Member Code of Practice

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Member Code of Practice Individual and Corporate Members of the Institute undertake an agreement to abide by the Articles of Association, the rules and by-laws of the Institute as they may be in force. The principles of the code of practice are as follows: A member shall not use the status invested in him/her as a member of the Institute for direct personal gain and shall seek always to enhance the professional image of the Institute. • Maintain a high standard of integrity in all his or her working relationships whether inside or outside the organisation in which he or she is employed. • Foster the highest possible competence and expertise among those for whom he or she may be responsible. • A member should seek to take a positive role in Institute Regional and National affairs, by attending meetings and assisting in appropriate ways at Regional and National events. A Corporate member should also support such events and encourage employees to participate in them. • Comply with both the letter and spirit of the appropriate legislation of the country in which he or she works. • Discharge any obligations into which he or she may have entered in the course of their employment or matters of business. • Reject working practices, which might reasonably be deemed improper and/or dangerous. • Ensure the availability of appropriate training for any staff under his or her control and encourage staff to take part in such training. • Raise his or her standards of professional competence by taking advantage of any training that may be made available. • Declare any personal interest that may conflict or might be deemed by others to conflict with his or her impartiality in commercial employment or contractual matters or in Institute affairs.

• Refrain from divulging any confidential information, which may be received in the course of employment or Institute affairs and not seeking to use such information to his or her personal advantage. • Engage in free and fair competition when tendering for contracts and not involve themselves in any form of price fixing or collusion. (Corporate Members) • To use BICSc designatory letters (Professional titles) at all times whilst a member of the Institute and will stop using them immediately after membership ceases. • This logo may only be used in accordance with the agreed “Terms for Use of the BICSc Logo”. The Institute has copyright, design rights and trade mark right for the BICSc logo. • If Corporate Membership lapses or is cancelled, all references to the Institute or membership and usage of the logo must cease immediately. • It is the Institute’s prerogative to grade all members according to the rules of the Institute (including upgrading). However, if a member disputes the allocated grading, an appeal can be addressed to the Head of Compliance at our head office. This appeal will need to include detailed information. • We have a policy in place regarding the use of our Corporate Member Logo – Click here to read the policy

The case of any Member reported to have breached the Code of Practice will be considered by the Council of the Institute and if proven action may be taken such that the Member may be cautioned, suspended or removed as a member from BICSc. The Member will always be given the opportunity to clarify or explain the circumstances of any breach which may have been reported. 9 Premier Court, Boarden Close, Moulton Park, Northampton, NN3 6LF, Tel: +44(0)1604 678710