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About the colours this picture has been modified. Maybe the tones, curves o levels could be changed a bit. It is not an excessive retouched photo.

About the shutter speed I can say that in this picture it should not be too slowly, depending in light but like the objects are not blurry it could be in a medium speed or quickly.

It is a digital picture.

About the aperture I can said it is not an small or large depth one because you can not appreciate the background really blurry or not, just a good focus on the umbrellas .

About the format of this picture it is lanscape which show us a few umbrellas hanging from the roof. Like I could read onthe website it is in a shop where Elsie Larson is the owner. She sell vintage cloth and decoration.

This picture have a lot of visual lines (lead-in lines), for example the umbrellas create a visual line from the top of the picture to below, guiding our eyes around the photo. Also the tube in the roof, the lines in the wall and the deer antlers create a nice composition in a lot of directions over the picture.

I like this picture because has a very nice composition and elements in. It describes another kind of decoration which works. Also I like so much the patterns in the umbrellas and the site of everything. I found it interesting and creative as well. Perfect for a vintage shop.

The natural light from the windows are one of the points that create a more natural atmosphere but also it can not be as lighter looks in the picture because in the case of it was a bit darker, with the setting of the camera you can step up the ISO and have the same result. Well can be the opposite situation and the room is too lighter and you can play with the diaphragm aperture the speed or the ISO as well.


This is a colour picture.

About the rules of thirds I can say that the girl is on two points of interst in the right of the picture, for that reason it makes her be the principal and the most important element in the composition to has it sense.

It is a portrait picture where the photographer is the model in this case. Somtimes the photographer leave prepared the settings to take a picture of their selfs by another person. In a style life pictures is very common.

This picture has a small aperture because we have a blurry background with all the focus in just one part of the picture.

It is a normal vantage point because it is not to high or too low so, it is equilibrated.

It is frozen the shutter speed was very quickly, possible because it was a lighter space. I like this picture because catched a simple moment to remember maybe, but it will has more meaning for me with my own pictures. Also I like the colours and comoposition, I give a lot of importance to the effects in the picture and this is perfect.

In this picture we can see a girl drinking but also we can apreciate a hight blurry background with a very focused foreground. In that case we can not apreciate so much lead-in lines, maybe the shelving and the table on the back. I am going to try to develop similar pictures than this one because are more casual and simple but can have more importance for each one. Also it can tell histories or feelings and that is what I want to reflect.

About the colours of the pictures a can say that it was retouched with a program because this kind of effect or (1) is integrated by a software like photoshop or lightroom or (2) can be done with an analogue camera. So very sunny colours and orange tones. This picture just have a simple guide to the principal element: the girl with the drink.

SIMPLY BLOOM ---VANIA & CHRISTINE --ANALYSIS This is a colour picture.

It is a colourful picture which integrated pink tones in each one, but in the second one I cans see a nice reflex from the sun on the hair which created a perfect light effect on the picture. Each photo could be retouched but also modificated in the illumination like curves, leves or contrast.

It is a portrait picture and a landscape as well because this composition is composed by two pictures so basically I can talk separate of each one. In the part left of the picture I can se a flower like the principal element while on the other hand (right) I can see a girl like the principal element. In both pictures the background in blurry so it says that was a large aperture (f/2-f/6) or maybe an special lens like with a composer lens which created a beautiful blurry effect over the picture. For that kind of lenses you need a lot of light but it is impossible to say looking the picture.

About the perspective in the firts picture is a low one because the flower is on the floor but in the second picture is a medium perspective no too high o low.

The shutter speed in those pictures could be quickly because the important elements are perfectly focused.

Natural light outdoors.

In general I like both pictures, the blurry effects and the tones as wells, I am going to try to realice a similar effect on my pictures giving a ‘fairy scene’ comunicating and transmiting confortable feelings. In areas with grass and natura is easy have nice result if you have a good weather supporting you, so for that reason I will go out in the best days and seize the day.

In the first picture my eyes are guided by the directions of the flowers, they are the lead-in lines of this pictures but for example in the second one is mor simple, maybe the curve of the girl ´s body can guide me a but or the reflect of the light but less hard than the other one.


Analysis of pictures.