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MARCH’ 2013

Official Bianca Association Newsletter | Year IV

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EDITORIAL March began with the visit of the british singer and poetess Anne Clark, to our shelter. The visit thrilled her so much that she decided to become our Ambassador. With this issue in mind Bianca visited two other schools of Sesimbra’s municipality. The children learned that animals feel fear, hunger and cold and in the future they will be respectful and conscious adults. We had the pleasure of being at another food collection campaign at Jumbo de Alfragide. We take this opportunity to thank Jumbo’s administration for the invite, the volunteers and all of those who made donations. In this edition we present Apple as the featured animal, and Luka in the special adoption section. Read more inside this edition.

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DID YOU KNOW. . . Cats are extremely careful with their hygiene, and the daily grooming is the equivalent of a bath? When cats do not take care of their hygiene it is a sign that something is wrong and they must be observed by a veterinarian.

HOT STUFF New badges with the same design as the 2013 t-shirts. Available in red and black, with portuguese and english inscriptions. |


WE WERE ABANDONED... Bianca was formed 10 years ago and (unfortunately) we know by heart all the excuses people come up with to give their animals: health problems, job transfers, new houses, divorces, etc. But in fact, for those who love animals, there is no reason in the world that could lead them to abandon their animal. Our shelter is not the perfect home for any animal. We bring them to the shelter (hopefully) temporarily, give them a safe place to heal and be cared for, while trying to promote a responsible adoption for each and every animal. A responsible adoption because, if someone lacks the conditions to adopt, they shouldn’t do it. The animal may become stressed, psychologically damaged and his future life may be impaired.If you want to join our cause, you may visit us on Saturdays and ďŹ nd out more about us and our work. All help is welcome. If you can and want to adopt, please send an email to If you cannot adopt but want to help, know that you may sponsor. This way you will be providing an extra welfare to an animal. Know more at or send us an email.


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Hemingway |










EVENT Next saturday, April 6th, another “Lets Walk The Dog” event will take place, in order to walk Bianca’s dogs. Our animals love it, because they know it will be a different day with all attention just for themselves and specially a couple of hours away from the shelter. Came and join this group! You do not need anything except good mood, comfortable clothes and shoes and of course, the will to walk the dogs.

TIPS Pet proofing your home is a very important thing specialy if you’re thinking about adopting a puppy or kitten. The first thing you need to do when pet proofing your home is to assess all potential dangers. See if you have loose electrical cords, medicines, cosmetics or household cleaners that your pet could easily get access to, and cover it or lock in cabinets with childproof locks.

Ninna |


FEATURED ANIMAL COVER ISSUE APPLE Apple was found near a camping park, in heat and with one amputated and still bleeding paw. She was very scared. It was necessary to assembled a clever system to catch her. But we did it. Nowadays she is recovering very well and already lost a bit of her fear of strangers. We believe she will fully recover very soon and will need a special loving home. Adopt her!

SPECIAL ADOPTION LUKA Luka was born on the street and she was a part of the pack of Madalena and Mimi. It was very hard to catch her to spay her, she was very gentle, but easily scared. When she was pregnant we made several unsuccessful attempts to catch her. But one day she went to give birth inside a dog’s house at the door of a lady. And so we were able to catch her. We took her to an “hotel”, as we did not have a shelter at that time. Her puppies were quickly adopted and Luka stayed with us. She lives in the shelter and walks around free, in full harmony with the other animals. She is still afraid of strangers but nevertheless she leads a happy life! She just needs someone patient and willing to treat her very well. |


MAKING ANIMALS HAPPY This month we have selected the official Benfica t-shirt. Do not miss this opportunity of having the t-shirt of your favourite team. See other items and utilities at the blog and know that by buying something you are directly and actively helping Association Bianca. http://fazendoanimaisfelizes.blogspot .com

IN MEMORY. . . Ti n t i n They do not last forever, everybody knows that. Despite that Bianca strives to improve the welfare of every animal, specially senior dogs with special needs. Tintin was old but was happy at our shelter. . . Rest in peace.

Milah Unfortunately Milah’s leg infection was severe and her health conditions deteriorated. Despite all efforts she died. Rest in peace. |


NEWS of the MONTH ANNE CLARK - Ambassador The British singer and poetess Anne Clark is the new Bianca’s Ambassador. The artist has released dozens of albums and singles and you can see her work on the official site Anne Clarks says: "As well as these themes running through my writing and music I try to live in a way that shows tolerance, respect and compassion for all living beings. Only in this way can we make the world a better place for all of us." It was a great pleasure to received Anne Clark at Bianca!

Painting the new wall Taking advantage of a break in the rain our friends came to paint another part of the wall FOB. The rain this winter has been bringing us does not allow the painting of the entire wall at one time. We remind you that the inside of the wall still needs to be painted. Thanks to this wonderful team that has waited for the sun to shine.

Campaign at Jumbo Alfragide Bianca is always in need of dog and cat food for the more than 300 animals at the shelter. So when Jumbo Alfragide administration invited us for another food collection campaign, we could not refuse. Despite the lack of volunteers this campaign went really well and Bianca managed to collect food for our animals. Thank you so much to the administration of Jumbo Alfragide and to all the volunteers who worked for 2 days. It was a big effort made with lots of love.

Visit to Schools During March, Bianca and Dr. Liliana, the municipality’s veterinarian, visited the Basic School of Sesimbra and Nursery School of Alfarim, to teach to children about the importance of animal welfare. These children will be adults in a near future and it is urgent to change the mentalities. This is an old but always modern project of Bianca Charity. |


I’M VOLUNTEER LOIS My name is Loïs and I come from the Netherlands. I wanted to work as a volunteer in Bianca shelter because I think in Portugal there is much work to do as a volunteer because there are so many animals in need for help. I also wanted to volunteer in a foreign country because I think it will help me to become more independent, and I think I will learn a lot from it. I think Bianca is a very good organisation with very hard working people that do everything they can to make the lives of the dogs better. I don't have a specific episode, but it’s just great to see how happy and positive the dogs are when they go for a walk or you give them attention. And some of them are very good friends. They play together, sleep together and follow each other around. In Holland we have not that many dogs to makes it a problem. So we don't have much homeless dogs, and most of the homeless dogs are in shelters and taken care of. But it could be better because there still are quite a lot homeless cats and of course there are still too many animals with no families. Animals like pigs and cows and chicken are treated horrible in Holland just like most countries do. Overall I think Netherland treats the animals quite good, comparing to other countries, but still far from good enough. I think the government should be way more involved in it, and give it more attention. Most of the people don't think about the animals as much as they should. There should be more attention to the wellbeing of animals so that the people are going to think about it more. And I also think that there should be laws for the protection of animals. I want to say to everybody that they should treat the animals good and help them where you can, because they need our help. Hugs, Lois |


I FOUND A HOME. . . It is always a great joy to see an animal being adopted. An adoption should always be a conscientious, well though and voluntary act. And that is why at Bianca all adoptions are carefully considered. This way we try to assure that the animals are in good hands, that they will have a family for their entire lifes and will be loved, cherished and respected as a member of the family that feels, reacts and suffers like all of us. And even with all this some animals are still returned. Remember, if you cannot adopt there are other possibilities for you, like sponsoring. In this case, you are actually helping without taking the animal into your home. You may walk your sponsored animal, take him to the vet, etc. They thank that! Go to or send an email to and find out more about it. If you send us photos we will publish them on our website and social networks. Contact us by e-mail for the address!






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Cessi |



I FOUND A HOME. . . Moby












REMEMBER ME? This issue features news from adopted pets. This month we recall Lee, a deaf and blind of one eye, female dog. Thanks to the family who adopted this girl. "Hello from Lee, who now lives a happy life in Denmark. Thank you to the Bianca shelter to make it possible. Hugs Tine�. |



Friends of Bianca Stall Elaine (on the pictured), Iolanda, Pamela and Mike were all behind the FOB stall at the big dog event held in Aberdeen. We spoke to lots of people and helped spread the message. Raised a bit of money and are hopeful that we will get a couple of new volunteers to join us. |


Newsletter March 2013  
Newsletter March 2013  

Official newsletter of Bianca organization of March 2013