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Vytautas V. Landsbergis

BIOGRAPHY  Vytautas V. Landsbergis was born in 1962. His wife’s name is Ramunė. The couple has got five children: Gabrielius, Jonas, Elena, Julija, Severija.  V. V. Landsbergis works in several areas: theatre, cinema, literature (well known as the author of books for children) and singing poetry.

V.V. Landsbergis – writer Children know Vytautas V. Landsbergis as a writer. He has created more than 15 books which are the most favourite for children and their parents too. V.V. Landsbergis didn’t want to start a carrier in writing, but he did and he was recognized.

ď‚— V.V. Landsbergis wrote his first

book while studying film directing in Georgia. Living abroad the writer missed his six year old son. Thus, Vytautas V. Landsbergis wrote him fairytales because it was the only way to communicate.

 The author was interested in his

son’s life psychological problems during frequent telephone calls.  So, V.V. Landsbergis sent his son Brownnoser’s Tales. According to the author, he doesn’t create anything new, he just translated everything into children’s language.

 V.V.Landsbergis was

recommended for prestigious 2008 Astrid Lindgren award. It is the greatest Worldwide award in the area. His 1993 book of tales entitled Brownnoser’s Tales was selected as the year’s book for children. In 2004 lyrical farcical tale Dominykas the Horse in Love was selected as the best book for children and teenagers.

V.V. Landsbergis – director  V.V.Landsbergis completed his

studies in Lithuanian philology at Vilnius University. He studied film directing in Tbilisi, Georgia, extended his knowledge of cinema in New York, and later worked in Poland.

ď‚— V.V. Landsbergis founded the

APROPOS film and video studio which produces documentary and art films. In his fifteen years cinematography, Landsbergis created 18 documentary and 2 art films. He created Jonukas and Grytute, his most recent art film for children, based on a tale by the Brothers Grimm, in 2002.

 More over, theatre is significant

V.V. Landsbergis creation area. He has written many plays and most of them are staged by him at Šiauliai drama theatre. According to Brownnoser’s tales, Apple Tales and Angel Tales several performances are staged at Lithuanian theatres.  Furthermore, he wrote a libretto for opera according to the book Dominykas the Horse in Love.

 V. V. Landsbergis – singing


ď‚— Besides, music is important in

V. V. Landsbergis life. According to the writer, music is his free time activity and selfexpression, for instance singing poetry as an inspiration to compose.

 V.V. Landsbergis danced and

sang in folk ensemble Ratilio more than 10 years. Love to Lithuanian folk songs, glees and ballads have inspired him to release an album “Kaimiečių mantros” in 2004 and a year later – the album “Žiauriai gražūs romansai”.  V.V.Landsbergis sings sometimes with his wife.

 The writer’s books, songs and

unbelievable interviews lead to curiosity. V.V. Landsbergis accepts the fact he has collected a huge information baggage which have to be shared to others.



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