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Currently the bicycle industry is predominantly geared towards ‘enthusiast cyclists’ often over looking the needs of prospective new users. This project aims to cater for these prospective users by addressing there needs and fears. Issues highlighted from research showed the main contributing factors for people not using a bicycle for local trips were visibility in traffic, carrying belongings, durability, security of the bike and its accessories. These issues have been explored and developed taking in to account the need for low initial purchase costs to encourage new cyclists.

Night riding is inherently dangerous to cyclists. Small lights can easily get lost in traffic putting cyclists in danger. The Prelude bicycle improves safety at night by using electroluminescent lights for the rear and side, while using a 1 watt LED bulb at the front to light the way. This increased surface area of light allows the bicycle to be seen through 360 degrees. The placement of the lights follow the frames outline creating a recognisable symbol of a bicycle.

The lights are powered by a battery pack attached to the bottom of the seatpost inside the frame. The batteries are recharged from the dynamo front hub enabling the lights to never need any external power source other than the power produced by the cyclist. The electroluminescent wire is encased in silicon protecting the electrics from the elements. The Integration lighting system is not only convenient but also reduces the risk of accessory theft.








G An upright riding position is achieved by a relatively slack head tube and seat tube angle of 70 degrees. This positions the rider’s feet slightly ahead of their hips, which increases the comfort by providing a relaxed posture. The riders weight is solely distributed on to the seat freeing the arms to steer without supporting any weight.

A. Top tube length = 570mm B. Head tube length = 180mm C. Fork length = 410mm D. Handle bar height =1500mm

E. Fork rake = 10 degrees F. Downtube length = 600mm G. Wheel base = 1100mm H. Chianstay length = 500mm

I. Seat tube length = 540mm J. Seat tube angle = 70 degrees K. Seat stay length = 530mm L. Head tube angle = 70 degrees


Cable lock stored within the handlebars giving the user a convenient way of securing their bike.

The enclosed drivetrain protects the user from dirt and oil. The chain is also protected from the elements which prolongs its life and reduces maintenace.

Internal gear and brake cable routing seals the cables away from the elements.

Prelude: a bicycle design by Jason Bushby  

A bicycle design for the non-enthusiast by Northumbria University transportation design student Jason Bushby

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