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Being volunteer at Bianca Shelter is an adventure for life. Daniel Ribeiro

I like the activities as Biancas’ volunteer because there are so many abandoned dogs that need help, care and to be adopted.

Farlei Dias

The dogs at Bianca are so sweet, they need care, bring us happinees and lots of fun.

Vanda Jord達o

I like to help at Bianca Shelter because there are so many abandoned dogs that need our help! Imad Lasfar

Being volunteers at Bianca Shelter is pleasant and also fulfilling. Nuno e Alexandre

I like to spent my afternoons with animals at Bianca Shelter because is fun to walk homeless dogs.

Bruno Bastos

I decided to participated in this activity because I like to help and because if we were abandoned or mistreated we also would like to have a home, food, care and love. Jo達o Busca

8 PCA and Bianca  

The Center for Children's Animation of Cercizimbra in collaboration with Bianca organized the CAI Solidary. This project, which is of an ext...

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