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Simon Cowell is going to be Justin Bieber’s neighbor?

Discover the gifts a

Beliebers did to celebrate

Uproxx website made fun of Beliebers

Here it is some of the gifts that Beliebers did to Justin’s birthday. We hope he sees it.

Beliebers in France, doing the initials of Justin Bieber.

Some Beliebers put on the front door of the Justin Bieber’s mansion in Atlanta, some balloons to celebrate his birthday. What a cute act by our family!


This is Belieber Power! Beliebers celebrate Justin’s Birthday by doing a dinner with the carton of Justin Bieber. Isn’t it cute?

made a

for Justin Bieber

Beliebers and BoyBeliebers spend their afternoon on the Justin’s Birthday doing a human heart, doing the initials of Justin’s name and the name of their country “Italy”. This is flawless. We’re a perfect family. We hope Justin sees it.

A Website A website called “Uproxx” mocked with Beliebers. On Justin’s Birthday, some of us tweet pictures of Justin, mountages of Justin with Kidrauhl and the day,place and time Justin was born. Uproxx decided to make fun of it. They saw us trending the hashtags “#HappyBirthdayJustinBieber. #JustinBieber20. #20ReasonsWhyWeLoveJustinBieber” and made rude comments about it. “Justin is so strong for not being gay”, “DA F*CK.”, “That looks like it should be on the side of pedophile’s van.” Were some of the comments by the website. Are you going to stay there quiet and do nothing about it?



A local resident told to the Daily Star newspaper that Simon Cowell is planning to buy a house next door to Justin Bieber in the Oaks Calabasas neighborhood. The local resident said:

You have to wonder whether Simon’s people are even aware that Bieber lives in the neighborhood. If he does move here with his family, he should know that the kid is a non-stop menace when he’s in residence, throwing all night parties with his pals and generally wreaking havoc. Simon was apparently very excited when they sent him the details of The Oaks estate. But no one mentioned the fact – perhaps because they didn’t know – that Justin Bieber will be one of his neighbors.


Justin Bieber with SELENA ON HIS MIND?

Justin posted a photo of Selena Gomez on his Instagram with the description “Most elegant princess in the world”.

Does he still in love with Selena? We don’t know but the photo moved a lot of people. The photo was taken on Vanity Fair Oscars Party.

God Bless You Justin uploaded this photo to his Instagram with the description “Good morning, god loves you” All certainly had a good day. Thank you Justin. God bless you.


I’m so proud of you Justin! Never Say Never!

I love you so much Kidrauhl



After Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Mack Maine, Bow Wow and DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber recorded a video for Bria Williams, daughter of the rapper Birdman, wishing a Happy Birthday. Bria turned 16 on 1st of March, the same day Justin Bieber turned 20. Happy Birthday from the “Bieber Fever Magazine” Crew.

Justin Bieber, on the 25th of February, was on a nightclub (Tounge and Groove Nightclub) in Atlanta and TMZ had access to an exclusive video that shows Justin leaving the club. TMZ tells that the witnesses who sent the video told them the withe glass Justin has on the video contain a drug called “Sizzurp”. Is this the restart of the “vacations” from the media that Justin had on his birthday week?

How cute is this? Caitlin took a picture on a shop grabbing stuffs of Justin Bieber. Isn’t it cute? Tell us your opinion on Twitter to @jbfevermagazine

Pattie Mallete: “We have a great fun” Pattie showed up on a video upload by her son Justin Bieber to Instagram singing. Pattie was recording a song with Justin. It was a Christmas Gift by Justin to his mom. In a quick question about the song, Pattie told to People Magazine: "We had a great time and he was so amazing during all process. It was an incredible experience for both of us."

“Nobody is squeaky clean and people love a feeding frenzy”, Hadfield said.

Chris Hadfield is an ex-astronaut and he was the first man to record a videoclip on Space. The song’s name is "Space Oddity", and the creator is David Bowie. On a recent interview, he was question by the reporter of Vancouver Sun, Yvonne Zacharias, if he ever had the behavior that Justin had recently, and gave an interesting answer:


“Justin Bieber is just 19 years old. He has had so much fame and success and therefore some sort of expectation put on his shoulders that is completely disproportionate to who he is and what he represents and what he should be expected to do. It’s just incredibly unfair and so I feel for him because he is doing his best and he is a talented guy and a very popular guy but it’s kind of predictably mean the way people want to summarize him in a couple phrases. I’ve never met him but he is probably a pretty interesting guy. I’ll bet you he has done some cool stuff.”

Justin Bieber choose an island in Bahamas to relax and celebrate his 20th birthday, along with his family and friends. It was a private party and the photos we have was took by them and uploaded to Instagram and Shots.

According to TMZ: “Justin Bieber dropped tens of thousands of dollars to celebrate his 20th birthday with family and friends at a secluded beach resort in the Bahamas ... TMZ has learned. Sources close to Bieber tell us Justin checked into The Cove -- a 5-star allinclusive Caribbean resort on the island of Eleuthera -- with his mom, dad, siblings and several close friends, including Khalil and Lil Za. We're told ... each villa goes for $4,275 a night and they're equipped with private butlers, private pools, and full kitchens -- and Bieber rented several. Biebs and his crew flew to the Bahamas Friday ... then sailed to The Cove on a private yacht. We're told he celebrated his birthday Saturday on the boat. On Sunday, they had a picnic on the beach. Back at his crib in Atlanta, fans celebrated his birthday, too ... decorating the gate outside his rented home with balloons, posters and personal messages.�

Trial of Justin Bieber in a prison of Miami is postponed to 11th of March On this Monday (02/03/2014) was predicted that the Trial for the closure of the arrest of Justin Bieber, in Miami Beach, was fulfilled, but was postponed to 11th of March. It will be decided if Justin is or not guilty and, if he is, what penalty he will suffer.

Miami Beach police have released revealing pictures of international pop superstar Justin Bieber shortly after he was arrested. Check out the exclusive report made by CBS Miami: “Bieber was taken into custody on January 23 after police said he was driving under the influence on Miami Beach. The exclusive pictures released Tuesday were taken inside the Miami Beach police department as he was being booked. The close-up pictures of Bieber released Tuesday reveal the multitude of tattoos all over his body, including a sleeve tattoo on his left arm, tattoos on his back which include a bible quote and praying hands on his left leg. There’s also a tattoo of Jesus.”

The singer/rapper Jesse Aaron Hart gave an interview about Justin Bieber and sang his favorite song “As Long As You Love Me”. He said, to the question “ What do you think about the media assault to Justin Bieber?”: “ I think the media is overreacting. They don’t stop hate Justin and they’re letting the good side of him in silence. Justin has a very relevant position in the music industry and the media treats him that way to gain more attention of the people in general.”

Arrived to Miami and took pictures with fans

Woman Invades Rented Mansion of Justin Bieber In Atlanta. The Asian woman was found in this Wednesday (03/05/2014) by the niece of the owner, Dallas Austin. She immediately called the Police. The woman said to the police that she was waiting for the return of Justin Bieber. Watch the video in the TMZ website

During an interview to the Norwich website VG, Ray Kay, director of the 1 Billion Views Video “Baby”, comment the recent accomplishment of Justin Bieber and said it was all about the fans, that give their support. He said: “Yeaaaaaay! Now I’m a 1 Billion Views director! This is incredible! It can’t be better to a director to be the best video. I think it’s wonderful! Oh my god!” “On the economic way, I can’t dream with something bigger than this. I doubted this will happen again and in this way. When we recorded the video, I started to think this will be a great deal, but 1 billion views? I’ve never thought of that!” “He was not an adult at the time and he was all interested in PlayStation Games and that stuff. He, during the process, always tried to mess up my hair when I was directing the video. We have fun moments”

Doug McVehil, general manager of the VEVO content, also comment about the video views in an interview to Billboard, and he said: “The video reached to 1 billion views and 10x VEVO’s certified is a huge thing to Justin and VEVO. The video was uploaded to the platform in February 2010, 2 months after VEVO was launched. 4 years later, VEVO is the best platform of music on the Internet in 13 countries, mobile/ tablet e apps TV, and Justin it’s a familiar name. We really feel that VEVO and Justin grown up together”

During an interview to Celebuzz, Joan Rivers said to Justin Bieber’s parents: “You fools! You guys have a son, where are you? And why you don’t give him good advices? He could be a Michael J.Fox, who also was an superstar teen. Whoever let him do what he wanted, was a fool too. He is going to a wrong direction. And you know why? 15 minutes of fame, and only 4 minutes and a half it’s for him.

"Justin Bieber is in the same region of Canada I, so it pains me to see how all these kids are ... I mean, they received such a blessed life, and are ruining so. I wrote Diana when I was 15! I mean, you have to remember that he is young. I do not care who you are, at this age, you are not yet sophisticated. When I started, I had a gift, but I did not want to be idolized to 16 years. But none of us is born sophisticated. You have to crawl through this journey and then at some point you will mature, acquiring wisdom about how to deal with life and its changes. Justin Bieber does not know it yet. He does not understand all this. I would sit with him and tell him to get rid of all the enablers around him who are giving you bad advice. And do understand that he is obliged to be very professional and respect your audience. It is easy to talk to, I know. "

Chris D’Elia, comedian of the Laugh Factory that did a show with Justin Bieber, talked about that show. He said: “ He ask me to do it. He had already come to my show before and he is a fan, so when we were talking, he asked me to take him to the stage and do something fun with him. He was fantastic and has talent.

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