecilia Dinglasan Cecilia H. Canturias Cecilia Somodio Cecilia Velasco Cedric Cabardo & Family Celia Chavez Celia Ore Celine Bautista Celso G. Ursal Cely Bermudez Cerina Ducado Cesar Lim Cesar Lopez Cesar Magsombol Cesar Montero Cesar Raymond Cezar B. Garcia Charisse Rabaya Charles Jarder Charles Raymon B. Jacoba Charlie Uy Chelsea Danica D. Evangelista Cherie La Rosa Cherilou Alido Cherrie Pacheco Cherry Adriano Cherry Cristales Cherry Laychegaylay Chester Sanchez Chiara Hortelano Chichi Atienza Chie Manuel Chinkie Sabino Chit Padiernos Chito Acuna Chito Mandanas Chito S. Ilagan Cholo Hernandez Chona Fortuna Chona Kapaw-an Chona Lozano Chona Ursal Gabronino Choy Zablan Chrismarie Sanalua Christian Hortelano Christie Flores Christie Luz Rosal Christina Lupton Christine Eustaquio Christine Mijares Christoper Adante Christoper Lim Christopher Sembrano Christopher Ybañez Christy Nichole Tiu Chuchi Pascual Cirila C. Alvarado Cita Cipres Claire Macawile Clare Montuya Clarice Vizconde Clark Gabriel Estrella Clark Hernandez Claro Gosiaco Clementina Chan

there was a group, claiming links with some officials of the Commission on Elections and Smartmatic, that offered national and local positions to the highest bidder. These allegations cannot be ignored. There are enough reasons to believe that there was wholesale fraud in the May 10 elections. If proven true, then there was no election at all. Manipulated machines took the place of the electorate. Witnesses (who have remained anonymous in fear for their lives) have come forward with video-recorded testimonies on how the cheating through manipulated machines was carried out. Investigation should proceed and continue until we arrive at the truth. Fortunately, it is still possible to ascertain the genuine outcome of the elections. The PCOS machines contain the ballots cast by 50 million voters last May 10. A manual recount of all the ballots, provided these have not yet been tampered, would show for whom the people actually voted. I am calling on all patriotic Filipinos to join me in this call for a manual recount of all the ballots to settle the election controversy. A true and credible election is a people's decision and has a crucial impact on the fate of our nation and the political decisions our leaders have to make. Therefore, a credible election is a must at all cost. My quest goes beyond any personal aspirations, party loyalties, and affiliations. It is about searching for the truth. We owe it to ourselves, the country, and to future generations that the true will of the Filipino

Cleofe Cabang Cocoy Legaspi Concepcion A. Agudo Conchitina P. Herrera Cora Diaz Cora Fernandez Corito Paredes Cresencio Pineda Cresilda Ore Cressa Garcia Cris Nunez Cris Odtuhan Crismarie S. Suganob Crispy M. Cuenca Cristeto Consulta Cristina B. Santiago Cristina Montelibano Cristina Ragil Cristine Eustaquio Cristopher Adante Cynthia Escueta Cynthia Hortelano Cynthia Saavedra Daisy Abear Daisy C. Perales Daisy De Villa Daisy Moreno Daisy Pineda Daisy Tiongco Dan Villarosa Dandan Magsombol Daniel A. Romuladez Daniel Arcilla Daniel Hizon Cruz Daniel So Tan Danilo L. Gabronino Danilo Legaspi Danilo Navales Danilo Santiago Danny Austria Danny Lipana Danny Uyanguren Danny Valencia Dante Dinto Dany Besedillas Daria Rada Darianne Rabaya Darlene B. Ricarte Darrel Morales Darton Longa Darvin B. Jacoba Daryl Drake Cataluna Dave Hojilla David Dela Serna Debora Sol Rada Delia Adante Delia Ocampo Dench Roxas Enojo III Denise Elaine A. Reyes Dennis Dela Serna Derick Dizon Diana Lopez Nunez Diana Quiros Dina Azurin Dina Domingo Dina Drillon Dina Perfecto Dina Ramirez Dinah Fe Fraser Dindo Navales Dindo Siacor Ding Bautista Ding Raymundo Dinggo Domingo Dinna Lee Dionisio Dela Serna Diosdado Q. Fabros DJ Jose Dodjie Fidelino Dolly Bautista Don Pavila Doris Albornoz Doris Lopez Doris Lositano Doris P. Cuenca Dorothy Ocampo Dr. Frederick Borja Hipol Jr. Dr. Jocely I. Javier Dr. Marigold T. Gonzalez Dr. Melody Yeto Dr. Minie Hernando Dr. Pacita T. Gonzalez Dr. Rene Bullecer Earl Langit Ed Bartolata Ed Tiongco Edana Lipana Eddie Cuenca Eden Rabusa Edgar Allan Reyes Edgar Conejos Edgar de los Santos Edgar P. Remollo Edilberto Cabardo & Family Edison Dy Edith S. Cabrera Editha H. Iriarte Editha Nedula Edmund Palomares Edna Aguilar Edna Ramos Eduardo Chua Eduardo Natividad Edward Chin Edward Esguerra Edwardo Jesus M. Serrano Edwin Cajas Edwin Louis Arcilla Edwin Monroid Edwin Z. Garcia Efren Ocampo EJ Eder Elaine Friend Elbert Friend Eldise Maxine Cabang Eleazar C. Realeza Elena L. San Agustin Eleuterio Cabang Elisa Macapagal Elise Maxine Cabang Eliseo B. Abarsolo Eliseo Nemes Eliseo Silva Elita Montilla Eliza Alegre Elizabeth Blanco Elizabeth Sacris Elliot Akol Elma de las Alas Elmer A. Almaden Elmer Gino Cabang Elmer Juaton Eloise A. Que Elpidio T. Que Elpidio T. Que Jr. Elsa Jalandoni Elvie Ermita Elvie M. Bagcal Elvin Llaguno

Ariel Cuenca Belinda Olivares - Cunanan Brgdr. General Danilo D. Lim Carmen Pedrosa Cong. Matt Defensor Cong. Raul Gonzalez , Jr. Cong. Thomas L. Dumpit Jr. Ema Monserate Emanuel Amaden Emerito Calderon Jr. Emilia D. Malonzo Emilia Ozaeta Emilie Tiongco Emilio Sanchez Emily Eleazar Emily Lim Emily Salili Emmannuel Hortelano Emmeline Balasta Emmy Andrada Emyrose N. Delan Encarnacion Limson Engr. Eric M. dela Paz Enrico Malapitan Eraja Cruz Eric Aguilar Eric Andrade Eric Sabug Erick Maniquis Erick San Juan Ericka Joy E. Maniquis Erika Cruz Erlinda Cristales Erma Mogar Erminda Gepulle Erna Monserate Ernest Don Rayos Ernest Maceda Jr. Ernesto Aguilar Ernesto Gonzaga, Jr. Ernesto Magsombol Ernesto Rabaya Ernie Bermudez Ernie Saplan Perez Erol Cruz Erwin Belen Esel Bermejo Esen Cilindro Esperidion Marpa Estela Monotilla Ester Diangco Estrella Luzon Ethel P. David Euleses Alipan Eusela del Rosario Eva Abesamis Eva Tilos Evelyn Kilayko Evelyn Montenegro Evelyn S. Ocay Evelyn V. Olvido Ezra Dolores Ezrah Soraya Alonto Faye Jennifer S. Cabrera Fe Bovina Fe Lopez Fe Tiongco Federico A. Locsin III Federico C. Locsin Jr. Federico R. Locsin IV Fedy Esguerra Felia Cruz Felix C. Ledesma Felix Teodoro Fely Panganiban Fely Subida Fernando Acabado Fernando Akol Fernando Diamante Fernando Ompad Fernando Port Fidelita Tojong Fina D. Almaden Fiorello D. Cabrera Flora Arroyo Florence Kay Habaradas Flory Villamar Floyd Martinez Frances Mandanas Francesca Martinez Francesca Teodoro Francis Akol Francis Joseph Montuya Francis Joseph Pilao Francis Lim Francis Velasco Francisco Alarte Francisco Dagohoy Francisco Z. Calaquian Frank Villaroman Fred Cruse Fred Pascual Frederick S. Kriekenbeek Frederick V. Magallon Gabriel Cruz Gabriel Guerrero Gail Banzon Gary S. Gadingan Gella Atengco Genalyn Limcaco Gene Gepulle Gene Joseph Militar Gener Bondoc Genevieve Santos - De Guzman Georgona Gochingco Gerald T. Paloma Gerard Alba Gerard Arroyo Gerard B. Santiago Gerette de la Pena Gerlie Oncada Sagulili Geronimo Germoso Gerry Gersin Gerry Javellana Gia Reyes Locsin Giancarlo Mendoza Gigi Barrera Abong Gigi Cruz Barte Gil del Rosario Gilbert Miranda Gilbert Soliven Gilberto Monotilla Gilda P. Magaso Gilda Salonga Gillane Benitez Gina Garcia Gina Saron Gina Villanueva Gizelle Saberon Glen Mark Gacia Glenn Gepulle Gloria Cagandahan Godfreid Suravilla Godwin Monserate Gorgonia Punzalan Grace Dee Consumido Grace Esguerra Grace Libarnes Graciano Castillo Hans Octobre Hans Palacios Hanzel Bucur Harley Malapitan Harold King Helen Grace C. Andrade Helen Salvador

Hella Hendricks Henry C. Villalva Hep Martinez Herman Laurel Hermelando E. Sicat Jr. Hernani G. Mijares III Hernani H. Mijares Hernani S. Mijares Jr. Honoria Taduran Honoria Urriquia Henry L. Consumido Hermogenes Atabelo Hilario Parallon Ida G. Mariano Ignacio Cumiling Jr. Igoy Pactanac Imelda Luzuriaga Imelda Valeriano Irene N. Antonio Irma Rico Isabel Justiniani Isabel Manalastas Ismael Adante Ivy Aseniero Jackie M. Romuladez Jacklyn Rose Porto Jacky Estela Jadey Vince Rodis Yupangco Jaime Domingo Jaime Esguerra Jaime Lopez Jaime Rufin Jake Sedano James Dinsay James Edward Tiongco James Estrella James Fielding James Seguerra James Tiongco James Wilson Jan Michael Maniquis Jan Michael Nicholas Jan Rey Salceda Jan Roces Jan S. Cabrera Jane C. Labonite Jane Lachica Jane Militar Janella Lua Janet Paronda Janette Reyes Janice Evita E. Maniqui Janice Guiang Janina Teodoro Janine Cuenca Dario Japier Czarina G. Marañan Jasmin Goc-Ong Jason Mijares Jato Castro Jay Advincula Jay Buenalatrona Jay Militar Jay Philip Adalid Guerrero Jay Valeriano Jaycee Domingo Jaydz Flores Baldovino Jayson Calo Jean Garcia Jean Michelle Pinili Jean Tuason Jeb S. Cabrera Jeff Cagandahan Jeff Rodriguez Jefferson Lagasca Jeffrey Beltran Jeffrey Hidalgo Jeffrey Hilado Jeffry Resgonia Jeg Cadayona Jelly Loba Jennifer Go Jennifer Ilano Jennifer Maglana Jennifer Salazar Jennifer Velasco Jeny Cueto Jepoy Salceda Jeremy Escueta Jeremy Milan Jerico Roces Jerome M. Galunan Sr. Jerome S. Galunan Jr. Jerry Aromin Jerry Bathan Jerry Cagape Jerry Lumontad Jerry M. Navarro Jerry Ocampo Jerwin Bacsal Jeryll S. Janiola Jesie Mercado Jesse Figueroa Jr. Jessica P. Felix Jessie Tan Jesus Castro Jesus Oxales Jewel Dawn Cruse Jherry Navarro Jhi V. Siojo Jhondreigh Aromin Jhun dela Cruz Jillian Lua Jimmy Aromin Jimmy Mantu Jinky Adolfo Jo Ann Seguerra Joan Ballon Joan C. Ureta Joan Friend Jo-Ann Guasque Joaquin Co Joaquin Uy Jobert R. Abiva Jobim Garay Jocelyn Losanas Jocelyn Mijares Joe Antonio Joe de Leon Joel Arcilla Joel B. Agudo Joel Bantasan Joel Manankil Joesan Hernaez Joey Casimiro Joey D. Almaden Joey Sobrepena Joey Uy Jofel Domingo Johnny Uy John Francis Mijares John Ivan R. Torres John Marasigan John Mike Jandayan John Oliver E. Maniquis John P. Lesaca John Pangon John Paul Seguerra John Philip E. Maniquis John Steve Aleman

Congresswoman Annie Susano Congresswoman Eilene Ermita-Buhain Former Exec. Sec. Eduardo Ermita Former Sec. Michael Defensor Gen. Tomas M. Dumpit (ret.) Gov. Salvacion Zaldivar Perez Hannibal Evangelista Johnny Chang Johnny Lindenberg Johnny Ravelo Johnny Uy Johnson Lua Joie Marie del Rosario Jojo D. Romuladez Jojo Figueroa Remigio Jojo Pimentel Jonathan Arellano Jone Eldridge Lim Jopher Custodio Jorge Pelaez Tan Jorge Samin Jose Andaya Jose Angelo E. Maniquis Jose Arbillon Jose Bantigue Jose Benavidez Jose Dinsay Jose Doctolero Jose Elmer Musni Jose Manulid Jose Maria Lopez Jose Miguel Rogacion Jose Moreno Jr. Jose S. Blanco Jose S. Maniquis Jr. Jose Santiago Jose Victoriano Josee Salvador Josefina B. delos Reyes Josefina Gepulle Joselita Almaden Joselito Aseniero Joselito Lepiten Josen Gabaldon Joseph Aromin Joseph Eisen Montellano Joseph Perez Joseph Porto Joseph Ronald R. Codilla Josephine M. Gentiles Josephine Monotilla Josephine Montuya Josepito Lepiten Josie D. Larena Josie Salvador Jovel Galigao Joven Imarda Jovi An U. Garcia Jovito Coderis Jovy Ambasan Jovy Imarda Joy Aguilar Joy Atengco Joy Conde Cruz Joy Dino Juan Manuel del Gallego Juanito Chua Judith A. Penesa Judith Seguerra Judy Rose Eribal Julie B. Manaloto Julie Fernan Julie Garvida Gallardo Julie Manaloto Julie Nuevas Juliet Tan Juliet A. Py Juliet Gallardo Juliet Montuya Juliet Tan Julieta Sabit Julius Furagganan Jun Alilio Jun Bernados Jun Camcam Jun Malata Junalyn Manatad Juneilyn Coronado Junie Rivera Junrey Gellicaña Justin Bandolon Justin Lyod Pacheco Justine Benitez Kahlil A. Cabardo Karen Mae R. Codilla Karen Somodio Karla Arriza Karlo Sabug Katherine Caguiat Katherine Tan Lua Katie Blanco Katrina Lara Benedicto Kennady Alfonso Kennedy Olvido Jr. Kennedy Olvido Sr. Kenneth Tan Kira Ramirez Kitt C. Alvarado Kookie Silva Kourtney Stickl Kris Villanueva Krisna San Jose Kristina A. Sulit Magana Kristine Lumactod Kristine Marie R. Locsin Laila Grace C. Andrade Lalaine A. Sacris Lally Ambe Lance Campos Lando Cipres Lani Adante Lani Atienza Lara Dane D. Alganion Laren Malapitan Larry Castillo Lars Reyes Laura Yap Laureen Adriel R. Torres Laurence Chua Leah Evangelista Leah Villamor Leandro Ilustre Lee Atas Leila B. Gonzales Leilani Mitra Lemery Co Lemuel Cuizon Lenard Uban Leny Dan Leo Amimita Leo Atabelo Leonardo Malazo Leovy Mirano Lerma Alba Lerma E. Octaviano Lerma Nova L. Leticia Aromin Leticia Montero Levy Monserate Levy Noval Levy Saavedra Lheo Penalosa Lian Ocampo Liberty N. Collantes Lilet de Ramos Lili Winz

Lilibeth Chua Linda Almaden Linda del Rosario Linda Faris Linda Lupton Linda Montero Lino Arboleda Lionel Ambrosio Lisa Hermoso Lisa Olan Lisette Cuizon Lita Montilla Lito Ocampo Lito Rivera Lito Singson Liza Clemeno Liza Ozaeta Liza Quieng Liza Valencia Lobertson Borres Jr. Loida Legaspi Lolita Adante Lolita Estrella Loly Dallarte Lorelei R. Garcia Lorena Beig Lorie Asistido Lorie De Leon Lorna Poblete Louella lois del Rosario Louie Achacoso Louie Obrero Louis Karl Eusebio Louise Crujido Lourdes A. de los Angeles Lourdes Benipayo Lourdes G. Ycoy Lourdes Tan Louwell Luzon Lovely Funclara Lovely Grace Katigbak Luchi Romualdez Singson Lucia Isabida Lucielle Fidelino Lucy Lizares Lucy Natividad Luigi Battistuzzi Luis Alfonso R. Locsin Luis Arroyo Jr. Lulu Villacin Luz Colet Luz Condez Luz Cullen Luz Manalansan Lydia C. Mesa Lydia Enrique Lyn B. Gamboa Lyn Gamboa Lynn Camelia Canora Lynne E. Sotto Ma. Amiela D. Magpantay Ma. Anna Kristina S. Chica Ma. Claudine M. Pallon Ma. Corazon D. Bautista Ma. Crescencia S. Mijares Ma. Donna Romero Ma. Esther Mapor Ma. Gelida D. Almaden Ma. Grace Gonzaga Ma. Isabel Mahinay Ma. Lourdes C. San Diego Ma. Lourdes Hernando Ma. Lourdes L. Puentevella Ma. Lourdes M. Kriekenbeek Ma. Lourdes R. Abiva Ma. Luisa G. Rodriguez Ma. Luz M. Santos Ma. Mikaela Balce Ma. Pilar Balce Ma. Regina Balce Ma. Rosa Vargas Ma. Rosanne Guerrero Ma. Rosario Guerrero Ma. Socorro L. Villar Ma. Sol Baga Ma. Teresa Lopez Ma. Teresa P. Lagamayo Ma. Teresa Pepito Ma. Vina P. Calamba Ma. Vivien L. Daanoy Macaria Castro Favorito Madonna Mijares Mae Lachica Fuentes Magdalena Bermudez Maggie de la Riva Magnifia Peralta Magnolia A. dele Peña Maita Lorena M. Tabanao Maite Atenza Malda Pilario Malou Dizon Malou Echaluce Malou Rodriguez Malvin Bascon Manet Malapitan Manolet Dario Manolita Bermudez Manolo Aseron Manuel Villamor Marc de Leon Rodriguez Marchelle G. Tabuada Marco Niño Velasco Marga Deona Margaret Sythay Margarita Gamboa Margarita Illescas Margie L. Gadian Maria Clara A. Locsin Maria Elena Basco - Tiamson Maria Evelyn Ho Tan Maria Isabel Mahinay Maria Lourdes Hernando Maria Luisa Cruz Flores Maria Malapitan Maria Michelle Guadiz Borbe Maria Socorro L. Villar Maria Therese Quesada Marian A. Mendoza Marian de Cracia Maricar J. Ramos Maricar Marquises Maricel Lunar Maricel Tan Maricon Carapiet Maricor Acierto Maricor Monteroyo Marides Fernando Marie Angelica Pinlac Marie Concepcion Marie dela Rama Marie Liz Garrucho Villafranca Marie Nell Esmabe Marie Sanchez Mariel Kristina Magaling Marielle Cheva Enrique Marietta Cuyegkeng Marievi David Marife Furber Marilou Beltran

Judge Antonio P. Paredes Judy Torres Leon Peralta Maite Defensor Maj. General Cesar Tapia Manoling Morato Mayor Angelito Gatlabayan

Marilou C. Ong Marilou J. Ong Marily Ledesma Marilyn Porto Marilyn Tan Marilyn V. Lee Marina Rosales Marino L. Padilla Mario Magat Marion A. Cruz Marissa Balladares Marites Andrade Marites Celajes Maritess P. Pendon Maritess Pingol Marivic Yama Mariza Ludovice Mark Anthony Balacuit Mark Anthony Ocampo Mark Bien Lopez Mark Escueta Mark Feriolne Mark Joseph Santos Marlen Villacarlos Marlene Carandang Marlene Perez Marlon Tan Marlyn Arienda Marlyn Tesorero Marnie Grace Rosales Marq Herrera Martin Cuunjieng Martin Ongpin Martin Ustaris Martina Ledesma Marvin Nicolas Marvin Reyes Mary Ann Osano Mary Antonette Ocampo Mary D. Cerrada Mary Edmalin Pano Mary Elaine Friend Mary Grace Abenoja Mary Grace C. Alvarado Mary Grace Sanchez Mary Jane Liboon Mary Jean Villa Undang Mary Joan Friend Mary Joy Bibon Mary Joy Peralta Mary Lou Andrews Mary Rosebud Ong Mary Ruth R. Cabanatuan Maryann Colmenares Marybeth Brieva Marybeth de Leon Maryjane Camongol Matilde Magbanua Matthew Lawrence Babol Maui Lim Mauricio Bascon Maverick del Rosario Maverick S. Perez May Jane Liboon May N. Salindro May Rojas Dira May Therese Adolfo Maynard Nacua Medy Confessor Mel Gabaldon Mel Pineda Melay Recto Melba Catillo Melinda C. Pineda Melinda Magsombol Melinda Sanchez Melissa Fata Melita M. Tayao Melvin A. Banzon Melvin Banzon Mely Cailipan Menchie Coscolluela Menenio Rosales Menka Ponce de Leon Mer Viray Lorenzo Mercedita R. Codilla Mercedita Tulop Merlinda Menchavez Merly Cortez Mhel Bermudez Micaela Masigan Michael Bien Peralta Michael Maderal Michael Mesa Michael Navarro Michael Reyes Michael Rivera Michelle Hernandez Michelle Montilla Michelle Tan Miguel Alerta Miguel Balmaceda Alviar Miguel Masigan Mika Fernandez Mike Bravo Mike Macatangay Mike Maligat Miko Carandang Mila Araneta Mila Arnaldo Milagros A. Manabat Milagros Friend Mildred K. Conejos Milna Barraca Mimi Gasapo Mimi Hernando Mina Barraca Ming Arroyo Minnie Lyn Babol Mitzi Mijares MM Brodit Modart Kristofer Babol Monet Cilindro Monica Familar Monina Morala Monina Uy Montzie Uy Moonyeen Brodit Mr. & Mrs. Andy Mico Mr. & Mrs. Jose Ong Mr. & Mrs. Joy Enriquez Mr. & Mrs. Obet de Villa Mr. & Mrs. Rey Lipana Mr. & Mrs. Vicente Bucud Mylene Casimiro Mylene de los Santos Mylene Gocon Mylene Kua Mylene R.Abiva Mylo Suarez Myrna Gohar Myrna Tinio Nadia Clemente Nanet Malapitan Nanette Magbanua Nante Mercado Natalia Castro Nathaniel Felix Nathaniel Nemes

Natividad Bagiuo Neil Cilindro Nelda Castillo Nelda Montanano Nelson Chuanser Nelson Mogar Nely Deomampo Nene Hilado Nene Lopez Nene Ramirez Nenita Galicia Nenita Tamagos Neptali Dupaya Castillo Neri J. Vergeire Nery Hernandez Nestor Villanueva Nexter Andre Ordonio Rumbawa Nicanor Tuñacao Nichole Chua Nick Divinagracia Nicolas de Castro Nida B. Bernabe Nikkie Advincula Nilo Somodio Nimfa Pinlac Nina Barrera Aquino Nini Layug Nita de Castro Niza Vergel Noel M. Labonite Noel Mayoralgo Noel P. Pereda Noel Perez Noli Francisco Noly Laropay Noni Odulio Nora Acidre Noreen Bucur Norma Rodriguez Norman Camungol Norman Sese Norwel Sodinan Nova Pabustan Ochie Reyes Odette Gonzaga Ofelia Castello Ofelia P. Barrera Ofemia Lecin Offie Bakker Offie Mananquil Ofie Macapagal Ollie Monotilla Onat Lopez Orlito Malapitan Orly Tiongco Oti Villanueva Oyo Ampuan Pablo Vito Pamilio Gripo Pan Page Pancho Magsombol Pann Page Pansy Paterno Pat Advincula Patching Battistuzzi Patria C. Gutierrez Patricia S. Ilagan Patricio Degrano Patrick Leus Paul Maglana Paul Moran Paul R. Tan Paul Valeriano Paulina Francisco Paulo Militar Pearlite Espinosa Peewee de la Pena Pepito Gutierrez Percival Adante Pert Martin Nolido Peter John Tanudtanud Philip Albar Philip Echaluce Philip Singson Phoevee Mae Alejandro Pia Guzman Pilar Calderon Pili Barranchea Pizzardo Antonio Acaylar PJ dela Cruz PJ Poyogao Pol Tubiano Paculba Pong Saripullah Precious Miranda Precy Villanueva Prescilla Catalan Prescy Escueta Princess Malabanan Princess Punzalan Probo Bibar Prudencia Vergara Prudencio B. Aromin Puri Bartolata Purita Perdices Queenie Mijares Queenielou B. Valera Rachel Akol Rachel Asistido Raechel Anne Rivera Rafael C. Lim Rafael Espina Rafael Paculba Raizanne Rabaya Ralf Eugine Abanilla Ramiro P. Salindro Ramlyn S. Galunan Ramn de las Alas Ramon Luces Ramon M. Garcia Ramon Nelson Eda Ramon Velasco Randie Gemparo Ranfel Batonon Raquel Atienza Raquel G. Villanueva Raul Fuentes Raul Lumapas Raymund Montilla Raymundi Recuya Reamur David Rebecca Aranaz Rebecca Cilindro Rebecca Melocoton Torno Red Cerbo Regina M. Villanueva Reham Snow Tago Reina Uychiat Reish Oliveros Remilo Catalan Remy Rivera Renato Babol Renato Carandang Renato Mata Renato R. Uy Rene Constancio Simpas Rene Macatangay Rene Uson Renelda Pascual Renoven P. Berenguel

Mayor Jun Gatlamayan Raul Espere Rey Enales Sec. Raul Gonzalez , Sr. Thelmo Y. Cunanan

Restie M. Bantigue Rev. Achilles O. Ayaton Rex Durban Rex Perido Rey Castro Rey Cruz Rey Yero Reynaldo Dayon Reynaldo dela Cruz Reynaldo Linao Jr. Reynaldo Linao Sr. Reynaldo Santiago Rhoda Quinio Rhoneil A. Belda Rhonel Belda Ria Javellana Ric Atengco Ricardo Arador Ricardo Domingo Ricardo Quimson Ricci Fidelino Richard Canora Richard Lopez Richard Merced Richelle Villester Richene Rodriguez Ricky Hojila Ricky Monfort Rico Dejana Rico Recla Rina Akol Rina Andrews Rita Kiskisan Rita Moya Robbie Dinglasan Robert Chua Robert Eustaquio Robert Lopez Robert Nazal Robert Tan Roberto David Roberto Deomampo Roberto G. Alba Roberto Luis A. Cuenca Jr. Roberto Monotilla Rochelle Ann Asistido Rockey Escueta Rod Kapunan Roda Canales Rodil Catalan Rodilla Gomez Rodolfo Jose Pena Roel Daniega Roel Emnacin Rogelio Panal Roger A. Py Roger S. Py Jr. Roland Dallarte Roland Galindo Rolando Almaden Jr. Rolando P. Favorito Rolando T. Sian Rolly Magat Roman Wanasen Romel Hernandez Romeo Casilao Romeo Lim Romeo Manankil Romeo P. Larena Romeo Pison Romher Tulop Vilm Rommel Martinez Romulo Tulop Rona Mae Hernandez Rona Manalo Rona Ramos Ronald Allan Cruz Ronilo T. Caban Ronnie Bermudez Rosa Tiongco Rosale Secuya Rosalia Mata Rosalina Canora Rosario Catalan Rosario Pantano Rose K. Imperial Rose Onda Roseanne Paula D. Consumido Rosebe Gasapo Rosemarie B. Dolera Rosemarie Herrera Rosie Cuasito Rosie Vito Rovick R. Relleve Rowell Antony Rowen Soto Rowena Buenaventura Rowena Cruse Rowena Hernandez Rowena Pe Eusebio Rowena Quesada Rowenrico G. Sotto Roy Entienza Roy F. Pena Roy Gallardo Roy Pena Rubelardo Katigbak Jr. Ruben Uy Jr. Ruby Ferriols Ruby Mackay Rudolph Roxas Rudy De Leon Ruffa Fuentes Rufino Dela Serna Ruperto Mirano Rustico G. de los Angeles Ruth Clet Ruth Hilado Ruthie S. Torre Ryan S. Galunan Ryan Sorilla Ryan Vizconde Sabel Alvar Sabelita Uson Salvador Catalya Salvador Cobarrubias Salvador Enriquez Jr. Salvador Fernando Salvador Gallardo Samson Lim Samuel Banal Sandra Garcia Sandra Lopez Santiago Franco Sarah de la Rosa Sarah Mangio Sarah Palasabas Saturnino Borra Saul A. Py Sebastien Garca Sem Macklin C. Laure Sergio Rico Sharm Cilindro Sharon Monotilla Sharon P. Ruedas Sharyvett Lei Perlata Sherman Crisostomo Shiela Arroyo Shirley Adante

Shirley See Sidney J. Go Silvestre Bello III Simeon Fernandez Socorro T. Paredes Soledad Rufin Soni Celis Sonia Sindac Sonny Boy Alburo Sonny Luzurriaga Sony Gonzaga Spencer Jandayan Sr. Celia Tacujan Stanley Tan Stef Juan Stephanie Baloloy Stephanie Gutierrez Stephanie Sagum Steve Lupton Suerte Martinez Susan Cruz Susan Dalmacion Susan Dinsay Susan Lepasana Susan Tomacruz Susana Emnacin Suzette Bacus Tarah Rodriguez Tata Montilla Ted Dimaculangan Teodorico Bongcales Tere Roldan Teresa Celdran Teresa Lopez Teresa Obrique Teresita Alhambra Canda Teresita F. Arroyo Teresita Santos Teresita Sia Amy Orbin Teresita Zablan Teresits Santos Teddy Dario Terry Pison Tery de Leon Tesalonica Arroyo Tess Alilio Tess Balete Tess Dumpit Tess Lazatin Tess Lopez Tess Tayco Tessie G. Cario Thelma Fernandez Thelma Mendoza Thirdie Jalgalado Thomas Militar Timothy Arroyo Timothy R. Almaden Tina Herrera Tina L. Longa Tippi Vargas Tita Feliciano Tita Romuladez Abiva Titing Flores Tito Catindig Tito Colet Tito Villagonzalo Tom Cuento Tom Pastor Tomasita Naman Tommy R. Almaden Tony Hilado Tony Igcalinos Tos Uy Toto Escueta Toto Magsombol Trining Lacson Trisha Sagun Ty Justiniano Tyrone Lepasana Val Aguilera Van Pol Antoni G. Café Vanessa Akol Venice Dumandan Ventura Garcia Venus P. Alejandro Verches Queque Vergenia Lopez Veronica Bautista Vicente Bantigte Jr. Vicky Chan Vicky Desiderio Victor A. Romuladez Victor Perdices Victoria Benavidez Victoria Desiderio Victoria S. Asistido Vie Cruz Vilma Bermudez Vilma F. Diaz Vilma Reyes Vincent Lopez Vinirose Sacris Violeta Babol Violeta M. Valdez Vir Evan Almerez Virgie Reyes Virgilio Alagao Virginia Enriquez Virginia Santiago Vivian Arilla Vivian E. dela Paz Vivian Paculba Vivian Ramirez Vivian Reyes Vivienne Maglana VJ Bernales Wawi Tago Wena Ayu Wendy Dalmas Wenifel Castro Wenifred Cristales Wes Harven G. Maravilla Wilberto Monotilla Wilfredo Sacris Will Rodriguez Willard Ebajay Willy Calderon Willy Lopez Wilson Ong Winnie Peralta Yasmin Bolivar Latras Yen Coscolluela Yolanda Marcuap Yolanda Rivera Yolly Francisco Yoly de Grano Yorren Poblete Yves Akol Yvonne Dojillo Xorren Poblete Xyrisse Abranaldo Zac Faelnar Camara Zaen Carbonet Zeny Veloso Zoraida D. Javier

Bayani Fernando Manifesto Newspaper Ad (Updated)  

Bayani Fernando Manifesto Newspaper Ad (Updated)