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Crowing Studios

Robert Myers Process Book

SWOT Analysis Strengths

Brand Pyramid Weaknesses

Computer skills

Derailing from the plan





Photo editing

Public Speaking Sketching/Drawing

Emotional Connection Fresh Imaginative Personality

Keeping it simple and clean is the key with a little bit of personal touch

Learning further design skills


Obtaining Bachelor of Arts

Time poor

Working in the industry


Improving my knowledge

New software (cost)


Positive, Fresh, Imaginative, Simple

Functional Benefits

Wide Range, Advantage, Success, Leadership, Problemsolving


Photographer, Freelance Graphic Designer, Committee Board Member



I have a good understanding of computers and also an active photographer, using photo editing software to remove unwanted object such as dust spots. My main weakensses is being overcommitted and overthinking, which hinders the way I work and slows me down but public speaking is something I’m shy of and I’m not a very good pencil on paper person. I’m wanting to improve my knowledge and skills needed in the industry to help me find work or start my own business, which is what my Bachelor of Art will help me do but being time poor and a procrastinator is my biggest threat. Changes in the way software is sold and the cost is something that is another future threat.

Logo Mood Board

Logo Mood Board

Business Card Mood Board

Name (Brain) Storming

Business Name Search

Searching ASIC and the ABN sites, Crowing Design and Crowing Studios isn’t registered (as of 4th of April 2014), however “Myers Design” and “Myers Designs” have been registered on the ABN site, with the latter showing as cancelled. I preferred to use an unique name, rather then my name for the business. Crow has a connection to Wagga Wagga, being a place of many crows but also “Crowing Design” and “Crowing Studios” hasn’t yet been utilised by anyone as a trading name. I’ve choosen “Crowing Studios” since it also suits my photography, which would be part of the business.


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Crowing Studios

Robert Myers

Crowing Studios

Crowing Studios


Crowing Studios

Crowing Studios Crowing Studios Crowing Studios Crowing Studios

Crowing Studios

Crowing Studios

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Crowing Studios Crowing Studios Crowing Studios

Crowing Studios

My Process Book  
My Process Book  

Process Book for my own identity.