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Place tl¡g palrn of the right band across tbe p.drn of tl.e left, el évate the fi.:s,t ami U, CUlllJ lln~crs uf the rigllt kaud. contraer the t !m ol a nd fourth ; and CUllt l<l<t the second, thir-I, and fourt b fingcl'S uf tbe lcít hand, "

Pl ace tbe ln ck of tlJe rlgbl hand on tbe back of the left, link the first and fourth fingels 01' C:lC!1, elevnte the second and third fincer 01' the rizlit hand, and joill tlie right thumb l o tire tip of the rigbt finger." o "

A SHORT PIPE. DONKEY. l b c\'. the pnlm u! the J'igbt hnnd on the back of the leñ, sep árate the .:econd. ' tlúrd, :\11,] fourth fingers of tbe ¡';gllt haro..! , and rest tl.c tl.umb of tbe left LuaJ ~ 'l.b ... : -.: ..t ~ of the ffl'JrH] finge r,

Tak e o short pipe between tbe tl.ird aud foui th fingers of lile right hand ; ploce the wrist of tbe right bond in contact with the left, Lt' n..! t hc fingers uf the rigbl hand at tbe second joint ; extend tlie thurnb uf the ;.:n l.rm.l, herid the fil~l ",, 1 second fingers over the tliird, und let the third and fou. ti! rest on tue ,first finger oi l 1:••

ri ~h t r~"" "



r:ece the palm of the rigbt han d in ce nta ct with th e ins ide tof th e thumb of th e ¡. f: hand, ex tend the thi rd an d Iour th finuers of tbo right Lun d, and contract tbe i." ;ers 01 the ten hund, ~

P lace tbe palm of the riz h t hau d in cont ac t w ith the w ris t' of the left, contract . tbe fince rs ot t he rh:ht b lll '¡ ; cx rend thu firs t aul! sec..nd fin .e t S of u. e Iett, dllul"le the tllild aud 1U U l"t11"·till~t=1':) 1)1 tbt ldt band and sepur.ue t,

T0111 SAYERS. P lace tI,.. pai m of th.. , i 6 h t h an d over tbe " ppel' pa r t of th e left, be nrl the fingcrs l",tti ~ l ~ t ite third fingt:l' rest on :1:c tcp of th e fvul"tl1, uud contruct

el the ri; ht ,

tue fin':;t: l"s


4H'f'h.~ i~~

~ ;.nct ,

sepurating tce sccond and ~ill r.J fJngers.

BULL DOG. P lace the pnlm of the righ t h an d close 1Il lbe left, double the fingcrs of 1~>e0' rigbl ha nd, separa ti nj; the l'Ilird and four th fingers, el évate both th.ump~ and bri n.. overo

the two rore fingers of the left hand.



I .'


o--- -~



y 1/



SlIOEBLACK. P iaee the wrist of the left hand in con!a~t with the ri~ht; bend the fingen of 1M left hand, separating the second and third ; lel,lbe right thumb .resl on the "-ck oí lhe l efi; bending lhe fint, seeond, and third fingers oí the n ght hand,

MONKEY. Take a hand kerchief and make a knot as above, in which place tbe rcrefinger of the lelt hand ; elevate tbe thumb, and contraet tbe fingers of rhe left band, a Iittle apart : let the fiist and second fingen! oí lbe right hand projeet below.lbe . fourth finger oí the leít haad,



Plsee four Christmas !lags between tbe thumb and flnzer of ibe righl hand l utend th e left hcnd, icui ng the thumb reet en tbe forennger i Lend rae ngbt h..,¡" "atio¡¡; it ' ID. th~ r,'ólmof the left band. .~ -'

P lace the palm (,C the left hs nd in contad with the pa1m of the ri~ht band, elevate both th umbs ; hend over the left fingers, and Jet the second third ud Courth fingen oí the right bsnd projeet beyond the left bando '1


I f ,~ !






Take an envelope between tbe thumb and fin,er oC tb~ len hand ; place the ~st of the ¡eft h?nd on tbe palm uf the extended riglJ I hand ; ser arate tl.e Crst, second, and tlnrd fingen of the lell hand, Iettin z t he th ird and fuurlh jjng~rs ,.1 011 lbe second finger of the right bando o

Place"Ihe tips oC lbe extended fingen of Ibe lef't band in Ihe palm ot the ri~ht hand : eentract the fingetll oC lhe tigh! hand, resting Ihe right tb umb on lbe beat Corefinger oC tbe right bando




Ibe palm oC Ihe len hand in ecntact witb Ihe 'palm 'oí lbe rlgbt (band I bend the tinge.- ~f the lel'l hand, resting the fourth finger of the lefl band Oft tbe righ! thum b ; contracting lbe thumb and fingers oC the riSh! band, ttparatin¡ lbe seeend and third fingers.

PI <\Ce the palm of the lef, hand in contad with Ihe bac.k al the righl band: bend lhe fin zers of the ieít hand ; sc pnrau ng the second, third and (ourth tinge... ; elevate tbe first and second fingers of the right han d,



IÍ {










\ ~




Place the extended rig1Jt band, on the extended left hand ; lettlnz the tbumbs ..,,0 ñ,,! .!iJ,ger. 01 each hand touch ; Jet the .secono .and third .fingers of eseh hami " roJee!, aboye and below,



GOAT. Place the palm oi left hand in contact with thc back of the rigbt hand ; bcnd 'be fingers of Ibe lell hand , sC¡laraling the first and second l\ngers of the Ji¡;bt Rl\I1d, a liule apart, and bend Ihe third and flHlrlb fingen.







Knot a handk erchief which place on the two first fingHs of the right hand; place the h.l. k 01 th e Ie.t ILUID\¡, in contact wuh tbe palm 01 Ibe ri2h l hand ;

Place Ihe palm .lf the le(1 band in contad " ilh the hack nf the ri~ht hand: clev. te the len churnh, b-nd the fingen: nf le.t ha no, se i'.,r"tln ~ Ihe sewlul ud Ibird .fingcn. i elevate the fingen of tbe right band, e

tJelHJ t ue sl:cuhd and thi rd fingers tlt the .en t i1I1li ex .er.d t ue hUl ami

Iourth, . lmm Ibe tl1l1mb and fingers of tae rígut hand, a ¡¡ttle aparl.

DlmCE. JIWe \he 1m oC tbe 1efthand in cont.act with tbe 'pslm oC tbe rigbt hand ;'

- . a tbe kgen of the left band a liule â&#x20AC;˘

apart, restlng them on tbe baek 01 tbe , _d; elevate tbe fingen o~ , 'he right han~

FANCY RABBIT. Place the palm oC the lelt hand on tbe bsck of lhe right band ; exlend lb. thurn b and lurefinger of t he rlgilt hand , b.ring the second finger uver lhe,fint.ud bend the tbird and fourth fingen oC, the right hand,



Place lhe palm of the Jefl hand in conlaet with tbe palm oC the ri"ht hand ; el ĂŠvate _::eh thumb : extend the finl:ers of lhe left hand bending the fnu~ th finger i let tbe first finger uf the rlght hand reston the lirs! finger,of the Jelt hand,

Place tbe f,a1m of the lert hand in contact with tbe b.ack of Ih ~ right hand: con trae : the s-c ond finser uf ti:e lell hand , rest ing the 111' uf tl .e first finger un 'he knuckle uf tbe secu';;d: exiend the fingers uf tbe rigbt hand, a)itlle aparl.





::': :;


~ ~, te e hand in the palm 01' the left, contract the third and _ _-' Ü ::'c·, .:., ,..~_t, elevatc the Ieft thumb, and let tlie two fore fingers ., ::".. te· ..'.- _ :~~ ~::. t..i: extended third fínger, wuich rest on ihe n¡¡:o;ér 01'



l'fIOTHER SHIPTO:'T. Place the palrn 01' the ri~llt l.and across tho palm 01' the lefr, exteud tl.e thumb and elevl1te the fingcrs 01' lile rj~¡Jt huu.l, double tbe finuers DI' the le.t l.and, and let tbe sccond finger project Lcyond the others, ~



BEAR AND POLEo Take n stick in the riuht hand, nnd elévate thc left ; let tbe thumb and third and r'Jllrt\¡ fingcrs of the lelthullli toueh the upper part 01' the stíck, and bend the second iillger over the first, ~.

Gr.asp ~he wrist 01' tho riHht lmnd with tl.o left fingers, ,spread o~l the fingers of the ngM ol1nd, «xtend the rore finscr and thumb, "lid Lrinz tl.e little finaer over t!le ku!!.cjde uf the tl.inl finoúr. o 1> .~.~. "

SAILOR. _ F"~-e :;. ~ ;.;; hn~d iñ thel.nlm of the ri :~ hl, double over the fingers and extend :::oe :~c"' c or tue fl~ht han . Ad vance the thum b and fingers of the left han•I, &0<::. :. . : '-~)ower.s j tle of tbe rigbt.


P~HINOCEROS. P luce tbe lower side of the right hand on the back of tb e le;t thumb, elevate tl,e ri;,{Lt ~h.u m b. an !1,.[1..J t ddt\ 1I:"er the ri~ht 6nger$ ; cont l'~ct the thUl!1b and fingers of tbe left han d, tesu n¡; the tlJl of tbe lert thu mb on tlle tlp of tue tuird finger,

OLD DOBBIN. P lace the palm of tbe right band in contact with the lower part of tb e left, extend the fingcrs of the I'igbt hand, sepam ti!lg tl.e second and thinl fingers, elevate th e thumb of the left hand , an d let tbe rore fingcr of tbe left band rest on the first finger of tbe right. c .'.

OLD CLO'. E levate tbe iing~rs of th e right hnnd, witb the thnmb extended, place tbe lelt hand in th e palm of the right with (he thumb and fiugcrs projectm:;, tbe second .finger .festing 011 the back of the right bando





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