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If I know what love means, is because of you Bogdan Catalin Mihesan ·3º ESO C Seeing your smile is another reason to live Juan Jesús Rueda Benítez ·3º ESO C A life without love is like a year without summer Jonathan Thorpe ·3º ESO C

Love is like water, you can´t survive without it Patricia Plaza García ·3º ESO C

If the person who loves you doesn´t pretend to be what he/she isn´t to impress you, he/she really loves you. Cristina García Ruiz- 3º ESO C 3

Falling in love with the same person every day. That´s love. Andrea Guerrero ·3º ESO C My love for you is bigger than a skyscraper

Alejandro Fernández Barrionuevo ·3º ESO C

Between lovers, words aren´t needed, looks are enough, because with words you can say “I love you”, but with looks you show it. Mariola Cortés Guerrero -2º Bachillerato A


I want to see thousands of sunrises by your side Ana Nazaret González Castillo -2º Bachillerato A

I only want to give you a kiss and fill up your soul with my love Juan Jesús García Serón -2º Bachillerato


You have made me realize the true meaning of love Sigrid Leotte Farfán -2º Bachillerato A

His eyes… there is nothing like his eyes. Ángela Escobar -2º Bachillerato A

When I´m with you time is a sigh Marina Leiva González2º Bachillerato A


Love at first sight is actually, Love at first smile Valeria Aragón Valderrama -2º Bachillerato A You aren´t the only reason for my happiness, but are mostly to blame Rocío Ruiz Rueda -2º Bachillerato A

Loving you is like seeing the rainbow color on a dreary rainy day. Paula Guerrero -2º Bachillerato B


Love appears when and where you don´t expect it, but one thing is sure. It´s always magic. Alicia Sedeño -2º Bachillerato B

So many people in world , and I only want to be with you Sebastián Jiménez Rueda- 2º Bachillerato B

Since the first moment I saw you, I knew I was going to spend my life loving you Sofía Brescia Moreno– 2º Bachillerato C


Every person has a problem to solve, a soul to cry for, and a heart to love Marina de la Rosa Cortés – 2º Bachillerato C

I believe I can fly when I see our pretty smile Ernesto plaza Muñoz- 2º Bachillerato C

If you ever stop loving me for some reason, let me know and I´ll make you fall in love with me again and again Imane Hamaouni - 2º Bachillerato


If you love me only in dreams, let me be asleep forever María García Madrid2º Bachillerato B

For me , love isn´t just a simple word. It´s a reason to live, a reason to smile, a reason to fight against difficult moments and, of course, a reason to be really happy Laura Rodríguez García - 2º Bachillerato C





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Our love quotes