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BLACK book

Class of 2012 Edition a Simmons College Black Student Organization Production

MESSAGE FROM THE CREATOR Historically, the Little Black Book has played an important role in affirming the presence and power of women of color of Simmons College. With every graduating class of powerful women of color, a new legacy is created. Our legacy begins now. Simmons women of color are legendary for their commitment, compassion, and support of each other and of the community they are in. They draw inspiration from not only the successful alum around the world, but also from one another. We will all be remembered for our ambitions, strengths, creativity and persistence. Little Black Book is a remembrance of the experiences that each senior has once leaving their undergraduate career and pursuing a new path in life. This years Little Black Book theme is, ‘Looking Back to see Your Future.’ Each senior was asked to not only reflect on what Simmons gave to them since their time with the college, but to also write a letter to their younger self when she was entering college. These reflections and pictures are immortalized within the pages of this book. To the class of 2012, we made it! I am proud to not only graduate with such an amazing group of young women, but proud to have created this keepsake for us after we leave the Simmons walls. Bianca Maxwell Harris Sister of Little Black Book ’10 -’11 Sister CoVice President ’12

letters from

SIMMONS to the graduates

Dear Graduates, You have made the full journey -- soon you will be accomplished alumnae of Simmons College! We welcome you warmly to the proud community of women who have walked before you, striving as you have, pushing and pulling as you have, and finally soaring to the height of their capacity as you have. Unless you have come through all the tests and trials, it is impossible to savor the success. Now in many ways you start over again -- this time, however, with a badge of honor that communicates how well you have spent the past four years preparing yourselves.  A Simmons education is that rare gift which only gets more valuable as you age -- because it’s inherent worth is something you enhance and polish with each new accomplishment of your own.  Hold tightly to that gift -- it is your constant reminder of what you can do and how well you can do it. I wish you the brightest and warmest futures ever! Fondly, Helen President of Simmons College

Dear Class of 2012, Congratulations on a job well done! Your achievements thus far are an indication that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to accomplish. This educational milestone is surely important to you, your family, friends and community. Celebrate knowing that all of us are proud of and thrilled for you. As you embark on the next stage of your journey, remember what was most important along the way. That is, the people that you connected with through casual conversation, critical debate, emotional courageousness, and purposeful networking. You have had the opportunity to learn a lot about some things and a little about many things. I hope that you had shared the trip with lots of people. Some you will take with you, others you will leave behind. Value all connections because there is a life lesson in each one. Be purposeful in your next steps as they are sure to continue to leave footprints for other “sisters� to follow. You join a prestigious group of alumnae who, throughout the years, have exhibited the power of their presence at Simmons and around the world. I encourage you to stay engaged with Simmons after you graduate. Looking back on your time at Simmons, remember the life lessons you learned and use them as a foundation for your future success. You are intelligent, confident, articulate, poised, fearless, resourceful, determined, and resilient. You are Simmons! Live your life passionately always nurturing your spirit, sharing your talents, and remember to celebrate along the way. You deserve it! Wishing you all the best, Lisa Smith-McQueenie Associate Dean Office of the Dean for Student Life

Dear Graduates, It is a privilege to congratulate you on your successful completion of a degree from at Simmons. As young women of color, of African descent, you have developed an awareness of yourselves through multiple lenses: that of the culture of your family, your communities and as women here at Simmons and in the in the United States. The legendary civil rights activist and founder of Bethune-Cookman College, the great Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, once said “I leave you love, I leave you hope. I leave you the challenge of developing confidence in one another. I leave you respect for the use of power. I leave you faith. I leave you racial dignity.� It is our collective wish and hope, that while you were here at Simmons College, you have evolved into that next generation of Simmons women and that you will have learned that your feelings and your shared experiences are your most genuine path to knowledge. In years past, the mere fact that you would have had the opportunity to gain an education as women and as women of color would have been in itself a revolutionary act. You must continue on this very powerful path. You must continue to develop and speak with a loud, clear purposeful voice; a voice which tells the stories of your ancestors and prepares a way for those who have yet to come after you. We are so very proud of you our daughters and wish you well, and want you to know that you always have a place in our hearts and in our collective Simmons experience. Harambee The Black Administrators Faculty and Staff Council (BAFAS)

Dear Wonderful Simmons Women of Color,

You are crown jewels gleaming with great promise! You have been positive influences in the Simmons Community and in the lives of many people. As you continue to progress and make positive impacts in the world, I would like to remind you to stay humble and never forget the seeds you planted and sowed in this community. Continue to let your experiences nourish your knowledge and spirit. You have accomplished so much, and now you have the world at your fingertips. Take this opportunity to continue thriving and being influential agents of positive change. Remember that in order to aid others, you must put yourself first. So as you go forth in your endeavors, leading, mentoring and laying the groundwork for future graduates, we will always be here for you, encouraging you and celebrating efforts and accomplishments. I am glad to have this opportunity to pay homage to you and your success. I wish you all the best! With love and gratitude, Roudna Joseph Class of 2013 Sister Co-Vice President of the Black Student Organization

class of

2012 featured graduates

Alexandrah Acloque ‘Touché’

Alexandrah Acloque majored in Psychology and minored in Early Childhood Education. She played on the Simmons College Basketball Team for all 4 years of college.

Bianca Maxwell Harris “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass.” -Maya Angelou

Bianca majored in both Communications: Public Relation & Marketing and Business & Management, and also minored in Entrepreneurship. She impacted Simmons College by her involvement as a Student Leader in organizational roles including Vice President of Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization, Graphic Designer of Public Relations Student Society of America, Sister of Little Black Book for two consecutive years and Sister CoVice President for the Black Student Organization, Resident Advisor, Senior Interviewer, Edun Live on Campus at Simmons College business team member, HerCampus writer and correspondent, and Founder of the Simmons College Black Student Organization Cultural Dance & Step Team ATRIBE. When speaking on what Simmons College gave her, Bianca responded, ‘Simmons provided me an opportunity to blossom in a healthy and supportive environment. This is an environment where professors and staff are genuinely happy for your successes, and always willing to help you see your true potential. An environment where we, as classmates, have nourished one another’s ideas since day one, stroked each other ego’s since our first weekends out on the town, and have always been readily available for kind words on hard days. We have a ‘sisterhood’ at this school. Within this sisterhood I had an opportunity to transform into the leader, the advocate and the young woman with a strong backbone that will go out in the world and be representative of what Simmons College strives to engrain into its young women. Simmons College gave me the opportunity to learn how to be brave and selffish. It taught me how to be comfortable in my skin and accept my flaws as strengths. It let me be shamelessly proud of my achievements, nurture my amibitions and pursue my wildest dreams. Steve Jobs says what Simmons College engrained into me best, “Everything else is secondary… Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

Hey B, Your going to love college! Love it! Its going to be the place you get to call home, and finally be able to spread those wings because your going to throw caution to the wind. You think your never going to change your major, but you will and your both of them will be perfect for you. You think you will never be homesick, but you will be and you will be closer with Grandma, Chakka and Mom as a result. You think you will never fall in love again, but you will, two times, and the heartbreak will be

Letter to our Younger Self

worth the lessons you learn. By your senior year, you will no longer be the quiet new kid you have always been, you’ll get over your fear of public speaking and voice your opinions and thoughts no matter how controversial. You will finally be a leader and admired for the right reasons, and best of all, you will never be like the mean girls who you’re dealing with now. People will talk to you because your honest, but most importantly understanding and open. Maintain that hunger for achievement, it will get you far. You and Mom will get closer, and one day she will tell you ‘Your the kind of girl I would have looked up to in high school.’ And because she says that to you, you know all that extra work to make up for not having the same opportunities as everyone else you just graduated with will pay off. Even though you are not super religious, these words will help you during certain moments and bring you comfort, ‘Let Go, and Let God.’ Your in a great place right now! You just let go of your dream, dancing, but you may be getting a new dream as your first opportunity out of school and moving to New York City. Don’t worry, the Big Apple will grow on you and Chicago will never be too far. Remember, don’t take no as an answer when you want something. Just because others can’t do it, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to. God never gives you a roadblock you cannot conquer, and you have conquered alot already. Be Brave, Your Partner in Life

Farewell Letters Bianca, Congratulations my lovely warrior princess. I salute you for another rite of passage successfully completed. I admire how you have taken the privilege of your education and with Michael Jordan-like aspiration, discipline and confidence you have succeeded. Prior to your college experience, you experienced a spectrum of educational environments. One where there where no textbooks available for a class and funny enough one where there was not even a teacher for a class in which you were enrolled. I admire how from there especially you appreciate the gift of education and opportunity. You show that with doing what it takes to excel. I often say that you are the girl I would've admired in high school. :) Beautiful, brainy, enterprising, creative and a pied-piper of children. I can only imagine how you will rock this world and contribute in the most beautifully profound way.  The sky isn't even close to the limit...THERE ARE NO LIMITS to who you can be, what you can do and have.  I love you. I like you. I admire you.  Soar Bianca Soar!!! perpetual peace. love. joy. abundance. Mom

Dear Bianca, It has been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you. You are a strong, ambitious, determined, enterprising, renaissance woman. Those qualities are very much admired and will lead you to many accomplishments. I look forward to hearing of your many successful endeavors! Best wishes, Roudna

Erika Pamela Del Rosario Erika Pamela Del Rosario majored in Arts Administration and minored Marketing. Erika impacted Simmons college by her various Student Leadership positions including Resident Advisor, Active Minds Publicity Chair, Strong Women Strong Girls Mentor, Arnold Hall Council President and Organization Latino Americano SGA Rep. When speaking on what Simmons College gave her, Erika responded, ‘Simmons College gave me

the skills to embrace leadership. I transferred to Simmons my sophomore year, and immediately wanted to transfer again. After deciding to give it a longer try, I became involved on campus and met active members of the Simmons community. I got involved with inspiring people and was doing such great things that, surprisingly, I didn’t want to leave anymore. I have met amazing leaders, great friends, and wonderful professors. I have worked on rewarding projects that have taught me about being a leader, ready to take on the world.’

Erika, What I am about to say, I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of times. “Enjoy your youth.” While you’re at the age of wanting to be independent and wanting mami that I were 13 again, so I wouldn’t have to make any real decisions anymore. Life has never really been easy for you, and it won’t for a long time, but you will learn from every struggle, setback, and experience you come across. You will learn about who you really are and what you want from life. You will lose a few friends, but better ones will be right around the corner. You will discover love as well as heartbreak. As hard as it may seem, this will make you strong and you will, eventually, learn to trust again. At some point during all the madness, Family will become everything to you, and life will eventually do a 180-degree turn. In terms of your future, Papi always said: “You can do anything you set your mind to. Tu no naciste pa’ semilla.” You’ve always been someone to change your mind about things and you always will be. But that’s just you. Keep changing your mind and try new things until you find your passion. And once you do, don’t let anyone take it away from you. Embrace every moment in your life; they are lessons to be learned. Stop trying to please everyone around you and just do what truly makes you happy. Sincerely, Me

Letter to our Younger Self

and papi to “leave you alone”, here I am about to graduate college and wishing

Farewell Letter

Erika! You are the kindest person ever! Thank you for always making me laugh and for being so friendly! You have a great sense of humor. I am glad that I’ve had the chance to connect with you. I know you that you have great plans that will manifest into impressive accomplishments. Wherever you go, don’t be a stranger, please stay in touch. I wish you all the best! It’s been real. Your biddy, Roudna

Juliana Joseph “In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.”  -Robert Frost

Juliana majored in Nursing and minored Biology. She impacted Simmons college by her various involvement including Simmons Student Nursing Association, ALANA Nursing Association, and the Dotson Bridge and Mentoring Program. When speaking on what Simmons College gave her, Juliana responded, ‘The last four years that I have attended at Simmons College have been amongst the best years of my life. The sense of community that Simmons provides especially amongst students of color has helped shape me into the woman I am today. With resources geared towards supporting students of color such as the Dotson Bridge Mentoring Program and student groups such as the Black Students Organizations and ALANA, I have felt that these resources have been a backbone throughout my journey at Simmons. I have grown as a student, an individual, and a woman. Simmons College has given me a stronger sense of self and an air of confidence that I can take with me as continue my post baccalaureate journey. Simmons College has motivated me to push beyond my limits and overcome challenges not only academically, but also socially and interpersonally.’

You’ve made strides up to this point and you must think you’re at your full potential. You have a lot more growing left to do. Here’s what’s coming your way. There will be hurdles, challenges, and betrayals that you will face in the coming years of your life. Don’t fret, from these dealings, you will learn lessons that will only make you stronger. Your patience, your drive, and your endurance will all be tested time and time again, but knowing you, you will stop at nothing to reach success. Never underestimate the support that is around you and always will be. In the face of illness, personal issues, and moments where you are in need, your family will keep you grounded and your true friends and relationships will emerge. You may not know this yet, but you will succeed in ways you never thought you could. Keep your head up kid. Your future self, Juliana

Letter to our Younger Self

Hey Juliana,

Otatade Bello “I don’t need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends I can be certain of.” - Unknown

Otatade majored in Biochemistry and impacted Simmons college by her various involvement PreHeath Liaison, Chemistry & Physics Liaison, COF Theatre Group, and the Simmons College Vagina Monologues. When speaking on what Simmons College gave her, Otatade responded, ‘Simmons College gave me great and unexpected gifts. First, a great set of friends from whom I have learned much. We are different, but yet the same. Had it not been for the encounters I had, the friends I made, and both the fortunate and unfortunate of it all, I don’t think I would be who am I now. My mind is sharper, my eyes are more open, and I hate to think what might have happened to my character had I not met them. They are my family. Second, the teachers I had great (and not-so great) conversations with, the continuous encouragement they gave me, and the wisdom they were happy to share with me. I won’t say that my overall experience at Simmons College was that I wanted, but it was definitely one that I needed.’

Dear Tade,

You thought you had it all figured out, didn’t you? From the time you

Letter to our Younger Self

were in middle school until you started applying to colleges in high school, you thought those plans were written in stone. WRONG! You’re going to do a 180 in college and nothing you planned will work out…but you’re going to love it. Everything will change from the way you think about things to very music you listen to. You’ll think more and act more freely, and you will no longer be confined to things you thought you had to be. You’ll do stupid things (of course, that is nothing new to you), you’ll come across some disappoints you thought would never happen, but they become the part of the best things that happen to you. Epiphanies and revelations about life will come to you by second and at times they may worry you. You’ll get over it, you always do. All I can say to you is to enjoy it all. You can’t change what’s going to happen to you…it’s already happened. Plus, you’re really happy that things are the way they are now, so why would you?



Sara Hanna ‘What makes a Woman: Complexity, Intuition, Mystery. What makes a man: A Woman.’ -Halle Berry

Sara majored both Biopsychology and Pre-Optometry, and minored in Chemistry. She impacted Simmons College by her various involvements in the Black Student Organization, Pre-Med Liaison and Residential Life as a Summer Resident Advisor. When speaking on what Simmons College gave her, Sara responded, ‘I took a course at Emmanuel College and I remember having to present in front of my fellow peers (male and female). At first, I was very anxious about the different environment that I was in, compared to the all-female classrooms at Simmons. However, I reflected upon myself for a moment and thought of what it means to be a Simmons Student: a strong, independent, confident and poised woman, and I remember feeling so empowered while presenting and knowing that Simmons has built me up to believe that I am powerful. Simmons gave me a loud voice to be assertive and to not shy away from male dominated professions. I am truly proud to say that I am a Simmons Graduate, and even more proud to say that I am an African-American Simmons Graduate.’

Dear Sara,

In the past four years, I’ve been on a growing emotional roller-coaster. I met new

Letter to our Younger Self

people, made many friends and learned so many lessons. I think I learned more about myself in these four years than in my entire life. I learned to stay strong when it comes to family matters, to not let the little things invade my life and grow into an issue, to trust people under certain conditions, and above all, to be so involved in my faith and only let that change me. I’ve done many foolish things in the past four years, and I would regret them all if only I did not learn from them. Moving on to the future, I take certain lessons with me. Those are: you are an independent woman who can take care of herself, only rely on faith and family to carry you forward and never a man. I can honestly say that without God and certain people in my life, I would not be the woman I am today. The good and the bad have molded my being into a woman so extraordinary and capable of so much, that I can only go back and give praise to those situations. I am very thankful for everyone whom I have crossed path with, and I wish you nothing but the best of the best. Love, Your Future Self

Tatiana M.R. Johnson “When life gives you lemons make lemonade” - Dale Carnege (quote altered)

Tatiana majored in English and minored in Cinema & Media Studies. She impacted Simmons College by her various involvement as SGA Student Affairs Officer, First Year Experience Facilitator, Resident Advisor, participated in Vagina Monologues, Active Minds President, Black Student Organization Vice President and President. When speaking on what Simmons College gave her, Tatiana responded, ‘An immense amount of confidence in myself. I feel so powerful and I think for much of my life I felt powerless. Simmons made me realize my voice as a woman, and the way I can make my way into the world as a woman. Simmons women are very special people and I feel special to be a part of that, it makes my heart swell to think back on the many things I’ve learned here. As Zora Neale Hurston writes “I’ve grown ten feet tall” just by being here. I will always carry this experience in me because it is who I am now. I think I’ve molded into the person I was meant to be while being here, and its hard to believe that when I know how much different I was when I began college.’

Dear Young Tatiana, You are the outgoing one. All of this time you thought you were introverted and quiet just because you happen to be soft spoken, but you are extroverted. You have a lot to say and you will gain the confidence you’ve dreamed of to say it. You will actually enjoy talking and speaking publicly, can you imagine?

Letter to our Younger Self

You are going to miss your family terribly and all the time. Enjoy those family vacations and those moments of babysitting. There are many things beyond your control, so just take life as it comes and enjoy it. Try not to wallow in all of those stressful, depressing and annoying moments. Think about what a blessing it is to be alive and live fully. You are a huge dreamer, you already know this, but this does not change. You do not give up, you are not solely ambitious you are active and willing to do the work to reach to where you want to be. People really care about you, like for real. It may seem like you have to become insular and learn to be a one woman show, but in reality there are people in the world who want to see you succeed. As much as there are many people who want to see you fail. Do not get discouraged by these stupid people, they are simply stupid. A simple word for simple people. You are really going to achieve all you want in this world and don’t ever give up on that. Love, Your Future Self

Farewell Letters

Dear Tati, We can’t believe how quickly the time has passed! All of your hard work, dedication and perseverance has truly paid off. We can’t express how very proud we are of you and how much we love you.  You have grown from an awesome little girl to an amazing, funny, strong, intelligent and caring young woman. Congratulations on all that you have achieved! Never stop dreaming and aspiring to do and be all that you want to! Always remember that He knows the plans that He has for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Believe that! We are so proud of you Tati – and we love you very much!   Your Family, Jerome, Kim, Jordan and Jeremiah

Dear Tati, You are BEAUTIFUL! I am so blessed to have met such a wonderful and sweet person like you. I am grateful to have you as a friend. You have a warm spirit, loving heart and incredible wisdom. Never doubt yourself because you are great at whatever you choose to do. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to you, working with you and getting to know you, and I can genuinely say that you are an amazing person all-around. I congratulate you as you graduate college, and know that this is one of many successes that will come into your life. I know the road has not been easy but you kept moving steadfast toward your goals. Now you are here, soon to be Simmons Alumna, with many successes ahead. You are blessed with tremendous strength and resilience, and I admire that very much. I admire you! You inspire me to keep progressing and to always take care myself. You have been a great and positive influence in my college journey. I know we will stay in touch. Thank you, thank you, thank you and congrats! Love, Roudna

Vanessa Michelle Greene "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly.� -Richard Bach

Vanessa majored in both Early Childhood Education and Psychology. She impacted Simmons College by her participation in the COF Dance Program. When speaking on what Simmons College gave her, Vanessa responded, ‘An opportunity to discover who I am and build the foundation for who I hope to become. During my time at Simmons College, I have been blessed with many experiences. I have met some of the most wonderful people and built life-long friendships. The friends I have met at Simmons are ones that I believe I will continue to grow with, just as we did throughout our four years here. I have learned from professors who showed enthusiasm toward their fields and who were very supportive. These same professors have inspired within me a passion for teaching. They have also helped me to gain the knowledge required to be an educator and role model to young children. While at Simmons I have also been able to discover the amazing grace of God in my life. He has revealed to me the things I am capable of and given me peace and strength to succeed throughout the years. All of these experiences are a collection of moments that have accumulated throughout my time spent here. Most of these moments were great, however, there were moments that were trying and frustrating. Regardless of their nature, I am thankful for each of my memories as they have and will continue to shape me.’

Victoria J. Nasanga ‘Embrace The Beauty Of Balance.’

Victoria, also known as Jessica, majored in Psychology. She impacted Simmons College by her participation in Simmons College Dance Company, Girls' LEAP, Black Student Organization and Simmons College Black Student Organization Cultural Dance & Step Team ATRIBE.

Letter to our Younger Self

Dear Victoria J. Nasanga,

Although I did not start my first two years at Simmons College, I am pleased to be graduating with a Simmons Degree. Simmons College gave me the opportunity to challenge myself academically, create long lasting relationships and develop into a bright young women. Love, Your Future Self

Farewell Letters

Dear Jessica, I can’t believe that four years have gone by so quickly! It seems like only yesterday you and I were loading up a shopping cart at Target with all those supplies for your dorm at Salem State.  If you remember, that did not start off as a fun day for us.  We were just getting to know each other and you were not quite comfortable with me or my sense of humor yet.  I am so glad that we stuck it out! Look how far you have come! Against all odds you survived countless hardships, and wound up at Simmons College. WOW! You have grown SO much since we first met.  Your resilience and determination continue to amaze me.  I am proud of all that you have accomplished and of the young woman you have become. I am thrilled that you took a leap of faith and opened yourself to permanency.  You have gained an incredible mother and extended family.  I hope you know what a blessing you are to them as well.  I couldn’t be happier for you.  With your determination (and Rhys’s pushiness!!) your future is BRIGHT.  I have no doubt that you will accomplish all that you set your mind to. I am honored to be a part of your life.   CHEERS, College Girl!! All My Best, Valerie

Jessica! I mean, Victoria! Who could imagine the adventures of the last few years? From your first Simmons visit, to your upcoming "final" finals- and I know you are studying hard, mi hija, to end the year with a bang, and the same solid grades you have expected from yourself since high school! What a joy it has been to watch you striving, reaching, learning, growing, and blooming into a thoughtful, beautiful and delightful young woman! Not to mention some of the bumps along the rocky road of experience, that made you wiser, of isn't always easy or easy to understand, but "it takes both sunshine and rain to make a rainbow". AND, funny memories...roommates, dormmates, you & Coop doing the Chicken Dance, the petite Simmons dorm rooms, laundry laundry laundry, the hair adventures- going natural! and so beautiful, Panera Bread- because you can't just live on chicken tenders from the basement, your lively Spanish teacher with the green shoes, summer moments in Maine and on the Cape, loads of free candy on Family Weekend movie night, trying to find that elusive Study Abroad Fair- was it the wrong day, or the wrong time? anyway, you made it to San Juan with Wheelock this spring!, turning 21 and legal thank goodness! celebrating crazy on the bus and graciously on the boat, Lexy chasing the Canada geese on the Green and rolling in goosepoop when she didn't catch any, loving your dance performances (despite D cranking to leave the moment you stepped off stage), the yummy dinners you cooked and ALL the dinners I am looking forward to you having time to cook as soon as school's out, ha ha!, Kwanzaa celebration with some amazing professors and your extremely impressive young sisters in education, a successful Halloween dance, stressing over Stats, exploring internship options, getting tough with self-defense at LEAP, lost wallet crisis, figuring out how close Cambridge is and what bus comes to the house, presentations, visiting my dear daughter through a car window in that munchkin parking lot as you run past on the way to and from whatever class or meeting, and omg driving lessons- look out, world!!!

As you bring your college career to a close, do hold onto the friends and connections you've made. Years from now, you will run into alumnae you weren't even that close with, and find a glow of recognition in the times and experiences you've shared here in the first years of your young adulthood. All your relatives, ancestors and extended family surround you with love and strength and warmth, and may our pride in who you are help lift you into your future. It will be bright. I am so proud of you! Love, Mom

Dear Jessica, Thank you for your glowing and enthusiastic energy. I don’t know if you know this but your  presence has a lot of impact. People miss you when your not around. When we have have our BSO meetings and you’re not there, I notice and miss your lively energy. You’re great! Glad I had the opportunity to work with you. Congrats on this accomplishment and I wish you all the best in you future endeavors! Be well and keep glowing,  Roudna

congrats to the

class of


Little Black Book for Simmons College Class of 2012  

Little Black Book for Class of 2012