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FEATURES VenYou Basic includes the following features: • VenYou Design Theme – Choose between multiple design themes for no additional charge.

VenYou Basic is a simple website solution designed for smaller brands. It gives you a high-quality, professional website that can be expanded over time. And it’s powered by a rock solid Content

• Customized Page Tree – Up to 10 standard pages or page groups, including a Contact page with email form. • Keyword Search – Global (site wide) search. • VenYou Resources – VenYou’s standard suite of content Resources includes the following items:

Management System (CMS) at a very reasonable price.


• Articles

• Image Galleries

• Audio Files

• Links

• Documents

• Social Media Links

• Events

• Staff Members

• Home Page Features – Primary

• Videos

• Home Page Features – Secondary

• Widgets

VenYou Basic provides the following benefits: • Bicycle Theory – We love two wheels, but we deliver the trifecta. You get a professional website design, a rock solid CMS with a robust suite of tools, and the dedicated support of people you know. • Content flexibility – Use VenYou resources to supplement product and page content with image galleries, videos, widgets, and more.


VenYou Basic Hosting & Maintenance Fee

One Time




VenYou™ is a trademark of Bicycle Theory, Inc. All rights reserved.



PROCESS The VenYou™ Shop design and production process includes the following steps:

• Page-flow Diagramming – BT meets with the Client to finalize desired content structure for the website an collect brand assets. • UI (User Interface) Scaffolding – BT builds the front-end website without graphics or branding. • Design Kick-off Meeting – Client meets with a BT designer to review the UI Scaffold and discuss design ideas and creative direction. • Design Review 1 – BT sends the Client a PDF proof set of the initial design concept. Client provides feedback. • Design Review 2 – BT sends the Client a revised PDF proof set of the design concept. Client provides feedback. • Design Review 3 – BT applies the design concept to the scaffold. Client reviews and approves the design pending final changes.* • Client Testing & Data Entry – Upon approval, the Client is trained to use the VenYou CMS and enter their website data.

CLIENT PROVIDES *** The client will provide all required brand and project assets – including logo(s), fonts, colors, brand use guides (and/or creative direction), and content. The Client may also provide a design concept for BT to reference, if desired.




Clients that require additional proofs or design review to secure approval will incur additional charges. If desired, BT will create, enter, and/or import content for an additional fee. If BT is required to create (or recreate) needed graphics, additional charges may apply.

VenYou™ is a trademark of Bicycle Theory, Inc. All rights reserved.

GETTING STARTED To learn more about Bicycle Theory and the VenYou™ CMS, please contact us using the options provided below. VenYou CMS c/o Bicycle Theory, Inc. 705 Raymond Avenue Suite 210 Saint Paul, MN 55114 A product of Phone: 612.229.7421


VenYou™ is a trademark of Bicycle Theory, Inc. All rights reserved.

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VenYou™ is a brand-focused Content Management System (CMS).

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