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She could hear the staggered, staccato beat of his heart. It was the only thing on her mind.

Red Mixed Media 2011

They couldn’t see anything wrong with taking just one small bite.

Crumbs Mixed Media 2011

Day and night, they waited out the storm.

Pigs Mixed Media 2011

The sound was piercing, like a ray of sunlight in the darkness.

Bed Mixed Media 2011

This was his chance. Just one small kiss. For him, it was all or nothing.

Kiss Mixed Media 2011

Were they blind? Wasn’t it obvious he had something to get off his chest? Or was he condemned to become like them: stoic, cold and unfeeling.

Real Mixed Media 2011


A series of art prints by Mark Elton that capture some of the most well known stories from childhood while telling another story completely.