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This has helped my business succeed tremendously because clients and caregivers really appreciate the time and care taken to do this. I have also learned that I can only meet or exceed customer expectations when they are defined from the start. If you could walk in someone's shoes for one day, who would it be? Why? I would choose to walk in my grandfather’s shoes who ran his own manufacturing company. Unfortunately he passed away when I was only 5 years old. He lived a short life (only 58 years) but was able to achieve so much in that short time. I would love to see what he did and how he did it. What keeps you up at night? As an entrepreneur there is a lot that keeps me up at night. Ways that I can continue to grow my business, how I can continue to increase customer satisfaction, ways that I can continue to motivate client referrals, ways that I can continue to recruit outstanding caregivers, etc. What do you dream of now? I dream of someday expanding my business to different markets across the country. What's the biggest obstacle you've had to face with your business? Do you think you'll experience this again in the future? The biggest obstacle that I face with my business is time management. As a solopreneur I have to wear many hats. I am the owner, the sales director, the receptionist, the recruiter, the marketing manager and much more. As my business continues to grow and work increases, I know that time management will be an ongoing issue. It is difficult to make time for everything but I am learning how to prioritize my tasks so I can be more time efficient and affective. What is most rewarding for you at Personally Paired? The most rewarding part of Personally Paired is knowing that I am bringing balance to parent's lives and giving caregivers job opportunities. Where do you see Personally Paired in the next ten years? I see my company expanding to different markets across the country while employing knowledgeable representatives to help me achieve that goal. I also see myself continuing to learn from my mistakes and taking those lessons and turning them into great success for the company!

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