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Český Krumlov Czech Krumlov is a district town in South County, about 25 km south of the Czech Budejovice. This is an important tourist center of southern Bohemia . Since 1963 is Czech Krumlov the urban conservation area. Since 1992 is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Czech Krumlov Castle is second is the largest castle complex in the country. Czech Krumlov is also a center of culture . Castle garden - Founded in 16th century , long 700 m, total area of 10 ha.

Český Krumlov Castle preserves its Baroque theatre (completed 1766), complete with original stage machinery, scenery and props:, one of only a few such court theatres that still exit. Due to its age, the theatre is only used three times a year (only two are open to the public), when a Baroque opera is performed in simulated candlelight.

The stage of the castle theatre.

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