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“Bianca Magnum edition, Milano, Italy 1993” by Franco Raggi

a magazine curated by Bianca Raggi

Contributors Founder & Editor in Chief Bianca Raggi Art Director Bianca Raggi Assistant Editors Andrea Fachini Mila Van Der Linden Giulia Prato Guilherme Magalhaes Basto Special thank to Joanna Simpson Micaela Sessa Kew Gardens’ gardeners

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Editor’s Letter Clorophilla is a magazine entirely devoted to plants. This delicate and organic journal inspired by the ancient herbals of the Victorian Age reinterprets these in a modern and ironic reading. Plants are naked most of the time. But what if you’ve got a shy one in your hands? or the kind that likes dressing up - ? Botanical sketches, watercolour illustrations and beautifully crafted images, guide you through a new different nature, no longer naked and stark, but carefully dressed, with vintage coats and skirts. The magazine will certainly add great understanding to the charm of the plants world.

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Horti-Couture Leaves are amazing. Leaves are the manufacturing plants of our future. Leaves are designed to capture ligh and absorb the rays of the sun. Leaves are in possession of an epidermis that allows water and air to circulate an nature to respire. They provide clean air to breathe, cooling shades, cutting edge blades,

pulp and paper, fibre and textile and endless everlasting inspirations. To knit, to print, to pattern, to gather, to harvest, to eat, to drink, to sleep and relax, to embroider, to embody, to camouflage, to collect, to protect, to project, to construct, to analyse, to sublimate, to imitate and illustrate.

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Sally -

wears, Vionnet sweater

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Paloma -

wears, Giambattista Valli ethnic skirt page 16

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Nina -

wears, Givenchy skirt

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In this intimate journal, we can see the leaf embark on a career of its own, incarnating houseplants and models, layering hats and botanical jewellery, dressing up while at the same time stealing limelight from flowers, acting as stand-alone

bouquets requesting a new category of cut foliage. They are the world’s survival mechanism; smart and highly intelligent, they know how to combat, survive and kill if necessary; they even dress in combat, transforming couture dresses into horti-couture pieces.

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Fanny -

wears, Christian Dior striped coat

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Mora -

wears, Chanel trousers page 34

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In fact our lives

depend on leaves and on leaves alone. Without them and their capacity of photosynthesis to create clean air, we would no longer be alive; air, food and vitamins are all provided by this huge diverse family of species.

why the opulent and heady green fragrances of summer full with the early signs of autumn open me up to more scandalous and erotic ideas.

This could well be why in November, while the days are getting shorter, the rusted and ruined This must be why when I examples of leaves skeletons make us melanchospot a lic and sprounting moody. baby leaf, my heart jumps for joy,

Yet another winter to survive...

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Pino -

wears, Jean Paul Gaultier shirt

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New Faces

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Leaf -Ă -Porter

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Objects of desire have the innate power to take on lively personalities of their own, and humble houseplants are no different, becoming reality stars in their own right

by adopting this summer’s skirt, pulling on a pair of trousers or slipping into something more comfortable for a flirtatious spring siesta. In a continued revival of dressing-up.

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21 years old - Russia

Wears, Prada SS14 printed trousers.

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18 years old - Grece

Wears, Etro SS14 printed coat.

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20 years old - Holland

Wears, Tory Burch SS14 printed top.

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16 years old - France

Wears, Marni SS14 printed skirt.

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Leaves are amazing.

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A magazine by Bianca Raggi


A magazine by Bianca Raggi