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Technology is synchronization. Bringing together the most advanced solutions. Linking different intelligences to develop a comprehensive solution. The achievement of a precise and reliable connection and, at the same time, flexible and adaptable to the specific requirements of each customer. That’s the way Biele’s synchronised technology is developed. An integrated effort to solve all your production problems. A harmonious composition of precise movements. A sum of inspirations that are transformed into the operational efficiency of production processes. In short, engineering always at your service, so that everything operates as you expect. Smoothly, precisely and with the beauty of flawless performance.

A SYNCHRONIZED EFFORT TO SOLVE ALL YOUR AUTOMATION PROBLEMS. Combine. This is what we have done at Biele Group, since our foundation in 1973, to become the European role model for industrial process automation. Combining intelligence, knowledge and experience. Combining technologically advanced and innovative solutions and bringing them together in a synchronized, precise and accurate way. Because of this, we are capable of developing comprehensive solutions for customers in the most demanding and competitive industrial sectors throughout the world.

A COORDINATED TEAM FOR CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS. Your company is unique. It has its own specific needs and characteristics, which are not the same as any other company. This is why at Biele Group we develop each automation project with complete flexibility in accordance to its physical, technological and economic conditions. For this we have a complete engineering team that listens to you, advises you, and produces an exclusive, turnkey solution perfectly suited to your requirements. A customized, effective and precise solution.

WHEN SYNCHRONIZED AND PRECISE IMPLEMENTATION IS ESSENTIAL. The best guarantee of success for any process is to have complete control of all its stages, from beginning to end. This is the reason why, at Biele Group, we develop all our projects comprehensively. We take control of everything, from the design and manufacture to the assembly and start-up of the industrial installation. And, of course, we offer our continuing technological collaboration once the project is delivered. A synchronised effort of a multi-disciplinary professional team exclusively assigned to your project in the most effective and precise way, so that there are no mistakes or waste of time. Because we know your company cannot stop. Because synchronization is productivity.

THREE DIVISIONS TO OFFER A SPECIALIZED AND COMPLETE SERVICE. We are organised into 3 divisions in order to offer a specialized service for the development of specific automation solutions for each industrial activity. Since 1973, Biele Wood, Biele Metal and Biele Industrial, with their corresponding R&D departments, have specialised in offering the most efficient and technologically advanced solutions to a wide range of industrial sectors. Now, with the incorporation of Marzola, we include the manufacture and design of our own presses and handling and lifting equipment in the services we offer, thus providing a completely integrated service that ensures maximum operational efficiency of production processes.

BIELE WOOD. The Biele Wood division is specialized in designing and manufacturing automation solutions for industrial wood processes. From the initial manufacturing process for panels and boards and their subsequent processing or coating, to the final manufacturing stage of doors, parquet or furniture.

PLYWOOD MANUFACTURING LINES • Feeding & Sorting Systems for Veneer Drying Lines • Veneer Patching Lines • Gluing & Lay-Up Lines • Press Lines • Trimming & Sanding Lines • Panel Reparation Lines • Panel Coating Lines • Packaging Lines

LAMINATE PANELS MANUFACTURING LINES • Stacking Systems for Paper Impregnation Lines • Kraft Paper Collation Lines • Lay-Up & Press Lines • Thin Laminate Squaring & Sanding Lines • Compact Squaring & Trimming Lines • Postforming Lines • Packaging Lines • Picking & Storage Systems

THREE LAYER BOARD & SOLID WOOD • Layer Preparation & Lay-Up Lines • Press Lines • Panel Reparation Lines • Squaring, Trimming & Panel Jointing Lines • Panel Coating Lines • Packaging Lines

LIGHTBOARD & SANDWICH PANELS • Frame Assembly Lines • Board On Frame Lay-Up Lines • Board On Stiles Lay-Up Lines • Unframed Honey Comb Lay-Up Lines • Insulating Sandwich Panel Lines • Particle Light Panel Lines • Press Lines • Packaging Lines

PARTICLE BOARD, PANEL COATING & UPGRADING • Raw Board Calibrating Lines • Short Cycle Melamine Press Lines • Panel Laminating Lines (Foil, PVC…) • Thin Laminate Facing Press Lines • Veneer Facing Press Lines • Painting & Lacquering Lines • PackagIng Lines

DOOR MANUFACTURING LINES • Frame Assembly Lines • Lay-Up Lines • Press Lines • Processing Lines • Sanding Lines • Coating Lines • Door Kit Assembly Lines • Packaging Lines

FLOORING MANUFACTURING LINES Laminate Flooring • Short Cycle Melamine Press Lines • Sawing & Trimming Lines • Underlayment Lines • Packaging Lines • Profile Wrapping & Packaging Lines • Stacking Systems for Paper Impregnation Lines Engineered Flooring • Wooden Layered Parquet Lay-Up & Press Lines • Sawing & Profiling Lines • Varnishing Lines • Underlayment Lines • Packaging Lines (Random & Fixed Lengths)

FURNITURE MANUFACTURING LINES • Panel Sawing Lines • Lightboard & Sandwich Panels • Processing Lines (Edge Banding, Drilling…) • Profile Wrapping Lines • Coating Lines (Melamine, PVC, Veneer…) • Lacquering or Varnishing Lines (Including Quality Grading) • Assembly Lines • Packaging Lines

BIELE METAL. The Biele Metal division is specialized in designing and manufacturing automation solutions for the transformation and manipulation of metal veneers and metal panels, both hot and cold rolled steel, aluminium, stainless steel and other metals. We also design and manufacture automation solutions for a wide range of industrial processes involving the handling and processing of all types of metal products.

AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY Sheet Handling Blanking Lines • Magnetic Stackers • Vacuum Stackers • Tile Feeders • Turnover/Rotation Systems • Packaging Lines (Weighing, Sorting, Marking, Labelling, Shrink Wrapping, Strapping, Packing...) Cut to Length Lines • Magnetic Stackers • Vacuum Stackers • Turnover/Rotation Systems • Packaging Lines Stamping • Robotic Handling • Vacuum Systems Handling • Tilting Conveyors • Packaging Lines • Special Equipment

IRON & STEEL INDUSTRY Sheet Handling • Magnetic Stackers • Vacuum Stackers • Gravity Stackers • Air Cushion Stackers • Suction Cup Handling Systems • Packaging Lines • Package Handling · Sheet Package Stackers · Conveyor Systems · Sorting Systems Coil Handling • Assemblage Systems • Turnover Systems • Rotary Systems • Turrets • Weighing Systems • Sorting Systems • Strapping Systems • Packing Systems

WHITE GOODS (DOMESTIC APPLIANCES) • Assemblage Systems • Turnover Systems • Rotary Systems • Labelling Lines • Marking Lines • Clinching Lines • Storage Systems • Suction Cup Handling • Magnetic Handling • Vacuum Handling • Quality Control Systems • Artificial Vision Solutions • Robotic Solutions

MACHINE TOOL • Feeding & Stacking Systems · Feeding Equipment · Standard Stacking Equipment · Sorting Stacking Equipment · Sheet Storage · Robotic Solutions

METAL TUBES & PROFILES • Lay-up Lines • Sawing Lines • Stacking Systems · Bundle Lay-Up · Stack Lay-Up · Corner Guarding

• Packaging Lines • Package Handling · Sheet Package Stackers · Conveyor Systems · Sorting Systems

• Packaging Lines

ANCILLARY PROCESSES • Furnace Infeed & Outfeed Lines • Handling Under Liquids • Ultrasound Applications • Artificial Vision • Robot Applications • Storage Lines & Equipment · Smart Storage • Other Handling Systems · Gantries · Turnover Devices · Lift Tables · Return Units · Pushing Units

BIELE INDUSTRIAL. The Biele Industrial division is specialized in designing and manufacturing equipment and lines for automating production in a wide range of industrial sectors. We incorporate the most advanced technology, including robotic solutions as an integrated part of the automation lines, and we provide complete solutions ranging from raw material processing to packaging, palletising and product storage.

CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS • Gypsum Drywall • Polymer Concrete • Tiles, Ceramics & Paving • Stone Derivatives (Granite, Marble, Slate, etc.) • Insulating Materials (Rubber, Rock-Wood, Composite Materials, Polyurethane Panels, etc.) • Glass • Cork • Other construction materials

We offer complete production lines including: • Cutting lines • Machining lines • Coating & Painting lines • Robotic Solutions • Press lines • Packaging & Storage lines

OTHER INDUSTRIAL SECTORS • Renewable Energy (Solar Thermal Energy, Photovoltaic Solar Energy, Wind Energy…) • Cooper & Printed Circuits • Rubber • Plastic • Aeronautic Industry • Containers Repairing & Cleaning • Card, Paper & Graphic Arts • Foodstuffs & Beverages • Textile & Footwear • Chemistry Industry • ...

We offer complete production lines including: • Cutting lines • Machining lines • Coating & Painting lines • Robotic Solutions • Press lines • Packaging & Storage lines

MARZOLA: BIELE GROUP´S SPECIALIST IN INDUSTRIAL PRESSES AND HANDLING & LIFTING EQUIPMENT Marzola is Biele Group´s base for pressing processes. The company has more than 160 years of experience, and is capable of developing efficient and accurate Hydraulic Presses and Handling & Lifting Equipment for sectors as varied as the manufacture of panels (wood and chipboard, laminated products, plaster and construction materials) and their coatings, automotive, rubber, electronics, plastic, foodstuffs and beverages. Due to the incorporation of Marzola in Biele Group, we offer unique turnkey projects that respond to the specific requirements of each sector and each customer. Efficient and precise responses, backed by the reputation and experience acquired in projects developed for more than 800 customers in countries throughout the world. Now we offer total solutions, providing complete automation of production processes in industrial plants, guaranteeing maximum productivity and the most harmonious synchronization.


AUTOMOTIVE • Automotive Interiors • Soundproofing & Insulating Panels for Doors & Ceilings • Cylinder Head Gaskets • Brake Pads & Linings • Rubber - Metal Seals • Non - Slip Flooring

RUBBER, INDUSTRIAL PLASTICS & COMPOSITES • Rubber Sheets & Large Rubber Parts • EVA foam Products & Microporous Rubber • Several Neolite applications • Roller Lining & other metals • Conveyor Belts • Polyurethane foam pieces • Rubber Tiles & other recycled materials • Composite Manufacturing through Compression

WOOD • Plywood • Laminated Panels • Three Layer Board & Solid Wood • Lightboard & Sandwich Panels • Particle Board, Panel Coating & Upgrading • Doors • Flooring • Furniture

SPECIALISATIONS • Metal, Iron & Steel Industry • Electronics & Safety Industry: Printed circuits, Cards & other Lamination Applications • Prototypes & Testing of large parts • Construction of Curved Fibreglass Parts • Die - cutting • Straightening of Sintered Parts • Deep Drawing • Joining Teflon Conveyor Belts


LIFTING TABLES & PLATFORMS • Single Shears • Double Shears • Carriage Tables • Motor-driven Carriages

TURNING DEVICES • Turning 180 degrees • Turning 90 degrees • Swivel Turning • Load Turning on Carriages

COIL HANDLING Complete custom solutions for handling coils of all sizes.

ROBOTIC SOLUTIONS Production optimisation by integrating industrial robots.

PACKAGE STORAGE Manufacturing and integration of custom equipment on your production line for stacking large packages.

INDUSTRIAL PROCESS AUTOMATION Design of automation mechanism to improve process reliability and safety.

SYNCHRONIZATION IN CUSTOMER CARE: BIELE SERVICE. To resolve any after-sale incident without delay and to provide all the complementary services in the manufacture and commissioning of the automation requires a coordinationand precision of movements that is only within the scope of Biele Group´s synchronised technology. This is what our customers demand, and the result is complete satisfaction. Effective, continuous and immediate service to the customer, in which the following services are fully available: • Technical Assistance Service • Maintenance of Installations • Training in Operation and Maintenance of Lines and Equipments • Spare Parts Management • Reparation and Renovation of Industrial Lines

OUR AUTOMATION PROCESSES OPERATE SIMULTANEOUSLY THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. Currently, Biele Group´s automated lines and equipments are operating at maximum capacity in more than 50 countries in all continents, just another form of synchronization. A universal simultaneity that is possible thanks to the continuous international commitment that Biele has proved from its start, a reflection of our capability to respond to the most demanding markets. For this, we have a wide network of agents, commercial representatives and collaborating companies for the different divisions throughout the world, with whom we attend to our customers in a close and effective way. We are, at the same time, everywhere in the world, providing global synchronization.

Biele Group Head Office

Larra単aga Industrialdea, 1 20.738 Urrestilla, Azpeitia GIPUZKOA (SPAIN) tel.: +34 943 15 70 50 fax: +34 943 15 72 50 e-mail:


Pol. Ind. Lentiscares c/ Jardines s/n 26.370 Navarrete LA RIOJA (SPAIN) tel.: +34 941 44 03 33 fax: +34 941 44 03 45 e-mail:


Since our foundation in 1973, Biele Group has grown steadily into a leader and European reference point for industrial process automation....

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