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Museum Mile Why are you wandering around so, Breathless, as if on the run? Anna Akhmatova, 1922 Museum 7.28 Mile�����������������������������������������������3 The Law��������������������������������������������������������������� 10 Bike Shop Directory����������������������������������������� 24 Manhattan Downtown�������������������������������� 24 Manhattan Uptown��������������������������������������26 Brooklyn�����������������������������������������������������������28 Queens��������������������������������������������������������������� 32 The Bronx, Staten Island���������������������������� 33 Get Involved �������������������������������������������������������36

Museum 7.28 Mile Although there is no shortage of excellent reasons to go there, starting with an astounding collection of museums, not to mention Central Park, one of the greatest gifts of any city to its inhabitants since the first brick was laid in Mohenjo Daro, trying to get to the Upper East Side on a bicycle, and getting around once you’re there, is difficult.

A very pleasant riverfront bike path will bring you fromWhitehall as far as 35th Street, passing, spectacularly, beneath the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges along the way. Sadly, a few blocks beyond the splendid new East River Ferry Terminal, the idyll ends in a trash-filled cul-de-sac. Further progress uptown requires heading inland where the choices will inevitably come down to First and Park Avenues, both highways.


Despite the recent installation of a bike lane on First Avenue, which is a pure delight on weekends when there is no traffic at all and it is routine to sunbathe, or barbecue, or play Bach’s Goldberg Variations, or all three of these activities, simultaneously or consecutively, in the middle of that most spacious thoroughfare without the slightest worry of being disturbed by a single automobile, elephant, or even the police. Apart from these golden moments, I cannot, however, recommend this noblest of bike lanes, “sharrowed” as it is at several points by ramps and routes delivering motorists who will not even see you as they careen toward Queens and Long Island, so bedazzled is their mind’s eye by visions of the joys awaiting them in those Valhallas beyond tunnel and bridge.

As in Midtown, bike lanes are few, but unlike that chaotic throng of highways masquerading as city streets, traffic above 59th Street is usually light and as such in thrall to frantic motorists trying to make all the green lights between the Bronx and the Mid-Town Tunnel. Are there elephants in that tunnel, or something? Only sometimes. And were this a regular thing, it would just be one more thing to complain about.


Museum 7.28 Mile

So what’s the rush? If accidents, whether provoked by bicyclist or motorist, are generally the result of moving faster than the brain can send instructions to the body, between the euphoria of the speeding motorist and the apoplexy of the traffic jam, I prefer the perils of the latter. The damage inflicted by the most neurasthenic cabdriver advancing at 15 miles an hour will be preferable to that of the gayest motorist roaring along at 53 miles an hour in a 30 mile zone. This is bicycling on the Upper East Side. Possibly a situation that will always be less than ideal. One might get the impression we are just not wanted. Things being what they are, I say, take Park Avenue.

One evening a couple summers ago I found myself stopped at the light at Park and 42nd alongside a pedicab driver. If anyone


knows the best way to get to the Upper East Side on a bicycle, I thought, it’s this guy. “Hello,” I said, experimentally. “Hello!” replied the driver brightly. The two people seated in the cab flicked a glance in our direction, then paid no more attention to us. “Can I ask you a question?” I said. And I laid my case before him. “Sure!” He nodded affably. “Just go up here, turn left, then right onto Vanderbilt, then right again on 46th, and you’ll be right back on Park. “What’s your name?” I told him. “Harry,” he said, pointing at his chest. He was in fact quite hairy, in the manner of a guy who likes to wear colorful largepatterned shirts that show off a springy crown of sun-bleached hair and a ruddy outdoor complexion to their very best advantage. He was wearing splendid example of one of these, of the large orange flowers on an eye-popping yellow background variety. “Your hair is great,” he added. I thanked him, and returned the compliment. The light changed and we pushed off. “How do you like that job?” I asked, taking advantage of slowmoving traffic to ride alongside him. “It’s alright,” he said, “It’s good.” “What about the winter?” “In the winter I’m in Florida!” he said with the wide grin of a man who has no prejudice against sloth, yet has never in his


Museum 7.28 Mile

entire life been bored for so much as two seconds, or even one. “And the summer it’s really nice, you’re outside, the money’s good...” We turned left onto 42nd, and I had to pull ahead of him until we turned into Vanderbilt Street. Thinking more about the interrupted conversation behind me than what lay ahead, I kept going straight instead of turning where he’d told me to. “Jeanne!” I turned to find Harry waving broadly toward the right as he turned into 46th Street. I waved back, but I didn’t see him again.

It’s unfortunate that the Museum of Art and Design has such a dull name--and somehow MAD doesn’t seem like it will ever have the appeal of “MoMA” or “The Met”--because, in spite of its name, it is one of the city’s most beautifully proportioned museums, inside and out. There are far too many museums on the so-called Museum Mile than you could possibly visit in one day or three, even should you scurry through the galleries of, say, MoMA, strictly refraining from the slightest glance at the art as you


conscientiously photograph each one of the wall labels with your smartphone. When I saw this I was in the company of a friend visiting from out of town. We got a terrific laugh out of it, once we recovered from the slack-jawed staring. Few things in life are as delightful as a good laugh in a place where one isn’t supposed to even smile. When I’m dead it’s one of the things I’ll miss the most. Without looking quite so far ahead, unless you are a memory expert, visiting more than two museums a day is pointless, and of these, one of them should be on the small side. If you employ this method: one large museum followed by a small one, in between a pleasant snack, and a breezy roll around Central Park to wind things up, in a minimum of three months of weekends you will have visited them all, and it will be time to start all over again. Although empty of Vermeers, Michelangelos or Monets, each of the city’s smaller museums reveal something which can never be spoiled by over-familiarity or anticipation: surprise. As for the Museum of the City of New York itself, you really have to wonder how they manage to fit the whole town in a single building. It must have quite a large basement.


The Law

Street Law Riding through a red light. Don’t do it. Turning right when the light is red. Don’t do it. Riding the wrong way down a one-way street. Don’t do it. Riding on the BQE, I-95, the FDR or the West Side Highway. Don’t do it, unless there’s a sign that says you can. (I say even if a sign says you can, still don’t do it.) Riding on the sidewalk. If you’re over 12, don’t do it. Riding while listening to anything through earphones, for example, your loved one yelling at you, or, and especially, your favorite music. Don’t do it. Riding no hands. Don’t do it. Riding without brakes. Don’t do it. Riding without a seat. Don’t do it.


Bike Lane Law When not to use a bike lane: When there isn’t one. If there is a bike lane, but a cow, or some other animal is occupying it, it is permissable to leave the bike lane to ride around it. Additonally, if there is a giant meteor crater, or a large cactus growing, or a military coup taking place, or a delivery van parked, in it, it is permitted to leave the bike lane to ride around these. When using a bike lane: Don’t stop. Don’t run over pedestrians, people pushing carts, or other bicyclists, these activities are not allowed. (Not to mention unsafe, at least as unsafe as trying to ride through a big meteor crater with a cactus growing out of it, if not more.) Don’t go up against a car. This is not only illegal, it’s unhygienic.

(For the purposes of brevity, Bicycle Utopia NYC has slightly paraphrased the Department of Transportation’s wording.) For more information about biking regulations, go to:


Museums Love Bikes

Balthus: Cats and Girls—Paintings and Provocations explores the origins and permutations of the French artist’s focus on felines and the dark side of childhood. Through January 12, 2014

Find the ABUS Bordo Bike Lock, a lightweight yet strong lock that folds compactly for transporting, at the MoMA Store.

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Museums Love Bikes is sponsored by the museums, MomentumMag and ABUS

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How to lock your bike

August Bremicker

ABUS stands for: A, “August,” B, “Bremicker,” U, “and(Und),” S, “Sons (Sohne).” August Bremicker Und Sohne: AB and Sons. ABUS locks are designed and engineered in Germany - where we build each piece of our products, from lock body to the smallest cylinder and key. Our locks are built in our production plant and batch production stations working to achieve the world’s highest social and ecological standards. The Bordo Ecolution is the latest in sustainable security. Built from recycled and recyclable materials, this lock is made for the environmentally conscious biker. The coating on the bars is made of biodegradable natural fiber, while the lock body is covered with OEKO-TEX®-certified textile. These elements combine to make the Bordo ECOLUTION a green and sustainable product without compromising the ease and use and style.

How to lock your bike is sponsored by ABUS

Lock the bike to something secure. Check that the rack or pole is not loose and is firmly bolted to the pavement. Don’t lock to something the bike can be lifted over the top of, or to scaffolding that is not securely bolted.

Don’t lock to anything smaller than the lock diameter: the thief will cut the thing the bike is locked to, instead of bothering with the lock itself.

Secure the frame, the rear wheel and the front wheel. If possible, take the front wheel or the seat with you; a disabled bike is a low priority for thieves. Never leave even a locked bike outside overnight.

Lock the bike as tightly to the rack as possible to reduce leverage attacks.

Use a cable only to secure the front wheel to the bike frame and any object. Use the more serious u-lock to lock the rear wheel to the frame and the bike rack.

Use a cable lock that has the lock built in, rather than a padlock that can more easily be cut with a bolt-cutters.

The best u-locks are the smallest, less vulnerable to leverage attacks. A small u-lock with a chain is better than a chain with a padlock.

Use two locks of different types, such as a u-lock and a heavy cable, that will require the thief to carry two sets of tools.

Keep the lock facing down to reduce water leaking into the lock cylinder and damaging the lock. Moisture inside the lock will rust the lock, or freeze in cold weather, and jam the lock.

BikeArt Tours

BikeART Tours Explore New York City’s Art and Culture by Bike With Local Artists Art, artists and bikes come together for unique experiences of New York City’s art and culture. From Italian Harlem to Byzantine Hiphop with a traditional High Tea in between, dive deep into the art, history and culture of East Harlem and the Upper East Side.

BikeArt Tours is sponsored by MomentumMag and ABUS

Museum 7.28 Mile Tour These tours, starting at MoMA include stops at the museums along Museum Mile as well as the public art and eating and drinking pleasures of the Upper East Side, Central Park and East Harlem. Make the Upper East Side your secret garden of art, biking and culinary delight.

East Harlem Art and Culture Tasting Tour Discover East Harlem’s art and culture on these tours led by local artists. These tours take in East Harlem’s reknowned public art, murals, galleries, and more, and include an artist’s talk. For more information, and to book a tour: bike-tours

Musem Mile Special Focus on East Harlem Art and Culture

Places to Eat and Drink 1


Art and Culture 14

1504 Lexington Ave at 97th St 2

La Fonda Boricua




Chalsty’s Café

Chenchitas’ Garden


La Cuevita Community Garden


East 103rd St Community Garden


Herb Garden


Huacao Community Garden


Media Noche

1220 Fifth Ave (in MCNY) 6


1621 Lexington Ave at 102nd St 7


El Museo del Barrio

Lexington Ave at 104th St




Museum of the City of New York

New York Academy of Medicine Library

1216 Fifth Ave at 103rd St

La Marqueta

168 East 116th St at Lexington

1220 Fifth Ave at 103rd St

El Taller Boricua

1680 Lexington Ave at 105th St

El Paso Taqueria

Coco Le Vu


1230 Fifth Ave at 104th St

2287 First Ave at 117th St 13

335 East 108th St


Amor Cubano

237 East 116th St at Second Ave 12

176 East 111th St

Modesto “Tin” Flores Garden

2018 Third Ave 11

105 East 103rd St


Tre Otto

1408 Madison Ave at 97th St 10

71 East 115th St

The Café on Fifth

1216 Fifth Ave (in NYAM) 9

1691 Madison Ave

1355 Park Ave (entrance on 102nd St)


1565 Lexington at 100th St


El Café

1230 Fifth Ave (in El Museo)

Casa Azul

143 East 103rd St at Lexington Ave

Fifth Ave at 107th St (in Central Park) 4

1699 Lexington Ave at 107th St

169 106th St at Lexington Ave 3

Art for Change


The Poets Den Gallery & Theatre

309 East 108th St at Second Ave

The East Harlem Art and Culture Map is sponsored by community and business leaders of East Harlem



115th Street

First Ave

Third Ave



114th Street




Second Ave


Lexington Ave

Park Ave

Park Ave

Fifth Ave

Madison Ave

116th Street

113th St

Jefferson Park

112th Street





111th Street


10 110th Street



109th Street


20 108th Street

14 107th Street



106th Street

3 23






105th Street

6 104th Street



22 103th Street



6 102th Street

101th Street

100th Street


Dr iv 96th Street

Bike Shop b Eduardo’s 2131 Second Ave at 109th St La Huerta Mexicana

b 176 East 110th St at Lexington Metal Bike Shop b Heavy 2016 Third Ave at 110th St

b ..... M

art + culture garden eat + drink shop bike shop bike lane subway


97th Street

First Ave

Second Ave

1 Third Ave


Lexington Ave

Park Ave

96th Street

Park Ave


Madison Ave

Fifth Avenue


99th Street

Open Call for Photography and Photography-based Art

Am I Invisible? A Portrait of NYC Bicyclists Am I Invisible? is an open call for photography and photographybased art that captures the style and spirit of New York City cycling. PHOTO CONTEST:

Submissions are accepted at from September 20, 2013 through February 28, 2014. A panel of judges from the New York City art and cycling communities will choose the five best images. All of the images entered will be displayed at PRIZES:

$2,000 of prizes will be awarded to the best photographs. Each entry is eligible to win raffle prizes. EXHIBITION:

All the submitted images will be eligible for consideration for the Am I Invisible? public art exhibition. For more information, and to submit your artwork, go to: For more information, and to enter: submissions

Gordon Douglas, 2012

winner 2012 Harry Zernike, photographer

Harry Zernike, winner 2012

Fay Charissa, 2012 Justin Strauss, 2012

Lauren Hermele, finalist 2012

winner 2012 Paul Lurrie, winner 2012 Paul Lurrie, photographer


Republic of




directory ✽ WHERE ✽ TO GET YOUR


FIXED ∂ ∂ ∂

Bike Shop Directory: Manhattan Below 42nd St.

Manhattan Below 42nd Street Adeline Adeline

147 Reade Street



224 East 13th Street

East Village

Bicycle Habitat

244 Lafayette Street


Bicycle Habitat

228 7th Avenue


Bike and Roll

3rd Street at 12th Avenue

Pier 84

Bike and Roll

Houston and East 6th St.

East River Park

Bike and Roll

557 West 12th Street

East Village

Bike Works

106 Ridge Street

East Village

Blazing Saddles

South Street Seaport

Financial District

Busy Bee Bikes

437 East 6th Street

East Village

Chari & Co.

175 Stanton Street

Lower East Side

Chelsea Bicycles

130 West 26th Street


City Bicycles

315 W 38th Street

Midtown West

Continuum Cycles

199 Avenue B

East Village

Dah Shop

134 Division Street


Danny’s Cycles

240 East 23rd Street

Gramercy Park

Eastern Mountain Sports

530 Broadway


Echelon Cycles

51 8th Avenue

Meatpacking District

Frank’s Bike Shop

553 Grand Street

Lower East Side

Gotham Bikes

112 West Broadway



212-529-7247 212-431-3315


212-260-0400 212-260-0400 212-260-0400 212-388-1077


212-228-2347 212-475-0102 212-727-7278


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Bike Shop Directory: Manhattan Below 42nd St.

Hudson Urban Bicycles

139 Charles Street

West Village

Landmark Bicycles

136 East 3rd Street

East Village

Landmark Bicycles

43 Avenue A

East Village

Manhattan Velo

141 East 17th Street

East Village


75 Varick Street


Metro 6th Avenue

546 6th Avenue


Metro Bikes

332 East 14th Street

East Village

New BoBo Toys

96 Elizabeth Street


NYC Velo

64 2nd Avenue

East Village

Paragon Sports

867 Broadway

Union Square


75 Avenue C

Lower East Side


303 Lafayette Street


Sid’s Bike Shop

235 East 34th Street

Midtown East

Sid’s Bike Shop

235 East 34th Street

Midtown East

Sids Bike Shop

151 West 19th Street


Smart NY

313 West 37th Street

Garment District

Spokesman Cycles

141 East 17th

Gramercy Park

Spokesman Cycles

34 Irving Place

Union Square

Time’s Up

156 Rivington

Lower East Side


391 West Street

Financial District

Zen Bikes

134 West 24th Street


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Bike Shop Directory: Above 42nd St.

Manhattan Above 42nd Street Al’s Cycle Solutions

Bicycle Renaissance

Bike and Roll

Bike and Roll

Bike Heaven

Central Park Bicycle Shop

693 10th Avenue


430 Columbus Avenue

Upper West Side

59th St Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle

135th St. at Riverside Drive.

West Harlem Pier

348 East 62nd Street

Upper East Side

315 West 57th Street

Upper West Side

203 West 58th Street

Midtown West

56 West 56th Street

Midtown West

896 Amsterdam Avenue

Upper West Side

360 East 65th Street

Upper East Side

25 Tudor City Place

Midtown East

40 West 55th Street

Upper West Side

1690 2nd Avenue

Upper East Side

2152 Broadway

Upper West Side

490 Amsterdam Avenue

Upper West Side

2131 2nd Avenue

East Harlem

480 10th Avenue

Midtown West

2001 5th Avenue


2016 3rd Avenue

East Harlem

212-247-3300 212-724-2350

212-260-0400 212-260-0400 212-230-1919


Central Park Bike Tours

Central Park Sightseeing

Champion Bicycles

Ciel Bicycles

Conrad’s Bike Shop

Cycle Central Park

Danny’s Cycles

Eastern Mountain Sports

Eddie’s Bicycle Shop

Eduardo’s Bicycle Shop




212-288-0996 212-697-6966 646-637-7154 212-722-2201

212-873-4001 212-580-2011


Enoch’s Bikes

Harlem Bike Doctors

Heavy Metal Bike Shop

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Bike Shop Directory: Above 42nd St.

Innovation Bike Shop

Jeff’s Bicycles NYC

Junior Bicycle Shop

105 West 106th Street

Upper West Side

1400 3rd Avenue

Upper East side

1820 Amsterdam Avenue

Upper West Side

316 East 49th Street

Midtown East

301 West 110th Street


846 9th Avenue

Midtown West

791 9th Avenue


8 Bennett Avenue

Washington Heights

225 West 77th Street

Upper West Side

1311 Lexington Avenue

Upper East Side

231 West 96th Street

Upper West Side

360 West 47th Street

Midtown West




Kickstand Bicycles

Larry’s FreeWheeling

Liberty Bicycles

Manhattan Bicycles

212-486-0524 212.280.7800 212-757-2418


Mani’s Bicycle Shop


Master Bike Shop

Metro Bicycle Store

Metro Bicycle Store

Midtown Metro Bicycles


212-427-4450 212-663-7531

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Modsquad Cycles

2119 Frederick Douglass Blvd


250 West 49th Street

Midtown West

1306 2nd Avenue

Upper East Side

2450 7th Avenue


117 West 58th Street

Midtown West

203 West 58th Street

Midtown West

313 East 60th Street

Upper East Side

110 West End Avenue

Upper West Side

NYC Bicycle Shop

Pedal Pusher Bikes

Pedal Universe

Sayat Bike Rental

SBR Multisports

Spokesman Cycles

Toga Bike Shop

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Bike Shop Directory: Manhattan Above 42nd St. and Brooklyn

Tread Bike Shop

Victor’s Bike Repair

250 Dyckman Street


4125 Broadway

Washington Heights

254 3rd Avenue

Park Slope

375 9th Street

Park Slope

616 Grand Street


4220 8th Avenue

Sunset Park

278 Atlantic Avenue

Cobble Hill

262 Driggs Avenue


8916 3rd Avenue

Bay Ridge

64-B Lafayette Avenue

Fort Greene

133 Grand Street


476 5th Avenue

Park Slope

609 Nostrand Avenue

Crown Heights

171 Park Avenue

Fort Greene

386 Broadway


Old Fulton Street

Brooklyn Bridge Park

56 Lincoln Road

Lefferts Garden

1050 Bedford Avenue

Bedford Stuyvesant

149 Smith Street

Cobble Hill



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Brooklyn 718 Cyclery

9th Street Cycles

Affinity Bikes

Arnold’s Bicycles

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Atlantic Bicycles


B’s Bikes


Bay Ridge Bike


Bespoke Bicycles

Bicycle Doctor

Bicycle Habitat

Bicycle Roots

Bicycle Station

Bike Ahead

Bike and Roll

Bike Life

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Bike Slug

Bike Smith




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Bike Shop Directory : Brooklyn

Bikes on Myrtle

478 Myrtle Avenue

Fort Greene

187 Wilson Avenue


673 Coney Island Avenue

Ditmas Park

133 Grand Street


636 Lorimer Street


560 Vanderbilt Avenue

Prospect Heights

278 Atlantic Avenue

Brooklyn Heights

376 Mother Gaston Blvd.


308 Irving Avenue


69 Guernsey Street


537 Empire Boulevard

Crown Heights

252 South 4th Street


792 Union Street

Park Slope

115 Van Brunt Street

Red Hook

694 Franklin Ave

Crown Heights

6304 20th Ave


977 Fulton

1580 Fulton Street

Clinton Hill sales, repairs, rentals Bedford Stuyvesant

178 Graham Avenue


1078 Manhattan Avenue



Bravo Bike Repair


Brooklyn Bicycle Center


Brooklyn Bicycle Doctor

Brooklyn Bike Peddler

Brooklyn Cycle Works

Brooklyn Heights Bike





Brownsville Bike Shop


Bushwick Bicycle


Carbon Negative

CH Cycles

Different Spokes

718-599-0440 718-484-0943


Dixon’s Bicycle Shop


Dog Day Cyclery

Excelsior Bike Shop

Ferrara Cycle Shop

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Fulton Bikes


Fulton Bikes

Graham Discount Bikes



Greenpoint Bikes



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Bike Shop Directory : Brooklyn

Juice Pedaler

King Kog

Landmark Bicycles

Larry’s Cycle Shop

Mr. C’s Cycles

Nelson’s Bicycle Shop

154 Prospect Park SW

Windsor Terrace

453 Graham Avenue


376 Bedford Avenue


1854 Flatbush Avenue


4622 7th Avenue

Sunset Park

251 Bushwick Avenue


121 Knickerbocker Ave


400 7th Avenue

Park Slope

390 Van Brunt Street

Red Hook

257 Varet Street


105 5th Avenue

Park Slope

35 Pearl Street


189 Richards Street

Red Hook

345 Myrtle Avenue

Fort Greene

165 Front Street


1337 Fulton Street

Bedford Stuyvesant

4175 Bedford Avenue

Sheepshead Bay

34 North 7th Street


468 Bergen Street

Prospect Heights

269 Baltic Street

Cobble Hill


347-689-2299 347-799-2116

718-377-3600 718-438-7283


North Brooklyn Collective

On The Move


Post Bike Shop

R & A Cycles


Red Hook Bike Shop

347-460-6252 718-768-4998 718-422-0787 718-599-7678

718-638-0479 718-858-2972


Red Lantern Bicycles

Redbeard Bikes


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Ride Brooklyn

Ride Brooklyn

Rolling Orange

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Bike Shop Directory : Brooklyn & Queens


Silk Road Bicycles

Spokes & Strings

Terrific’s Video and Bikes

2679 Coney Island Ave.

Sheepshead Bay

76 Franklin Street


140 Havemeyer Street


1547 Broadway


514 Court Street

Carroll Gardens

99 South 6th Street


1755 McDonald Avenue


1345 Dekalb Avenue


7308 5th Avenue

Bay Ridge

4715 New Utrecht Avenue

Borough Park

279 Bushwick Avenue

East Williamsburg

114-01 Jamaica Avenue

Richmond Hill

40-06 Case street


169-20 Jamaica Avenue


107-34 Springfield Blvd.

Queens Village

40-21 35th Avenue


37-19 28th Avenue


63-24 Roosevelt Avenue


718-646-9430 718-389-2222



The Bike Shop


Time’s Up

Trek Bicycle Store


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Velo Brooklyn


Verrazano Bicycle Shop

Weber’s Bicycles



Zukkie’s Bike Shop


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Queens ADT Bike & Skate

Almacen El Pedal



Bellite Bicycles

Bicycle Barn



Bicycle Repairman

Bike Stop

Bills Cyclery

718-706-0450 718-278-2453 718-335-1906


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Bike Shop Directory : Queens

Century Bicycle Shop

14-18 150th Street


42-20 111th Street


91-07 37th Avenue

Jackson Heights

39-24D 108th Street


70-13 Grand Avenue


82-34 Lefferts Boulevard

Kew Gardens

79-06 Jamaica Avenue


45-70 Kissena Boulevard


25-11 Queens Plaza North

Long Island City

232-20 Merrick Boulevard


92-64 Queens Boulevard


Beach 129th Street

Far Rockaway

42-42 235th Street


33-13 Francis Lewis Blvd.


98-73 Queens Boulevard

Rego Park

80-16 Cooper Avenue


49-04 Vernon Boulevard

Long Island City

35-01 23rd Avenue



Cigi Bicycle Shop

Cigi II

Elias Bicycle Shop




Grand Bicycle Center

Gray’s Bicycles



Hardware City Ltd.


Kissena Bicycle Center


L.I.C. Bicycles

Laurelton Bicycle Shop



Metropolitan Bicycles


Mini Mall


Peak Bicycle Pro Shop

Roberts Bicycle

Spin City Cycle

Spokesman Cycles

Spokesman Cycles

Tony’s Bicycle




718-366-0450 718-433-0450 718-278-3355


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Bike Shop Directory : Staten Island

The Bronx Westchester Bike Pro Shop

2611 Westchester Avenue

Westchester Village

4055 White Plains Road


3467 East Tremont Ave.

Throg’s Neck

33 East 170th Street

South Bronx

Neighborhood Cycle

571 Courtland Avenue

South Bronx


sales, repairs

United Spokes

207 West 242nd Street

Van Cortlandt Park

2611 Westchester Avenue

Westchester Square

Arrow Cycle



Castle Hill Bicycle Center


Crosstown Bicycles


Westchester Pro Shop


sales, repairs, rentals

sales, repairs sales, repairs sales, repairs

sales, repairs, rentals

sales, repairs, rentals

Staten Island Bay Street Bicycles

Bennett’s Bicycles

1375 Bay Street


517 Jewett Avenue


1178 Bay street


4026 Hylan Boulevard

Great Kills



Nyc Bicycle Shop

The Bike Shop of SI


sales, repairs, rentals

sales, repairs

sales, repairs, rentals

sales, repairs

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Get Involved

Advocacy Bike MS

Charity ride for multiple-sclerosis in October Bike New York

Education, advocacy, annual ride TD Five Borough Bike Tour in May


political action committee dedicated to improving the safety, mobility and livability of NYC streets Time’s Up

Transportation and biking advocacy, rides, direct action Transportation Alternatives

Braking the Cycle

Transportation and biking advocacy

Housing Works’ annual Boston to New York AIDS ride in September Climate Ride

WE Bike

Group rides and activities for women

NYC to DC ride in September to raise awareness of environmental issues


Cycle For Life

5 Borough Bike Tour

Charity rides for cystic fibrosis

Annual group ride in May

Get Your Guts in Gear

Bike the Night

Multi-day rides for Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Nighttime rides around the region Boogie Down Rides


Group rides in the Bronx

Annual Mother’s Day ride


Century Road Club Escape New York

Racing organization

NYCC’s Annual Autumn nature ride Fast n’ Fabulous NYC Century Ride

Gay group rides

Transportation Alternatives’ Annual ride in September

New York Cycling Club

Tour de Bronx

Group rides and races since 1936

Annual group ride

Out Cycling

Tour de Brooklyn

LGBT group rides

Annual group ride

The Weekday Cyclists

Tour de Staten Island

Group rides Tuesdays and Thursdays

Annual group ride Tour de Queens

Annual group ride

Clubs 5 Borough Biking Club

Group rides every weekend

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Bicycle Utopia thanks ABUS Mobile Security Blippar East River Ferry Guggenheim Museum Meta Local Collaborative Metropolitan Museum of Art MoMA Retail Momentum Magazine El Museo del Barrio Museum of the City of New York Recycle-A-Bicycle Old Stone House Transportation Alternatives and New York Academy of Medicine for their support

New York Academy of Medicine The

At the heart of urban health since 1847

Engaging Communities

Community Alliance


NYAM, in association with Community Board 11 and other East Harlem nonprofits, established the East Harlem Community Alliance, working collaboratively to improve the health of the entire community.

The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce joined with NYAM, the City University of New York, Harlem Hospital, Touro College , and Emblem Health to host the Second Annual National Urban Health Conference, focusing on urban ecology and its impact on our communities.

In 2012, the Alliance engaged a multi-sector group of 40+ members with three work groups to address the community’s overall health needs. Buy East Harlem designed a survey for more than 300 local businesses to assess their services, goals, and awareness of minority/women-owned business certification. Hire East Harlem created a database for local businesses seeking employees, which will also be accessible by pre-screened jobseekers. Serve East Harlem planned trainings to implement in the coming year.

NYAM partnered with Mount Sinai’s Manhattan Community Transformation Grant Coalition to host a Healthy Food Walking Tour in East Harlem as part of Food Day, a nationwide movement toward healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. NYAM also worked with the Greater New York Hospital Association’s Health Information Tool for Empowerment (HITE), a directory of health and social services for New Yorkers, to add nutrition, exercise, and play options in East Harlem.

Bicycle Utopia Volume 1 Number 2 Museum Mile 2013 Š Bicycle Utopia 2013 All rights reserved

Engaging Communities NYAM works closely with several partners in its East Harlem community to develop policy and programs that will support community development, improve access to opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity, and improve the health and safety of residents of all ages.

The New York Academy of Medicine At the heart of urban health since 1847

Museum mile 2013  
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