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Mayo 2013

Nuevos libros… Autor McHoes, Ann McIver, 1950Titulo Operating systems demystified / Ann McIver McHoes, Joli Ballew. Pie Impren New York : McGraw-Hill, c2012. Clasificación QA76.76.O63 M34 2012 Find out how operating systems work, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Operating Systems Demystified describes the features common to most of today's popular operating systems and how they handle complex tasks.

Autor Garrido, José M. Titulo Principles of modern operating systems / José M. Garrido, Richar Schlesinger, Kenneth Hoganson. Pie Impren Burlington, MA : Jones & Bartlett Learning, c2013. Clasificación QA76.76.O63 G3844 2013 This Revised And Updated Second Edition Presents A Practical Introduction To Operating Systems And Illustrates These Principles Through A Hands-On Approach Using Accompanying Simulation Models Developed In Java And C++. This Text Is Appropriate For Upper-Level Undergraduate Courses In Computer Science… Autor Tse, Philip K. C. Titulo Multimedia information storage and retrieval : techniques and technologies / Philip K. C. Tse Pie Impren Hershey : IGI Pub., c2008 Clasificación QA76.575 .T78 2008 Since multimedia systems are required to store and manipulate a variety of media types -- including text, graphics, images, sound, audio, and video among many others -- applications such as video-on-demand systems, interactive television, and video conferencing are becoming widely available at warp speed. This presents new challenges and obstacles to those in the multimedia industry. Autor Block, Bruce A. Titulo The visual story : creating the visual structure of film, TV and digital media / Bruce Block. Pie Impren Burlington, MA : Elsevier : Focal Press, 2008. Clasificación TR850 .B514 2008 If you can't make it to one of Bruce Block's legendary visual storytelling seminars, then you need his book! Now in full color for the first time, this best-seller offers a clear view of the relationship between the story/script structure and the visual structure of a film, video, animated piece, or video game. You'll learn how to structure your visuals as carefully as a writer structures a story or a composer structures music.

Nuevos libros… Autor Ponniah, Paulraj. Titulo Data warehousing fundamentals for IT professionals / Paulraj Ponniah. Pie Impren Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, 2010. Clasificación QA76.9.D37 P66 2010 Data warehousing has revolutionized the way businesses in a wide variety of industries perform analysis and make strategic decisions. Since the first edition of Data Warehousing Fundamentals, numerous enterprises have implemented data warehouse systems and reaped enormous benefits. Many more are in the process of doing so. Autor Groover, Mikell P., 1939Titulo Introduction to manufacturing processes / Mikell P. Groover. Pie Impren Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, 2012. Clasificación TS183 .G785 2012 Michele Groover's first issue of Manufacturing Processes builds upon much of the content from his 4th edition, of Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing. The text incorporates design topics, balance quantitative and qualitative coverage; offers most current information on latest developments in the field; and makes the topic of manufacturing processes exciting with visualizing processes. Autor Bhansali, Neera. Titulo Strategic data warehousing : achieving alignment with business / Neera Bhansali. Pie Impren Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2010. Clasificación QA76.9.D37 B53 2010 Organization of data warehouses is a vital, but often neglected, aspect of growing an enterprise. Unlike most books on the subject that focus on either the technical aspects of building data warehouses or on business strategies, this valuable reference synthesizes technological know-how with managerial best practices to show how improved alignment between data warehouse plans and business strategies… Autor Lesko, Lou. Titulo Advertising photography : a straightforward guide to a complex industry / by Lou Lesko ; with Bobbi Lane. Pie Impren Boston, MA : Thomson Course Technology, c2008. Clasificación TR690.4 .L46 2008 If you are an aspiring or professional photographer looking to break into advertising, "Advertising Photography: A Straightforward Guide to a Complex Industry" will provide you with an honest and uncensored look at this highly competitive and lucrative business. While working in the advertising photography industry can be glamorous and financially rewarding, it can also be intimidating…

Nuevos libros… Autor Zeegen, Lawrence Titulo Complete Digital Illustration / Lawrence Zeegen Pie Impren Mies ; Hove : RotoVision, 2010. Clasificación T385 .Z44 2010 The work featured in the book reflects the wide and exciting range of image-making practice that thrives today, from music and fashion to character and toy design. The book reveals the secrets of the industry’s most successful creatives who transfer traditional illustrative skills into digital dimensions, producing the highest quality, most commercially successful animation, three-dimensional, and vector-based illustration.

Autor Doeppner, Thomas W. Titulo Operating systems in depth / Thomas W. Doeppner. Pie Impren Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, 2011. Clasificación QA76.76.O63 D64 2010 Programmers don’t want to just read about the core concepts of operating systems. They want to learn how to apply the material by actually building applications. This new book motivates them by presenting numerous programming exercises at the code level. They are not only introduced to the OS concepts and abstractions, but also the implementation. Titulo Managing operations across the supply chain / Morgan Swink ... [et al.] Pie Impren New York : McGraw-Hill Irwin, c2011. Clasificación HD38.5 .M36175 2011 Managing Operations Across the Supply Chain is the first book to offer a global, supply chain perspective of operations management – a treatment that embraces the foundations of operations management but includes new frameworks, concepts, and tools to address the demands of today and changing needs of the future. It reflects three key shifts in operations management…

Autor Hill, Charles W. L. Titulo Global business today / Charles W.L. Hill. Pie Impren New York : McGraw-Hill/Irwin, c2014. Clasificación HD62.4 .H55 2014 Our research has shown that students and instructors alike enjoy the interesting, informative, and accessible writing style of GBT – so much so that the writing has become Charles Hill’s trademark. The author’s passion and enthusiasm for the international business arena is apparent on every page. In addition to boxed material which provides deep illustrations in every chapter, Hill carefully weaves interesting anecdotes into the narrative of the text to engage the reader.

Nuevos libros… Autor Straubhaar, Joseph D. Titulo Media now : communications media in the information age / Joseph Straubhaar, Robert LaRose. Pie Impren Australia ; Belmont, CA : Wadsworth/Thomson Learning, c2002. Clasificación HE7775 .S79 2002 This introductory text, known for its innovative coverage of technology and convergence, offers a streamlined narrative and an expanded Table of Contents. The text addresses the main media channels in our society, their interdependence in light of emergent technologies, foundation theories, and traditional concepts. Titulo Application of GIS technologies in port facilities and operations management / sponsored by Ports and Harbors Comittee of The Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute (COPRI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers ; edited by Neal T. Wright, Jaewan Yoon Pie Impren Reston, Va. : American Society of Civil Engineers, c2007 Clasificación VK321 .A66 2007 Application of GIS Technologies in Port Facilities and Operations Management discusses the recent advances in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technologies for port professionals. This committee report identifies effective GIS techniques for the management of complex port and harbor infrastructure and discusses in-depth the capabilities, requirements, and limitations of available GIS applications. Autor Sasaki, Hideyasu Titulo Intellectual property protection for multimedia information technology / Hideyasu Sasaki. Pie Impren Hershey, Pa : Information Science Reference, c2008 Clasificación QA76.575 .I235 2008 Since previously published intellectual property law and business research discusses institutional analyses without interdisciplinary insights by technical experts, and technical references tend to concern engineering solutions without considering the social impact of institutional protection of multimedia digital information, there is a growing demand for a resource that bridges the gap between multimedia intellectual property protection law and technology. Autor Zettl, Herbert Titulo Television production handbook / Herbert Zettl Pie Impren Boston, MA : Wadsworth Cengage Learning, c2012 Clasificación PN1992.75 .Z4 2012 In Herbert Zettl's field-defining text TELEVISION PRODUCTION HANDBOOK, the author emphasizes how production proceeds in the digital age -- from idea to image -- and how it moves through the three major phases, from preproduction to production to postproduction…

Nuevos libros… Titulo Business process management of Japanese and Korean companies / editors, Gunyung Lee ... [et al.] Pie Impren Singapore : World Scientific, c2010. Clasificación HD62.17 .B87 2010 Today's business environment is characterized by hypercompetition and the development of the Internet. Fierce competition between suppliers and the availability of abundant information have caused a shift in bargaining power from producers/suppliers to buyers and consumers. Consequently, Business Process Management (BPM) - i.e. management tool to optimize and control operations flows by viewing the transactions within and outside corporations as processes, Titulo Enterprise architecture and integration : methods, implementation, and technologies / Wing Lam, Venky Shankararaman, editors. Pie Impren Hershey, PA : Information Science Reference, 2007 Clasificación HD30.213 .E58 2007 Enterprise integration is a broad activity that involves solving a range of issues relating to business process definition, common data standards, architectural compatibility, technical interoperability, and organizational alignment. Enterprise Architecture and Integration: Methods, Implementation, and Technologies provides a detailed analysis of the important strategies for integrating IT…

Autor Spinelli, Stephen Titulo New venture creation : entrepreneurship for the 21st century / Stephen Spinelli, Jr., Robert J. Adams, Jr. Pie Impren New York : McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2012 Clasificación HD62.5 .T55 2012 New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century is about the process of getting a new venture started, growing the venture, successfully harvesting it, and starting again. The book presents the substantial body of knowledge about the entrepreneurial process in a pragmatic way – through text, case studies, and hands-on exercises – to help readers compress their learning curves, reduce their ultimate risk and pain… Autor Villoro, Juan, 1956Titulo Llamadas de Ámsterdam / Juan Villoro. Pie Impren Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, México : Almadía, 2009. Clasificación PQ7298.32.I55 L53 2009 Llamadas de amsterdam es una extraordinaria historia de amor. Con una impecable tension narrativa, Juan Villoro despliega una trama hecha de coincidencias, separaciones, misteriosas oportunidades de reencuentro. La accion ocurre en una calle circular, trazada sobre la pista donde una vez corrieron caballos de carreras. Ahi, dos amantes apuestan su resto en busca de una ultima recompensa.

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