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has published five anthologies: Pain and Memory: Reflections on the Strength of the Human Spirit in Suffering (2009); Common Boundary: Stories of Immigration (2010); Battle Runes: Writings on War (2011); Being Human: Call of the Wild (2012); Puzzles of Faith and Patterns of Doubt (2013). There are also two academic editions of Jane Austen’s novels. Our Mission is to produce books of literary merit that address important issues, complex ideas, and enduring themes. We believe in the lasting power of the written word, especially in book form. We believe in contributing to a deeper understanding of what it means to be human (individually and socially) – who we are and what we should do. For a petit publisher, creating collections or original works is a time-consuming and tedious process, but well worth the effort in producing books worth reading and studying for years to come. Was it in our destiny to become publishers? We are students of philosophy, literature, science, and history. We are scholars, academics, and writers – humanists. We are not business people, but somewhere in our intellectual journey we felt more acutely than usual the joy and pain associated with writing and publishing and then made the decision to shepherd other people’s work into print. Much more information can be found at our site,

•PUBLISHER: FREDERICKA A. JACKS• General Editor, Gregory F. Tague, Ph.D. (Professor, Scholar, and Pushcart Prize Nominee) ♦ Details follow, but here is a list of All Contributors and a list of All Awards (contributors have received).

Contributors (For contributors to individual volumes, use the Look-Inside feature on Amazon): Muhammad Ashfaq; W.C. Bamberger; Thom Brucie; Daniel Cartaina; Jennifer Clark; Edie Cottrell; Larry Eby; Janice Eidus; John Gifford; Kathie Giorgio; Howie Good; Gary Guinn; John Guzlowski; Atar Hadari; Omer Hadžiselimović; Joey Dean Hale; Alamgir Hashmi; Jomar Daniel Isip; M. Neelika Jayawardane; Rivka Keren; Margaret Kingsbury; Eva Konstantopoulos; Dagmara J. Kurcz; Geoffrey A. Landis; Larry Lefkowitz; Mitch Levenberg; Cassandra Lewis; Hunter Liguore; Robert P. McParland; Michele Merens; Tim Nees; Muriel Nelson; Rebecca Newth; Julie J. Nichols; Mira Martin-Parker; Norah Piehl; Stephen Poleskie; Arthur Powers; George Rabasa; Nahid Rachlin; C.R. Resetarits; Nancy Riecken; Ruth Sabath Rosenthal; Frank Russo; Dawn Sandahl; Bill Scalia; Ruth Knafo Setton; Lynne Shapiro; Lisa L. Siedlarz; Lisa M. Sita; Patty Somlo; Janyce Stefan-Cole; Anique Taylor; Marko Vešović; Andrea Vojtko; Kelly Wantuch; Anne Whitehouse; Jenny D. Williams; Elizabeth Yokas; Jeff Vande Zande; Rewa Zeinati; James K. Zimmerman.

Contributor Awards Include -Nominations: Pulitzer; Georgia Author of the Year; Bakeless Award (Bread Loaf); Pushcart Prize; Best New Poets Anthology; Vogel/The Australain Literary Prize (short-listed). -Won: O. Henry Prize; Doubleday-Columbia Fellowship; Wallace Stegner Fellowship (Stanford); Bennet Cerf Award; PEN Syndicated Fiction Project Award; Minnesota Book Award; James Jones First Novel Fellowship Finalist; Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Fellowship; Illinois Arts Award for Poetry; Hugo and Nebula Awards; Rhysling Award; Honorable Mention Award; IFWG Story Contest; NEA Grant; Arkansas Arts Council; Leo Connellan Award; Ross Feld Award; StorySouth’s Million Writer’s Award; Solas Award; Rockefeller Fellowship; The Roberto Cellini Memorial Award; James Wright Poetry Prize; New Millenium Writings; Writer’s Capricorn Award; Writer’s Digest Top Ten; Best Foundation Grant; NY State Council for the Arts Grant; Massachusetts Artists Foundation Fellowship in Fiction; Catholic Press Association Annual Award; Tom Howard Fiction Contest; Press 53 Open Awards Finalist; Poet Laureate Ted Kooser Selection; Daniel Varoujan Award; Hart Crane Memorial Poetry Award; Petra Kenney Award; Paumanok Poetry Award; Puffin Foundation Grant; Tennessee Williams Fellow in Fiction; Fellow at Yaddo.

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Puzzles of Faith and Patterns of Doubt Short Stories and Poems The poems and short stories in Puzzles of Faith and Patterns of Doubt probe their subjects with a delicate and sensitive scalpel. “Access Closed” by Joey Dean Hale offers a poignant portrait of a man “without an original idea” who, in his estrangement from his family and his faith, retains a stubborn nobility. “Padre Raimundo’s Army” by Arthur Powers is a shining parable about the triumph of faith and goodness over inhumanity. In Patty Somlo’s “Since Letitia Williams Saw Jesus,” a woman sees a vision, passes it on, and in so doing, loses it. But perhaps her deepest faith resides in what she pretends to see in the hopes that it will appear. This is a thought-provoking and eclectic collection that memorably explores contradictory truths, lies, and enigmas. – Anne Whitehouse (poet and novelist, The Refrain, Blessings and Curses, Fall Love, among other books) “In this volume, you will notice those who have risked observing their living with the delicate venture into what is other. You will wander in the wilderness of the pain caused by misinformed choices. You will see those who turn hallucination into healing. You will enjoy the turning of death from empty religion into the raw gift of grief. You will pay attention to the packages offered in the stories that announce the timely gift of reconciliation and forgiveness; hope from the places of deep pain re-imagined and healed through the telling. Each describes what is beyond the ordinary, as well as what is deeper in the vicissitudes of a faith moving well beyond religion and into the heart songs which religion hopes to honor, but has become limited by its penchant to be above doubt and beyond mystery.” From the Foreword by Rev. David Rommereim * Midwest Book Review (June 2013): “Gentle, thoughtful, and introspective, Puzzles of Faith and Patterns of Doubt is highly recommended; each offering prompts the reader to linger and consider matters far larger than any one individual.” From the Preface by Gregory F. Tague and Fredericka A. Jacks: “Much of the work in this volume is not religious – the doubts that strain one’s faith are questions of character, difficulties in personal relationships, or problems in the family. The puzzle of faith is not really about God, it’s about the human predicament: our sins, our mistakes, our failures (and at times our glories) with ourselves and others.” “The importance of belief is what synchronizes this ensemble of writers.” Evan Czmola, Editorial Intern ♦♦ PUZZLES OF FAITH AND PATTERNS OF DOUBT: Short Stories and Poems. February 2013; 160 pages; paperback; ISBN: 978-0-982481967. $14.95US; AVAILABILITY – Individual orders via or B&N online and other online retailers, or ask your local bookstore. Libraries/Retailers: via wholesale/distributor, The Ingram Book Co. Kindle e-Book, $4.99U.S.

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Being Human: Call of the Wild Twelve authors and fifteen stories on the nature of being human and the human character in both the natural environment and human-made world constitute this stimulating book. The stories are engaging, contemplative, and even humorous. While we have constructed, over thousands of years, a vast cathedral of scintillating, rational humanity, we can be primal and shadowy with visceral emotions – and so this collection admirably demonstrates. There are many difficult questions posed in the book. Why do we kill certain creatures while nurturing others? When do we draw the line between protecting our property and letting other creatures live and thrive? What drives people to kill others to protect their land? Many of these stories explore the lines cast under the surface of creation, characters looking for a nibble of understanding to make better sense of their place in an evolving world. * 5-Star Ratings on * Midwest Book Review (April 2012): This is a book “of . . . wistful short stories . . . exploring the connections between humans and the natural world. From the inspirations offered by animals, to contemplation of the breathtaking wonder of nature as well as its severe cruelty, these stories offer a transcendent glimpse of man’s role in the greater scheme of things. The result is a captivating anthology that induces quiet reflection in the mind’s eye of the reader.” “. . . in these finely crafted stories, ordinary people face unforeseen sides of themselves that range from brutal to compassionate to comic, as writers from diverse cultures probe the inner lives of their characters in rural, suburban or natural environments. Whether solitary or in relationship with fellow humans or other creatures, the moments of truth faced by these protagonists seem oddly familiar, for no matter how unique their circumstances, we’ve all lived similar moments.” – Mindy Lewis, author of Life Inside: A Memoir and editor of Dirt: The Quirks, Habits and Passions of Keeping House. From the Foreword by English Professor Ian S. Maloney, author of Melville’s Monumental Imagination: “Being Human wonders in the mysterious, and often whimsical, play of humanity as it interacts with, and seeks solace and identification in, nature.” From the Preface by general editor Gregory F. Tague, Ph.D. & publisher Fredericka A. Jacks: “Though we are by nature social creatures, we can commit acts of aggression (either against ourselves or others). And yet, quite often, we seek through rituals a natural peace with ourselves in unison with our family or the larger environment.” ♦♦ BEING HUMAN: Call of the Wild. February 2012; 166 pages; paperback; ISBN: 978-0982481950. $14.95US; AVAILABILITY – Individual orders via or B&N online and other online retailers, or ask your local bookstore. Libraries/Retailers: via wholesale/distributor, The Ingram Book Co. Kindle e-Book, $4.99U.S. ~

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Battle Runes: Writings on War Twenty-one authors – thirty-seven individual works (short stories and poems) – from all over the world, writings about the physical and psychological ravages of war on individuals and families. Parts of the book are shocking and horrifying, but in the end there is hope. * 5-Star Rating on Fredericka A. Jacks, publisher, in her Preface: “While there is blood in these pages, the emphasis is on the complex psychological dimensions of war.” * Midwest Book Review (April 2011): “‘Battle Runes’ is a fine collection of thought, very highly recommended reading for those with an interest in the less pronounced effects of war.” Professor Wendy Galgan, Ph.D., in her Foreword: “We experience war and its aftermath through the eyes of victor and vanquished, infantry and insurgent, parent and child. . . . . We are there, witnesses to each battle, observing not from the safety of the sidelines but from the very middle of the action.” “The short stories and poems in this anthology are an important contribution to literature about war. […] But while depicting or reflecting the criminality of war, the works in this anthology also offer examples of kindness, humanity, and hope. By presenting how things are, they also seem to tell us—as literature does when at its best—that that is not how things should be. For the soldier in Thom Brucie’s story “A Deepening Heart,” saving a mule’s life becomes an act of love and redemption amid the senseless killing in the Civil War. In Marko Vešović's poem “A Deathless Moment,” two beautiful girls running across a street to avoid sniper fire in the besieged Sarajevo display a delightful, life-affirming rage at the sharpshooters. In Hunter Liguore's story “Pieces,” a man, in unarticulated, desperate protest against continual massacres in a city, keeps picking up body parts of victims. Starved and numb to everything after what he has experienced on the Eastern Front on the eve of Germany's final defeat, a German soldier seeks a measure of human warmth in the embrace of an old woman (John Guzlowski “The German”). In Nora Piehl's story “Going Somewhere, or Coming Back?” a sympathetic woman in a northern Minnesota town briefly steps into the life of a veteran tormented by memories of war. These and other moments, in addition to its other qualities, make this anthology well worth reading and remebering. ” – Omer Hadžiselimović (Amazon 5-star review) ♦♦ BATTLE RUNES: Writings on War. January 2011; 186 pages; paperback; ISBN: 978-0982481943. List: $15.95US /Amazon: $14.95US; AVAILABILITY – Individual orders via or B&N online and other online retailers, or ask your local bookstore. Libraries/Retailers: via wholesale/distributor, The Ingram Book Co. Kindle e-Book, $4.99U.S. ~

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Common Boundary: Stories of Immigration There are twenty-nine works (from nineteen contributors) that treat the theme of immigration (including international adoption) with candor, humor, and insight. Without question, this is a book that will touch you in many ways as it hits home for virtually all of us, whoever we are, wherever we are. * “This book is a gem . . . . one of the strongest anthologies I have read this year. . .” – Dorothee Lang – author and editor – virtualnotes. * 5-Star Ratings on Goodreads and * Midwest Book Review (September 2010): “a thoughtful look into immigration and what it means to be a new person in America. With differing tones and much in the way of thought for the country, ‘Common Boundary’ is an intriguing look at immigration and provides an entertaining and thoughtful read.” “Being the grand-daughter of immigrants, I vividly recall the stories of ‘home,’ and therefore many of the stories in Common Boundary strike a familiar chord with my own past.” – Nancy Riecken (Amazon 5star review) “These stories are sad and funny and heartbreaking, and they need to be read and passed down because someday we'll need to remember what courage and hope and strength and love can really accomplish when faced with the impossible.” – John Guzlowski (Amazon 5-star review) As Jason Dubow says in his Foreword to the collection: “. . . this book is really an anthology of anthologies: a collection of stories in which the old inextricably blends with the new, in which the tensions between what has been lost and what can be gained are grappled with (but, inevitably, not resolved), and in which the human capacity to imagine a future and make it real (more or less) is explored from a variety of different perspectives. Here’s the essential question: now that I am no longer there but here, Who am I? The answers, the stories – various, contingent, authentic – have made me, in a Whitman-esque sense, ‘larger,’ and they will you too. And so, when you’re done reading, ask yourself: Who now am I?” ♦♦ COMMON BOUNDARY: Stories of Immigration. June 2010; 198 pages; paperback; ISBN: 9780982481936; List: $15.95US / Amazon: $14.95US; AVAILABILITY – Individual orders via or B&N online and other online retailers, or ask your local bookstore. Libraries/Retailers: via wholesale/distributor, The Ingram Book Co. Available as an e-book from the Google e-Bookstore, $9.99U.S. Kindle e-Book $4.99U.S. ~

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Pain and Memory: Reflections on the Strength of the Human Spirit in Suffering Eighteen different authors – Twenty-five works From the PREFACE by Fredericka A. Jacks, publisher: “These writers recall not only the suffering but also the courage demonstrated by those who are sick and by those who participate in their illness. The writings consistently reminded us, in some ways, of Paul Tillich’s expression (and the title to one of his books), the courage to be. In many of these writings the reader will be grasped by the human need for connection and the desire for existential meaning when confronted with pain and suffering. In pain we suffer a fear of non-existence and want to forget, but in the anxiety of forgetting we risk denying life.” From the FOREWORD by John F. Lennon: “PAIN AND MEMORY refuses to shy away from looking at those tender moments of pain. Whether it is unflinchingly writing about the moment of death (“Mack the Hermit”) or trying to come to grips with the loss of a loved one (“Cartography”) or the reeling that happens at the end of a relationship (“Heartless”) or attempting to understand an injury (“After the Accident”) or finding the exact words to discuss the feeling of being abandoned (“Kiribiri”), this anthology does not Hollywoodize pain or sanitize its imprint on those who are affected by it. Instead, these stories pull back the gauze that hides the day to day wounds of our lives and, with surgical precision, allows us to viscerally experience them.” “From a psychological perspective, we understand that pain and memory are unique, subjective experiences across individuals. However, by successfully enveloping their readers in their compelling narratives, the writers' pain and memory actually become palpable, so much so, their words and prose mobilize our deepest emotions. This memorable collection of stories and poems will move you and haunt you, and more than all else, they will remain a testimony to the power of words and art, which help us communicate the powerful, internal experiences that others cannot see.” – Dr. Michele Hirsch (Psychologist). Midwest Book Review (August 6, 2010): “These authors come together and give much poignant insight, and makes for a highly poignant and intriguing read. ‘Pain and Memory’ is a choice and recommended pick.” MBR gives the book a 5-Star Rating on 4-Star Rating on Goodreads. ♦♦ PAIN AND MEMORY: Reflections on the Strength of the Human Spirit in Suffering. November 2009; 186 pages; paperback; ISBN: 978-0982481929; List: $15.95US / Amazon: $14.95US; AVILABILITY – Individual orders via or B&N online and other online retailers, or ask your local bookstore. Libraries/Retailers: via wholesale/distributor, The Ingram Book Co. Available as an e-book: from the Google e-Bookstore, $9.99U.S.; Kindle e-Book, $4.99U.S. ~

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Pride and Prejudice - Jane-Austen Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen

~ These titles are available by special order only, from Amazon or the publisher ~ Bibliotekos editions are based on the texts published by Jane Austen during her life (or posthumously by her brother Henry and sister Cassandra). In spite of their original publication defects, a painstaking effort has been made to correct the texts, as best as can be determined, after a careful examination (every sentence and mark of punctuation) of various current academic or scholarly editions. For a complete textual note, please refer to Note on The Text in each edition. Each of these books is fully-loaded, not only with an excellent summative scholarly Introduction that introduces the reader to Jane Austen the author and person, but three separate bibliographies and a range of Study Materials to make for a more penetrating understanding and appreciation of the humanity of the novel. • • • • • • • • • • • •

These editions include: A new, scholarly Introduction Author Timeline and Resources pages Selected Letters by Jane Austen Note on the English Language Textual Glossary Literary Devices Key Questions When Reading a Novel Broad Subjects to Generate Ideas About Theme Ways of Reading and Interpreting Modes of Expressing Interpretations Key Questions Regarding the particular work Literary Research Bibliography

For each edition, the Introduction aims to present the range and depth of scholarly research and interpretation, rather than taking a particular position. While the scholarship here will act as a catalyst for interpretation, the Study Materials are more important, in that they are designed to help each particular reader uncover and indeed to discover who he or she is (or wants to be) as a literary and critical thinker. Reading can be a solitary activity, but we believe that understanding, interpreting, and expressing one’s ideas about literature can (indeed, should) include others and their responses. Undoubtedly literature is an expression of the individual, but without question the function of literature is more wide-ranging and strives to include many different types of readers. Although there are divergent readings of any particular book, what seems to be the most appropriate reading in line with the spirit of the text? Never settle for simple answers; address core themes of the entire work. We are confident, then, that these editions will assist a reader in formulating his or her best reading (interpretation) of the text in hand. Who do you want to be as a reader?

SENSE and SENSIBILITY. June 2009. 442 pages; paperback; ISBN: 9780982481912; $15.95. PRIDE and PREJUDICE. May 2009. 454 pages; paperback; ISBN: 9780982481905; $15.95.

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