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From the 29 september to 24 October 2008

29 september We leave of good hour and for all the day the sun accompanies to us during our travel towards Hungary. We exceed Venice, we head towards Austria finding a panorama detail, little ones small villages with houses lowlands to spioventi roofs and colorful and full windows of flowers. Every small country receives with its everywhere teaches that it remembers the place where we find ourselves and to many and many flowers to us. Also the stopped ones of the bloomed buses seem garden, and when we arrive to our goal, we notice flowers also in the little ones ponticelli used in order to cross small letters torrents. They are the seventeen when we arrive to the camping where we will pass the evening. We arrange ourselves in the camping of Klagenfurt, on the sides of its lake, in a beautiful Prato. Before supper we make a longest long walk lake waiting for the sunset of the sun. 30 september The morning before to leave comes to us to greet some leprotti that we photograph, then leaves for Hungary. Along the road, before to exceed the border, we make pauses for the coffee. That error - we will not repeat it more: the two longest coffees with least latte and some biscorch of the place but much hard that us son seemed pebbles. ‌ and the price? 4 euros! We almost do not notice to exceed the border a lot the panorama is similar, single that the houses, always small and with spioventi roofs, are more modest, without flowers and almost all have agricultural annexed little ones. Al first distributer we so make the change from being able to pay from hour in then with fiorini the Hungarians rather than with euro. It is still high day, therefore we have all the time that we want in order to visit, before to go to look for the camping, the castle of Keszthely. We park own in front of the castle and we are also nearest the center, we enter in the garden very cured at last we go to visit within the famous library that it comprises beyond 100.000 volumes. Draft of grandissimo a hall completely covered from bookcases of wood fine inlaid. A caretaker of the castle understands that we are Italian and, knowing some word, explains us the importance of the library then accompanying to us also in other rooms that we could otherwise not have seen. They are the eighteen, we go to pass to the night in the beautifulst camping own in river to the most famous thermal lake of Hèviz. In front of we, in the camping, there is small a radioactive water river to thirty-eight the degrees, completely covered ninfee most colorful, crossed in more parts from little ones bridges.

1 October The morning we head towards the income of the terme in order to pass a day but, seen the depth to you and the trusts that remember the radioactivity of waters we decide, after to have Leggi i nostri diari su:


wondered explanations, to look, sending back to other occasion the bathroom in thermal waters. This is the greater thermal natural lake of the world and its waters renew every two three days. The water gushes from two rich sources of mineral substances that are found to 38 meters of depth. The temperature of the water - very radioactive it has an average of thirty degrees, while the mud, from which rooms the radioactivity, are effective for the reumatiche diseases and the cure of the motor organs, but the bathroom must be advised from the doctors who visit also in the terme. Lasciamo Hèviz and we head towards the Abbey of Tihany the village that encircles it, is very characteristic. Every house in sunlight has the roof covered from which dried canes, every small house accommodates a store of local handicraft and therefore souvenirs can be acquired: embroidered table cloths and garments, ceramic details and carpets of skin vacca. Costeggiamo the lake making, partially, the circumnavigation in order to try a camping where to pass the night. The road is small (does not take the freeway), sees the no thoroughfare for the carts, for the cars, the bicycles and the tractors that must cover a narrow lane next to the road; also a railroad runs parallel to the road and notices that the trains are all with the red locomotive and vagoni greens or blue. After to have telephoned the grandsons we go to visit the church of famous Veszprém because the son of the king has pronounced the castità ballot here. We visit all the citizen leaving the camper van own outside walls to them. We continue costeggiando the lake until to arrive to Zamardi but we find all the campings closed. We then decide to stop itself in a small piazzetta along lake. More late towards the 21 they come to make company a ten to us of laborers who, come down from their van put themselves to speak and drink, making also some uproar, then towards the 22,30 resumes their van and leaves. The night then passes calm. 2 October We leave soon and we head to the south towards Pecs, exceed the new terme of Igal, then we turn aside for a provincial road because we want to go to see the coves of Abaliget that we know, to be very beautiful and here some campings are found also. The road is panoramic is small wood equipped with small tables and baskets for the dirt truly very equipped for the picnic. We notice, with satisfaction that also along the smaller roads and also in the smallest small villages reigns more completes cleansing. Not there are papers for earth, and not even abandoned soil, every small house has a very small garden very cured and cleaned. Arrived to the coves of Abaliget, we notice that the camping is closed. In front of we a beautifulst small lake where it is possible to fish, we incamminiamo towards the entrance of the coves that they open to every hour. We make the ticket, we cover ourselves well well and we enter: in these coves ago truly cold, there are stalactites and stalagmiti, the boy, the guide who accompanies us with the torch electrical worker, explain us the nature of the coves and it says us that still today these are modified for effect of violent sliding of waters to its inside. It was worth just the pain to arrive here until. We must go to find a camping open and therefore we leave. Along the lake, near Orfù us it must be a camping… but it is closed. Then we resume the road in order to go to Pecs that is not distant very. We arrive to the east income of the city, where a camping is found but also this is closed, we know that us of it must be an other, on the road for Budapest but we must cross all the city of Pecs and, cause the lack of signs, we do not know from that it leave to go. Antero is stopped to a kiosk near the station of the buses in order to wonder where the Familia camping is found. Who knows Leggi i nostri diari su:


as it has made to agree, here nobody speaks Italian, neither tantomeno French neither English, single someone the German! However a young Hungarian who works in Austria offers of stuffed the guide until the camping says to us that she has understood where she is‌ and‌. part with its Mercedes and we follow it. We enter and we exit from the center of Pecs, we race in order much time. It is making oneself late but our companion insists: he wants to accompany us until the camping, telephones many times over (to who? If he does not have intentional the number of the telephone of the camping). Antero says the Hungarian, while it thanks it for its courtesy, that it will go to sleep from an other part but our companion insists then, finally, chip ax to see our cartina with the address of the camping. We resume the road and‌ we have arrived here to the Familia camping that we find opened. We greet and we thank for the courtesy our companion and we arrange ourselves in the camping. They are the eighteen, the sun is decreasing, we we find ourselves in the beautifulst one and driven in noceto, we have the light but the camping is completely to the dark. We are in a lateral narrow lane and parallel to the national one that leads towards Budapest and, hardly out of the camping is found: the stopped one of the bus for the center, a little one but fornitissimo commercial center and many others negozietti. We look the timetable of the corriera for the center so to visit it the next day. We make a beautiful walk, some purchases to the supermarket and then we re-enter in the dark of our camping. The night pulls some wind and the walnuts us fall on the roof of the camper van accompanying our sleep. 3 October We get up with a beautiful warm sun, we go to take the bus for the center. All are very cordial and kind, lessened signal of demand quickly tries to help in spite of the language is very difficult indeed incomprehensible for we. The center of Pecs is very beautiful, its main public square is studded of important and decorated palaces. There are also ancient palaces to memory of the then Turkish conquests first Roman. We go to lunch in central of the restaurants of Pecs. We eat outside under a beautiful warm sun we order the menu of the day (prepare a list with a menu for every day of the excluded week Sunday here). Today it is friday and there is Gulasch with several lenticchie and verdure, then, like second, a tortino of tagliatelle pasted with covered egg and uvetta and from a layer of sugar to the veil. Like drink water with lemon. The price is modico - 6 euros for two people instead the two coffees (optimal) costs 3 euros. We finish to the afternoon visiting well all the ancient city that deserves a visit sure, then to imbrunire we resume the bus that leads to us near the camping and finishes the evening speaking with the grandsons who tomorrow will go to make a fencing contest. 4 October We get up under the rain and ago a little fresh, lasciamo Pecs in order to head before to Harkany, Siklos, fast visit of Mohacs and then we go back the river Dune for Baja; at last we head towards Kalocsa in order to go to see its station completely painted. When we arrive in city, we notice that in all the houses are hung so much large full nets of chili pepper that seem salami. We do not succeed to find the railway station, we try to wonder, but who does not understand it does not answer who understands does not know where she is found. Finally we find the person just, a gentleman in car with the wife and the Leggi i nostri diari su:


daughter succeeds to indicate the road to us and so we succeed to arrive to the station quickly followed from that gentleman who kindly has come to us behind, in car, in order to control if we had understood well. They greet to us and we thank while we look the station who - now we understand because he does not know it nobody, is in complete abandonment; it does not work more like station; sin is truly a small ancient jewel, all the doors is decorated with flowers and completely colored, they are truly beautiful. Perhaps it would be opportune to recover the site so that the tourists can enjoy this ancient station that deserves greater attention. We continue in order to go to Szeged where there is the possibility to go in camping. We arrive and once again the camping is closed therefore withdraws for the center where we know that it pauses short is tolerated. We succeed to park just in front of the pedestrian zone of Szeged; they are the seventeen, we head quickly towards the public square where the cathedral is found. It is immense and beautiful, within completely it is gilded and a sung putting is being carried out. In the before public square Hungarian with benches for the sale of the specialties of the place is a typical fair. Alle eighteen we are cheered by a music that comes from close real Palace, on the clock of the tower there are personages who turn in circles and mark second and the minutes. In front of the parking where we are arrest warrants are the pedestrians-only zone that we cross in order to go to admire the musical Fontanas who cheer the evening of the Hungarians. After new supper walk in the center completely illuminated, the evening is enough fresh but the sky is serene. 5 October We have breakfast in a bar of the center then we go towards Opusztaszer that is distant little kilometers in order to see the national park of the memory Hungarian. We find with difficulty this grandissimo park (least signs, like always, and then nobody is able to indicate where it is found), we park to the income and we make the ticket for the visit. There are small farms and villages with people dressed like in the passed times, goats, horses, pigs and cows graze liberations. We enter in the great dome where it is istallato, in circles, a mega I fresco high 15 meters and along 120 meters - the diameter of the circle is of 38 meters. More you notice magiari painters have created this wonder that is exposed in 1894 in occasion of the millenium of the conquest of the Native land. Afterwards it was exposed to the universal fair of Paris of 1909. The epic of the Hungarians fine from the come one from the Carpazi in 1099 of the first magiari with their prince Arpad is truly a wonder is represented you all; it has been so that it has had term along nomadismo of the people magiaro; here, in the Carpazi, they have found their native land definitive, have constructed to the nation Hungarian here. In the dome there are the sonorous effects, horses that nitriscono, voices of warriors that fight, tamburi and pifferi increase the atmosphere with the thunders, and to the light lightning bolts that illuminate the white horse of Arpad the father of the Native land and all is very evocative. In the park we notice strange constructions of wood, draft of the most ancient houses of the magiari when they colonized this territory. In a part of the park there are some magiari that get ready to make a show of archery with the horses in race. Quickly after lunch we continue towards Gyula that, we have read, is be a matter of a beautiful thermal citizen with the only rinascimentale castle of Hungary. We arrive that it begins to imbrunire; we are to single 5 km from the border with Rumania, we look for the Leggi i nostri diari su:


camping (us are some 2) but they turn out both closed. It does not remain to us that to park in a lateral narrow lane near the small lake of the castle at less than 100 meters from the terme. We go to wonder if tomorrow it will be possible to enter to the terme but they explain to us that in order to enter here, in these terme, that medicamentose and they are mainly used by the civil servants, it is necessary a medical certificate. The evening we enjoy the show the illuminated castle and the cinguettio of the birds that re-enter in the nests on the trees of the small lake. 6 October We get up with a beautiful dazzling sun and since is impossible to enter in these terme we decide to leave quickly and to go towards others terme, that we know opened to all. We go back along the border of Rumania, then arrived to Derecske we turn aside in order to go to Hajduszoboszlò where they have opened largest terme of Hungary with aquatic park, swimming pools and games. When we arrive we notice some Hungarians attempts to reach water from public Fontana, since are remained deprived of water we stop ourselves in order to a little take some. Antero takes the jerry cans and the gesture heads towards the cinnamon but hardly ago to open the tap some men (waiting for to reach also they it water) shouts and moves away the hands of Antero from the cinnamon; why? The water exits to seventy degrees, fortunately has gone well, only a small scalding for some drops exited from the jerry cans: if the hands were bathed sure the skin burns were so important to have to resort to the cures of a doctor to first-aid. This is the business card of Hajduszoboszlò: a city with the warmest waters - thermal and good from drink (from cold). Impossible to fill up the tank of the camper van immediately, and we decide to put the water within to the warehouse the evening when one gets cold. We turn for the country to the search of the camping that, like always, remains difficult to find it, lack the street indications but after a little we succeed to find it. It is open, large and very it is equipped and it has the income directly in the park of the terme. Finally we can try to take a bath ristoratore in thermal waters. After to have arranged the camper van and fact the ticket for two days of terme, directly to the direction of the camping, (5 euros per head for day and without limit of timetable) we go to see of what draft. Effectively it is grandissimo complex with a ten thermal swimming pools of miscellaneous type, heat and largeness is in the open air and as many to the place setting where the saune are found also, the bathrooms in mud etcc etcc. The all framed from an immense swimming pool with the waves (payment besides), from games for boys, fields from tennis, restaurants, discotheques. We go to see which are the swimming pools where we can remain without obligation of a medical control. We notice that in some swimming pools the water has a high radioactivity and forty degrees of heat, others have the radioactivity symbol but there is the possibility to bathe itself for a maximum of twenty minutes. Naturally we try them all, some we have the water to thirty-six degrees others to thirty-eight, some we have zampilli for massages of the back, others we have cascatelle, other massaggiano anchor the stomach and there are also the vortices, they work at intervals you specify and he can be passed from one to the other swimming pool without problems. Leggi i nostri diari su:


7 October Also today warm sun and via quickly at terme where the we practically always pass all the day to bathroom, excluded moment of the lunch that we consume in a small restaurant selfservice near swimming pools. Then we resume quickly our bathroom with radioactive water and warm and, so the day ends. 8 October We are near the Puszta (the great plain) and so we go to Hortobagy, before we stop ourselves to Mata where we go to visit the breeding of the Nonius horses then, in this sconfinata Pampas we go to see a small farm. Goats from corna the details, famous buoi the white Hungarians, asses, horses, and pigs that we have not never seen. We know the pigs without hairs, rosati even also black but these have the hair and long that seem curly hair of a beautiful color ivory, black, brown; also the doves have tow to them curly or the tail with the riccioli, others have also the collar like ancient the noble ones. The huts of the small farm have roofs made with the canniccio. The camping is closed, is the possibility to pause in the parking of the restaurant that is found in country but we decide to continue in order to go to Tokay covering secondary roads in order to make before. And so we cross characteristic small villages and little ones smalls lake where Antero tries to fish then (without some result), continuing arrives in river to the river ........... not is some bridge is impossible to cross it in fact (, at the beginning of this narrow lane was a trust, for we strange) is seen forced to return behind and covering the main road (to think that we have taken this narrow lane in order to shorten the distances) From the other part of the river we feel of the voices, we look more carefully and we see that a barge moves away from the opposite side and comes towards of we. Wonder, we ferry the river over this barge and can resume our distance that leads to us to Tokay passing from Nyiregyhaza and Tiszalok. We enter in a beautiful one negozietto of wines in order to see and we exit some with various bottles that we will give to our friends and our sons. In fact it is impossible not to buy the wine, the mrs. who manages the activity makes us to thank goodness taste to small doses () many wine varieties that almost we get drunk ourselves. It is dark and we do not know where to go to sleep but since we are in the parking of the supermarket that remains opened until the 24 - we decide to pause just here for the night. After supper, towards the 22 we make spold to the supermarket in order to make supplies of bread, meat and fruit. 9 October We have rested truly well, we are to little kilometers from Sarospatak and its famous castle own to the border with Ukraine and Slovakia. We arrive and we find a colorful citizen and with many flowers and, like, always cleanest. We do not succeed to find the castle (but how many us are some in this city that nobody knows to us to indicate the road in order to arrive to us), then entering in a small road succeeds to arrive in a very small parking to ridosso of the castle. Squared and high, not very beautiful from outside but truly seeing in its inside or in the courtyard or in the several real rooms and then the park very held with trees that already take the color of the autumn. Lasciamo the castle in order to go towards Aggtelek where the longer coves of Europe are found and that they arrive beautiful beyond the border with Slovakia. Now the panorama changes and becomes more variegated lasciamo behind our shoulders immense plains of the Putsza and finds cakies hills and forests, we cross Leggi i nostri diari su:


mountain small villages and us it seems not to never arrive; the road is tightened but we find least traffic, then finally we arrive, in front of we tantissimi great parkings for tourist buses and many stores closed… but not are nobody. We arrive to the camping located to the income of the coves, in grandissimo a park, beautiful and very cured, go in the Prato but the wheels slip on the grass and let out hard work some, therefore we arrange ourselves in the pebble narrow lane since are the only inhabitants of so a great camping. We go to the restaurant in order to inform to us on the timetable of visit of the famous coves and then we rest in Hush the more absolute: we are completely single, the restaurant closes, the attache's of the coves are already re-entries… in short not is own nobody! 10 October Alle ten o'clock we are in front of the income of the coves, only visitors. The young one accompanies to us in the visit, comes down in the depths of the mountain and finds a river underground - now dry but that the visit of the coves in boat allows in March. The coves are longest, the longest of Europe with its 28 km and have exited also in Slovakia. As we penetrate ourselves we notice that lamps are ignited in order to illuminate the beautifulst stalactites that form also figures of people. We arrive, in the middle of much wonder in an enormous room used for the summery concerts for its excellent characteristics of sonorità and our guide it is put to a pianola and it begins to sound while the lights, stimulated from music are ignited and extinguished, illuminate some details….a show that us is remained in the heart and the eyes a lot has moved us and a lot is beautiful. We finish our travel in viscere of the earth after an hour (are routes of two and four hours arriving until beyond the border with Slovakia). Still before lunch we decide to continue our travel going towards Lillafured where we know to be itself a magnificent castle hidden in the middle of forests and near a small lake. The castle is truly beautiful is situated in an atmosphere from fable, the river lambisce walls to them while the trees take the color of the autumn. Antero tries also to fish in the lake without to succeed to take nothing. Before make dark we decide to continue in order to find the camping to Eger- that obviously we find closed. We then decide to sleep in the large square of a supermarket (Telso) that open remains twenty-four hours. In fact, we notice that also to the twenty-three one and the two of night with cases also reduced market it is opened and come to make spold also some people. 11 October The night is passed calm, to the 8,30 is already in center to Eger in order to visit the city, its castle, the basilica and the garden of the center; everywhere the cleansing reigns and the order, the garden is full of flowers and the roads are cleanest. We go towards Egerszalok where there are new terme radioactive with swimming pools in the open air and that they say do good also the ulcer. We arrive and we notice grandissimo a new new plant with beautifulst swimming pools to the place setting and great bathtubs in the open air. To the ticket office they tie us to the arm a plastic clock that memorizes the entrance timetable and works also as it looks for people. and like key in order to open the mobiletto that it is assigned to us. After to have seen as they make the others also we succeed to open ours mobiletti, we change, we put the custom and via within swimming pools with water to forty-two degrees. We try all the swimming pools also those with cold water to fourteen degrees making the sauna from forty-two to thirty-six to fourteen degrees. In front Leggi i nostri diari su:


of we, while we are in water we can see the warmest water that a large white limestone cascade exits from the earth forming. It seems of being to Pamukkale in Turkey. They are the sixteen and we resume the travel in order to go to Matrahaza the mountain higher than all Hungary (1014 meters). The mountain is equipped also in order to ski to new evidence that the winter falls much snow here. We find tantissima people that she has come to make long walks, the trees more and more take the color of the autumn. We go to look for the camping but, naturally we find closed, then we change it route and we go towards Parad but also we find the camping here closed and therefore we decide to sleep in the parking of the buses, near the income of the same camping. 12 October Along the road we see many carts hauled from horses and adorned with the tralci of screw and when we arrive to Holloko we find the parking full of car and gigs: today the festivity of the grape is carried out here. The village, patrimony of the humanity, is conserved like era to first of the eight hundred. The very small country has houses typical of the zone, all very restored while the small roads of all the village are cobbled and must be attention to where walk because we run the risk to sprain a foot. In every house there is a small artisan laboratory of typical products of the place. Being today day of festivity in the small chiesetta of the village a putting in thanks of the good harvest of grape is celebrated and, to the ' escape of the church, some women with typical and ancient garments deliver to the faithfuls and to the curious ones you anticipate a chicco of blessed grape. The old women of the place have wear so dressed traditional pretty who seem all small small dolls of ceramics. Here not there is possibility to pause for the night therefore, of first afternoon, we resume the way towards Godollo of seeing the palace where Queen Sissi has lived in order more than six years. The palace is very beautiful and the rooms are all decorated but the beautifulr part is sure the park, grandissimo, with plants to high stalk and very very cured. Also to the parking of the palace it is not possible to pause for the night, we then go to the supermarket open twenty-four hours where we pass a calm night. And tomorrow‌ Budapest. 13 October The freeway leads us own within Budapest, is attention because if we mistake the escape, marked evil, we will exceed it and have to go more ahead. Although the chaotic traffic Antero succeeds to feed the just escape that leads to us just in the center of Budapest. Costeggiamo the Danube in the middle of the very fast traffic until to arrive to the station of Moszkvar Ter mails under walls them of Buda. Here we wonder information on where the camping is found but we find people that it does not understand, does not know or it suggests us to return behind. We decide to go ahead because Antero had localized the camping of Budapest own in this direction, we arrive to a semaforo e.finalmente we find an arrow that it indicates the camping. We advance in this road and we begin to go up in hill, after approximately ten kilometers we think to have wrong. But it goes well so and‌.we arrive to the camping. It is managed by a mrs. who speaks also Italian, says quickly to us that they have varied the bus service that carried directly in center to Pest, however we will be able to take bus 291 for the Leggi i nostri diari su:


station of Moszkvar Ter and then from them to continue with the meter or with bus 22 or tram 4 and 6. For this reason the price of pause-comprised the breakfast has diminished (little). After to have arranged the camper van we equip ourselves in order to go quickly to visit Budapest. To the escape of the camping at less than 300 meters the stopped one of bus 291 is found that us door to a station of shunting pulmann (Budagyongye) and of it we take an other for the center here. We continue on foot in order to visit the Parliament that unfortunately we find closed (is on a sitting of the parliamentarians Hungarians), does not import we will tomorrow see it, therefore for a trip in boat on the Danube. We arrive to the imbarcadero, nearest the Bridge of the Chains, make many photographies and then, with the boat we go back the Danube until to reach the island Daisy. The service in the boat is impeccable, Misss who seem stewardess, pretty and very kind receive us, explain like making to us in order to listen to the recording, the explanation, of the monuments that we go to see while we go back the river. The Danube is encircled beautifulst palaces, also the parliament us appears in all its beauty: it is all a triple one‌ seems a Venetian palace. Arrived to the island we disembark and we go around beautifulst in the park, completely green with giganteschi trees, a small zoo, discotheque, bar and restaurants, while tantissimi Hungarians practice the race. After approximately an hour we resume the boat that us filler to the imbarcadero, before to come down is offered an aperitif to us and, along with the captain we drink a toast. The afternoon we pass it in turn for the center of Pest to see several monuments and the more important things. (like filler the guide whom they have offered to the central station) We re-enter late, and we see Budapest of evening, with the palaces completely illuminated. We are to the camping where, in Hush the more absolute, we pass the night. 14 October Our breakfast in camping. The mrs. has prepared, for the hosts, a table imbandita with marmellate, butter, crepes, cheeses, salumi, latte, coffee, yields, then drinks and fruit juices. After to have made lauta a breakfast we resume bus 291 stopping us to the station of the subway that we take in order to go at work. This line of the subway is most ancient and has vagoni smallest but it is fastest, punctual and‌ cleanest. In order to visit the Work it is necessary to reserve, therefore we must return to the 15 (of opening of the cases) and now pay the ticket for the visit of the sixteen. We then go to see the great indoor market, that it deserves a visit without a doubt. One is composed of three plans, in the seminterrato one there are the supermarkets and stores for the sale of the fish; In the center there are butcher shops and stores with gastronomici products, to the advanced plan tantissimi handicraft stores, with garments rich embroidered, sale of embroiderys and laces, etcc etcc. We go to look for chicca‌ a palace of the mail, that ancient one, now used after museum; not there are visitors, solo we, therefore we enjoy with all calm putties it and the furnishings of this palace. The visit could not lack to the cathedral, by outside beautifulst seppur is encircled by high palaces Enters because it is opened the public so we can visit it with all calm. After lunch we go to the opera house, we succeed to reserve the visit and to the sixteen o'clock, uniforms for nationality we can enter. To every group a guide is assigned who speaks to language about the visitors, we, only Italians has on hand, all for we, a Miss whom, with all calm it makes to Leggi i nostri diari su:


see us and she explains to us, with dovizia of details, the theater. Truly a very beautiful theater and important (according to solo to that of Vienna, capital of the Austro-hungarian empire). The classified staircase to the emperor and the noble ones is impressive; covered by grandissimi red carpets, with parapets and columns of valuable marble the roof is supported by columns of sicialian wood fine inlaid. Large hall where the rappresentazioni are carried out has seats of velvet, while a grandissimo lampadario it surpasses the room that are in the shape of U. Ended the visit decide to take the subway in order to go to the railway station of Nyugati where, in press stops bus 291 that us filler directly to our camping. We let out in order from the subway and, instead going out where there are the buses, we mistake and we find again in the newest building “the Millenium” a small city, over the subway, but under the street level. We decide to pass the rest of the evening in order to visit this place where there are stores, bar, restaurants, the Fontanas, in short a real city truly beautiful basement and… cleaned. We eat typical plates Hungarians and then, seen the late hour, we return… in surface in order to take the bus that us filler to the camping. To cross the night city is truly beautiful; the palaces are illuminated and to see the bridge of the chains, the Parliament and the fortress and the real palace of Buda of evening leaves a fantastic memory us of this city. It is late, we arrive to the twenty-three one but not there are problems for means of transport: they are always working until the two of night in order then to resume to the six of the mattino. 15 October Same rich of then new breakfast and visiting the city. Today we go to Buda on the hill. Beautiful the bastion of the fishermen, from its porticato one is possible to see all Pest from above. The church of Natia is in restoration but we can visit of the inside that is truly beautiful. We continue in our visit of the city, the roads are completes me of it cobbled, we arrive to the real castle now used after museum, is immense, huge but us it does not seem tantissimo beautiful then, so that we decide to go to Pest. We do not take the cableway but on foot, crossing a small wood, we arrive just in front of the bridge of the chains, we cross it admiring the Danube that slides under our feet. We go to reserve the visit of the parliament, are the twelve, the visit will begin to the 16,30. In the wait we resume our route, we see in a black church a effige of the madonna identical to that of Cracovia. Finally it is reached the hour to go to visit the Parliament. We are six Italians against twenty Germans, fifteen English and ten Spanish therefore we come aggregates to the Spanish and a guide is assigned to us who speaks the Spanish correctly but for our fortune she speaks so as to farces very slowly to it to understand. The room of the assembly of the parliament is all decorated with putties in gold and with great paintings that all around remember the history of Hungary to the statues of the national heroes and of -magiari that they constituted the Nation more than thousand years ago. We visit all the rooms used from I talked Hungarians until to arrive in the room of the current president where we admire a carpet of 150 by hand mq all a worked… work of art Hungarian. Ended the visit we resume the tour of the city that fascinates to us with its beautifulst palaces, public squares and monuments. The evening we go of new to the Millenium (that it is near the stopped one of the bus) in order to eat in characteristic a local little one. We pull late also this evening and then we re-enter, tires, but content. Leggi i nostri diari su:


16 October Today, after the usual, rich breakfast we go, with the subway in possible the farther places than Budapest in order to see the zones outside center. Our first visits dedicates it to the wonderful Sinagoga (is second the largest one of the world). After most accurate controls the visit affords us and is accompanied by a Hebrew who speaks the Italian correctly, is we two single ones and can enjoy the guide with calm. After to have visited the inside, beautiful and important (draft of the only sinagoga progressive of the Europe that affords also to the women to participate to the religious functions), we go ourselves to see the famous tree of metal gift of the actor American Toni Curtis and on which are hung many leaves with over written the name of the Hebrew killed during the German repression before and Russian then. We resume the subway and we go towards north in order to see the public square of the heroes; a gigantic public square encircled from enormous statues, in beautiful half of the public square a monumental complex of representing statues the King Arpad and other heroes. In the vicinities of mega the public square there is a small lake where the Hungarians pass some hours in sunlight, a circus with playground for children, a zoo and, not last, the greatest and famous thermal spa of Budapest. 17 October Quickly after to have made the customary breakfast we leave in order to go to visit the Abbey of Esztergom, costeggiamo the handle of the Danube, we pass Szentendre, Visegrad. The sky slightly has veiled and threatens rain, fortunately, while we go back all slowly the handle of the Danube, returns the sun that it accompanies to us for all the way. Along the road we can see many trees loaded with vischio and also trusts on the road that signal no thoroughfare for the cows from the ore10 to hours 19! We park under the great Abbey constructed in memory of Saint Stephen (first king Hungarian) we visit the inside and then we taste the panorama from the top of the dome of the Abbey admiring all the city under of we. We have made enough soon and we can go ahead in order to visit an other abbey, that of Pannonhalma so much more than in it press we know to be itself a camping. When we arrive in the large square in front of the abbey and make pauses, us a gentleman comes encounter whom it makes us of the signs making us to understand that the abbey closes and that now (they are le15,30) is the last turn for the visit. We thank and, of haste we approach ourselves the ticket office and‌ but he is the same gentleman‌.it works here and ago tickets! Little minutes and via with a guide pass (speak alone Hungarian) that it accompanies to us we cross a small wood and a small knoll before to arrive to the entrance of the Benedictine Abbey. The guide speaks is in six people but we succeed to follow it because to the ticket office they have delivered a pantry to us in Italian (to give back to the guide). The abbey, after Esztergom, the more important than all Hungary has to its inside also the most famous grammar school of the Country, the inside is enormous and is to four levels, the basement encrypts it is sure that beautifulst one. They are the seventeen and we must find the camping, we follow the indications and finally we find it, it is found just under the great Abbey and neighbor we will be able to have use of of the bus in order to go up on top of the hill. But it is closed! Also is this camping closed. .che to make? : to sleep in long country the road or to Leggi i nostri diari su:


seguitare to walk and to go to Pope where there are also the terme. It is hoped that us it is also a camping and. that or opened. When we arrive to Pope we notice the trusts that indicate the camping; our hope to find it open is relieved own by this sight. We follow the indications and we arrive to mega a camping, new, certifyd from the ADAC (German campers), with splendid hygienic services, automatic lights in stops and the showers, with playground for children, laundry etcc etcc and at less than 50 meters the terme. We enter, we arrange ourselves, we do not make in time to record itself that it is already evening. Tomorrow we will see of what draft. 18 October First thing in the morning we make a beautiful walk in the center of Pope and discover that a beautiful citizen is own. We notice many people dressed in elegant but fashionable way of the zingari. We re-enter soon to the camping and still before the eleven we are already entrances in swimming pools of the terme to enjoy the heat to us waters to thirty-nine degrees. The terme they are truly very organized, are large swimming pools where we can ourselves be dived, others for more the little ones also with slides for children, others in the open air while in the large bathtubs, or in the open air or within terme the water it does not exceed 1,50 meters so that all can enjoy the heat of thermal waters. In some points it is also possible to go under small cascatelle that they regenerate muscles of the shoulders, in other bathtubs are seats with strong jets to the height of the lombi and under buttocks, others have a current hard that it affords to move all the parts of the body without hard work. To the hour of lunch we go, in custom, the restaurant of the terme and here we eat their traditional plates, then we return in the bathtubs where we pass all the rest of the day. While we are here to enjoy to us the warm sun and the waters to thirty-nine degrees we telephone to the sons and the grandsons saying they that, perhaps, the next year, we will be able to return here with they in order to pass at least a week to us. 19 October Lasciamo the camping with the terme of Pope and we continue in our route that leads to us to Fertod. We arrive and we notice that the camping is closed; there close there is a hotel with restaurant that sometimes affords to the camperisti to pause for the night. We wonder authorization that is come to an agreement to us but they say us that the restaurant works alone and therefore to a sure hour they close all, we decide to remain and via quickly visiting the castle where it has inhabited for nine years prince Sissi. In reality draft of a very large, beautiful palace with a great garden to the income and a wonderful park place in the back of the palace, that it has very many rooms all furnished in style. It is reached the evening when we finish the visit and we go to the camper van for the supper. They are the twenty-three one and the restaurant closes, spenge the little lights that it had in the large square and we lead in the more absolute dark. 20 October Lasciamo Fertod with the fog that to scompare when we arrive to Sopron. We visit the center that us has seemed a chicca, then we decide to go to Vienna because it is distant alone fifty kilometers. We arrive to the fourteen to camping the Wien very marked West, the manager of the camping gives us two tickets of the bus in order to go in center. We quickly leave to Leggi i nostri diari su:


the time of the splendid Capital Austrian. How we will find again it after forty years? (! here we had passed some days during our honeymoon that it has seen to us to turn for Europe of the east.) Quickly the visit of the cathedral of S. Stefano and then in river to the Danube (to the branch of the Danube) where there are the boats that connect Vienna with Bratislava and Budapest. We go to wonder the price for a day to Bratislava (we wanted ourselves to be gone with the camper van still before to arrive here, but knowing that the camping was closed we had thought to go us via the Danube) but we find esoso (250 euros to it in two with departure to the 10,30 and return to the 17,30 for two hours of traversata) and renounce. We pass the evening in center, the lights of Vienna fascinate to us but… it seems various ago, 40 years in the roads of the center and to every angle there were orchestrine, violinists that cheered the evenings with much music while in every hotel, also smallest, there was a musician who sounded its piano. Today is very commercial the much less romantica one will be because then was young? 21 October Alle 9,45 we take the bus that leads to us in center and goes to visit the Real Palace, all truly fastoso, but the official history of Sissi, (so is brought back by the organs Austrians) disappoints us much. It has a caratterino not at all charming, has always lived out of the life of the reign because insofferente to the obligations of the monarchy and in short it at all broke and little and only the emperor its husband, than of was sweetheart, succeeded to tolerate its “found”. And when it was killed by an Italian, almost all had not displeased any if not for aestheticism. Has the cinema instead introduced us a history where all beautiful era, She was glad and joyful (but where? A daughter even repudiates it) and lives an extraordinary history of love with emperor Francesco Giuseppe but all this does not correspond to the truth and this truth disappoints us much; we had believed in a history of love, fantastic and fascinating. We exit and we have the fortune to see that in the stables of the Palace it is in preparation a training of Spanish horses of the famous Viennese school. We pay the ticket and we see the horses that they dance to sound of music while the knights, all in uniform, receive you anticipate warmest applauses the final escape of the knights is with the march of Radetzky whom it makes us to come the goose bumps. We continue in our route of visit in order to see more possible things, then joints at work, discover not to be able to enter because today and for five days there is a concert directed from DUMB. And therefore we must renounce to the visit… will be for an other occasion. We many times over take the subway that allows to go to see also palaces us out of the center until when it is not made now of supper and we find again ourselves newly near the church of Saint Stephen in order to savor cenetta a typical Austrian. We return to the camping that is much late and… we are truly a lot tires. 22 October Today visit of the truly splendid Rataus. With the guide we have the possibility to see all the beautifulst rooms until to arrive to the great hall of representation that is prepared for a supper. We go to see the treasure of the Asburgo, crowns, swords, dresses tempestate of precious stones etcc etcc. Before make dark we decide to go to the Prater, like in honeymoon and Leggi i nostri diari su:


seeing the city that it is illuminated, and go up on the large one rotates… but it is that of forty years ago and demonstrates every year… own like we). We assist however to the ritual of the city that is illuminated now but there are many palaces that shorten the sight on the center and solos some palaces the distance are illuminated. We return to the camping that is deep night and… guessed… we are tires. 23 October Today the sky is gray and ago a little fresh but we decide to go to see two wonders: the Castle of Schonbrunn and the palace of Prince di Savoia. We take to the bus and the subway (the services exceptional, punctual, and cleanest) and arrive in front of the summery residence of Maria Teresa, within is all beautiful but somigliante to what already we have seen, then we visit the park until to arrive to “gloriette”, many photos of then new memory and in meter in order going to see the Lookout that is and the Palace that prince Eugene di Savoia made himself to construct (having defeated the armys of Solimano the magnificent one is therefore an Austrian hero: the Austroungarico empire has saved from the orde Turkish) here and that to we it is seemed beautifulr and larger than that than Schonbrunn. We then go to see the church of Saint Bartolomeo that deserves a visit sure and then while we go on foot towards the center, walks within the market in the open air that it seems a market oriental, Asian and also African. We re-enter to the camper van truly tires, tomorrow lasceremo this wonderful city in order to re-enter slowly towards house. 24 October We leave very soon separate 900 km to us from house and we want to re-enter within two days. We do not find much traffic is all freeway, soon we arrive in press of the lake of Klagenfurt where we make a short one pauses, then because we can make us we resume the way in order to arrive to house in the evening. The traffic we find it in Italy, indeed between Bologna and Arezzo (just for the sake of to change), have supper in a service area and when we leave again, for guilt of cretino that, with the truck, maneuver in sense a ago forbidden Antero is forced to steer abruptly and goes to blink door of the camper van in an outrider… sgraffia they escalate it but fortunately nothing does not break. We resume our road of I reenter and to the twenty-three one we arrive to house where the sons and the grandsons wait for us.

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With the camper in Hungry (2008)  
With the camper in Hungry (2008)  

We leave of good hour and for all the day the sun accompanies to us during our travel towards Hungary. We exceed Venice, we head towards Aus...