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A PirAte’s Tale

Under a purple sky, a crazy ship floated along.

Tucked away in the ship’s bathroom the lovely pirates were plotting their next move. Should they sail across the Sea of Beer? Should they take to land and risk meeting face to face with fat spongeous in the Forest of Bacon?

It had been twenty weeks since they last saw dry land. Most of the crew would give anything to be playing tennis in the sandy beaches of Caxinas.

The ship’s captain, Rita, ran her huge fingers through her silly beard. Suddenly, an idea hit Captain Rita’s brain like a pencil. “Arrgh, me lads!” he shouted, “Who’s got the map of Barbie?”

All the other pirates looked at each other and the room grew as quiet as a snail in a fridge.

After four minutes, first mate Mr Bean

said, “Captain, we

ate the map last week when we ran out of cornflakes for our delicious pizza.” The captain waved his head in the air and yelled “Ai caramba”

A Pirate's Tale 8º B  

A crazy tale about pirates

A Pirate's Tale 8º B  

A crazy tale about pirates