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Mattress Covers

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Duvets Eloise Duvet Covers

Available in Aubergine Prices from: Single £28.00 - Curtains £36.50. Call 01255 432518 to order.

Bedlinen - Mattress Covers - Duvets Duvet Covers - Pillows Tablecloths - Towels Memory Foam Toppers and Pillows

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Tel: 01255 432518

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Bedlinen Specialist BM0212

Non-Slip Chair Backs & Arm Caps T BES ER L L SE


Tapestry Arm Caps, Chair Backs & Cushion Covers

Macrame Chair Backs £6.90 each Macrame Arm Caps 6½” £6.95 each Macrame Arm Caps 8½” £8.65 each


Chair Backs Arm Caps Cushion Covers, 19” x 19” 36” Settee Back 54” Settee Back

Lace Chair Backs £3.95 each Lace Arm Caps 6½” £3.99 each Lace Arm Caps 8½” £4.95 each

£4.90 ea £4.95 ea £7.95 ea £13.95 ea £16.50 ea

Blankets Acrylic Cellular Blankets

Traditional Blankets

Satin bound, lightweight, warm acrylic blankets, Machine Washable Choose from Pink, Cream or Blue

Luxury satin bound blanket, with added microfibre for softness and comfort. Available in Pink, Cream or Blue.

Size Buy 1 Single (180x230cm) £21.95 Double (230x230cm) £24.95 Kingsize (260x230cm) £27.95

Size Single (180x230cm) Double (230x230cm) Kingsize (260x230cm)

Buy 2 £40.00 £45.00 £50.00

Each £39.95 £45.95 £49.95

Polycotton Bedlinen Polycotton Sheets Crisp, fresh, minimum iron polycotton sheets and pillowcases in plain shades to suit any colour scheme. Both Fitted and Flat sheets enjoy all the benefits of a modern 50% polycotton along with easy washing and durability. Choose from 6 plain colours: Light Blue, Pink, White, Primrose, Light Green or Cream. 2ft6” and 4ft only available in White or Cream.

Fits up to 8” deep mattress. 6’3” length - will not fit an adjustable bed. Please specify colour when ordering. 2’6” Fitted Sheet (White or Cream only) £7.95 3ft Fitted Sheet £8.85 4ft Fitted Sheet (White or Cream only) £10.90 4’6” Fitted Sheet £10.95 Single Flat Sheet £8.95 Double Flat Sheet £10.99 Housewife Pillowcase, pair £4.65

Polycotton Valance Sheets

Polycotton Base Valance

These two-in-one fitted bottom sheet with valance attached are the neatest way to dress your bed. They save messing about with a separate valance and are much cheaper than buying both a fitted sheet and a separate valance. Choose from 6 plain colours: Light Blue, Pink, White, Primrose, Light Green or Cream. Drop from top of mattress to floor: 23”

Add the finishing touch to your bed with a polycotton base valance. The base valance goes under your mattress. For correct drop measure from top of base to the floor. For drops other than 16” please call for details. Choose from 6 plain colours: Light Blue, Pink, White, Primrose, Light Green or Cream.

Please specify colour when ordering.

Please specify colour when ordering.

3ft Single 4’6” Double

£15.95 £18.95

TELEPHONE - 01255 432518

3ft Single 4’6” Double

£14.95 £16.99


Percale and Flannelette Bedlinen Percale Sheets Percale is a fine quality, closely woven, polycotton sheeting which feels soft, smooth and very comfortable. Most sheeting has 140 threads to the inch, percale has 180 threads per inch for a much finer weave. You pay a little more for the high quality, but once you’ve tried them you will never want to sleep in anything else. Buy these for complete comfort, hard wearing and value for money. Choose from 6 plain colours. Please specify colour when ordering.

Mulberry White Cream Green Pink Blue

Fitted Sheets Single 3ft Double 4’6” King 5ft Superking 6ft Pillowcases, pair Plain, 19” x 30” Plain, 19” x 36” Oxford 19” x 30”

£19.95 £27.25 £33.25 £39.95 £14.75 £21.60 £23.95

Flat Sheets Single Double King Superking

70” x 102” 90” x 102” 108” x 102” 120” x 102”

Duvet Covers Single Double King Superking

3ft 4’6” 5ft 6ft

£19.90 £27.20 £33.20 £39.75 £36.50 £49.95 £61.50 £70.65

Box Pleat Valance 16” Drop Single 3ft £28.50 Double 4’6” £34.75 King 5ft £40.55 Superking 6ft £50.25

4ft Fitted Sheets White or Cream

Flannelette Sheets Enjoy the luxury of good quality flannelette sheets. Available in flat or fitted, they are manufactured from soft spun and woven 100% cotton, and provide the usual cosy warmth associated with flannelette bedding. The fitted sheets come with elasticated corners. Choose from: White, Blue, Ivory or Pink Please specify colour when ordering. 3ft Fitted Sheet 4’6” Fitted Sheet 5ft Fitted Sheet 70” x 100” Flat Sheet 90” x 100” Flat Sheet 108” x 102” Flat Sheet Pillowcase, pair 4


£15.50 £18.95 £20.95 £16.95 £20.50 £23.95 £9.95

TELEPHONE - 01255 432518



Spundown Washable Duvets Superbly soft and lightweight, this is the perfect duvet for allergy sufferers as you can wash all sizes in a domestic washing machine at 60°c, the temperature that kills dustmites. Lightweight microfibre cover. 4.5 Tog 10.5 Tog 13.5 Tog Duo 4.5 Tog & 9 Tog Single £34.95 Single £39.25 Single £41.75 Single £64.50 Double £44.25 Double £50.75 Double £54.95 Double £82.95 King £51.50 King £59.95 King £64.95 King £102.90 Super King £115.25

Cotton Embrace Duvets The soft microfibre filling evokes the luxurious feeling of down, whilst offering all the benefits of a synthetic duvet. The pure cotton cover and the duvet’s breathable composition will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. 4.5 Tog 10.5 Tog 13.5 Tog Duo 4.5 Tog & 9 Tog Single £41.95 Single £50.95 Single £59.95 Single £92.95 Double £49.95 Double £65.95 Double £72.75 Double £109.90 King £68.95 King £77.95 King £79.90 King £129.95 Super King £95.95 Super King £105.50 Super King £151.95

Super King Size Duvets A selection of duvets of fit your super king size bed. Hollofibre 4.5 Tog £89.95

Hollofibre 4.5 & 9 Tog £149.95

Hollofibre 13.5 Tog £169.95

TELEPHONE - 01255 432518

Goosedown 13.5 Tog £275.00


Waterproof Mattress Covers Terry Towelling Waterproof Mattress Covers Washable 100% Cotton loop pile with waterproof underside, which will protect your mattress and provide a soft, cosy, comfortable sleeping surface. Generously cut for deeper mattresses and will fit up to 8” deep. Fully elasticated all round for excellent fit and secure waterproof protection. Machine washable. 2’6” £19.75 Buy 2 for £35.55

3’ £21.35 Buy 2 for £38.45

3’6” £27.00 Buy 2 for £48.55

4’ £28.40 Buy 2 for £51.10

4’6” £30.25 Buy 2 for £54.45

5’ £33.50 Buy 2 for £60.30

6’ £37.70 2’6” x 6’6” £28.95 3’ x 6’6” £30.50 Buy 2 for £67.85 Buy 2 for £52.15 Buy 2 for £54.85


3’6” x 6’6” £39.40 Buy 2 for £70.90

Quilted Polycotton Waterproof Mattress Covers White polycotton quilted fitted mattress cover with waterproof underside. Generous cut for deeper mattresses will fit up to 8 inch deep mattress. Soft and comfortable to sleep on. Fully elasticated all round for extra good fit and secure waterproof protection. Machine washable. No Vat to pay on this waterproof item. 2’6” £19.20 Buy 2 for £34.55

3’ £19.90 Buy 2 for £35.80

3’6” £22.00 Buy 2 for £39.55

4’ £23.95 Buy 2 for £43.10

4’6” £25.05 Buy 2 for £45.05

5’ £27.35 Buy 2 for £49.25

6’ £30.95 2’6” x 6’6” £25.90 3’ x 6’6” £27.50 Buy 2 for £55.65 Buy 2 for £46.55 Buy 2 for £49.45

Heavy Duty Waterproof Mattress Covers Made from rustle free PVC these mattress covers cover the top, sides and ends of the mattress leaving the back of the mattress open for ventilation. Fully fitted ends keep the cover firmly in place. Cannot ruck up or wrinkle and are comfortable to lie on. Will last for years. Will fit mattresses up to 6” deep. 100% Waterproof - Washable. 2’6” £19.15 Buy 2 for £34.50

3’ £19.65 Buy 2 for £35.30

3’6” £24.35 Buy 2 for £43.50

4’ £26.60 Buy 2 for £47.85

4’6” £26.80 Buy 2 for £48.25 6

TELEPHONE - 01255 432518

Standard Mattress Covers Hygienic Luxury Quilted Mattress Covers Protects and prolongs the life the your mattress. Allows the air to circulate and promotes a healthy sleeping environment. Stain and moisture resistant - Ideal for all seasons Fully elasticated for secure fit - No ironing required 100% Polypropylene underside with 100% polyester filling Small Single 2’6” Small Double 4’ King Size 5’x6’6”

£13.50 £16.75 £19.75

Single 3’ £13.75 Double Size 4’6” £17.75

Padded & Quilted Mattress Covers

Fleece Mattress Covers T BES ER L L SE

Fully fitted with polyester padding, this hygienic washable cover provides a smooth, crease free, sleeping surface to aid restful sleep. Small Single Single Ex. Lge. Single Small Double Double Size King Size Super King

2’6” 3’ 3’6” 4’ 4’6” 5’x6’6” 6’x6’6”

£31.65 £32.95 £44.95 £45.50 £45.75 £48.95 £59.45

Looks and feels like fleecy lambswool. Just place on top of your mattress beneath the bottom sheet and enjoy the warmth and comfort. 60% Acrylic - 40% Polyester - Fully Washable. Bunk Bed Single Small Double Double King Size

Coolmax® Mattress Covers

2’6” 3’ 4’ 4’6” 5’x6’6”

£13.95 £14.90 £17.95 £18.90 £19.95

Available in Any Size!

A high performance mattress cover material, suitable for use all year round. Popular with Memory Foam Mattresses and ideal for people who find their mattress too warm. • • • •

Takes perspiration and excess heat away from the body, creating a cool, dry comfort zone. Highly permeable knitted stretched fabric Unique fast drying properties Proven in laboratory tests to perform considerably better then other fabrics.

For more details, sizes and prices please call us on 01255 432518 TELEPHONE - 01255 432518

Breathable Coolmax® fabric for total comfort


Pillows Duck Feather Pillows Fluffy duck feather filling, in a white cotton featherproof cover. £11.95 each or Buy 2 for £22.00

Duck Feather & Down Pillows These pillows are softer and warmer than man made fillings. Supplied with 4 free pillow protectors worth £7.80. Sold in pairs: £34.90

Economy Feather Pillows Good quality curled feather pillows. White cotton featherproof cover. £7.75 each or Buy 2 for £14.90

Polyester Pillows Clean and fresh polyester pillows supplied with two soft non-woven, non allergenic pillow protectors. Sold in pairs: £18.95

Spundown Washable Pillows T BES ER L L SE

This pillow can be washed, spun and tumble dried time and time again. 100% cotton cover. Non Allergenic. Size: 74cm x 48cm (29” x 19”) £15.95 each or Buy 2 for £30.00

Dunlopillo Super Comfort

Bolster Pillows

Neck Support Pillows Luxury latex foam pillow. Flame retardant. £65 each or Buy 2 for £120.00 8

Curled feather filled in a 100% cotton featherproof cover. 3ft 4ft 4’6” £14.75 £18.95 £19.75 5ft 6ft £20.95 £27.00

Small bone shaped pillow designed to support your head and neck. £8.95 each

TELEPHONE - 01255 432518

Pillows and Bed Toppers Super Duck Down Pillows Super quality pillow in a sateen cover, duckdown filled. £54.95 each or Buy 2 for £99.00

Marquis Feather & Down Pillows Feather and down mix in sateen cover. £25.50 each or Buy 2 for £47.00

Quilted Microfibre Pillows Luxurious cover with a supersoft hollofibre filling, Two free protectors with a pair of pillows. £19.95 each

Luxury Goose Down Pillows The ultimate in quality pillow comfort, plump goosedown filled pillow in a 100% cotton cover. £72.00 each or Buy 2 for £130.00

Luxury Bed Topper

Ortho/V Shaped Pillow V-Shaped Ortho pillows. All round support. Enjoy all round comfort and support. Relax with firm support for neck, shoulders, back and spine. Washable. Generously filled with polyester.

A soft and luxurious mattress topper designed for optimum comfort and support. Hollofibre cluster filling with a cotton cover.

£14.95 each

Ortho/V Shape Pillowcase Limited colours available, please call

£6.95 each

TELEPHONE - 01255 432518

Single 3’ £72.00 Double 4’6” £91.25 King Size 5’ £102.95 Super King 6’ £119.75


Anti-Allergy Your way to a healthy, allergen free sleeping environment. If you have ever found sleep difficult to achieve, then our range of anti-allergy bedding products will help you create a healthier bedroom environment. Promotes easier breathing and a more relaxed, comfortable nights sleep.



Easy to wash and care for, supersoft filling to retain support and comfort. £12.95 each or Buy 2 for £22.90

Pillow Protectors Zipped for ease of use. Sold in pairs only. £9.00 per pair

10.5 Tog Duvet Super quality percale covered anti-allergy duvet. Easy to wash and care for. Single £35.95 Double £49.95 King Size £55.95 Super King £69.95

Duvet Covers Zipped for ease of use and machine washable. Should be used under your normal duvet cover. Single £25.95 Double £29.95 King Size £40.95 Super King £45.95

Luxury Anti-Allergy Mattress Covers Keep allergens at bay, and protect and prolong the life of your mattress. Unique hygiene plus protected filling - ideal for allergy sufferers. Inhibits dustmites and certain moulds and bacteria. Fitted mattress cover with elastic edges. Machine washable at 40°. Small Single Single Ex. Lge. Single Small Double Double Size King Size Super King Sml Single Extra Long Single Extra Long 10

TELEPHONE - 01255 432518

2’6” 3’ 3’6” 4’. 4’6” 5’x6’6” 6’x6’6” 2’6”x6’6” 3’x6’6”

£16.90 each £16.95 each £20.95 each £21.75 each £22.95 each £25.50 each £29.95 each £26.95 each £29.95 each

Towels and Bath Mats Plain Towels These towels are available separately or as a six piece set. Set consists of one bath sheet, two bath towels, two hand towels and one face cloth.


Light Pink Wedgewood







Face Cloth Hand Towel Bath Towel Bath Sheet 6 Piece set

Dusky Pink

£1.50 £4.45 £8.50 £15.50 £41.00

Rose Floral Towels 100% cotton rose floral print towels. Available in white or cream with pink flowers to complement your bathroom.

Face Cloth Hand Towel

£1.50 £4.95

Bath Towel £7.95 Bath Sheet £13.50

Luxury 100% Cotton Bath Mats These luxurious bathroom mats offer the best possible combination of superior quality, hard wearing and value for money. The 100% cotton is fully washable and will stay looking great for years. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

Roma Luxury Luxury plain bath mats Deep, soft, 100% cotton pile. Super quality. Pedestal Mat £16.95 Rug 20” x 32” £18.50 White


TELEPHONE - 01255 432518




Willow Ice Blue Rosebud Chambray Black



Tablecloths and Tea Towels Tea Towels

Seersucker Tablecloths 50” x 50”


50” x 70” £11.25 65” Round £14.95 Check patterned cotton seersucker tablecloths in a choice of five popular colours. Green




100% cotton. Hard wearing £3.75 each or 6 for £19.95


Colours: Green, Yellow, Navy

Polyester Lace Tablecloths Available in White or Cream. Easy care and machine washable. 34” x 34” £7.25 52” x 52” £14.25 34” Round £7.85 50” x 70” £16.65 68” Round £17.95 60” x 87” Rect. £26.50 60” x 80” Oval £26.75

Jacquard Damask Tablecloths Easycare 100% Polyester tablecloths in a good range of sizes and colours. Stain resistant finish. Colours:- White, Cream, Mid Blue, Green, Wine 50” x 50” 50” x 70” 69” Round 60” x 84” Rect. 60” x 84” Oval 70” x 108” Rect. 14” x 14” Napkins Pack 4

Union Tea Towels Bright white Linen & Cotton mix £2.65 each or 6 for £14.75 Colours: Red, Blue, Green 12

TELEPHONE - 01255 432518

£8.95 £10.95 £14.95 £14.95 £15.95 £18.95 £3.95

Linen Dish Cloths Very strong hotel type linen dish cloths. £3.75 each

Window Cloths Lint free squares of beige linen scrim £3.75 each

Services and Mail-Order Information Keys of Clacton - Keys have been supplying bedlinen to retail customers for over 50 years. We are a family business who pride ourselves on our quality and personal service. Mail Order Delivery - We always do our best to send you the goods you ordered promptly. We usually manage to send stock items the same day but we are, as all retailers at the mercy of manufacturers and we may be waiting for delivery on any item, so please bear with us and we will post to you as soon as possible. If an item is out of stock we will post to you the day it arrives, please allow 14-28 days.

Easy Step-by-Step How to Order STEP 1. STEP 2. STEP 3. STEP 4. OR OR

Select the products you wish to order and calculate the total postage for your order. Clearly fill in the Order Form page - IN FULL and in BLOCK CAPITALS. Please be sure to include colours and sizes of items. Enclose your Cheque or Postal Orders made payable to KEYS Ltd. Or fill in your Credit/Debit card number on the order form with the Expiry Date and your Signature. POST your order and payment to address below. TELEPHONE our sales department on 01255 432518 and have your Credit/ Debit card number ready. FAX your order on 01255 436255 with your Credit/Debit card number.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - This applies to all Keys Mail Order customers. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please return the goods within 14 days in perfect condition and in the original wrappers with a covering note explaining the problem and we will exchange or refund your money in full. We regret however, this cannot apply to SPECIAL SIZES items, which are made on a one off basis. KEYS MAILING LIST - If you are a new Keys Mail Order customer your name will be added to our mailing list and periodically we will send you our latest catalogue. Also other companies may send you information that we think may be of interest. If at any time you no longer wish to receive our catalogue please return our mailing envelope with your instruction and we will delete your name from our list. Thank you.

Keys of Clacton Ltd, Stephenson Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex CO15 4XA

Telephone: 01255 432518 Fax: 01255 436255

Showroom open: 9am - 4.30pm Mon - Fri, Closed Sundays & Bank Holidays

TELEPHONE - 01255 432518


Keys Order Form


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Post your order to:Keys of Clacton, Stephenson Road, Clacton on Sea, Essex, CO15 4XA 14

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Or you can telephone your order and pay by credit/debit card. Telephone: 01255 432518

Eiderdowns Enter the warm and cosy world of the English country bedroom look with a traditional hand made eiderdown. Genuine British Eiderdowns made in the traditional way with a feather & down or grey duck down filling. Each eiderdown is a hand made one off and not mass produced. It’s your own individual eiderdown.

Over 60 years of genuine eiderdowns Established 1946 and still going strong. Eiderdown fillings Grey duck down - This is a luxurious down selected for its lightness and thermal qualities. Soft, lightweight, warm and nicely buoyant. Feather & down - Approx 60% feather and 40% down. This is a good filling but feels slightly heavier than down alone.

Choice of popular designs with Feather and Down, Duck Down or Hollofibre filling. Available in 3ft, 3ft6”, 4ft, 4ft6”, 5ft or 6ft

For further information and prices please call 01255 432518 or visit

Any Size Custom Made Bedlinen Fitted Sheets - Flat Sheets - Semi Fitted Sheets - Base Valances Valance Sheets - Pillowcases - Duvets - Duvet Covers Mattress Covers - Bedspreads - Adjustable Bed Sheets For unusual size and shape beds our Custom Size department offers you bedding in ANY SIZE that you require. Custom made to your specifications in a wide range of colours & styles.

For further information or a catalogue please call 01255 432518 or visit TELEPHONE - 01255 432518

Memory Foam Toppers and Pillows Experience the Comfort of Memory Foam and the Bliss of a Restful Night’s Sleep!

Please call 01255 432518 for sizes and prices or to place an order. Everyone who has slept on an uncomfortable mattress knows how awful a bad night’s sleep can feel. Have you ever woken up in the morning not fully rested and feeling like you could do with another hour or two in bed? What about the sore muscles, back aches, or neck pain? What most people don’t realise is that restlessness at night is usually your body’s attempt to relieve pressure from lying in one position too long on a hard or unforgiving mattress. Your body forces you to toss and turn, trying to find a position that will allow you to sleep.

Everyone Deserves a Better Night’s Sleep! The key to a natural sleeping position is Visco Elastic Memory Foam. With its unique pressure relieving properties you can experience a greater level of comfort than ever before. Memory foam actually responds to the heat of your body, moulding itself to your unique shape. This spreads your weight over a greater area relieving pressure points so your body can easily find the most comfortable position. l Promotes deep restful sleep l Less tossing and turning l Relieves muscular pain

l Relieves back pain and aching joints l Helps reduce stress l Improves poor circulation l Gives pressure relief l Eases arthritic pains

Recommended by Medical Professionals Visco Elastic Foam has proved to be so effective, that it is now widely used in the production of many healthcare products, and is endorsed by the medical profession, osteopaths and physiotherapists.

“Visco Elastic Memory Foam provides the very latest in foam technology, a foam which returns to its original shape EVERY TIME”

For further information and prices please call

01255 432518 or visit TELEPHONE - 01255 432518


Bedlinen, Fitted sheets, flat sheets, mattress covers, duvets, duvet covers, pillows, tablecloths, towels, memory foam toppers, memory foam...