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EDITORIAL October has come to an end and once again we bring you the latest news about Association Bianca and its work. We decided to engage in new events and initiate new projects. At the shelter we said goodbye to some of our friends that finally found new families and to others whose departure broke our hearts. But lots of new animals arrived at the shelter. Once again we rescued puppy litters and have been taking care of them and their mother until luck smiles at them. We also started our battle against the dangerous pine tree caterpillar, by placing nests to attract their natural predators. October was also the month of new campaigns and for the celebration of the Animal Day at Lisbon. The campaigns have been a success and the animals are the winners. And since Christmas is arriving we are organizing the annual Christmas Dinner and also have new merchandise for sale at the volunteer blog “Fazendo Animais Felizes” (Making Animals Happy) http://fazendoanimaisfelizes.blogspot.com/. Be delited with the new calendar and T-shirts and know more about the Christmas Dinner inside this edition of Bianca’s newsletter. Come and meet us!

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In the weekend of the 8th and 9th of October, several volunteers of the Association Bianca participated in the commemoration of the World Animal Day that took place at Garden of Belém, in Lisbon. Several Associations of the entire country gathered to celebrate this day in the memory of Saint Francis of Assisi. This saint was greatly admired for his kindness towards every living being, especially animals. His worship is associated with animal protection.

2011 CHRISTMAS DINNER Every year Association Bianca hosts a Christmas dinner in order to join everyone that supports the animal cause by helping this institution. This year the dinner will be on the 3rd of December at the restaurant “Tenda Mágica” in Fernão Ferro. We will have magic shows, dessert contests and lots of music with DJ Peper. Come and have fun while helping Association Bianca. Learn more about this at https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=187126071364917

VOLUNTEERSHIP EXHIBIT From the 2nd till the 5th of November the City Council of Sesimbra, sponsored by the European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN), will be hosting an exhibit at the Auditorium Conde Ferreira about volunteership. This exhibit will be composed of several paintings of different projects being developed in the district of Setúbal. Bianca will be represented by a painting dedicated to the volunteer work developed at our Association. http://bianca.pt/english | http://bianca-pet-rescue-adoption.blogspot.com


WE WERE ABANDONED... We have had diďŹƒcult months this year, and October was no exception. Many of the adult animals that entered our shelter were in poor health conditions. Additionally, this past month was marked by the entry of several puppy litters, one of which was left to die in a paper box inside a garbage container. Nevertheless, the hard work we faced was rewarding. See the photos of the new little friends we have at the shelter and feel free to fall in love with one of them! If you want to adopt one of sesimbra.bianca@gmail.com.

our animals please contact us to

If you can not adopt but want to help, know that you can foster. This way you may provide some welfare to an animal. Know more at http://bianca.pt/english.

Luanna Toca





Savanna Amadeo





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Amator Monet







James Bond

HOT STUFF... Joana Duarte, the actress that is a Bianca’s Ambassador is the face of our new t-shirt for women created for the Association by the volunteers’ group “Fazendo Animais Felizes” (Making Animals Happy). Thank you Joana. Besides we have 4 new pins with the “We are not disposable” design and with animal photos. You can order through the e-mail: fazendoanimaisfelizes@gmail.com

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FEATURED ANIMAL COVER ISSUE KODA and her PUPPIES Koda was one more dog wandering on the streets at Quinta do Conde. She became pregnant like all female dogs that live in the streets, and went to give birth in an isolated area surrounded by bushes and thorny brambles. There was where one of our volunteers found Koda and her puppies. This is obviously not a favorable situation for the mother and her babies and that is why they had to be rescued. It took a lot of patience to earn Koda’s trust and afterwards to get to the babies inside the burrow. An herculean and slow but necessary work. Today the mother and babies are at our shelter, comfortable and properly watched and cared for. Without this rescue the puppies would grow wild, reproduce without any control and contract diseases. They would probably not have the opportunity to be adopted and live in a home with love and care. Koda and her puppies were rescued from the streets in beginning of October.

Koda at our shelter

SPECIAL ADOPTIONS NODI Nodi is at our shelter since the beginning of this institution. He was one of our first dogs, even when we didn’t have facilities. And here he stayed, despite being an incredibly beautiful and sweet dog. He loves caress. But since people are always looking for puppies and smaller dogs, the adults keep on staying. Nodi is an almost senior dog, very sociable and healthy. He is a dominant male so he does not get along with other males. But this is a very small and insignificant feature compared with the life and welfare of animals, don’t you think? Adopt him!

Nodi at our shelter, 2011.

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I AM A VOLUNTEER Mrs. Erica “My name is Erika and I am 75 years old. I used to be a secretary of administration and now I’m retired. I’m married and have 3 sons and 4 grandsons. All of my 5 dogs came from the streets, and 4 of them from Bianca. Every time the weather allows it I like to do some gardening because nature is my habitat. I am a volunteer for the animal cause thanks to the dog I had back in 1989, when I realized that some animals have everything and others have nothing. I am in Sesimbra for 17 years now and slowly joined some friends that volunteered for the animals. I believe it is important to make the dogs feel our presence, stop by them and talk a little. I love the volunteer work, love to take the animals to the vet when needed, and clean their Mrs. Erica at the shelter houses, kennels and the blankets that keep them warm in the cold weather. There is always work to do and for those who love the open air it is a wonderful opportunity to join work with pleasure. Despite of the effort made by the animal associations to change the minds of society there is still a great resistance about neutering animals. For me this is the source of most problems. I would like to leave a message here: help the excluded to live a worthy life. Hundreds of them are at Bainca’s, waiting to be petted. I hope one day I can say ‘mission accomplished’. Join us. ” Association Bianca thanks every volunteer that, with their sweat, time and will, help the animal cause and provide welfare and happiness to the animals.



From now on even if you cannot listen to Bianca’s radio show in live streaming you can listen to the podcasts at the official Association Bianca account in the website Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/biancaassociation Here you will find every broadcast since the beginning of September. Nevertheless don’t forget to listen to the radio show at Sesimbra FM every Tuesday at 3:15 p.m. at 103.9 FM.

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NEWS of the MONTH PLACING BIRD NESTS Bianca’s shelter is surrounded by pine trees and every year the processionary caterpillar, which is very dangerous for animals and people, appears. In the weekend of the 8th and 9th of September we placed several nest to attract the tit, a bird that is a natural predator for the pine tree caterpillar. This was a never forgotten project we have been aiming to do for a long time, and had to postpone because of other urgent projects. Soon we will be placing more nests and this way try to avoid the contact between our animals and the caterpillars.

Volunteer placing a nest.

A D O P T I O N A N D F O O D C O L L E C T I O N C A M PA I G N S The beginning of October was undoubtedly filled with events! In the first weekend we had an adoption and food collection campaign at Jumbo Natureza in Almada, and in the second weekend another one at Quinta do Conde’s Pingo Doce. Altogether we managed to gather several food donations. These donations are of crucial importance and without them it would be hard for Bianca to provide good food for our animals. This is why we must thank all the volunteers that attended the campaigns, the people that donated food to Bianca and the administrations of Jumbo Natureza and Pingo Doce for receiving us so well and allow the attainment of these campaigns. Campaign at Jumbo Natureza.

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I FOUND A HOME. . . The bond between humans and their pets is undeniable. Dogs and cats not only keep us company but also give emotional comfort and, above all, unconditional love. By adopting a pet with responsibility we can get all this! And the only thing we have to do is open our hearts and our home and let them in. These are the photos of the adopted animals in October, animals for whom a second chance has arrived. Go ahead and put a happy smile on your face for these happy story endings!


If you have adopted one of our animals please feel free to tell us how he has grown, what's his personality or even a small story that you find particularly interesting. If you send us photos we will publish them on our website and social networks. Contact us by e-mail for the address sesimbra.bianca@gmail.com!






Pérola Negra



Wolfie Staffi




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Bowie Amator


Teodor Dinho





IN MEMORY OF. . . When Babe arrived at our shelter we could not believe what we saw. An old and very sweet Cocker Spaniel with a large tumor in the mouth. We found out later that he also suffered from chronic otitis and was gradually losing his sight. Babe never got to be adopted. . . We can only say that we did everything to make him happy. Rest in peace sweet Babe!! We will always love you!

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SAFETY TIPS SAFE TRIP When you travel by car with your pet remember to use a safety belt (or a box if you’re travelling with a cat). Animals are not free from severe consequences in case of an accident if they travel without safety. And you will be also guaranteeing the safety of the driver by avoiding unexpected jumps to the front seat. Every pet store sells leashed designed for this purpose. And never forget that in long trips you you should stop every two hours so that your hairy friend may do his needs and drink water. Happy family trips!

MAKING ANIMALS HAPPY F E AT U R E D P R O D U C T This month we call your attention to the new 2012 calendar, specially made for Bianca. This calendar is special because it works as a two-in-one: the top part is a normal calendar and the bottom is detachable and works as a postcard with photos of our animals. Each postcard has a proper number and the color of the string is random. Some issues will be on sale until the end of the year. So if you want to order something you better hurry! If you have any doubts or want to order something, write an email to fazendoanimaisfelizes@gmail.com Good shopping!


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