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Equilibrium SERIES

One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank (Spalding Dr. J 241 Series), 1985

Statuary SERIES

Rabbit Stainless steel, 1986

“ Ta k i n g a r e a d y m a d e inflatable rabbit Koons cast the object in highly polished stainless steel, resulting in Rabbit (1986), one of his most famous artworks�.

“Koons appropriated these advertisements and revalued them by recontextualising them into artworks. They “deliver a critique of traditional advertising that supports B a u d r i l l a r d ’s c e n s o r i o u s view of the obscene promiscuity of consumer signs.”

Luxury & Degradation SERIES

I Assume You Drink Martell 1986

“Featuring photographs b y M a t t C h e d g e y, K o o n s placed “advertisements in international art magazines of himself surrounded by the trappings of success” and gave interviews “referring to himself in the third person.”

Banality SERIES

Art Magazine Ads (Art), 1988

Made in Heaven SERIES

Ilona on Top (Rosa Backround),1990


Puppy, stainless steel, soil, geotexplants 1992

Celebration SERIES

Balloon Dog (Blue), high stainless steel with transparent colo,1992


Lady Gaga Artpop cover, 2013

Whitney MuseumRetospective

Proposed Installation at Highline, June 2014

Jeff Koons Final  
Jeff Koons Final