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Transforming lives through God’s Word

A RECIPE for Bible Ministry

Biblica Bibles on display in a Nairobi market

Issue 23 • 2013

“My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.” John 4:34, NIV



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Transforming lives through God’s Word



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We are a 200-year-old Bible Ministry and we do two things: We translate and publish the full Bible in major spoken languages of the world. We develop tools, resources, and programs to encourage people to open their Bible and engage with it, so their lives are transformed through God’s Word. The world’s leading contemporary English translation. The New International Version® Bible is easier to understand, engaging you with the rich meaning of the original text. Most read. Most trusted. TM



Celebrating more than 200 years in ministry, Biblica provides God’s Word to people through Bible translation and publishing, and Bible engagement so lives are transformed through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Do you like recipes? I have one for you. Throughout this issue of InDepth, you’ll find clear evidence of the impact your partnership is having on people around the world. But these reports are really only minor ingredients in what I like to call the “recipe for Bible ministry.” The first and most important ingredient in this recipe is, of course, God. Without Him, our efforts would be in vain. We look to Him for direction, strength, and wisdom. Bible ministry also requires a skilled staff, competent leaders, and people serving in the 55 countries where this ministry happens. There must be a network of men and women in place who love God and are committed to serving Him. Ministry partners are equally essential. It takes teamwork with organizations like World Vision, Compassion International, CRU, and Prison Fellowship to make God’s Word available around the globe. But in my opinion, the most important ingredient, apart from God Himself, is you. Your prayers, financial support, and faithfulness to God make Bible translation, publishing, and engagement possible. You’re the flour in the cake… the egg in the quiche… the apple in the strudel…. That’s why I want to take this opportunity to thank you. Thank you for taking part in the Great Commission. Thank you for dedicating yourself to getting God’s Word to all people everywhere. Thank you for being an essential ingredient in Bible ministry. As you read InDepth,, please remember that you make these stories of life transformation possible. God is using you to accomplish great things in the world. I agree with the Apostle Paul: “We ought always to thank God for you, brothers and sisters, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more” (2 Thessalonians 1:3, NIV). Sincerely in Christ,

for Bible Ministry needed:

God Himself

A Skilled Staff

Competent Leaders

Committed Servants Ministry Partners

Doug Lockhart CEO, Biblica


YOU’RE THE to their prayers



ANSWER Do you have children? Grandchildren? If you do, you want them to have a relationship with God. And that has probably been your most enduring prayer for them: to know Christ at an early age—and walk with Him for a lifetime. How would you like to be the answer to that prayer for thousands of other parents and grandparents? By supporting Children for Christ, you can be. In Ecuador last year, partners like you helped bring Children for Christ to 80 communities, sharing the message of Christ with street children, orphans, and other children who live in deep poverty. More than 10,000 children attended the program—children like yours who need to know that God loves them. In the Middle East, Children for Christ Discipleship (C4CD) recently trained leaders in 95 churches to help conduct the program. In one nation, four churches taught a combined 900 children. In another, 1,500 children from 21 churches met in two locations to learn biblical truths in C4CD’s fun, age-appropriate programs. The goal in the Middle East for the coming year is to reach 100,000 children! That can only happen with your support.

gospel or are nominally Christian. You’ll also support struggling churches that lack the resources and training to reach children for Christ. Part of the Children for Christ program is Bible Adventures—a colorful monthly magazine that shares God’s Word with children and follows a four-year Bible curriculum. “This is a very interesting and fun reader,” says a 12-year-old from Belarus. “It’s great that we can pray for other children and for their needs, and that we can learn about other countries, play games, solve puzzles, and memorize Bible verses.” Do you realize the impact you’re having in the world? Your gifts are sharing the Good News with boys and girls who are highly valued by God. As they receive Christ, many share their newfound faith with their families and friends. Communities, even nations, are being transformed.

Your gift today can transform the life of a child forever.

Your gifts to Children for Christ will help share the gospel message with children in places like Russia, Tanzania, and Indonesia. You’ll give boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 12 the opportunity to experience God’s love. Most live in families that are either completely unfamiliar with the


YOU CAN stop the HELP pandemic



The skinny… Standing on a nail… The sickness of this generation… Stepping on a live wire… The departure lounge… There are dozens of terms and euphemisms for it. But no matter what name it goes by, AIDS is a death sentence. AIDS has no cure. And the medicines used to treat it merely delay the inevitable. HIV spreads from person to person primarily through sexual behavior or sharing intravenous needles with those infected with HIV. The only way to defeat HIV/AIDS is to avoid it. And God has provided a way to do that: His Word. In 2004, Biblica’s South African staff developed the Reach4Life (R4L) program and New Testament that uses God’s Word to challenge teens to sexual purity and spiritual transformation. Reach4Life is a proven powerful tool in the fight against AIDS. Thanks to the generous support of partners like you, Reach4Life is now taking God’s Word to at-risk teens and young people all around the world. It reveals God’s plan for their lives through 40 small-group Bible studies, provides them with their own, teenoriented R4L New Testament (for many, their first Bible), and gives them the information and support they need to avoid HIV infection. R4L has been introduced in schools in Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and is now being launched in Latin America and the Caribbean. School officials, church leaders, and government officials are amazed at its effectiveness and claim R4L is “the only thing that works.”

A 13-year-old in Kenya said he had not read the Bible until he was given a R4L New Testament. It came to him at an opportune time—he was hanging out with a bad group, getting into trouble, and beginning to fall behind in school. “Since we started studying R4L,” he says, “I have learned to choose my friends wisely and my grades have improved. I am now motivated to read because this R4L Bible is interesting and easy to read.” Another 13-year-old says she had joined a group of unruly girls who bullied classmates. They were sexually promiscuous and began pressuring her to get a boyfriend. “I am happy that I was introduced to R4L,” she says. “I have been able to remove myself from this bad group. I have also learned that life is even more fun than before because with God I have no bondage to bad habits or sin.” A young Muslim man in Uganda received a R4L New Testament from his aunt. As he read it, he came to faith in Jesus Christ. When his father saw the change in him, he also put his faith in Christ. “R4L is what we need in this generation,” the young man says.

You can help put a stop to the deadly AIDS pandemic by sending your gift today. For every $4 you give, you’ll rescue a teen from HIV/AIDS through the transforming power of God’s Word.



5,000 Christians

You could go to seminary, get a theological degree, take some public-speaking courses, convene a conference, get your shots and passport, and fly 8,500 miles (give or take a few hundred), with malaria pills, mosquito netting, and water purification pills in hand.

OR‌ You could help fund an Equipping Leaders seminar. The last seminar held in Burundi trained 100 pastors and church leaders who represented 5,000 church members. Scott After learning to study and teach God’s Bolinder Word, they went back to train their congregations.


Last year, thanks to the generous gifts of partners like you, thousands of pastors and church leaders in Africa, Asia, and Latin America attended Equipping Leaders seminars. They received desperately needed training, along with NIV Study Bibles, and went home to share what they had learned with their congregations. Thousands more are waiting to be trained. Each $12 you give today will enable a pastor or church leader to attend a seminar, provide him or her with a study Bible, and encourage and strengthen their church. Talk about a great investment! And it will have eternal dividends.


YOU TRAIN in Burundi, Africa?

‘We are in for an exciting journey’ In Kenya, an Equipping Leaders seminar was held specifically for Sunday school teachers. After the seminar, participants expressed excitement about using what they learned: “I was really discouraged because I love to teach kids, but I lacked the tools. This is an answer to prayer.” “I was bored with the previous materials. They were not engaging or exciting. The kids will surely love this and draw much from it.”

Send your gift for EQUIPPING LEADERS today.

“The response from the kids during the first lessons was amazing,” one teacher said after she began using the skills and resources she gained at Equipping Leaders. “We are in for an exciting journey. What a unique approach.”


Lauren Vicari, Tim Lucas (Lead Pastor), and Tom Kang (Campus Pastor)

You may not have heard of Morristown, New Jersey. But you’re no doubt familiar with its neighbor—Manhattan—home to Wall Street and what many consider to be the center of American economics and culture. This region of the northeastern United States is not known for spiritual revival. Yet that is exactly what’s taking place in Morristown. This year for Lent, the leaders of Liquid Church decided to host Community Bible Experience (CBE). Their goal was to generate an interest in God’s Word and help people grow in their faith. What they didn’t


anticipate was a revival in the form of renewed evangelism, sacrificial giving, and increased attendance. Although the average Sunday attendance at Liquid Church is 2,500, about 3,300 people showed up to participate in CBE. And while the church seldom gives altar calls, they gave two invitations during the eight-week campaign. Amazingly, 271 people made commitments to Christ. More than 100 were baptized! During CBE, Sunday attendance rose to over 4,000 for the first time. Liquid Church leaders believe people invited their friends to their small groups for CBE, then invited


YOUR PART in revival

them to church. The church also recorded the largest offerings in its history. While CBE was under way, a young woman came forward at church carrying a bag of methamphetamine. She said she had intended to use them to end her life. Instead, she gave her life to Christ. Your support of Biblica will make even more revival possible. If God can use your faithfulness to move in one of the world’s most influential cities, just imagine what He can do as churches in Germany, Ecuador, and Ireland participate in Community Bible Experience.

Thank you for your involvement in Bible ministry throughout the world. Because of you, lives are being transformed!



‘the least of these’ Biblica is hearing incredible stories of the impact your financial support is making in America’s jails and prisons. Here’s just one—from a Colorado prison ministry volunteer who works in maximum security facilities with hardened men who have given up on God . . . “When I went into max with the other volunteer, there were some English-speaking inmates and four Spanish-speaking inmates. I told the other volunteer that I would take the Spanish group even though I speak very little Spanish. Three of the men had brought their Spanish Free on the Inside Bibles with them.

both to Psalm 23 and told the men to find it in their Bibles. Then I pointed to the man who had just taken a Bible. He started reading very slowly in Spanish. As he continued to read, he started slowing down. I looked up and saw that he was getting very emotional. He finally stopped and was so moved he couldn’t continue. “I later found out the man was a major drug dealer facing 20 years in prison. He had never before seen a Bible. He had never been to church. “God taught me something that day: I don’t need to speak. The Bible speaks for itself.”

“One young, tough-looking man did not have a Bible, so I offered him one. I then took a Spanish Free on the Inside and an English Free on the Inside, opened them

Your support is transforming lives “Please use the enclosed certified check for the prison ministry outreach program. It saved my soul. In the name of the Lord—THANK YOU!” —note from a donor and former inmate who received a Biblica Free on the Inside Bible.


Your gifts help FREE ON THE INSIDE Bibles reach prisoners who desperately need God’s Word and offer of redemption. Give an inmate the hope of the Bible today.




of Faith

“Young Life doesn’t start with a program.” Those words greet visitors to the Young Life website. Young Life “starts with adults who are concerned enough about kids to go to them.” That’s the whole idea behind Young Life: taking the Good News of Christ to middle school, high school, and college-age young people. You may not realize it, but your support of Bible ministry makes you a partner in youth ministry. Biblica has worked with Young Life since the mid-’90s. Together, we have produced Bibles with study and devotional materials that speak specifically to kids.

“Young Life is a relational ministry,” says Terry Swenson, Young Life Vice President of Communications. “Just as Christ entered our world to live and walk among us, as Young Life leaders we enter the world of kids to walk alongside them and to share the good news of Jesus through our words and lives.” During the school year, Young Life leaders build relationships with young people who don’t know Christ. When summer arrives, leaders invite kids to one of 32 camps worldwide. About 110,000 young people attended these camps this summer. The unique thing about the summer camps, Swenson says, is that they’re not the end, but the beginning. Young Life staff follow up with kids after the camps to maintain the relationships and make sure they’re growing in God’s Word. Swenson estimates about 25,000 youth committed their lives to Christ this summer. Each one took home a special Bible developed by Biblica. The newest edition of the Young Life Bible is a New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs called The Journey: Steps of Faith. “Biblica brings very professional people and skills that we don’t have [in the publishing area,]” says Swenson. “We are grateful to be in partnership with Biblica.” Please pray for the staff of Young Life and the thousands of young men and women who attended camps this summer. Ask God to use His Word to strengthen those who made decisions to follow Christ.

“This Bible is a gift to get you started on your journey with Jesus Christ. It may not be your first Bible, but it will help you remember what you have learned about yourself and God while at Young Life camp.” —The Journey: Steps of Faith



GLOBAL UPDATES THANKS TO YOU, CBE IS CHANGING LIVES IN AFRICA Thanks to your continued support, Community Bible Experience (CBE) is being launched in Africa. Just as it has in other regions of the world, CBE is generating a hunger for God’s Word. “When I started [reading], it wasn’t easy,” one woman said. “I felt like giving up. But as I went through Luke-Acts, it became very interesting…. I was eager to read the next sections and didn’t want to break the continuity. I was able to complete all the books. Though I have read through most of the books before, I was seeing things in a different perspective.” YOUR SUPPORT IS TRANSFORMING LIVES IN ENGLAND A man in England recently agreed to begin Community Bible Experience with his wife, a Christian. On the fourth day, he picked up The Books of the Bible and began reading about the Crucifixion. He suddenly realized who Jesus is, got down on his knees, asked for forgiveness, and committed his life to the Lord. The man explained that the simplicity of reading the story in context made it all clear to him. Thank you for supporting CBE and for helping this man and many others encounter Christ. YOU’RE TRAINING PASTORS IN LATIN AMERICA Your gifts helped train more than 2,700 pastors and church leaders in Colombia in recent months. After learning to study and teach God’s Word, they returned to their churches in Cúcuta, Bucaramanga, Sincelejo, and Bogotá to train their people. In Cúcuta, 1,430 registered for training, but 1,800 attended. “We thank God for this!” Margarita Arismendy of Biblica says. The seminars were organized by the Centro Cristiano Church as part of Avivamiento y Gloria (“Revival and Glory”). YOUNG PEOPLE ARE SEEKING GOD�THANKS TO YOU! Several thousand young people attended large Teens for Christ Discipleship outreach events in the Middle East/North Africa region, thanks to your faithful support. Despite political unrest and the threat of persecution, nearly 9,000 youth gathered to worship, learn more about God, and grow in their faith. “We are experiencing a very powerful spiritual wave as people desire more to pray to God,” said one observer. YOUR PARTNERSHIP IS CHANGING LIVES IN NORTH AMERICA With gifts from partners like you, 7,244 Bibles and 500 Gospels of John were provided for prison inmates in the United States in the last fiscal year. Your support also helped provide 98,606 military Scripture resources during that same time period.


Biblica brings God’s Word to people around the world so they can come to know Jesus as their personal Savior. Biblica works in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East/North Africa, North America, and South Asia, is the translation sponsor and publisher of the NIV, and has translated the Bible in about 100 languages.

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Indepth 23 - 2013 - A RECIPE for Bible Ministry  

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