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In recent research, which Ed Stetzer and I will be sharing in an upcoming book on groups, we discovered that the majority of small group leaders in churches are not given any direction as to what their groups should study. Not only are these leaders not given Bible studies that fit the overarching discipleship plan of the church, they are not given any direction. Not a list of suggested resources, not a plan for choosing studies, nothing. As a church meets for worship gatherings on Sunday, a wise pastor will not hand the microphone over to just anybody to teach. The pastor values the sermon—and the people—too much to haphazardly allow the teaching to “just sort of happen.” Yet every single week, in some of those same churches, groups gather and form community around studies that are disjointed from any type of discipleship plan, or worse, are disconnected from the doctrine and beliefs of the church.


Though we don’t regard this haphazard approach as healthy, we wondered if perhaps this is what group leaders really want. We thought that perhaps church leaders and pastors desperately wanting to gather people in groups have just decided this is not a battle they want to fight with group leaders who are adamantly insisting they choose the direction of study for their groups. We wondered if pastors had not cast a compelling discipleship strategy for their leaders, were just glad they have leaders, and wouldn’t dare jeopardize that by providing direction to leaders who insist they don’t want any. To test that assumption, we interviewed over 1,000 small group leaders. And we found that group leaders, over 75 percent of them anyway, say they want direction. They say their church should have a discipleship strategy, should have a vision for what groups study together,

and that group content should be connected to their church’s doctrine and direction. Sadly, many church leaders fail to offer this. Thus, their churches are filled with a lot of guys like Jason… Imagine Jason in a church without a discipleship plan for their groups. His first year he attends a group and they decide they want to study relationships for a while, followed by the latest book by the pastor on the radio, then a cursory look at the end times, and then a quick run through some Proverbs. After eighteen months, the guy leading the group gets transferred to another city, so Jason joins another group. This group launches and follows a similar pattern. After three years, Jason has essentially studied the same content in a rather random and haphazard fashion. Does the Lord use this? By all means, yes! His Word never returns void, but the discipleship could be so much more effective, so much more strategic, so much richer. The apostle Paul said, “We proclaim Him, warning and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone mature in Christ” (Colossians 1:28). Paul wanted to see maturity and development occur in the people he led, and according to this passage, this involved teaching with wisdom. The antithesis of teaching with wisdom is a haphazard plan or no plan for developing people in our groups or classes. In another passage, Paul said that he engaged in ministry as a skilled master builder in response to and empowered by God’s grace, and he challenged us to be careful how we build (1 Corinthians 3:10). Building skillfully surely means more than a

random and disconnected array of programs, studies, and events. Two Wise Approaches So let me offer two wise approaches to your group/ministry content: a discipleship plan or aligned content. Throughout my ministry in local churches, I have practiced both of these approaches at different times, in light of the context, and as the Lord led. I believe in both of them because I see wisdom and intentionality in both practices. Approach One: A discipleship plan A discipleship plan is not the same thing as discipleship, but is a key facilitator. Discipleship itself is much broader and deeper than information. Ultimately, discipleship is about transformation. A wise discipleship plan for groups or classes is a plan to engage the people in the Word over time, thus transforming them to become more like Christ. Educators would likely call this a “scope and sequence” of what is studied or a “taxonomy of learning.” It exposes those in groups to the whole counsel of God’s Word. A wise discipleship plan is much more than throwing a whole bunch of studies on the wall and hoping some of them stick. It is a skillful approach that drives people intentionally and systematically through the Word and, as a result, transforms their lives. Approach Two: Aligned content A second approach that has merit and wisdom is aligned content. A church that practices aligned content works hard to connect their small group continued on page 24


19.95 $ .95 5


Bible Studies for Life Series


In John 4, Jesus connected with an outcast woman and helped her see how He alone was the answer to her greatest need. This new series focuses on real-life, topical issues that let people see how Jesus is the answer to their greatest need, too—how the Bible meets their life right where they are.

In the box!

Let Hope In by Pete Wilson Learn to rejoice when you run into problems because they help you endure and give you strength, character, and a sure hope—a hope personified in Jesus.

Pete Wilson is the founding and senior pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee, a committed church community that he and his wife, Brandi, planted in 2002. Over the course of 10 years, Cross Point has grown to reach more than 5,000 people each weekend through its five campuses located around the Nashville area, and online. Pete gained national attention with his best-selling book, Plan B, a title that has been printed in five languages and launched Putting Plan B Into Action, a six-week DVD curriculum that serves as a study companion to the book. Empty Promises, Pete’s much-anticipated second book, followed.


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Productive Finding Joy in What We Do by Ronnie & Nick Floyd Learn to find balance between living to work or working to live, and discover how to move from living and earning for yourself to investing in the kingdom of God.



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Do Over Experience New Life in Christ by Ben Mandrell Take some time to go through Romans and consider that life doesn’t have a reset button for your bad choices, rash decisions, angry outbursts, but Jesus Christ alone can cancel your past.


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Honest to God Real Questions People Ask by Robert Jeffress Equip yourself to be more effective in sharing your faith with others as you explore foundational issues in the life of every person: the origin and significance of human life, the existence and nature of God, and how God reveals Himself and relates to people.


The Gospel Project Some people see the Bible as a collection of stories with morals for life application. But it is so much more than that. Sure, the Bible has some stories in it, but it is also full of poetry, history, codes of law and civilization, songs, prophecy, letters—even a love letter. When you tie it all together, something remarkable happens. A story is revealed. One story. The story of redemption through Jesus.

The God Who Is 12 Explore the glorious doctrine of the Trinity and grasp more fully God’s revelation of Himself in His Word and each attribute of this one God revealed in three Persons. $


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God’s Story, Part 2 12 Discover how God—the Author of the grand narrative of Scripture—sent Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of the Old Testament in this Christ-centered overview of the New Testament. $

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Glorious Ruin

59.95 $ 11.95 $

How Suffering Sets You Free by Tullian Tchividjian In this world, one thing is certain: Everybody hurts. But this study is not so much about why God allows suffering or even how we should approach suffering. It is about the tremendously liberating and gloriously counterintuitive truth of a God who suffers with you and for you. It is a book, in other words, about the kind of hope that takes the shape of a cross. In the box!

William Graham Tullian Tchividjian (pronounced cha-vi-jin) is a Florida native, the pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, and a visiting professor of theology at Reformed Theological Seminary. A graduate of Columbia International University (philosophy) and Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Tullian is the author of Do I Know God? Finding Certainty in Life’s Most Important Relationship, Unfashionable: Making a Difference in the World by Being Different, and Surprised by Grace: God’s Relentless Pursuit of Rebels. Tullian is also a contributing editor to Leadership Journal. He speaks at conferences throughout the U.S. and his sermons are broadcast daily on the radio program “Godward Living.”

Bible Study Insider Info • Tullian is a grandson of Billy and Ruth Graham. • This study’s video content was shot over three days and four Ft. Lauderdale locations, including Knox Seminary and Tullian’s backyard. • Several of the video segments on the beach were shot within a stone’s throw of homes owned by former players for the NBA and NFL. • Tullian is a glorious mix of ethnicity: Armenian and Swiss on his father’s side and Scotch Irish from his mother.


99.95 .95 $ Authentic 11 $

Developing the Disciplines of a Sincere Faith by James MacDonald Learn to follow Jesus more authentically by practicing the spiritual disciplines He used to maintain a close relationship with His Father. In the box!

Kingdom Agenda



Living Life God’s Way $ 11.95 by Tony Evans Discover your identity, role, and responsibilities as a citizen of God’s kingdom and acquire a God-focused perspective for you and your family, church, and nation.

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What Are You Afraid Of? Facing Down Your Fears with Faith by David Jeremiah Identify what you’re afraid of and the sources of those fears, then find the truth that sets you free to live the fearless life God created you to enjoy. Available in January.


99.95 $ 11.95 $

29.95 $ .95 9


Disciple Making: No Plan B by various authors Learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, how to make disciples by modeling Jesus, and how to put the words of Jesus into practice through this multi-teacher resource.



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$ .95

A Practical Guide to Evangelism by J.D. Greear, Rob Turner, Derwin Gray, and Ben Reed Share your faith more effectively by learning how to begin a conversation about Jesus, how to handle tough questions, what to say if the response is negative, and more.

49.95 $ .95 9


Gray Areas

Finding Truth When Life Isn’t Black and White by Mike Glenn Work through some of the gray areas that Christians often argue about, such as divorce, sexual identity, and more. Available in January.


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Experiencing God

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God’s Invitation to Young Adults $12.95 by Henry and Richard Blackaby This interactive Bible study is the popular young adult edition of Experiencing God, inviting young adults to join God in His work. It focuses on the application of the Kingdom Principles, as set forth in Experiencing God, and how these principles apply to collegiate and young adult life issues. Leaders will find an easy-to-use teaching plan for each session in the back of the Member Book, along with a free online poster for promotional use.

Experiencing God at Home A Bible Study for Parents $ 11.95 by Tom and Richard Blackaby The Bible teaches that the Body of Christ is to strengthen and encourage each other to maturity. Parents especially need help in discipling their children, building a godly home, and growing spiritually grounded, God-oriented children. Using this study, mature church leaders and staff can link arms to help and encourage parents in their responsibility of Experiencing God at Home by involving a new generation with Experiencing God principles and making practical application opportunities. Kids resource is also available.

19.99 $ .99 6



2 Audio CDs

twelve 10-minute devotions by


K nowing and Doing the Will of God DEVOTIONS from


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Experiencing God Audio Devotional CDs


$ .00

by Henry Blackaby Use your commute, or your daily exercise or devotional time, to focus on what God is doing in the world and how you can experience Him each day. This audio set includes twelve 10-minute devotions on two CDs.

59.99 $ 19.95


Experiencing God: A Documentary

Join Neil Hoppe on a journey to discover what God is teaching him through the Experiencing God study. As Neil reflects on the study with authors Claude King and Henry Blackaby, you’ll see how it has influenced thousands over the years. This documentary is a moving look at what can happen when believers decide to meet God where He is already working and join Him in that work. Experience amazing true stories of life change, watching people journey from darkness and hopelessness to seeing the light of Christ’s love and discovering His will for their lives as it unfolds. The DVD is just $19.95. The Church License Edition is $59.99.

Experiencing God

179.95 $ 15.95


Knowing and Doing the Will of God by Henry Blackaby, Richard Blackaby, and Claude V. King Experiencing God is quite possibly the most powerful and influential Bible study ever created at LifeWay. Now revised and expanded, this classic study guides readers to experience a relationship with God through which they come to know and do His will by learning to recognize when He is speaking. It also helps them understand the importance of His timing. Many truly amazing testimonies are included in this revised version, but God has more work to do. Will you join Him?


Fast Track

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Genesis to Revelation $ .95 11 by Chad Hovind You could take a lifetime and still not learn all there is to know about the Bible. But now your entire church can quickly gain an understanding of the grand narrative of Scripture and be able to share the story they have learned. Theologians and new Christians alike will enjoy the fun, memorable, and easy-to-follow format, along with the unique and entertaining video teaching of Chad Hovind. There are also additional resources for kids and students. (8 sessions)

Chad Hovind is the author of Godonomics and lead pastor of Horizon Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. His love for ministry and creativity can be seen in many forms: leading teams, motivational speaking, expository teaching, and experience as an actor, director, and video producer. Chad graduated from Moody Bible College in Chicago and received his master’s degree from Moody Graduate School.

Bible Study Insider Info • The video crew shot all of the Fast Track experiments at the end in case Chad burned himself. • Five thousand ping pong balls were used in the Session 3 explosion. • The company that supplied the chemicals and beakers for the video shoot was at first suspicious of Pastor Chad’s intentions due to the large quantity of materials ordered at one time. • Chad does over 10 voices and impersonations in this journey through the Bible. 14


Tips for Studying the Bible

The Bible can be pretty intimidating. It’s filled with big words, parables, and measurements that can be hard to understand. And sometimes all those things keep us from really digging into Scripture. Many of us have participated in Bible studies but have never taken the step of learning how to read and study the Bible. This year, I’ve been reading through the Bible chronologically, and it’s been one of the richest seasons in Bible study I’ve ever had. As I read, I’m watching everything unfold as one huge story, which all points to Jesus. It’s simply beautiful. Here are nine things to consider as you study the Bible: 1. Know what you’re getting into. People will often study Scripture asking the question, “What does this passage mean to me?” when the better question would be, “What does this passage mean?” The interpretation of the Bible isn’t up to us and our best guess as to what it might mean or could mean; God inspired it with a specific interpretation, and our goal should be discerning what that is.

2. Pray before you study. This may seem obvious or redundant, but it’s critical. When we approach Scripture, it should be with humility and an attitude to receive and learn. Ask God to reveal himself to you through his Word. We are given the Holy Spirit as a guide (Acts 2) as we interpret the Word. 3. Choose a plan. For those of you who like some structure, there are a ton of resources available! Here are some great places to start: One Year Bible, SheReadsTruth, YouVersion (smartphone app), Read the Bible for Life, and Reading God’s Story. These plans will walk you through the Bible and can be a great way to start or enhance your journey of studying Scripture. 4. Read the passage in context. It can be easy to just pick out a verse that sounds good to you, but to really understand it, you should read the context (the surrounding chapter/ verses). Take the time to find out who the author is, who the book was written to, and why it was written, and it can clear up a lot of questions. A study Bible or commentary can be a great resource.

continued on page 22


Sacred Secrets



A Living Proof Live Experience $ .95 9 by Beth Moore The world is obsessed with telling secrets for the sake of sensationalism. But not all hidden things are poisonous and dark. Some secrets are forgiven, some are covered, and some are kept between you and God. Join Beth Moore for a Living Proof Live experience taped at the Greensboro, N.C. event as she explores the power of secrets in our lives. Find out what happens when we let God teach us “wisdom in the secret heart” (Psalm 51:6, ESV).

In the box!

Known for presenting Scripture in living color, Christian speaker and Bible study author Beth Moore enjoys getting to serve women of every age and denomination, and she is passionate about women knowing and loving the Word of God. Beth’s broad collection of LifeWay women Bible studies covers relevant topics from believing God to be Who He says He is to loving difficult people. Each in-depth study guides you on your faith journey.

Bible Study Insider Info • After teaching about how secrets manifest at the Living Proof Live Greensboro, N.C. event, Beth wondered if it might become a study for a greater audience. Sacred Secrets was born! • Beth has said the Sacred Secrets message developed out of a fresh work the Lord was doing in her own life. • The Study Journal is a different experience from Beth’s other studies. We hope women will dig deep into the Scriptures and spend time pondering and wrestling with their answers to the questions in the Study Journal.





Mercy Triumphs $ 15.95 by Beth Moore Get to know both the man and the Book of James in this eight-session, video-driven Bible study which includes a bonus interview and additional in-depth articles.

Breaking Free



The Journey. The Stories. $ .95 15 by Beth Moore Identify spiritual strongholds in your life that hinder you from the benefits of knowing God.


For dates and locations check out



149.95 $ 12.95



Your Weakness. God’s Strength. Learn to recognize your weakness as the key that the Lord gives you to unlock the full experience of His strength in your life.

You r wea kn es s . G od ’s STR ENGTH.

April 5, 2014 Bring Priscilla Shirer’s teaching to women in your church and community by hosting the Priscilla Shirer Live simulcast event!


Check out




Finding Hope in Fragile Places $ 12.95 by Angela Thomas Face your real-life challenges in practical, meaningful, and actionable ways. Find hope in fragile places, such as overload, broken relationships, and more.

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The Nearness of King Jesus $ .95 12 by Lisa Harper Journey through this bridge between the Old and New Testaments to get to the heart of the matter: Jesus is our accessible King. Available in January.

For more info on LifeWay Women products, visit the All Access blog. This online resource for women’s ministry leaders offers product and author news, leadership advice, event details, insider info, and plenty of fun stuff. Check it out at


149.95 .95 $ Ever After 11 $

In the box!

Life Lessons Learned in My Castle of Chaos by Vicki Courtney Most women grow up on a steady diet of fairy tales and chick flicks that drive our dreams and leave us with a sugarcoated version of reality. The truth is, marriage and motherhood are hard. And no matter how much we give or how hard we try, we may never feel like it’s enough. The Ever After Bible study addresses the difficulties and blessings of marriage and motherhood. Poignant, funny, and even cathartic, Vicki shares mistakes made, lessons learned, and memories to keep. Most of all, she reflects the hope that Christ meets us wherever we are in the journey and that He alone is the answer to the happilyever-after we long for.

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Vicki Courtney has a ministry that reaches more than 150,000 people a year through events, books, and online resources. She has appeared on CNN, Fox News, and CNN Headline News as a youth culture commentator to address various issues impacting tweens and teens. She is also a national speaker, the creator of, and the best-selling author of numerous books including 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter, 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son, and Ever After. range to bottom edge

Bible Study Insider Info • This Bible study was filmed in Vicki’s Austin, Texas home, with the small group meeting around her dining room table. • Vicki and her husband, Keith, teach a “Marrieds” Sunday School class at their church, of which these eight women are a part. • Additional filming occurred at the lake house that Vicki blogs about enjoying so much—a great place to retreat, refresh, and in their case, rebuild as they have time and opportunity. 20

The Two-Minute Drill to Parenting

79.95 $ .95 9


Molding Your Son Into a Man by John Croyle Prepare your teenage son to be the man God created him to be by following the guidance of a man who has raised more than 1,800 kids at Big Oak Ranch. Available in January.






The Love Dare for Parents Bible Study by Alex and Stephen Kendrick

In the box!


$ .99

Develop a plan of action to more fully cherish and enjoy all of your children during each season of their lives.





Which destination will you choose? 800.254.2022 |

Marriage Getaways is formerly Festivals of Marriage. New name, same great experience.


continued from page 15 5. Interpret Scripture by Scripture. Hang with me on this one. In his book, Essential Truths of the Christian Faith, R.C. Sproul writes, “We must not set one passage of Scripture against another passage. Each text must be understood not only in light of its immediate context, but also in light of the context of the whole of Scripture.” When you can look at Scripture as one big story, all inspired by God, you will start to see it more clearly. 6. Approach the Bible with a teachable spirit. If I’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s how much I don’t know. There are a lot of things about the Bible that we have to wrestle over. We’re grappling with concepts and truths about theology and doctrine, and it’s hard. Sometimes, we’re just trying to understand a basic truth. It’s important to dig and ask questions, but knowing that we can’t (with our finite minds) completely understand it all. Continue to ask hard questions, and don’t give up!

of the learning process! The more you read and study, the more the Bible will come alive in your life. 9. Be a student of the Word. Be in the Bible daily. Make sure you have people in your life who are at least a little bit ahead of you in their spiritual journey. Ask someone to disciple you and to challenge you as you study the Bible. As you dig deep into the Word, you will undoubtedly fall more in love with Jesus. My prayer for you is that you develop a love for God’s Word that’s unquenchable. He truly does satisfy our souls (Psalm 107:9)! These are just a few ways to get started, and this definitely isn’t a comprehensive list. Here are a few more helpful resources: Starting Your Library (Beth Moore) Inductive Bible Study (Kay Arthur) (Online resources, commentaries, study tools) WORDSearch (Bible software)

7. Allow God to speak. So often, we approach the Bible with a “what’s in it for me?” attitude, and there are times that we just need to read to understand. Don’t just read to check it off a list, but read to understand and learn. The Word begins to come alive as you start to soak it in! As you spend time in the Word daily, it allows God to speak to you through His Word. 8. Take it slow and ask questions. You’re not going to understand it all in one day! If you’re a verse-by-verse person, study it that way. Don’t be afraid to ask questions—it’s a huge part


Mary Margaret Collingsworth is an event project coordinator on the Church Education Ministry team at LifeWay. She recently completed a Master of Arts in Christian Education at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. In her spare time, she writes for Story of My Life—her personal blog.

Celebrate the Savior’s Story Christmas Audio CD Set Celebrate the Savior’s story with Beth Moore and Travis Cottrell. This 2-disc CD set includes an inspiring Scripture-based lesson from Beth Moore’s Jesus the One and Only Bible study and 10 Christmas songs by Travis Cottrell. $


5.00 each

Devotions for Men Audio Cds Make the most of your commute or exercise time with this collection of wisdom from some of LifeWay’s best men’s Bible studies. Includes Tony Evans, Kenny Luck, Eric Mason, Tony Dungy, John Croyle, and more. 23

continued from page 5 studies to their sermons so that people in groups are diving deeper together and applying the text studied in the worship gatherings to one another’s lives. Some churches that practice aligned content also connect the studies in the kids ministries and the student ministries to the sermons and the small group studies. By doing so, families more easily engage in conversations about their Bible studies because everyone is studying the same biblical truth each week. The advantage of a discipleship plan is the thorough and well-designed structure that systematically walks people through a wise plan of study over time. The advantage of aligned content is the synergy created as sermons and studies focus the church in one direction. To help churches have a wise discipleship plan, each of our Bible study series (Bible Studies for Life, Explore the Bible, and The Gospel Project) is developed in community with church leaders we respect, with educators, and with scholars so that we can lay our heads on our pillows at night really believing that we have a plan to develop and mature people over time. For more information on these, visit ongoing-bible-study To help churches with aligned content, we have a customized curriculum team that custom writes Bible studies for churches based on their teaching calendar and plan. We know that it is extremely challenging for a church to do this alone, and we want to help so that the church


leaders can focus more energy on leadership development and other essential group leadership functions. For more information on this, visit If the sermon were treated haphazardly, people would assume that it was not that valuable to the church and to her leaders. Surely, then, how a church approaches the content of their group studies reveals to the people the real value the church places on groups. It is best to have a wise plan for developing disciples through groups. The good news is that the group leaders in your church likely recognize this reality already.

Eric Geiger serves as one of the vice presidents at LifeWay Christian Resources, leading the Church Resources Division. Eric received his doctorate in leadership and church ministry from Southern Seminary. He is also a teaching pastor and a frequent speaker and consultant on church mission and strategy. Eric has authored or co-authored several books including the best selling church leadership book, Simple Church.

Did you know...?

Many of LifeWay’s short-term Bible studies include Sermon Outlines so pastors can craft sermon series that connect to these curriculums. Find them at biblestudy

When you provide daily devotionals to your congregation, you give them what they most need: daily time with God—a word with their Father. Provide your church with devotionals today. Order at a discounted ministry rate (just $1.70 per issue) by calling 1.800.458.2772 or visit

Journey (for women)

Equip women to develop a daily walk with God and to serve Him in their homes, churches, and communities. $5.10 per quarter (3 monthly issues)

Stand Firm (for men)

Equip the men in your church daily to be godly leaders in their homes, churches, and communities. $5.10 per quarter (3 monthly issues)


Follow a systematic, daily devotional plan to read through the Bible in a year and grow stronger as disciples. $5.10 per quarter (3 monthly issues)


Open Windows

Motivate adult disciples to grow in Christ through daily Scripture reading, biblical insights, prayer starters, and a daily missionary prayer emphasis. Also available in CD for the visually impaired or those who want to listen while driving. Regular Print $2.05 per copy, per quarter Large Print $2.25 per copy, per quarter CD $14.00 per copy, per quarter 25

The Resolution for Men Bible Study by Alex and Stephen Kendrick Learn the essential truths of Scripture about leading a family—based on the document featured in the movie COURAGEOUS.


$ .99 In the box!

33 The Series, Volume 4 A Man and His Work

74.95 $ 14.95 $

by Bryan Carter, Tierce Green, and John Bryson Get insights into some of the ways men can find both their best fit and more fulfillment in their work. Available in January.

Manhood Restored How the Gospel Makes Men Whole

59.95 8


$ .95

by Eric Mason Explore the concept of biblical masculinity and learn how to restore what God intended you to be.


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The Real Win Pursuing God’s Plan for Authentic Success

In the box!

69.95 $ 11.95 $

by Colt McCoy and Matt Carter Even dedicated Christian men struggle to find time for Bible study. If you have a group of outdoorsmen, this unique six-session study can help keep them in their seats—and attract a few of their friends. Texas Longhorn football legend Colt McCoy and his pastor Matt Carter explore the essence and purpose of biblical manhood with the men and family who have shaped them. Each session’s video follows the authors on hunting and fishing trips at two legendary Texas ranches. Discover what true success for a man looks like, particularly as a follower of Christ.

Colt McCoy was the winningest quarterback in the history of NCAA football and led his University of Texas team to the 2010 BCS national championship game. During his senior year, Colt won thirteen of the top fifteen major college player awards, including quarterback of the year, offensive player of the year, and outstanding football player of the year. The 2008 Heisman Trophy runner-up, Colt now plays in the NFL and has been involved in domestic and foreign ministries. Matt Carter is the lead pastor at Austin Stone Community Church. Planted in 2002, the church has grown from a core team of fifteen to more than twelve thousand regular attendees today. Matt graduated from Texas A&M and holds a master’s degree in divinity from Southwestern Seminary, where he is currently pursuing a doctorate of ministry. He speaks at conferences and seminars around the country.

Bible Study Insider Info • The conversations between Matt Carter and Colt McCoy were filmed at the Texas Mountain Ranch, located only a short drive away from Utopia, Texas. • The ranch is home to several exotic animals, including zebras, camels, elk, and a baby kangaroo that wears a diaper and often wanders through the different buildings in the complex. • Matt Carter’s 12-year-old son, JD, joined him on one of the hunts and got his first deer.



Isaiah 53

AUGUST 1–2, 2014

BRIDGESTONE ARENA | NASHVILLE, TN In 2014, we’re honoring the soldiers who died to give us freedom and the One who died to give us eternal life.

… and more, including the headliner who is such a big deal, we can’t even mention his name here. #MainEvent14

LifeWay Men

Grace Unplugged

19.99 $ .99 6


by Russ Rice and Brad Silverman Based on the movie of the same title and the parable of The Prodigal Son, this is the perfect Bible study for those looking for God or wondering if He is looking for them. Student edition also available. In the box!

Own It Leaving Behind a Borrowed Faith by Michael and Hayley DiMarco



Begin owning your faith—developing a solid belief in God that is truly your own—through this paperback book inspired by the movie Grace Unplugged.

Want to show this movie at your church? DVDs/site licenses are available at


What are you missing? Here’s a list of the top posts at Bible Study Insider blog.

• Snack recipes for small groups • 20 Bible studies for him and her • Ice breakers for a first-time small group Our “Samples” tab is very popular. Go there to download Session One samples of the following Bible studies: • K ingdom Agenda by Dr. Tony Evans • L ove Dare for Parents by Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick • F ast Track by Chad Hovind • G lorious Ruin by Tullian Tchividjian • T he Real Win by Colt McCoy and Matt Carter •M  anhood Restored by Eric Mason


to see what else you’ve been missing.



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Bible Study Insider Catalog v. 3  

LifeWay's newest Bible studies for your small groups.

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