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Article by Bianca Mar’e-Fletcher Photography by Bianca Mar’e- Fletcher

LIAM O BRIEN IS A COOL CALM AND COLLECTIVE KINDA GUY. This is heavily noticed throughout his style of music. Matiflow consists of Cody Heu and Liam O Brien. They are two new self taught bass heavy music producers/ djs. born and breed in Palmerston North. Both Cody and Liam enjoy jamming together and having a good time. Liam says that “The fame isn’t the point Matiflow. They aren’t posers. If people really enjoy our music then that’s cool”. It’s about getting a sense of accomplishment from the music being produced and recognition from posting their music on the internet.

“Getting a new comment or follower really makes my day” Liam laughs about. “It’s the little things”. Liam carries on by telling me how he is inspired by many different genres of music. From the old rock and roll like “The Doors” , to the founders of drum n bass music such as Dj hype, Andy C, local producers and New Zealands awesome music legends. Using different inspirations they create their own style of dance music . Also inspired by the sounds of New Zealand culture and nature. Just 2 guys soaking up their environment. It gives you a personal twist, no one else is really doing it.


The creation of Matiflow was when Liam and Cody flatted together down a street called Matipo Street. “The name has stuck ever since”. Liam now creates the music in his studio in his attic and out at his mates house who has a studio called ‘The Lab’. “ If you have a laptop, head phones or speakers music can be created anywhere, which can be very inspirational”. “Matiflow is one project that could potentially take off under the right circumstances. “My goal would be to be able to travel the world whilst getting paid for djing my own music” Hopefully doing some big gigs, with some big names.

“I think that some djs/ producers think that it is all about getting your name out there in the world, but Matiflow thinks, once the music is at a perfection, the name will soon be noticed.” “Our music would appeal to fellow music producers. It reaches any age group but mostly the younger generation as it is very bassy, dance type music. People that are into drum n bass underground and dubstep / hip hop” . It’s feel good dance music. It has a New Zealand aesthetic quality to it, so would appeal to the New Zealand bass culture. “Concord dawn pretty much opened the door for New Zealand dnb, showing the world that NZ has a real impact on the international dance scene”


The gear Liam uses is a mixer. Recording, sequencing softwhere and a microphone so Liam can jam out on the singing. Matiflow soundtracks can be found on the Soundcloud website. It showcases their EP called Evil Women 2011. It is a collaboration of tech rolling drum n bass and a unique style of dubstep. They launched their E.P Cd on 1st July 2011. There is also a Matiflow facebook page that fans can follow them on. It informs people of upcoming gigs and can also get free previews of all their tracks.




Matiflow Interview  

Basedon Presence Magazine New Zealand

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