Eternity - February 2016 - Issue 66

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Christ by radio: brings hope and changes lives FEBC Australia is part of a global mission that operates in the world of unseen things: radio waves, the changing of hearts and minds, the power of prayer. Radio has a unique ability to impact individuals, communities and whole societies. Depending on what is needed FEBC transmissions are received by everything from a wind-up solar power radio to the latest in WiFi and mobile technology. FEBC started by broadcasting to Communist China in 1948 and is focused on locating people who are the hardest-to-reach. FEBC reaches them and many more! Hard-to-reach might mean oppressed or persecuted or cut off by language. Hard-to-reach people may be poor, living in very remote places, illiterate, physically disabled, hit by natural disasters, homeless or in exile. It’s not easy to reach these people through traditional mission or church-planting. But FEBC reaches these people – and disciples, pastors and teaches them – through radio. Radio reaches millions February 13 each year is World Radio Day, a UN acknowledgement of the centrality of radio to the way we live. Find out more at If the UN can see the value of radio, we see it all the more with evidence of people connected, lives transformed by Christ and churches established.

Radio brings joy to listeners, like these women and girls in rural Bangladesh How many people are we talking about? We measure our reach by the number of responses we receive – in the millions each year. Ultimately, we will know when we are with God. He knows every one of our listeners by name. Prayer reaches God FEBC works in more than 50 countries across 130 languages. Why not pray with us? Pray about all of our work if you want or pick a country, a language or a technology. It’s all good! We regularly send prayer

information to more than 4,000 Australians (via email, post, website). There is no limit to the number of people who can be part of our praying army. No age restrictions either. Download our new Prayer Guide ( prayerguide ) to help you get started. Prayer and radio are very similar – you can’t see where they go or how they work, but you can see the evidence of their power! FEBC harnesses both, powered

by God’s spirit and God’s people, to reach the hardest-to-reach. The world has changed enormously since FEBC Australia began in 1965 but our core mission has not changed a bit. And your value in this work is as critical as ever. Support FEBC in prayer and financially as you are able. One radio costs only A$30 but can literally mean the world to the listener. How does it work? There are many examples of how FEBC is working right

now to feed hearts, engage with communities, bring hope and change lives. Here is just one example, from Bangladesh in South Asia. Over 60 per cent of people in Bangladesh live in rural communities; more than a third in poverty. Half of all rural children are chronically malnourished. FEBC’s local partner, RMB, uses radio in Bangla/Bengali to build community in rural areas, provide Christian teaching, promote education and good health and to help people see their value within God’s creation. You can be part of that by praying and supporting FEBC Australia. For many, what they hear through FEBC is revolutionary, especially for women and girls who are often overlooked. A number of listeners have been baptised in the past year, willing to risk isolation in villages where Christianity is opposed. A listener from the region said, “I heard the program along with my father, mother and two friends. I liked the content about the value of women. By listening to your program my mother’s eyes were full of tears.” Contact FEBC Australia Facebook - FEBC Australia Twitter - @febcaus Email – Website – Phone - 1300 720 017