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The Importance Of Professional Bid Management And Tender Management Process Bid management and tender management are specific skills which are intended to create professional documentation and process, with a view to specifying a company's buying requirement accurately making sure that quality, suitable suppliers are engaged, and on the other side of the fence, helping those potential suppliers to construct a winning bid. Creating a comprehensive tender package is no easy feat. It is crucially important that the information contained in the tender document is both accurate, and exhaustive. Prospective suppliers that are invited to bid against a specific tender will make use of the information contained therein to construct a bid that will quote prices and timescales to manufacture the items detailed within that tender. They’ll also to offer specific information about their company, their management structure, their ethics, and their manufacturing procedures etc. In order to make sure that the accurate information is clearly presented, and that any succeeding bids are properly assessed, a procedure of bid management and tender management should be rigorously pursued. Its usually the case that only the bigger organizations are able to afford to employ their own bid management and tender management personnel; even then, many of bigger companies still choose to outsource these important functions to specialist service providers. Most tender/bid specialist consultancies offer both bid and tender writing services, as they are but different sides of the same coin. So as to construct a properly created tender, it is vital to fully comprehend the process, and having gained that knowledge, knowing the way to complete the bid part of process is automatically gained. For most companies that tend to win the bulk of their business via the bid and tender process, being able to compose winning bids is of prime importance, because its their very oxygen. If they don't wind up winning tenders, their oxygen would simply run out. Specialist Bid Management and Tender Management consultants are experts in this process, and its another reason that companies of all sizes tend to use their services. It is hard enough to actually get onto a tender list. The process often begins with a PQQ, or pre-qualified questionnaire. This is to separate the wheat from the chaff; to establish which companies are competent enough to put forward quality bids. Once the PQQs are evaluated, an ITT, or invitation to tender, is sent out to the companies which have pre-qualified. As PQQs and ITTs are an integral part of the tender/bid procedure, many professional consultancies would offer to construct these too.

Having already established the importance of creating winning tender bids for the companies that live by them, it becomes clear that they can afford to leave nothing to chance in preparing their bids. But a successful bid is so much more than a simple quotation. Along with giving price and delivery information about the service or goods being tendered, a successful bid should even include detailed information about the company itself. This is so that the company issuing the tender can evaluate the prospective suppliers qualifications and integrity, not only in terms of manufacture, but in several other areas that can include things such as health and safety, green issues, and fair trade policies, to mention but a few.

The Importance Of Professional Bid Management And Tender Management Process