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The Future Of Big Data

Big Data, the most complicated term but the soul of this continuously evolving digital world. Many people are still not aware of what is big data, and are getting confused to understand this term. We have clearly given an introduction to big data in previous article you can checks it out here How big data can help in business growth.

As we already said, we are going to discuss a lot more about big data in upcoming articles. To initiate that, We now started with exploring the potential of big data in 2020 and beyond too. So, Stay tuned with us to get more jaw-dropping insights, information, statistics about big data and its derivatives soon.

The Future of Big Data in 2020and Beyond too

Big data is not just a term, it has been tied up with a lot of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, Machine learning, blockchain, augmented reality, IOT and a lot more. The reason why I have listed above technologies is, many reports predict that these are the technologies that are gonna be viral and are going to make a revolutionary growth in 2020 and after that too. For all these technologies, Big data is gonna be the key source or even we can say it as a “life of emerging technologies”.

Why Big Data Would Become Viral in 2020

There are “N” number of reasons to figure out that the big data is having huge potential in the future, but we just want to list out some bit from it.

1. As we have described above, 2020 is gonna be the most promising year for a lot of technologies. Most of the technologies are comes with the nature of artificial intelligence, so to automate everything there must be a big need for data processing methods.

2. By 2025, there would be a big and tremendous volume of data collections, and that would be nearly 163 zettabytes ( Nearly 163 trillion GB.

3. A number of online startups, online transactions, Digital works & everything regarding digital will attain exponential growth. So, all these things will retain a huge amount of big data.

4. Mobile applications will return a huge amount of data.5. Social media will generate 10x bigger datasets than now.

Big Data Predictions 2020

Harry Dewhirst - The President of Blis, stated that “ Data has a staying, power, and it is not going to stay away soon.” Also, he points that “Data scientist job is the sexiest job of this 21st century” by denoting the Harvard Business Review.

Sam Underwood - Vice President at Futurety, says that by 2021 that big data will become more accessible and will be more useful enterprises to boost success.

Jeff Houpt - President at DocInfusion, says that the landscape of big data that is the usage will become easier and simpler. He is sharing that the big data is evolving from highly technical and expensive to more self-service. So we would be charged for what we use.

KG Charles Harris - CEO Of Quarrio predicts that by 2021, Data retrieval from big data repositories can be done using natural language.

Ben Bromhead - Co-Founder of Instaclustr predicts that, In next three years, most of the Databases as a service (DBaaS) providers will embrace the big data analytics as they are in the need to serve the exponential growth of clients.

Technologies that Gonna PrevailWith Data Analytics

Artificial intelligence & Big Data


Machine Learning


Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

We will discuss in detail about, how big data is gonna renovate all these technologies in upcoming articles.

Conclusion: The Future of Big Data is Brighter Than Other Technologies

It is clear that big data, Data processing, or data science will become more vital in the upcoming years. We have just given an introduction to the future of big data, and just pointed very fewer predictions regarding big data. We will discuss each of the topics in the future and get enlighten about big data. Stay tuned with us!

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