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Aleko Konstantinov was born on January 1stitineraries 1863 in the city of Svishtov. Aleko Konstantinov was a writer of many which show his Heimpressions lived in a richoffamily whichhe hired him teachers.Later he went to the travels made to private Chicago, Paris and Prague.He thehas April High School in Gabrovo. themen, Faculty of Law of the also written a few feyletonsHe likeattended „Different different ideals” University of Odessa, graduating in 1885. worked as a jurist etc.His most famous book is called BayHe Ganyo. in Sofia before embarking on a writing career.

Konstantinov, a cosmopolitan traveler, was the first Bulgarian to write about his visits to Western Europe and America. He has visited the World Exhibitions in Paris in 1889, Prague in 1891 and Chicago in 1893. Hе was assassinated in 1897 near Radilovo.

Bay Ganyo is a fictional character created by Bulgarian author Aleko Konstantinov (1863–1897). He is at present considered an exemplary image of an anti - hero: uneducated, ignorant, egoistic. He is often perceived as an ethnic stereotype of the uneducated, profit-driven and oriental Bulgarian.

The full name of the book is “Bay Ganyo.The Amazing Journeys Of a Bulgarian”. It consists of essays, each one telling a story in the travels of the bulgarian rose oil seller Ganyo Somov(or Ganyo Balkanski) around Europe.He is very special, because he doesn’t have any positive traits of character.

The first part is about my travels around Europe.

The second part is about my political life in Bulgaria.

The book is divided in two parts – “Bay Ganyo Goes To Europe” and “Bay Ganyo Comes Back From Europe”

„There is hardly any other effigy in our literature, so differently and contradictory explained , as Aleko’s Bay Ganyo” Boyan Penev

Aleko Konstantinov  

życie i twórczość

Aleko Konstantinov  

życie i twórczość