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BIBLIOTECA Boletín Electrónico de Novedades Nº23

ENERO 2012

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Novedades bibliográficas recibidas EL UNIVERSO: CIENCIA FICCIÓN ¡Que (no) te cuenten cuentos!


Autores: Ruiz, Maria Teresa. ; Schultz, Margarita Editorial: Confin ediciones Año: 2011 Páginas: 79 ISBN: 9789568995027

“Más allá de nuestro planeta existen realidades, mundos, tantas cosas que desconocemos y que suelen parecernos incomprensibles: la inmensidad del universo, conceptos como los 10 millones de grados de temperatura que tiene el Sol en su interior, estrellas de neutrones, vientos en Júpiter de 400 kilómetros por hora, pulsares o los millones de años luz que nos separan de otros cuerpos celestes como estrellas, galaxias y planetas. ¡Que tengas un buen viaje de Ciencia y Ficción por el Universo!”

ALMANAQUE NÁUTICO Y AERONÁUTICO 2012 Autor: Servicio de Hidrografía Naval. Editorial: SHN Año: 2012 Páginas: 326 ISSN. 0570-8823 1


Agradecemos a Margarita Schultz, quién tuvo la gentileza de acercarse personalmente a la Asociación para efectuar la donación de la obra. La misma fue incorporada al fondo bibliográfico de nuestra biblioteca.

Últimas Revistas Recibidas SKY and Telescope vol. 123, nº2 (February 2012)

 

 

Einstein's Shadow. A planet-wide telescope sets its sights on the well-kept secrets of black holes. By Camille M. Carlisle Lowell’s New Discovery Machine. The Discovery Channel Telescope will bring the exploration of the universe to the public on a global scale. By Edwin L. Aguirre & Imelda B. Joson Chasing Light Speed. Over the past few centuries scientists have employed creative techniques for the difficult task of measuring the speed of light. By Tom Gale A Dozen Winter Planetaries. These deep celestial flowers are wildly varied. By Ted Forte May’s Great Annular Eclipse. The western United States is the place to be for the upcoming eclipse on May 20th. By Fred Espenak & Jay Anderson For All the Night’s Stars. A photographer’s dream to image the entire night sky comes to fruition. By Nick Risinger

SKY and Telescope vol. 123, nº1 (January 2012)

How Alien Astronomers Could Find Earth. We could make it easier for our counterparts on distant planets to find evidence of our existence. But it would be a massive undertaking for us. By Joseph Lazio

Hot Products for 2012. Cruise the editors' 27 picks for gear you might not want to go without this year. By The Editors of Sky & Telescope

In the Footsteps of the First Recorded Transit of Venus In the English village where Jeremiah Horrocks predicted and watched an epochal

sky event, he's still a hometown hero centuries later. By Eli Maor 

The June Transit of Venus On June 5-6, Venus will cross the Sun for the last time this century. Be prepared. By Fred Espenak & Jay Anderson

SKY and Telescope vol. 122, nº6 (December 2011) 

Measuring Asteroids with Homemade Monsters Using home-built scopes of up to 32 inches, Bob Homes outdoes most of the world for tracking near-Earth asteroids. And he's just getting started. By Mike Lockwood

Face to Face with a Giant. NASA's new rover Curiosity will take Mars exploration to an entirely new level. By Emily Lakdawalla

A Dawn Eclipse of the Moon. For may of us, the Moon will become totally eclipsed before sunrise on December 10th. By Alan MacRobert

Natural Color with Six Filters Try this alternative technique to enhance your color images made with both broadband and narrowband filters. By Debra Ceravolo

La biblioteca recomienda...

Visitar la sección “Observar el Cielo” , de la revista Sky and Telescope , dónde podrán acceder a artículos de años anteriores en idioma español.

ASTRONOMY Vol. 40, nº2 (February)

50 years of Americans in space. By Bill Andrews Since John Glenn's orbital flight, we've visited the Moon, built space stations, and learned about our place in the universe. What are we doing in space? By Brian May The success of space travel in the future will depend on humans reining in their aggressive nature and pursuing science instead. Will we go back to the Moon? By Robert Zimmerman The end of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program created doubt about future manned lunar missions. Now, private industries and international competition might be our best hope. 10 great winter binocular sights By Phil Harrington All you need besides a clear, dark sky to see some fantastic seasonal sky treats are your binoculars.

(And more…)

ASTRONOMY Vol. 40, nº1 (January)

Top 10 space stories of 2011 By Liz Kruesi Astronomers discovered our galaxy blows giant bubbles, scientists found evidence of flowing water on Mars, and NASA ended its shuttle program How the universe reveals its secrets By Bill Andrews From the farthest supernova to our home planet, chemistry is at work everywhere, and understanding it is key to figuring out how the cosmos runs. The man who measured the cosmos By Ron L. Voller Milton Humason went from janitor on Mount Wilson to world-famous astronomer.

(And more…)

Novedades sobre la Biblioteca  Relevamiento documental efectuado durante el mes de Enero Se realizó parte del relevamiento bibliográfico que incluyó: o limpieza de libros y estanterías o selección negativa de obras o reubicación de libros en el estante según CDU (Clasificación Decimal Universal) o rotulado temático de estanterías o tomar nota del estado de conservación de algunos materiales del fondo bibliográfico. Queremos agradecer muy especialmente a la socia Alicia Roll por colaborar, nuevamente, en este emprendimiento. ¡Gracias Alicia!

 La Biblioteca en Febrero – VACACIONES del 20/2 al 02/03 Informamos que desde el lunes 20 de febrero y hasta el viernes 2 de marzo, inclusive, la biblioteca permanecerá cerrada por vacaciones de su personal.

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