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TOM SHARPE (London, 30 March 1928)

-------------------------------- BIOGRAPHY

Thomas Ridley Sharpe is an English satirical author, best known for his Wilt series of novels. Sharpe was born in London. He moved to South Africa in 1951, where he worked as a social worker and a teacher, before being deported for sedition in 1961. His time in South Africa inspired the novels Riotous Assembly and Indecent Exposure, in which he mocks the apartheid regime. Upon returning to England, he took a position as a history lecturer at the Cambridge College of Arts and Technology, which inspired his Wilt series, in which he derides popular English culture. Despite living in Spain since 2004 (he lives in Llafranc, Catalonia) he hasn’t learned either Catalan or Spanish. "I don't want to learn the language," he says. "I don't want to hear what the price of meat is." Several of his books became best sellers.

------------------------------------SELECTED WORKS

Porterhouse Blue Series • •

Porterhouse Blue (1974) Grantchester Grind (1995)

Wilt Series • • • • • •

Wilt (1976) The Wilt Alternative (1979) Wilt On High (1984) Wilt in Triplicate (omnibus) (1996) Wilt in Nowhere (2004) The Wilt Inheritance (2010)

Other novels • • • • • • • •

Riotous Assembly (1971) Indecent Exposure (1973) Blott on the Landscape (1975) The Great Pursuit (1977) The Throwback (1978) Ancestral Vices (1980) Vintage Stuff (1982) The Gropes (2009)

---------------------------The Midden (1996)

Middenhall is a hideous English mansion owned by the Midden family, and a wide and wild collection of Middens live on the property. Their idyllic country life is shattered with the appearance of Timothy Bright, who mysteriously appears, stark naked, under the bed of Marjorie Midden's handyman. Add to this mix a corrupt and not too bright chief constable who cooks up a sex scandal allegedly taking place at Middenhall to deflect publicity from his own nefarious deeds. The plot is akin to a Shakespeare comedy of errors, albeit a very dark comedy, with unlikely twists and turns on every page and sex and violence running rampant.

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