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The Bible on the Xbox 360 Gaming Console Broadman & Holman Publishing Group has released the complete Bible for Xbox 360, called Bible Navigator X, downloadable through’s Indie Games channel.

Users of Bible Navigator X can scroll through (and read) the Holman Christian Standard Bible (hcsb), run concordance searches, bookmark a favorite location, select one of ten themes (or skins), and project biblical text on a large screen.

The idea originated with Aaron Linne, a 2008 Liberty University Online Master of Business Administration graduate. It was carried forward by Broadman & Holman’s executive producer of digital marketing.

Although anyone can use the application, it was designed for youth ministry. Linne says, “This is also a great tool for youth ministers who teach in youth spaces that already have Xbox consoles in them. It’s a quick way to create teaching aids from equipment you already have” (source:*

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Tweeting the Bible

Batter-Fried Scripture

Former Religion Editor for Publishers Weekly, Jana Riess, now goes by the “Twible Lady.” She posts a short summary of a Bible chapter each day on With 1,189 total chapters, the project is estimated to take three years and three months.

Two artists, Craig Little and Blake Whitehead, presented a batter-fried Bible at a Glasgow, Scotland art exhibition. The 200-year-old Bible was coated as if it were in a basket of restaurant fries (or chips).

Riess calls the project a “lark.” Her summaries are aggressive and playful. She uses abbreviations to ensure they stay under Twitter’s 140 character limit: ‘G’ for God, ‘Ex’ for Exodus, and ‘Aar’ for Aaron. Here are some examples: Ex 25: G gives specs for Not-Yet-Lost Ark. G quite micromanagerial re: architectural detail. Mercy seat, table, lampstand. Check. Ex 26: G gets seriously overinvolved in blueprints for Tabernacle. Hires hgtv designer to ensure purple & crimson drapes will “pop.”

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Ex 27: G spells out Tab interior design: custom & top of the line. Lighting, artwork & dimensions. Stainless steel kosher kitchen. Ex 28: Priests’ Project Runway! G turns from inter design to fashion. Ephod hottest garment since loincloth. Blue’s yr color, Israel. Ex 29: How-to for priests’ ordination: 1 bull, 2 rams, lots o’ blood. Get blood on Aar’s right ear. Wash ephod in Tide on delicate. Source:

The Good Book was designed to be sold at auction as a master’s course fundraiser for the Glasgow School of Art. Church leaders have criticized Glasgow City Council for allowing the artwork to be displayed. Reverend Ian Galloway from the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland called it an “act of desecration.” Although the artistic benefit has been questioned, the artists assert that the batter and the Bible “are two quintessentially Glaswegian things” (source: The Christian Messenger).

Biblica’s 200th Birthday December 4, 2009 marked 200 years for Biblica— formerly the International Bible Society and Send the Light. From a small group of Manhattan Christians in 1809 (then called the New York Bible Society), Biblica has grown into a worldwide outreach. Their most well-known work is the New International Version (niv), which they created with Zondervan. Today, they provide the Bible in print, on the Web, and for digital media. They also oversee the publishers Paternoster and Authentic, which publish academic and general Christian titles.

Mary Hollaway is a freelance writer with Mark of Perfection llc in Columbus, Ohio.

*Xbox and its controller are registered trademarks of Microsoft, Inc.

A Note about the Chart Accompanying “Paul Never Wrote an Autobiography” by J. Paul Tanner (bsm Jan–Feb 2010), pgs. 30 –31: Under the “Formative Period,” the middle column should read “Tarsus and nearby regions including Syria” (not Samaria).

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