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A pesquisa realizada procurou contribuir para a elucidação da importância do Sistema de Informação Contábil na empresa, sendo este avaliado como um sistema positivo, uma vez que hoje, a informação tem um valor altamente significativo e representa um diferencial muito grande para as empresas que a detém. Vale ressaltar que o Sistema de Informação foi feito para auxiliar o homem na sua missão de administrar empresas, gerando informações importantes e auxiliando na tomada de decisão, para que essas possam cada vez mais se desenvolver, gerando cada vez mais emprego e renda. _____________ Accounting Information Systems: a study on its relevance in a footwear industry in southwestern baiano.

Abstract The accounting information is a tool for character relevant to users of accounting, therefore, must meet all the objectives for which it is intended, which is to provide subsidies for these users to perform their best possible decisions. But for that accounting performs this task is necessary that the professionals dealing with accounting data, and transformed into accounting reports, to understand the needs of users, supplying them with the information they want. This research had the objective to identify and to assess the impacts and the main problems resulted from the operation of accounting information systems, and the relation between confidence, quality of information and data inserted in the system, which are effectuated through entries made by employees of the company. This work aims to focus the Accounting Information System, with particular focus on its relevance, since it has great strategic value and its analysis contributes in the decision process, control, continuity, business competitiveness and reliability of the information obtained through the reports. This was a study of a case in an industrial footwear company, located in Vitória da Conquista, seeking to observe, identify and analyze the positive and negative points in the system’s information introduced in the accounts of it. The option of searching on this topic came from the need to demonstrate the real importance of information systems within companies, remembering those who look for business excellence, the reducing of tasks’ time and the elimination of rework. Keywords: Information Systems. Accounting Information Systems.


Dayanna Santos Fontana 1 Palavras-Chaves: Sistemas de Informações. Sistemas de Informações Contábeis. 1 Graduanda do curso de Ciências Contá...