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X&Y Festival

Tom Hingley

Alkaline Trio

Ft. Reva + Notion + Get Back Colquitt + Hostile Radio + Idle Frets + Refrain + Public Overload

(The Beast Inside UK Tour)

The Complete Stone Roses

'SJUI.BZtQN Liverpool Sound City wristband Liverpool Sound City & Shakedown present:


5IVSTUI.BZtQN Liverpool Sound City Wristband Liverpool Sound City & Shakedown present:

Lower Than Atlantis 4BUUI.BZtQN Liverpool Sound City wristband Liverpool Sound City & Shakedown present:

Kids In Glass Houses 5VFTOE.BZtbBEW

Dick Valentine (Acoustic) 'SJUI.BZtbBEW

Slam Dunk On Tour Ft. Hit The Lights + Transit + The Story So Far + Decade

Tristan Mackay 4VOUI+VOtbBEW



Then Jerico




Mark Stewart

The Luxury Gap Tour


Maverick Sabre

The Wedding Present (Performing Seamonsters in full)



Boyce Avenue


Gong ft. Daevid Allen




Neon Parade




Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls

The Carpet Crawlers



Perform ‘Unknown Pleasures’ A Joy Division Celebration


The View Alyssa Reid





The Ultimate Genesis Tribute

Absolute Bowie


The No.1 Tribute To David Bowie

Azealia Banks




The Rollin’ Clones


The 50th Anniversary Meals On Wheels Tour 5IVSTUI0DUtbBEW

Hawklords 4BUUI0DUtbBEW

(All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees)

Fei Comodo

Reverend and the Makers




The Cureheads

Pearl Jem

Flux Pavilion

(The Original Tribute To The Cure)

(Europe’s Number 1 Tribute To Pearl Jam)

Standing On A Hill Tour


Heaven 17





Big Area Tour 2012

Peter Hook And The Light

The Skatalites

Nik Kershaw And His Band

Four Year Strong


Tell Your Friends



The Rifles (Acoustic) 5VFTUI/PWtbBEW

Magnum .POSE%FDtbBEW

Electric Six 10th Anniversary Tour Performing FIRE in its entirety 'SJUI%FDtbBEW

Thin Lizzy


Peter Hook And The Light Perform ‘Unknown Pleasures’ A Joy Division Celebration


Azealia Banks

Flux Pavilion Standing On A Hill Tour


Thin Lizzy

11 - 13 Hotham Street, Liverpool L3 5UF Doors 7pm unless stated Venue box office opening hours Mon - Sat 11:30am - 5:30pm No booking fee on cash transactions UJDLFUXFCDPVLtTFFUJDLFUTDPN HJHBOUJDDPNtUJDLFUNBTUFSDPVL


Just off Bold Street... FACT, 88 Wood Street Liverpool, L1 4DQ / 0151 707 4464

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24 hour arty people

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Kicking + Screening The internationally-renowned Kicking + Screening Football Film Festival makes its latest stop in Liverpool as part of Sound City, with a host of exclusive football-themed screenings and events taking place in the spacious surrounds of Camp & Furnace over the three days. Today sees a table football competition (in association with CALM), followed by the film Argentina Fútbol Club which documents the bitter rivalry between Boca Juniors and River Plate (7.45pm).

Delegate Passes If you’ve registered to attend Sound City as a delegate you will receive a pre-registration email. Registration begins today at 9am, and runs until 4pm at the Hilton Hotel, where the full conference programme will be held. If you haven’t received your registration email please contact You must bring a valid form of ID with you in order to register.

If You’re Over Fourteen, It’s A Plus There’s another opportunity to get yourself along to this weekend’s festivities with 14+ festival wristbands, which are available for a bare £15 across the three days. This wristband will get you into the full shows at the O2 Academy, featuring KIDS IN GLASSHOUSES, up and coming LOWER THAN ATLANTIS, and ALKALINE TRIO amongst others. You’ll also have access to PROFESSOR GREEN’s headline show in the Echo Arena tonight. You know it makes sense.

Wristband Exchange In order to exchange your Sound City ticket for a festival wristband you will need to visit the official Wristband Exchange at the Sound City Ticket Office, located on Slater Street next to Mello Mello. The Wristband Exchange is open from 10am to 10pm today, Friday and Saturday. If you’ve not yet bought your ticket you can buy 3-day wristbands, individual day wristbands, and wristbands for the 14+ shows from here from 10am.

Silent City Exhibition Bido Lito! will be hosting a photographic exhibition at Bold Street Coffee during Sound City that casts a glance back over a turbulent past 12 months for city-centre venues. Titled Silent City, the exhibition will feature photographs from five spaces that have closed down or cancelled their live music programmes in the last year. While the city brims with musical activity this should act as an interesting juxtaposition.

What is Bido Lito!?

Bido Lito! is Liverpool’s very own independent monthly music magazine. We are here to celebrate the great and the good of Liverpool’s emerging scene and champion the bands, artists and creative types who make our city one of the world’s best musical hotbeds. We are thrilled to be producing the Official Daily Magazine at this year’s Liverpool Sound City. Make sure you check out for extended galleries and exclusive content over the weekend.

David J Pichilingi / CEO Sound City Welcome back to Liverpool. When we started Liverpool Sound City in 2008 we were in the midst of the Capital Of Culture year and Liverpool was undergoing the biggest architectural facelift it had seen in over 100 years. It was this signature that gave us the impetus and confidence to go forward.   Five years on and now Sound City is seen as the market leader for metropolitan music festivals and music and tech business conferences in the UK.   So what can you expect from Sound City this year. It will be business as usual on the live music front with over 350 bands coming into our great city from over twenty different countries. We have tried to book something for everyone. We know your new favourite bands are in there somewhere (you just don’t know it yet!). On top of this we welcome BBC and Access To Music for the inaugural UK Music Student Awards. We also have the launch of Sound City Expo that will showcase the very best of musical hardware and technology on the floor of the Echo Arena (Fri 18th and Sat 19th May). However, Sound City is not just about the music. Liverpool, as a city is synonymous with music and football. This year we also welcome all the way from NYC the amazing Kicking and Screening Football Film Festival. As part of this we will be premiering several movies and documentaries from all around the world about football. As usual Sound City will be rounded off by twelve teams battling it out for the John Peel World Cup on Chavasse Park on Saturday 19th May. For those of you returning, welcome back. For those of you here for the first time.  Welcome to Liverpool. The greatest city on earth.   See you on the dancefloor.

6 MYSTERY JETS are a band that require no considerable introduction, with their first two albums, Making Dens and Twenty One, confirming them as synonymous with indie dancefloors as sweat and swilled beer. The band have now returned with their fourth record, Radlands, a more grown-up effort worthy of being called their best yet. Since its release last month, Radlands has nestled into a number of record collections: it’s an album that marks a step in a new direction for the band, with the opening chords of first single Someone Purer greeting you with the strains of stars and stripes-toting Americana in which the album is steeped. Catching up with guitarist and vocalist Blaine Harrison ahead of the band’s show in Dublin, he speaks of the consciousness behind the decision to get deeply immersed in the Americana dream that typifies Radlands. “We didn’t have that many expectations before we went out to America, but obviously the fact that we set up studio in Austin says that we were open to the fact that there would be American influences. We didn’t set out to make an American-sounding record but when you’re songwriting you need to be like a sponge that’s open to absorbing things.” It’s not uncommon for the best of British to head stateside to craft a new album, with the lead being taken by Arctic Monkeys who have made their two most recent records over there. So, what is it about America that gets British bands packing their bags? “I don’t know…” muses Harrison. “America’s sort of got a very recent history that it’s still shaping. I don’t think America’s what it was as a country twenty years ago; it’s in decline, which I think makes it more interesting. It’s somewhere that feels so familiar because of watching movies. It’s like life imitating art, art imitating life and I think that element of fantasy proves really attractive to us.” It’s not just America that seems to have seeped into Mystery Jets’ consciousness, however. Religion is a theme that’s interwoven in Radlands and something that seems to have been inevitable given the band’s trip to America, as Harrison outlines: “Religion is still taken seriously in America, whereas in England going to church is not at all what it was. Over there they are fanatical about religion to the point where it’s like going to a football game. We went to a couple of churches, and on the plane over there we met a nun called Sister Everett [who inspired the song of the same name]. She was handing out business cards for her church like it was a marketing exercise, which was crazy. You just wouldn’t get that in this country, so that was quite inspiring to write about.”

Mystery Jets Words: Matt Healy

7 It’s been a two-year hiatus for Blaine and co since releasing new music, with Radlands providing the follow up to 2010’s Serotonin. Featuring tracks that pertain to summer, including the notable Dreaming Of Another World, critically, it’s an album that went down well, albeit quietly… “Serotonin is my favourite Jets record. I think it went down quietly because guitar music is in decline. Five to six years ago, the kind of budget you’d have to make singles isn’t there for bands anymore. You can’t really be sad about it because everyone’s in it together. I mean, we’re playing a show today with Gaz Coombes and he’s just rocked up in a back of a transit van. He’s a guy who has sold millions of records…” The two-year gap since Serotonin’s release saw bassist Kai Fish (who has been a part of the band since 2006) release a debut solo album and spark speculation of turbulence within the Jets. It wasn’t until prior to the release of Radlands when that speculation became truth, however, with Kai exiting the band on amicable terms to pursue further solo projects. After six years with Kai on bass, it’s no doubt difficult for the band to adjust to playing without him. “It’s been a learning process, you know,” Harrison admits. “It’s been different but we’re all getting on really well as a band and we all share the same sort of musical influences. It’s been difficult losing… I mean we haven’t lost him, we see Kai all the time, but when you’re used to having someone in your immediate circle there the whole time, it’s something you have to come to terms with, but it’s fine. He’s doing really well, he’s happy, so it’s good.” With past shows in Liverpool at the 02 Academy and on board the Mersey Ferry, they seem to see the Liverpool crowd as one that says what it feels. “I think you never know what you’re going to get with a Liverpool crowd. They either decide that they don’t like what you’re doing very early or… I think with us, we have played in Liverpool a dozen times so we’ve got a following, so it’s not quite the same as it would be for a new band. I like the sense of humour you guys have, there’s no skirting around the point.” Good sense of humour or not, the crowd’s reaction at the Academy Of Arts tonight will be the acid test of how far Mystery Jets have come. If they maintain the levels reached on Radlands it will surely be smiles all round. Mystery Jets play Liverpool Academy Of Arts tonight / Onstage at 8pm


Django Django Words: Clarry M

“This merry band of silhouette-dreaming whipcrackers, uniformly garbed in monochromatic costumes of stygian shadow, have of late found themselves artistically delineated and geometricised with zigzagging and tape rendered glyphs of white. . .” so the abstract album sleeve of Django Django’s selftitled debut record states. Brimming with an assault of dangerously fluorescent psychedelic pop, their music reaches far beyond the scope of their peers. To unravel some of the mysticism surrounding Django Django’s masterfully colourful sound, Bido Lito! caught up with drummer and producer Dave Maclean. The numerous bands - over one hundred in total thanked on Django Django’s album sleeve may go some way to explaining their multiple influences. Their music combines the familiar and the strange, amounting to a

psychedelic inferno. “Most psychedelic influence comes from being into dub and Jamaican music where things get dubbed out and become sort of trippy. And then when you mix that with stuff like Fleetwood Mac or Beach Boys then it does become what people think of as psychedelic,” explains Dave. Add this to their combined lifetimes of listening to music of the 80s, 90s and the present, Django Django churn together a broad range of influences; a tumbling accumulation of all they’ve ever heard. “When we started I was making a kind of dance music that sounded like disco or acid house. Vinny [singer, guitarist] was writing these songs that were quite 60s garage. I was intrigued by what he was doing, and him by what I was doing,” explains Dave. “There was a kind of idea that we were into pop music, but wanted to make weird pop music”.

Asked if Django Django align themselves with pop music above other genres, Dave muses that, “It’s hard to say something’s pop, because it has to become pop. It’s not really for us to say it’s pop,” adding that they’re “hopefully pop, or popular in some way”. Refreshingly unafraid of the ‘this is pop music’ tag, the accessibility of their music is also key: “We tried to make it accessible, because I think we could have gone away and made a really avant-garde album; self-indulgent stuff, but we tried to keep a lid on that”. Though accessible, the album is surreal, with far flung musical themes emerging in Wor and Skies over Cairo. Dave admits “we’re not singing about the woes of living in East London, it’s kind of more escapist than that”. The spontaneous rise of Django Django seems telling of their enjoyment-based approach to making music. “There’s never much strategy with Django Django,” admits Dave. “We never really made music together until later when we discovered that we’d all moved to London and sort of bumped into each other.” After attending art school together in Edinburgh, Dave planned to produce the band’s songs, before becoming more heavily involved as they were offered a record deal, which Dave claims “ was kind of a weird, happy accident.” Moving to London was vital to the band’s formation: “I didn’t really start to think about moving on and achieving things until I came to London.” Dave says that, despite its reputation, “you don’t really get very far if you’re up your own arse here.” Their journey to success has been hectic, having made and released their first song Storm (which was included on Rough Trade Shop’s Counter Culture Compilation in 2009) in their spare time. “That was us born into the world, so people see that as the beginning of Django Django, when in actual fact we had to work backwards and get a band together, write songs, finish college.” Referring to the changing nature of music consumption, Dave explains that “times have changed in music: Myspace made things very immediate, which means you can see bands from day one. We released a single and then had to go back and try to make an album.” Early 2012 saw Django Django embark on their first UK tour: “It was great because that tour sold out, so everywhere we went we knew there was going to be a decent crowd and people there to see us,” says Dave. However, technical problems played an unwelcome role during their Liverpool gig: “It was one of those moments where we thought we might have to pull the plug, because the sampler didn’t work. Once we overcame that, it was great, a really good crowd.” Be prepared for songs that fling the listener far into unknown musical plains from a band who, like meeting a stranger you feel you’ve known for years, I feel like I’ve been waiting to hear all along. Django Django play Red Bull Studios Live @ The Garage tonight / Onstage at 11.30pm

  



Words: Craig G Pennington, Bido Lito! Magazine Editor

I just don’t know where the time goes. It feels like only a few weeks since we rounded off Sound City 2011, stumbling from Revo’s front room into an unforgiving Sunday morning daylight, waltzing straight into the jaws of a hangover of the scale exclusively reserved for the backend of a momentous three-day weekend. But here we are again, and lord knows we can’t wait to get stuck in; as a feast of musical fireworks akin to Mario Balotelli’s title-winning bathroom party await. But, Sound City 2012 comes on the back of a turbulent twelve-month period in Liverpool’s music community. We’ve seen the rapid rise of artists who’ve progressed from our scene’s bosom onto national acclaim, while at the same time had to witness the closure of some of our finest venues. Many of you reading this magazine will be visitors to our city, perhaps even here for the first time. We thought it’d be a good idea to fill you in... Former Bido Lito! cover artist FOREST SWORDS debuts

his live

show at this year’s festival, before heading out to Primavera this summer. Matt Barnes has seemingly mastered the ‘less is more’ school of career progression as his stock rises despite the fact that new work has been few and far between of late – save for a specially commissioned piece pressed onto x-rays exclusively for Spectres of Spectacle, part of the excellent Abandon Normal Devices Festival. We’re expecting an LP to drop this summer. Also in the process of LP dropping are STEALING SHEEP whose debut, Into The Diamond Sun, is imminent on Heavenly. Seeing the girls’ ascent from prolific local live regulars to national alt-folk darlings has been one of the most satisfying stories of our two years’ running Bido Lito! and we can’t envisage anything other than a continued run of success. The fact that the record was made in Liverpool, under the guidance of the girls’ long-time collaborators, makes the prospect of its inevitable achievements even more tantalising. OUTFIT’s star continues to rise, and this week’s release of new EP Another Night’s Dreams Reach Earth Again has been met with a further slew of superlatives from key tastemakers. The band seem to be finding their feet, becoming more comfortable in their skin, like a Labrador pup finally realising the true scope of these bloody huge paws he’s been blessed with. Though their flitting off to the smoke at the onset of national acclaim does still sit slightly uncomfortably with some - and may well explain their being overlooked at the inaugural GIT Award - I still take great pleasure in their achievements. I’m putting their recent comment in the press release for Another Night’s Dreams Reach Earth Again down to a momentary lapse: when asked if they were tempted to come back up to Liverpool

they replied, “to go back there is to go home and to not be there is to be in the middle of something more important.” Perhaps I’m being too forgiving. The aforementioned Get Into This Award (the GITs as it’s become affectionately known) provided the scene with a fantastic evening of celebration. From BILL RYDER-JONES and his symphonic debut solo masterpiece If, through to THE TEASTREET BAND’s dance-floor hedonism and BANG ON’s hilarious and unrivalled lyrical flows, it was the musical breadth that left me with the most satisfaction. As a microcosm of the current scene, the award perfectly demonstrated the variety that makes our music community the most diverse, inclusive and potentially most exciting in our city’s history. In my opinion, LOVED ONE’s LP was certainly the standout moment of art-pop crossover on the shortlist, and more than justified the accolade. The next twelve months should indeed be massive for them. But, we do head into Sound City 2012 after a series of high profile venue losses. The Masque’s closure just before Christmas was, and still is, a truly regrettable blow. It was during Sound City that the venue came into its own; three rooms rattling with misdemeanour and swelled to capacity. Last year’s Black Lips show really does stand out as a highlight. Also victim to financial pressures was the music programme at MOJO. Though still operating as a bar, the ceasing of gigs after the venue had become established as a key cog on the national touring circuit - thanks largely to the work of Mike Deane at Liverpool Music Week - is a real disappointment. As is the loss of the CUC, the setting for a momentous LMW closing party in November; and the Liverpool institution that was Le Bateau. Yet, I suppose the ending of live music at Static Gallery probably provides the saddest of downfalls. For unlike the examples above which fell as a result of sobering commercial realities, Static Gallery’s fate was so avoidable. Forced to end all live music as a result of a Liverpool City Council Noise Abatement Notice, the venue now sits fallow and its former staff jobless. Bido Lito! has curated Silent City, an exhibition of photography at Bold Street Coffee which runs during Sound City to shine a light on the issue. Visit the excellent for an insight. So, the past twelve months have provided fantastic musical highs as well as a succession of sobering blows. When we asked the BBC’s Roger Hill (presenter of the longest-running pop music show on UK radio) about his outlook for the year in January he replied, “depressions lower morale but we have been working with morale-lowering circumstances on Merseyside for decades. Creativity will continue. Community will continue.” Thankfully, if the first five months of the year are anything to go by, he’s bang on. Have an amazing festival.

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Summer Highlights At Liverpool Philharmonic Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival

Alif Ensemble

The Unthanks with Brighouse & Ratrick Brass band

The Imagined Village

Sunday 17 June 7.30pm £18.50-£24.50

Friday 25 May 7.30pm £19.50-£25.50

Amelia Curran Simon Amstell: Numb and Lizzie Nunnery

Sunday 15 July 7.30pm £15-£22.50

Jon Richardson: Funny Magnet Friday 27 July 8pm £15-£21

with special guest Daniel Simonsen

Thursday 21 June 8.30pm £12

Americana Weekend

Tuesday 29 May 8pm £21-£27

Ian Prowse

Featuring Lazy Lester, The Pineleaf Boys and more

Dionne Warwick Monday 4 June 7.30pm £28.50-£75

The Chieftains Sunday 10 June 8pm £35-£42.50

Friday 6 JulySOLD OUT Extra date added Thursday 5 July 8.30pm £12

27-28 July

Alison Krauss & Union Station

Saturday 22 September 8pm £24.50, £30.50



Saturday 14 July 7.30pm £32.50-£45.50

Delivering a world class venue, orchestra, promotions and learning projects, Liverpool Philharmonic is the natural home for music in Liverpool. We are major partners in the UNESCO City of Music bid, Liverpool Irish Festival, Hope Street Feast, Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival, Liverpool Music Week and International Beatle Week.

> 1683 seat Grade II* listed auditorium > Guarantees, first calls, percentages and hires

For any enquiries please email

> Artist cafe backstage > Kitchen for tour catering > Marketing and production services

Nexo Geo-D10 Line array system

> Rodewald Suite: 100 capacity cabaret style

jazz/acoustic room

> Liverpool Philharmonic at The Friary: rehearsal and

live lounge recording space in converted church

> Promotions at St George's Hall Concert Room, 480

capacity Grade I listed auditorium

Marc Almond

Box Office 0151 709 3789



The brainchild of graphic designer Gary McGarvey aka Horse, SCREENADELICA is a collective of around fifteen regularly exhibiting gig poster artists who curate, commission and exhibit works primarily at music festivals. Beginning its life in 2010 as a “low key affair in an abandoned hardware store”, Screenadelica has now gained international acclaim. Having since commissioned work for The Pixies, Bjork and The Cure, the team have already had many successes. Emphasising the importance of the link between sound and vision, this year’s event at Sound City 2012 will host a wealth of artworks alongside arguably the strongest musical lineup of the weekend, with three packed days of eclectic local and international music. It seems that nothing can stop this Horse. The idea behind Screenadelica is to highlight the importance of gig poster art, something that Gary is understandably very passionate about: “I think we are fulfilling a vital role. In the past [gig posters] were an extra to the album artwork; now sometimes it is the only physical artwork. It brings something different and special to a show”. Taking inspiration from the Flatstock shows in America, Gary felt that UK and Irish artists could benefit from a similar kind of exposure, but that people just need a nudge in the right direction. “Hopefully showcases like Screenadelica will help gig poster art edge towards a credible form of art in a lot more people’s eyes”. The exhibition will feature twenty-five artists from the

UK, Europe and the USA, allowing for a suitably far-out mix of styles all referencing and influenced by music. A few recommendations from the Horse’s mouth are the quirky geometric prints by Luke Drozd who provided the apocalyptic cover for Vessels excellent 2011 album Helioscope; the psychedelic mind-fuck posters of Drew Millward; and the bold colour-clash comic posters of Screenadelica debutant, Kate Prior. Justin Santora is a fine representative of gig poster art from across the pond with his elegant typefaces that are quintessentially American; and Michael Cowell creates dark, earthy and evocative work that will certainly sit comfortably alongside Forest Swords’ first live show in Liverpool. The relationship between visual art and music offers many parallels. From fine art and classical music to poster art and punk rock, the cultural connotations are, for better or worse, inextricably linked. In an age where music does not often require a visual gateway, it is vital to reflect on what the future holds for this relationship. Screenadelica has many similarities with an independent record company in that they are essentially pushers of an art form. Indeed Gary’s enthusiasm echoes sentiments often effused by bands. “We are getting so much recognition nationally and indeed internationally, that the years of slowly building a fan base has started to pay off and I’m really proud to be a part of it.” Although acutely aware of the ever widening cracks forming between audio and visuals, Gary does not believe for a second that the connection will ever

disappear completely: “With so many artists designing posters for bands, the band gets many artistic takes on their music from many different angles. I think the bands who appreciate good artwork will always have a strong relationship with designers”. Certainly the natural bond between artists and musicians has provided some of the most culturally important moments in history. It is hard to picture the Velvet Underground without Warhol, the Beatles without Blake or Radiohead without Donwood. The live shows provided by Screenadelica at Sound City 2012 are a mouth-watering prospect. A brief scan of the line-up reads like a quality festival in itself. Taking in dark vibes from the likes of TIM HECKER, FOREST SWORDS and MUGSTAR and counterbalancing this with the cerebral intensity of VASCO DA GAMA, EX-EASTER ISLAND HEAD and CRASH OF RHINOS effectively covers all possible bases. “We curated bands that we love, bands that we want to design posters for, and the space is great for the combination of music and art; so having that live music aspect makes so much sense for us”. Screenadelica at Liverpool Sound City promises to be a three-day party of audio-visual splendour not to be missed. It is a great opportunity to soak up some art and see some of the finest bands from Liverpool and beyond. The exhibition at the Academy of the Arts on Seel Street will open from 3pm each day with live music kicking off at 6.30pm, allowing plenty of time to buy a few limited edition prints before the sonic mayhem.

end of the road presents

No Direction Home Festival th

8 -10 June 2012, Welbeck Estate, Nottinghamshire From the team behind End of the Road Festival comes a new festival nestled in the ancient Welbeck Estate on the edge of Sherwood Forest, 30 minutes from Sheffield





wet Nuns Mikal Cronin LAISH The Crookes The Cornshed Sisters

Woodpigeon Zulu Winter Peaking Lights BEST FRIENDS FATHER JOHN MISTY BOAT TO ROW SERAFINA STEER TINY RUINS PETER WOLF CRIER LAURA J MARTIN RACHAEL DADD & ICHI NAT JOHNSON & THE FIGUREHEADS Joe Gideon & The Shark Plus: Comedy, Literature Tent, Lost Picture Show Cinema, The Flying Boating Society, School of Artisan Food, Secret Post Office, Sack Racing, Art Installations, 100s of Workshops, Organic Food, Real Ale, The Somerset Cider Bus and much more...

Adult tickets £105, under 13s free. For tickets and more information visit


SLOW CLUB PEACE MYSTERY JETS FOLKS THURSDAY 17 MAY 6 PM-12 AM Liverpool Academy of Arts 32 Seel Street Liverpool L1 4BE

Photo by Sam Hiscox @noisey_uk


Buy tickets at:



TOY Words: Christopher Torpey

The latest good-looking garage band with an impressive record collection and a penchant for swirling psychedelia, TOY have been at the centre of a buzz storm of late, barely two singles and four songs into their career. Despite the fact that their residency at the Shacklewell Arms was peppered with the A-list elite, there have been occasional rumblings from some corners of the cybernet that they’re merely retro revivalists with good connections. Though they do indeed have great appreciation for an extensive back catalogue of krautrock and psychedelic tomes - and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have friends in high places Toy’s dynamic approach to their music, allied to strong ideals of style and vision, mark them far and above what the naysayers might think. Having experienced their fair share of naysaying in the past as former members of the much-maligned Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong, Tom Dougall (Guitar, Vocals), Dominic O’Dair (Guitar) and Maxim Barron (Bass) are more than used to a bit of criticism. Since they formed Toy in 2010, along with drummer Charlie Salvidge and keyboardist Alejandra Diez, the five have been locked away realigning their collective musical compass, emerging early last year with a look of post-punk cadavers intent on bending your mind. That time was well spent: as they honed their skills and perfected a direction for themselves to follow, a band who would go on to be their good mates and regular touring partners, The Horrors, were blazing a trail for the type of 80s synthdriven psych that would become their forte. Catching up

with the band’s main man Tom Dougall on the phone, just after the band had soundchecked at “this really weird venue in Dalston - it’s like a Turkish diner,” I asked him what were the virtues of this nine-month period of incubation? “I think it took us a while to figure it out, decide what we were going to do,” he muses. “We didn’t just want to do any old thing, we wanted this specific sound.” This specific sound – a glorious concoction of vintage musique concrète and minimalist krautrock – was snapped up immediately by Heavenly Recordings for the release of their first two singles. The double A-sides Clock Chime and Left Myself Behind were proof that Toy are firmly from a well-schooled psychedelic background, basking in the notion that any song under four minutes is just lazy. The follow up single Motoring showed off their other side, a pulsing and motorik track that is pure Neu! The minimal drum patterns and ululating basslines provide the engine that drives the choppy, psychy guitar and Korg flourishes, while Dougall’s deadpan vocal delivery hovers over the top. That the bloggers have been salivating over these tunes ever since in some ways shows how Toy have been both the victors and the victims of the current all-access music consumption circus that is today’s music industry: elevated to a level of notoriety off the back of some great early releases, but also pigeonholed before they’ve even had a chance to stretch their wings. Not that you’d ever get the impression that they’re even remotely bothered by this. Commenting in his insouciant drawl on the frequent

comparisons to The Horrors, Dougall seeks to stress that they’re not comparable at all. “D’you know what, with this new album we just don’t sound anything like The Horrors. I mean, they’re great, but I just don’t see it. I think there are some similarities, but that’s just like psychedelic music. It’s just ‘cause there aren’t any other bands doing this type of thing. But I think we create such a different atmosphere.” Talking of the new record, Dougall goes on to describe how things are moving on apace for the band. “We finished recording our album yesterday. We’ve just had the album playback with our manager and it went really well. We worked with [producer] Dan Carey on it [Tame Impala, The Kills, CSS] and he’s the best producer I’ve ever worked with by miles. We got the whole thing done in nine days, recorded it all live.” Having heard somewhere that Toy’s intent was to make the album a lot heavier on the ears than the singles, I asked Dougall if this marked a bit of a different approach? “Yeh, that’s right. We wanted to make it with a bit of punch, like a slap in the face, you know? I think people will be kind of surprised actually; it’s more psychedelic than you might imagine. It doesn’t really sound like what we’ve done before with the singles. It’s still us; it’s just, like… it’s just got a different feel somehow.” Regardless of any comparisons, Toy are clearly a band that know where they’re heading and how they’re going to get there. Let them inside your mind. Toy play The Kazimier tonight / Onstage at 9pm


PER12028 Soundcity Festival OPG ADS 102x142.indd 1

The Icons Reissued drill top, as worn by Andy Carroll. Steeped in the history and the story of football, the drill top is a stitch by stitch reproduction of the original design. The Icons Reissued range, available now at

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Zanzibar Club

Wolstenholme Creative Space

C/O Pop Presents:

The Sterlings


Alex Hulme



The Krazy House

The Shipping Forecast

Faceless Nation

Peggy Hsu

Last Dinosaurs

Dave Hause

Ass Kicking Slaptones

The Brink

Riverside Livehouse and Taiwan GIO present Das ROCpool!:


Sunless 97

JeanClaude Goddamm

Ex Easter Island Head



Sound City and Shakedown Presents:

Midnight Youth

The Grande

Ghost Outfit

Luke Fenlon

Hugh Keice


I Dream In Colour

Flip Grater


The City Walls

Monkey Pilot


Stealing Sheep

Arcane Roots


Jessie Rose

Waa Wei

Sun Drums

Jethro Fox

Willis Earl Beal


Miila & The Geeks

Barbie -shop


Chew Lips

Alkaline Trio


By The Sea

Bleeding Heart Narrative Tibi & Her Cello

∆ Alt J


The Humming -birds

Forest Swords

Willy Mason

I am Dive



Zanzibar Club Aftershow:

Tim Hecker

The Big Sleep

Danny Beck

Anna Anna

Still Corners

Kazimier Late Night:


Django Django

The Heartbreaks


All We Are Tall Stories

Fossil Collective

Mutek Presents:

Death In Vegas


Cinema Screening 1

Stephen Langstaff

Bonfire Nights

Professor Green

Electric Guest


Tina In The Green Dress

Jonny Sands


Slow Club

Dinosaur Bones



Red Bull Studios Live @ the Garage

O2 Academy

Mello Mello

Leaf Café (Downstairs) Presents Programmed By Harvest Sun:

Leaf Café (Upstairs)

Dave Thomas

People In The Box

Jay Stanseld

Art Rocker Presents programmed by Evol:

CALM Presents:

Ben Caplan

All We Are


Wonder -lust



The Echo Arena

Epstein Theatre


Bombed Out Church

Ratty Little Fingers

We Are Animal


Bold Street Coffee

Mystery Jets



Cold Shoulder


19:00 Folks

Wet Mouth


Binary Cell

Noisey Presents:

Jackson Firebird


Liverpool Academy of Arts

The Attic


Thursday Listings


sandhills studios recording / mixing / production /

hi there.

at sandhills we work with artists big and small to record great sounding music Sandhills is an independent recording studio based in Liverpool. With friendly staff, unique recording spaces, and a mouth watering selection of vintage and boutique equipment, we'll help make your recordings sound their very best.

with extremely competitive rates, why not come and find out why we’re the most talked about studio in Liverpool?

Sandhills Recording Studios 3 Birchall Street Liverpool L20 8PD

call us on 0151 933 7379 to find out more or visit 0151 933 7379



Cheap Thrills


Inland Sea

Everisland Presents:

Original Penguin Presents:

The Lake Poets

Mammal Club


Generator Presents a Northeast Invasion:

Daytona Lights

Said The Whale


Dave Monks BBC Merseyside Live:

The Jezabels

Dead Wolf Club



The Royals Farryl Purkiss

Bow & Arrow


Bendal Interlude

Niki & The Dove

Lower Than Atlantis

Eleanor Friedberger

Common Tongues

Mary Epworth

Kamilla Lovett

Salem Rages

Post War Years

Don Broco

Fabrizio Cammarata & The Second Grace





Spring Offensive

Yukon Blonde

Citi Petts

Trio Lark


We Were Beautiful


The Vermin Suicides


Anti Pop Presents:

Bear In Heaven

Fisted Bi-Funk

The Piratones

Mervin Gersh

The Dirty Rivers

Artwork & MC Pokes

Elmo And The Styx


The Dead Class

Killaflaw Echoes Mark Jones / James Welsh

Clinic DJ Set

Kazimer Krunk Band

Kazimier Late Night:

Against The Order

Kids On Bridges


Charli XCX

Still Flyin’

Ben Caplan

White Denim

Man Get Out

Funeral Suits

Michael Kiwanuka

The Union Dolls

Cinema Screening 2

Fallen Leaf

The Brownies

Tom Cox

Avenging Force

Wet Nuns



Hot Panda

White Arrows


Mind Mountain

Swiss Lips

Fine Young Firecrackers

Slow Down Molasses

I am Dive


Princess Chelsea

Jake Bugg


Ratty Little Fingers

Spring Offensive

The Red Suns

Mojo Fury


Daniel Kuhle

Closing DJ


Anthony Hope


Escalator Music & All Sorted Records Presents Norwich Sound and Vision Showcase:

Sound City & Shakedown Crusades Presents: Presents Programmed By Harvest Sun:

Reptile Youth

Thomas J Speight


Step Panther

Midnight Youth

Iktsuarpok Tibi & Her Cello

She’s So Rad

Art Rocker Presents programmed by Evol:

NZ @ Liverpool Sound City Presents:

Dead Cities

Access to Music:

Oliver Tank


21:00 The Temper Trap


Get Back Colquitt

Magic Powers


Clock Opera

Bwani Junction

Asios Eyes


Daniel Kuhle

18:00 Catfish & The Bottlemen



Wall of Sound Presents:

20:00 Jinja Safari

Pete & The Harmonics

Olly Neasham


Elinor Alicia Gray & The Merry Pranksters

The Enquiry

People Of K

Caroline Ailin


There Goes Dear The Fear Presents: Prudence

13:00 Jet Black Royals

14:00 Charley Blue


The Attic Liverpool Academy of Arts Binary Cell Bold Street Coffee Bombed Out Church Bumper Epstein Theatre Heebie Jeebies Courtyard The Kazimier Leaf Café (Upstairs) Leaf Café (Downstairs) Mello Mello O2 Academy Red Bull Studios Live @ the Garage Screenadelica Studio2 The Brink The Krazyhouse The Shipping Forecast Wolstenholme Creative Space Zanzibar Club

Dave Devlin Blues Band

15:00 Laura James



The 2ube Presents:


Binary Cell Bombed Out Church Bumper


Friday Listings


Discover Indian Music! 3 DAY INTRODUCTORY COURSE

Discover Indian Music is a fascinating 3 day exploratory course which can contribute to your own unique style of music. Our tutors will demonstrate, introduce and give you the chance to play Indian music on your own instrument. You’ll learn: • 2863(9'8-32832(-%2197-'Â&#x;-2(978%2-%2(e%62%8-'78=0)7 • 2863(9'8-3283-1463:-7%8-32k7869'896)%2(&%'/+6392(3*2(-%2197-' • %+%7Â&#x;8,)7=78)1A43490%66%+%7 • -2/783;360(197-' • e31437-8-32 • e6377'90896%0'300%&36%8-32 The course is suitable for advanced music students, aspiring composers, performers or teachers of any music genre.

With world-class tuition and performances Discover Indian Music is part of Music India, the International Summer School for music, which features lecture-demonstrations, performances and training from some of India’s best musicians.

13-15 August 2012 / All day (Accommodation available) )29)q,)e6)%8-:)e%1497k -:)6433034)2-:)67-8=k tH 36*968,)6()8%-07%2(&33/-2+'328%'8,=0% %/7,1-2%6%=%2% Email: / Tel: 0151 291 3949 / 33/398*368,) b cc 3*2(-%2197-'A(%2')k featuring a stunning series of showcase performances in the heart 3* -:)64330E-8,4)6*361%2')7k0)'896)j()132786%8-327k*)78-:%0 *3=)6A+%6()2;-8,()0-'-3972(-%2*33(a 14-23 August 2012 / The Capstone Theatre, Liverpool Produced by Milapfest— The UK’s Indian Arts Development Trust For further information: Email: / Tel: 0151 291 3949 / Visit: 120503_bidoLito_advert_100.indd 1

11/5/12 17:53:31






Slow Down Molasses

Line of Best Fit Presents:

Mickey 9’s

Fridge Magnets

Silent Sleep


The Brownies

Be Forest

Low Roar


Young British Artists


Sound City Official Closing Party:

Silent Sleep DJ Set



Flat Back Four

The Wedding Present DJ Set

The History Of Apple Pie


The Likely Lads

The Thespians

Vasco Da Gama

Tea Street Band



Free Rock and Roll:

Sweet Billy Pilgrim

Mickey 9’s

Oliver Tank

Silent Sleep DJ Set

Tall Ships


Secret Rivals

Bang On

Dexter Dexterous & The Fingertones

Thunderbird Gerard

Jamie Mcvey Official Closing Party:

Mont Blanc

Crash Of Rhinos

Paula & Karol

Johnny Sands

Ghostpoet Goodnight Lenin

The Wedding Present

Death At Sea


Scare Tactics

Oxygen Thieves

Into The Black

The Strangers

People Of K

The Lunar Fields

Fallen Leaf

Theme Park

Kids In Glass Houses


Sweet Lights

Lulu James


Clever Criminals

Esco Williams James Vincent McMorrow


Jinja Safari



Like Spinning

Miss Stylie

Cinema Screening 3



Let’s Buy

Broken Lungs

The Farrah Vintage The Loud Imagineers Presents:

High Fields

This Is Two

Big Scary Monsters Presents:

Blunt Truth

Hey Sholay


Don’t Panic Nathalie & Monkey Pilot We’re From Poland: The Loners

Official Closing Party:

Sound City and Heartbeat Shakedown Presents: Parade

Waa Wei


Library Voices Presents Programmed By Harvest Sun:

Peggy Hsu

Acomean -dromedA



Chelcee Grimes

Coffee & Cakes For Funerals

Art Rocker Presents programmed by Evol:

Hey Carrianne

Future Dan Croll

Kasst The Night

& CALM Presents: Saint Dorcas

Concrete Knives


The Daydream Club


Emma Louise

Emma Louise

Fridge Magnets

Death Letters


Dead Cities

Sissy & The Blisters

Die Mason Die

Ben Salter


Like Spinning

21:00 Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies Alex Hulme


The Stanley

She’s So Rad


Jackson Firebird

Golden Fable

The Strangers

CantMixWontMix ShdntMixDontMix

Long Finger Bandits

Carpe Diem

Cadence Weapon


The Imagineers

This Is Two

Step Panther

People of K


Golden Fable

20:00 The Kill Van Kulls


Anna Anna

Jordan Cook (Reignwolf)


Liverpool ONE Busking It Winner


Liverpool ONE Busking It Winner

Jamie Mcvey Presents:

19:00 The Sums

The Pulmonic

Musicas Interminaveis Para Viagem

The Bowers


Ashley Fayth

Bonfire Nights

Brasil Music Exchange Presents:


Ashley Fayth


The Attic Liverpool Academy of Arts Bold Street Coffee Bombed Out Church Bumper Epstein Theatre The Kazimier Leaf Café (Upstairs) Leaf Café (Downstairs) Mello Mello O2 Academy Red Bull Studios Live @ the Garage Screenadelica Studio2 The Brink The Krazyhouse The Shipping Forecast Wolstenholme Creative Space Zanzibar Club


Inland Sea


The Aussie BBQ:

15:00 Ilona


Sion Russell-Jones


Jamie Lawson


Kristyna Myles


Bombed Out Church Heebie Jeebies Courtyard Screenadelica Studio 2 The Shipping Forecast


Saturday Listings


NZMC-LSC PROG-QTR-15_5_12_NZMC-LSC PROG-QTR-15_5_12 15/05/2012 09:1

Saturday 16th June 3pm-3am Contend with your team in the construction of the Human tower, watch the Colacho jump the mattress of new-born babies, dodge the Batalla De Vino and marvel at the final life or death spectacle - The 50ft Goat Drop from the tower's belfry.

3 stages, 25 bands, euro delicacies + more

Tickets £10

22 Camp and Furnace 67 Greenland Street Liverpool L1 0BY

Saturday) £45

•• Single Day Festival Wristbands £25 •• 14+ 3 Day Festival Wristband £15 (inc.





St and 22


ic ma


lia Par

St Bird New

St dan Jor


•• 3 Day Festival Wristbands £60 •• 2 Day Festival Wristbands (Friday &

nt me






reet d St

10am – 10pm on 17th, 18th & 19th May.

•• All wristbands will be attached and





St Bird

t tree an S Jord

Academy 22 Camp and Furnace t Ticket Office/Merchandise H Hilton Hotel/Conference Match Day/JPWC s Sound City Shed


Flint Street

•• J











Echo Arena Epstein Theatre Kazimier Red Bull Garage Wolstenholme Creative Space Main Room Liverpool Academy of Arts Screenadelica Liverpool Academy of Arts Zanzibar LEAF Cafe Bold St Coffee 1





a ord



21 O2



Bombed Out Church 12 Shipping Forecast 13 Nation 14 Mello Mello 15 The Brink 16 The Attic 17 Studio 2 18 Bumper 19 Heebie Jeebies 20 Krazy House et tre

15 16

14 5










all S

h New


a Sl

tre rS te 12



17 19








entry to all Sound City O2 Academy events and Professor Green @ The Echo Arena) Delegate Passes £200 (inc. access to the conference at the Hilton and VIP access to all live music events) All Wristbands include free entry into the Sound City Expo Sound City wristbands allow entry to All Liverpool Sound City 2012 branded gigs on a first come first served basis subject to the individual venues capacity. Wristbands will be available at the Wristband Exchange Kiosk situated on Slater Street from Midday to 10pm on the 16th May 2012. Wristbands can be collected/ purchased at the kiosk from

•• ••

•• ••

clamped at the Wristband Exchange Kiosk and won’t be handed out without being attached to the wrist of the customer. Wristbands MUST be collected in person by the lead booking name, with a valid proof of ID (Passport, Driving License or Citizen Card) and the credit card it was purchased with. If you are collecting Wristbands without the lead booker you will need to present the credit card used to purchase the Wristbands and a valid form of ID for the credit/ debit card holder  (Passport, Driving License or Citizen Card). The Sound City Wristband Exchange will be located in the centre of the festival circuit on Slater Street, Liverpool, L1. Purchased wristbands cannot be refunded. The festival reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists, and to vary the advertised programme and timings without being liable to pay compensation. There is a limit of 4 wristbands per person. Wristband holders consent to inclusion in official photographic, visual and audio promotion / recording of the festival.

Any ticket-holder unable to present valid identification indicating they are 18 or over will not be admitted to certain events during the 3-day festival, and will not receive a refund.



The UK’s Biggest Live Festival of African Music and Culture Celebrates 20 Years



Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th June Sefton Park, Liverpool

12:30pm – 9:30pm both days FREE admission The most vibrant atmosphere amongst the best festival audience in the world!

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08/05/2012 14:34

Do something different on a Friday night. LightNight Liverpool 2012

Artrocker_QTR.indd 1

04/05/2012 11:32

18 May 4pm — late

Liverpool’s one-night arts & culture festival


Slow Club

Earning themselves a reputation for intimate and hypnotic live performances due to their combination of sparse folk with powerful pop hooks that typified their debut album Yeah So, SLOW CLUB’s new album Paradise (released last September on Moshi Moshi Records) brings with it a distinctly more developed and ambitious sound. Chris Chadwick caught up with one half of the duo, Rebecca Taylor, in the run-up to the band’s performance at the Academy Of Arts tonight. Just don’t call them twee…

All We Are

ALL WE ARE are the type of group you can fall for in an instant, with their beguiling folk melodies tinged with a warped, psychedelic lilt. Christopher Torpey managed to snare the band’s percussionist and vocalist, Richard O’Flynn, for a few minutes out of his frantic schedule to chat about the band’s recent goings on.


Bido Lito!: Your last album Paradise was a development for you, perhaps a more mature and expansive offering. Was that the intention or did it just end up that way? Rebecca Taylor: I was definitely tired of having to play the drums and sing at the same time, so I think a big part of it was that I sat down behind the drum kit and I didn’t sing, so all the drum grooves were a little more experimental and solid. That in itself kind of became a bed from which the rest could come. We’d done a lot of touring with other bands and that definitely inspired us. Also I think there were a few keywords that we didn’t want people to keep writing about us. So, whilst it was a really organic process, I think, subconsciously, we both had mini-checklists in our head of what we wanted.

BL!: Your live performances have evolved, too, from your original stripped back setup with just the two of you to a more sophisticated band with new members. How easy has it been to adjust to that change? RT: Being on tour has really invigorated us. I think we just naturally got to a point where playing live as a two-piece just wasn’t really fulfilling what either wanted to achieve creatively. We got in two extra members and it’s just made playing live a lot more fun. I feel like I’m singing better, Charles [Watson, guitarist] feels like he’s playing the guitar better; so just having those people there behind us to rely on has been pretty magic, really. BL!: What have your experiences of Liverpool been like up to now? RT: I love Liverpool! It’s one of my favourite cities in England and one of the only other places I can imagine living. We always look forward to playing there! BL!: Have you get anything special planned for your Sound City show? RT: Umm... [pauses]...

BL!: It’s OK if you haven’t... RT: Well [laughs], we haven’t got anything planned at the moment but perhaps between now and then we’ll have to come up with something a little bit special. You’ll have to come down to find out! Slow Club play The Liverpool Academy Of Arts tonight – onstage at 10.30pm

Bido Lito!: You’ve been pretty busy of late, playing two shows in a day at The Great Escape, which you’re topping with three today. Where have you been getting the energy from? Richard O’Flynn: Well, insofar as energy is concerned, we love what we do and anything you love to do isn’t work really, is it? We always try to reach as many people as possible. In situations like Sound City and the Great Escape it’s an amazing opportunity to meet new people, especially music lovers, so it’s a privilege to do as much as we can. BL!: Would it be fair to say that you have a fondness for less conventional venues/ BL!: performance spaces? RO’F: We do like to play in unusual places, for some reason we seem to attract it. For example, we’re playing gigs in Norway, Cambridge and Oxford this summer in three different churches; it seems to be a trend at the moment. It’s nice to vary it but at the same time every venue has its charms. BL!: It must be something of a challenge to present your music in different ways for all these different spaces, but is that something you relish? RO’F: Yeah we think so. It can be hard, especially in small places or very large places like churches, but actually it can be very beneficial. We’ve learned to use dynamics to our o ur advantage and to play quite quietly so the engineer has more control. This has been b een really useful to us. BL!: If you’re going to give yourselves some time off tomorrow and Saturday, is BL!: there anyone playing the festival who you’re looking forward to seeing? there RO’F: R O’F: For sure! We’re off all weekend apart from Thursday. If we weren’t playing at tthe he same time we’d go to see Stealing Sheep and Django Django of course. But we’ll be b e going to see acts like Still Corners who are playing after us at LEAF, the Spring Offensive O ffensive who we’ll be playing with in Oxford, James Vincent McMorrow, who is being ssupported upported by our friend Hey Carrianne, Dan Croll, The Krunk Band, Battleships and Like Spinning. It’s going to be a great weekend and hopefully we’ll see you around! All We Are play three shows today – in store at The Music Consortium Vinyl Emporium at 6pm, Bold Street Coffee at 9pm, and Leaf (downstairs) at 11.30pm.

Weavers Door x Farah Vintage presents

The Loud Fixers Young British Artists The Imagineers plus more... 19th May at The Shipping Forecast Buy your Liverpool Sound City wristbands in store for a chance to win ÂŁ250 worth of Farah Vintage clothing. Sound City playlists in store curated by Bido Lito! 1 Cavern Walks, Harrington Street, Liverpool, L2 6RE


UK M MUUsic Usic stU tUUdent tU dent Aw AwAArds Words: Naters Philip

Sound City isn’t just about showcasing the best, current underground artists and bands, this year it’s also about celebrating and rewarding the students who are set to be the faces of tomorrow’s music. The Armstrong Learning Group (Access To Music) have taken the opportunity to do this right, by teaming up with LSC this year to present the first UK Music Student Awards tonight in The Echo Arena. The awards show is an event borne of the success of the annual Access To Music awards ceremony, now in its eighth year, originally fronted by Sir George Martin, famed producer of The Beatles. Access to Music is the UK’s leading music college for UK and international students of all ages, which encourages learning to improve employability in this competitive industry. The original awards have been a well-respected platform for identifying new talent within music education, and Access To Music have used their awards in the past to help support students like Ed Sheeran. In essence, what the awards do is give amazing opportunities to people who are waiting for the chance to showcase their talents. Fortune bestows itself well on the winners of the Access awards as they receive recognition directly from professionals in the music industry, making it an infallible resource. This collaboration is an extremely important one for Liverpool and the festival, as the strong standing of the Access Awards over the years means that tonight’s event will be nothing short of sterling. The awards show will

be co-hosted by Radio 1’s Edith Bowman (pictured above) (Reggie Yates was busy); and the categories filled by a nominee student from each Access To Music learning centre. The nominees were chosen based on their dedication to and achievement on Access’ educational schemes and have been selected by their centre managers, who definitely know about high quality music acts. It’s sure to be an exhilarating experience for all those nominated, but so too for the Access programme itself. Jono Heale, Head of Events & Project Manager at Atom Live Events, says, “It’s been a long journey with this event and the other national student projects as part of the National Events Programme. We’ve put students on tours [and] we’ve taken them to the biggest trade shows and conventions across the world!” This is just a little something that our young nominees can look forward to, and with such enthusiasm behind them it’s a reassuring process, too. It’s not just your average awards ceremony, just in case you were thinking it was going to be a glorified speech day from back in high school days, worry not! The students who have been nominated will also have the opportunity to play live during the awards, in the Arena itself. With so many important industry bods tipped to be attending the ceremony, an outstanding performance could be a life-changing experience for some lucky students. High profile industry guests and a celebrity co-host mean the tone of the evening has been set as such to give the feel of The BRIT awards. Taking time to recognise talent is a

prudent thing to do, and one award in particular shows the respect for a business-minded spirit, which all young talent must have: the night will launch with The Joseph Lappin Award, a tribute to the South Liverpool teenager who was tragically killed at just sixteen, but who had nothing but passion for life and music. The award will be given to a Liverpool teenager who shows true entrepreneurial spirit in this creative industry. They will be presented with an award and all the tools and support they need to further themselves in their career. The awards partnership is an excellent marker for Liverpool Sound City, as getting involved with Access To Music propagates the search to find and harness the best talent. Jono Heale says, “No other organisation is giving the musicians of tomorrow the opportunity to shine today with recognition directly from the music industry.” After all, that’s why so many bands clamour to be on LSC’s bill - you have only to look at the listings this year to agree. A sure sign that the collaboration is worth its salt is personified by the night’s closing performer, PROFESSOR GREEN - perhaps one of music’s current hottest commodities. Truly he’s going to be a beacon of inspiration for all involved tonight: the showcasers, and the blooming talents; this is really quite the event for those in Liverpool, when all’s said and done. Professor Green plays The UK Music Student Awards at The Echo Arena tonight / Onstage at 9pm


TThursday hursday aaT ConferenCe ConferenC Ce Words: Mick Chrysalid

Running adjacent with this year’s music programme, the LIVERPOOL SOUND CITY CONFERENCE returns to The Hilton Hotel. Consisting of panel sessions, clinics and a series of guest speakers waxing on the nuts and bolts of the music business, the conference has developed into a central pillar of the Sound City experience. This year’s event ranges from a look at digital futures - giving an insight into a range of future opportunities and challenges for the music, creative and digital industries - to an in-depth look at the future of labels brought together by people who are on the front line in a brisk and ever adapting tech savvy world. Today we have the LSC roundtable event which is, according to the festival “part talking shop, part networking event, part a chance to engage in interesting,

topical and, hopefully, fun debate all relevant to music and the creative industries”. It’s here that the guests will intermingle and get their brains picked. Sounds a bit mysterious but an event to be recommended and Bido Lito! will report back anything juicy that people might want to get their teeth into. There is also a gaming panel here represented by Mike Haigh, former director of London Studio and SingStar, the famous karaoke singing assault/competition. It is this man’s fault when at crimbo your younger sisters, nieces and nephews are blasting out Jessie J while you choke on a dry turkey butty. Also participating is Clemens Wangerin (of Wipeout fame) who co-founded Setgo Ltd, a games and technology company based in the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool. The main topic here will be the conjunction

between music and gaming, how it has developed and where it will go in the future. Gaming and music, a proper anorak combo! A standout of the afternoon sessions is the K-POP workshop. Don’t know your Rain Bi and Wondergirls from your BigBang? This Korean music phenomenon presentation will put you in the picture with a gentle reminder that there are other massive mainstreams that exist beyond the western peripheral view. Mando pop also gets its own showing with a panel discussion on the Mandarin pop scene. Dave Hemmings (founder of Motive Unknown) could be the pick of a very informative bunch. He likes to cut through the “bullshit” of music marketing/PR and get down to what works and what doesn’t. In with this session is David Emery (Head of Marketing for Beggars Group) who is responsible for the campaigns of Adele, Radiohead, Bon Iver, The National, The Strokes, Belle and Sebastian, Sonic Youth and many more. I’m not sure if we’ll arrive at a uniformed view here, but I’m all ears. While this is going on, over at St James Street we have, in association with The Women’s Organisation, a look into Women and the Music Industry. This will cover Press Relations and PR, Music Management and ‘Being a Female Artist’ amongst other topics. The event also marks the launch of the inaugural Liverpool Music Awards, set to take place later this year. Streaming and New Ownership get an airing with some cracking guest speakers - with the likes of Nick Calafato (Last FM) and Tim Radley ( maybe I will get to the bottom of who owns what in this cloud-like sharing world of the online. Next up - which clashes time-wise, which is a bit unfortunate as it would have segued neatly - is more discourse on the juncture of music, technology and the internet. Soundcloud gets a push from Dave Adams who, during his time working there, has become part of a multi-award winning team and has witnessed the platform pick up 10 million users. In fact, across the day, as expected, a significant amount of time and focus is being spent on issues from digital streaming and digital marketing to emerging digital revenue opportunities. Continuing on this line is the Keynote speaker of the day, Andrew Mains (pictured), CO of the massively successful App developer Mobile Roadie. In his past he has guided the digital marketing efforts of artists such as Eminem, Gwen Stefani and U2. His talk on the future of music applications is a must-see for those with any interest in forthcoming technological developments. Thank God for the Social Media Surgery at the end of the day to help decipher some of the questions that will have started to prey on befuddled minds. If you don’t know your driving online traffic from your fan engagement strategies now is the time to confess and get help. Then make sure you pick up tomorrow’s Bido Lito! Liverpool Sound City Daily Magazine as we report back on the day’s events.

For venue enquiries: General Manager: Andy Mackenzie tBOEZ!PBDBEFNZMJWFSQPPMDPVL Assistant General Manager: Patrick Doherty tQBUSJDL!PBDBEFNZMJWFSQPPMDPVL )PUIBN4USFFU -JWFSQPPM-6' Capacities: O2"DBEFNZ-JWFSQPPM 02"DBEFNZ-*WFSQPPM


Music Licensing Company PPL, who have approximately 60,000 members, is excited to be a part of Liverpool Sound City and is hosting a reception and networking event as part of its UK wide outreach program. This event will be informative for artists and managers as it covers PPL’s role in the industry and why PPL income is such an important revenue source for performers and session musicians. The session is open to all LSC attendees and local artists and there will be plenty of opportunity to engage with PPL during a Q & A session and the networking drinks that will take place afterwards. TO ATTEND PLEASE RSVP TO FIONA@ILIKETHESOUNDOFTHAT.COM


FEATURE SHOWCASE Words: Joshua Nevett

With summer curiously peeking over the horizon, there’s an invigorating buzz about a city in search of something truly elusive, a musical exploration to the outer reaches of an urban landscape. Hidden deep within the inner canals of Liverpool, Sound City have reclaimed an untapped resource for unrelenting hedonism. The Wolstenholme Square car park will undergo a thorough transformation to present RED BULL STUDIOS LIVE @ THE GARAGE in the first of a series of three shows. With an emphasis on the up and coming, a synonymous link exists between the culture, the festival and the music. Sound City has proven to be meticulous in their wide selection of progressive artists while consistently bringing the best in new music from all over the world to Liverpool. However, a strict focus on flourishing local talent still remains the bedrock of this festival’s humble origin. It seems only fitting that 19-year-old Wirral prodigy MELE – aka Krissy Peers - has the honour of headlining The Garage on the opening day of the festival (check out for an exclusive Melé guest mix streaming now!). Tipped as one of Timeout magazine’s ‘DJ Stars Of 2012’, Melé has been producing since the tender age of 14 - teeth-gratingly unbelievable, someone check this lad’s ID. Now revered as a veteran of Sinden’s Grizzly imprint, another forthcoming release on the versatile label exemplifies their faith in his ability to deliver deep productions on a truly inventive level. His exclusive brand of future club music is continuing to turn heads, cementing his spot firmly in the limelight; a laudable triumph considering the fertile state of electronic music. You can expect a fiery blend of grimey synths and R’n’B hooks in-between an onslaught of meandering basslines from this prolific beatsmith. Maybe even some Daniel Bedingfield, if you’re lucky. Another act also representing Merseyside on a local level is ravishing all-female three-piece STEALING SHEEP. If it’s

a swashbuckling jamboree laden with folktronica you’re after then look no further than this transient spin on 60s psychedelia. Known for their potent mixture of blurry folk and hypnotic synths, they’re an enticing prospect indeed. They only started writing together in 2010 and are already recording their eagerly anticipated debut album Into The Diamond Sun. Commended by the Sunday Times for their ‘Sepulchral lo-fi soundscapes and lyrical alchemy’, this will be an entrancing prospect of swampy psychedelic obscurity. LAST DINOSAURS have tenaciously endeavoured to prove they don’t deserve to be driven to extinction, showing there’s still a market for the indie powerhouse. Their debut album In a Million Years has been heralded by The AU Review as a strong contender for the best Australian album of the last 20 years - lofty praise indeed. Plucking on the same strings as Bombay Bicycle Club and The Maccabees, Last Dinosaurs tick all the boxes in terms of formulaic indie. Yes it’s guitar pop, yes there’s a consistent theme of transience relationships and overwhelming heartbreak, but they deliver with a slick finesse that’s all their own. Well worth a punt. Armed to the teeth with infectious electro pop hooks, London-based dance pop duo CHEW LIPS (pictured) are developing into an increasingly mesmeric live act. Charismatic front woman Alicia Huertas, commonly known as Tigs almost drags you into the performance with both hands, oozing confidence and sophistication. It’s easy to see why their inaugural 2009 release Solo was an instant sell-out; respective supporting slots with The Killers, We Are Scientists and Joy Formidable followed in 2011, to much adulation. A spellbinding disco whirlwind is assured. So take to the pavements and voyage the city in a cacophonous exploration of discovery. There really is something for everyone, so take a leap of faith and you might unearth something truly amazing. Enjoy responsibly.

Sound City is quite the mixed bag when you strip it back, it’s not just a music festival it’s a platform for new talent, a business conference and, as it goes, a showcase of International gems. On this first day of the festival, the German based C-O Pop Festival will be throwing a party at the Shipping Forecast to show us some of the best new band talent their festival will feature in June. If their acts ROOSEVELT and COMA don’t strike your fancy, why not pop around the corner to Studio 2 and check out the offerings from some Das ROCpool! This is an evening showcase brought to us by Riverside Livehouse and Taiwan GIO, following on from their activity at today’s conference, and what treats they’ve brought indeed. The lovely WAA WEI tops the bill sounding like a cross between CAT POWER and LYKKE LI, she’s well worth a live listen. With so much high quality international talent flooding into the city, it’s going to be hard for you to know who’s best to check out luckily we’ve got some hot picks for you here. If a soulful lady is your thing, look no further than Miss FLIP GRATER from New Zealand, who’ll be cooling her heels at Wolstenholme Creative Space. If you like your music with an electro tinge then take a wander to the Art Academy to rave with DEADBEAT, a German ex-pat who’s currently spending most of his time in the most beautiful city in the world, Montreal. Not only this but he’s in the slot before TIM HECKER, so go and then stay for this unmissable French Canadian, whose latest album RaveDeath, 1972 is a stunning exploration of electronica’s outer fringes. Quel bon!

Liverpool Sound City 2012

HERE TO PLAY IN MAY BEN SALTER | BONFIRE NIGHTS EMMA LOUISE | INLAND SEA IRONSIDE | JACKSON FIREBIRD JINJA SAFARI | LAST DINOSAURS OLIVER TANK | POND | SIETTA STEP-PANTHER | THE BOWERS THE JEZABELS | THE TEMPER TRAP THE AUSSIE BBQ @ Heebie Jeebies 80 - 82 Seel Street, Liverpool Saturday 19th May 11.00am - 8.00pm All delegates and wristbands welcome, includes free traditional Aussie Barbie For full line up details, head to

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More than twenty venues are taking part in hosting tonight’s live action, and the rest of the lineup is as varied and eclectic as could be hoped. Here’s our pick of what else to catch. Two years ago WILLIS EARL BEAL was homeless and fly-posting his music around Chicago, and now he’s enjoying a world tour with an extensive record deal at XL Records tucked in his back pocket. Beal’s tenacious outlook has seen him transcend these austere beginnings with his deliciously strange and raw talent coming to the fore on debut album Acousmatic Sorcery, which The Washington Post have called “a bewitching, bating collection of anti-folk and blues songs”. Onstage at The Zanzibar at 10pm, you’ll kick yourself if you miss this one. DEATH IN VEGAS returned in September last year after a seven-year hiatus with new album Trans-Love Energies. Deep and atmospheric, the new album marked a definitive departure from the earlier guitar-based material that brought them massive critical

Death In Vegas

acclaim, eschewing it for more of a pulsing electro dynamic. It will be intriguing to see how DIV’s musical wizards Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes translate that in to the group’s whirlwind live show, which starts at 11.15pm at The Kazimier. The Epstein Theatre has undergone a facelift (as well as a name change from The Neptune) recently, and this year’s festival sees a full run of live shows there each night. Local troubadour STEPHEN LANGSTAFF headlines tonight’s bill (10pm), and will surely suit the venue’s lush interior perfectly. On just before Stephen come the meditative lyrics and catchy choruses of LA duo ELECTRIC GUEST (9pm). Their debut album Mondo, produced by Danger Mouse, is a smorgasbord of influences, with hip hop-styled vocals carrying a vein of energy through the record that makes for compulsive listening. Also vying for your attention in the busy 10pm slot are BY THE SEA. Leaf’s upstairs room sees the Wirral six-piece return to the same stage where they recently packed the crowds in for their support slot with Veronica Falls. Their lazy, sun-kissed melodies have been injected

fabrizio cammarata & the second grace

presenting the new album rooms fabrizio cammarata & the second grace


“almost worldmusic that grows while listening. A recommendation!” MDR, German public radio ”musical diamonds full of melody, meaning and emotion” “a pure chocolate bar you cannot get enough of” “a fantastic album” Il Mucchio (I)

Global Singersongwriter hailing from Palermo, Sicily, produced by JD Foster (Calexico, Ribot, Richmond Fontaine) and featuring among others Joey Burns (Calexico) and Jairo Zavala (Depedro, Amparanoia). Shows include performances with Daniel Johnston and Devendra Banhart and openings for the likes of Iron & Wine, Gang of Four, as well as festivals like SXSW, Eurosonic, CMW and also Liverpool Sound City...

PERFORMING AT LSC ‘12 AND IN THE UK! 17/05 - Liverpool - LSC - L1 Stage (16:00) 17/05 - Manchester - Town Hall Tavern (20:30) 18/05 - Liverpool - LSC - Leaf (21:30) 21/05 - London - Water Rats (20:15, featured act)







JOHN MARSHALL TRIO SHOW OF HANDS . EASY STAR ALL STARS For details of performances contact our box office on 0151 666 0000 or visit our website



with some wholesome, shoegazey guitars of late, and their star is in the ascendancy. Another local talent whose reputation has blossomed on a national (not to mention international) level is FOREST SWORDS. Highly acclaimed, Matt Barnes (the brains behind Forest Swords) is translating the eerie electro-dub strains of album Dagger Paths to a full live show for the first time. The Screenadelica stage will see one of only a handful of live performances from Forest Swords over the summer, so be sure to arrive before the 11.30pm stage time to get your speck.

However, if finishing your night with a brilliant assault on the ears is more your thing then look no further than Liverpool Academy of Arts’ headliner TIM HECKER (1.30am). The Canadian sound artist’s foreboding, abstract music earned him a JUNO award for Best Electronic Album of the year with Ravedeath, 1972, and the same album came second in Drowned In Sound’s Top 5 Albums Of The Year list. With last night’s collaboration with Forest Swords still fresh in his veins we’re sure that this show will be nigh on unmissable.

Willis Earl Beal

Carrying on our round up of what else we suggest you catch tonight, we look at a few returning heroes, and a few new ones who might not be on your radar yet but will be soon. The Zanzibar sees the return of WILLY MASON, who packed out the venue at last year’s festival, and who will no doubt do the same tonight (11.15pm). With latest album Restless Fugitive adding to an astounding back catalogue of tracks that span a range of influences, Mason’s set will bring a fine patchwork of American country folk to proceedings here. Expect the thronging crowd to be hanging on his every word, in particular during the anthemic Oxygen. Another turn who pulled a large crowd on their last Liverpool appearance are ∆ (ALT-J), whose Wild Beasts support date joined up all the dots of their crisp beats and skewwhiff vocals to show a glorious whole. Tonight’s performance (at The Kazimier, 10pm) marks the middle of a fully-packed festival touring schedule, promoting debut album An

“the real deal” The Guardian NEW TOUR FOR 2012 special guest

Daniel Simonsen


Philharmonic 0151 709 3789


in association with KBJ MANAGEMENT



Awesome Wave. Its eclectic sound has seen them pushing boundaries in synergy with the symbol of change that the delta (∆) sign denotes. Folk step is the term they use to describe their music, but we suggest you see it yourself to put your own label on it. Our very own JETHRO FOX has been busy of late, a multi-instrumentalist with a knack for an insanely catchy melody. Recent radio play for his single Before suggest that we’re not the only ones on to his charms, so his show at Wolstenholme Creative Space tonight (10.30pm) could be a lock out.

If a slice of thought-provoking ambience is what you’re looking for early on then we recommend heading down to Screenadelica at 7.30pm to catch EX EASTER ISLAND HEAD. For these three musicians the word unconventional doesn’t exist, however describing their compositions is simply futile. Witnessing them in the flesh is the only way to comprehend the majesty of playing guitars on keyboard stands with drum sticks.

∆ Alt J

Hailing from Morecambe, THE HEARTBREAKS’ fizzing live shows and infectious energy have elevated them to a position of some note recently. Both Carl Barât and Hurts have seen fit to request their presence as tour support, so The Shipping Forecast will surely be bouncing from 11pm when they hit the stage. One of the busiest venues of the evening will be the Academy Of Arts, which sees both FOLKS (7pm) and PEACE (9.30pm) mixing with some of the stage’s heavyweights. If you caught Noel Gallagher’s recent cover stint on Radio 2 you’ll be familiar with Folks as he invited the six-piece in to perform a few tracks. A full support tour with Gallagher’s High Flying Birds comes later in the summer, but if you can’t wait ‘til then for their irresistible melodies then be there early. Birmingham’s Peace come across like a mashup of Foals and Wu Lyf, loud, dark and demonic. Lead single Bblood adds an Afro-pop sass to the mix that urges us to tell you to give Peace a chance.

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