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Official Bianca Association Newsletter | Year IV

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EDITORIAL The first month of this year has passed and, as always, the work at Bianca keeps on growing. The economical crisis has been the great scapegoat to justify the unjustifiable abandonments. We had new animals entering the shelter but fortunately we still have very good friends who help us in their adoptions or open their homes as temporary foster families. King is a small puppy for whom the owners neglect costed a forelimb. Fortunately we were able to rescue him in time to save his life. At the moment he is at the shelter undergoing a miraculous recovery. See his story at the “Featured animal” section. We also have new items at the volunteers’ blog. Don not miss the opportunity to acquire a pen or bag and help us with this small gesture. Camarim is a female dog that has been with us almost since the beginning. This month we introduce her at the “Special Adoption” section. We also had new events for the “Project Education”, new tips and a lot more. Read more inside this edition.

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DID YOU KNOW. . . Small and toy breeds are more prone to periodontal disease because their interdentary space is smaller? Make your dog’s teeth brushing a habit and make it a pleasant experience so you may do it regularly!

MAKING ANIMALS HAPPY This month we selected the DVD set of the entire first season of “CSI Miami”. A great opportunity! See other items and utilities at the blog and know that by buying something you are directly and actively helping Association Bianca. |


WE WERE ABANDONED... Bianca was formed 10 years ago and (unfortunately) we know by heart all the excuses people come up with to give their animals: health problems, job transfers, new houses, divorces, etc. But in fact, for those who love animals, there is no reason in the world that could lead them to abandon their animal. Our shelter is not the perfect home for any animal. We bring them to the shelter (hopefully) temporarily, give them a safe place to heal and be cared for, while trying to promote a responsible adoption for each and every animal. A responsible adoption because, if someone lacks the conditions to adopt, they shouldn’t do it. The animal may become stressed, psychologically damaged and his future life may be impaired.If you want to join our cause, you may visit us on Saturdays and find out more about us and our work. All help is welcome. If you can and want to adopt, please send an email to If you cannot adopt but want to help, know that you may sponsor. This way you will be providing an extra welfare to an animal. Know more at or send us an email.







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HOT STUFF This month we have fresh news in ‘Making Animals Happy’ with brand new bags and pens of “Friends of Bianca”. Each bag is 2,5€ and a pen 1,5€. Surely they will be a success. Check out the volunteers’ blog.

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FEATURED ANIMAL COVER ISSUE KING King was brought to Bianca by his owner after being hit by a car 8 days before. The owner had only put gauze around King’s paw and forgot the problem. The gauze stood there for 8 days, without any care. . . The situation would have been solved with just a little effort but became an awful and inhuman situation. His paw gangrened and the smell was so intense it was nauseating. He was immediately taken to the vet and the news were not good. . . the situation was irreversible and the paw had to be amputated. But King never complained. He is just a sweet dog that with only 3 months has already suffered enough. His recovery is being great. He is at our shelter and he is a very happy dog. King needs to find his forever home with a 5 star family.

SPECIAL ADOPTION CAMARIM Camarin was found many years ago, in the middle of Lagoa de Albufeira with her puppies in an ugly hole in the ground in the woods. She seemed feral and would not let anyone approach her. We gained her trust with patience and food. Then we put her puppies in the car and she agreed to enter too. They went to an "hotel" since at that time Bianca did not have a shelter yet. The puppies were happily well adopted. Camarin was spayed afterwards. Now she lives in our shelter but she mistrusts strangers and specially men. She must have her reasons. . . But she is very sweet. She deserves a forever home and patient owners who can break her shyness. Camarim walking. |


NEWS of the MONTH NEW AMBASSADOR The north american writer Diana Gabaldon is the new Bianca ambassador. Diana Gabaldon is the author of the award-winning, #1 NYT-bestselling Outlander novels, described by Salon magazine as “the smartest historical sci-fi adventure-romance story ever written by a science Ph.D. with a background in scripting “Scrooge McDuck” comics.” Through our friend, Mike Gibb, Diana Gabaldon decided to support our work in Sesimbra and wear Bianca’s t-shirt. Thank you both!

VISIT OF SCHOOLS During January, Bianca and the municipality veterinary, Dr. Liliana, visited 2 schools: the Basic School of Sesimbra and Aldeia do Meco School. This visits aim to alert and educate children and teenagers about animal abandonment and welfare. Children learned how to treat and care for animals. Our Clarinda delighted the children and loved being petted by dozens of students.

F O O D C O L L E C T - J U M B O N AT U R E Z A On the weekend of 26 and 27 of January, Bianca was present at Almada’s Jumbo Natureza for another food and donations’ collection campaign. Bianca’s board thanks the administration of Jumbo natureza for this opportunity to take to the shelter some hundred kg of animal food, and other products and of course all the volunteers who made themselves available to be at the place for several hours. |


NEWS of the MONTH B A D W E AT H E R C A U S E D DA M AG E S During the night of January 18th, a big storm caused damages in our shelter. Fortunately there were only material damages and a big scare for everyone. A giant tree fell and it destroyed two kennels. The wind also teared apart the roof of another kennel. The animals were pretty scared but fortunately were alright. We thank Civil Protection for the help they gave us!

TIPS With the extreme cold and snowfall we have been feeling at some places, we should double the precautions with our animals. We leave some important tips here. Etilenoglicol is an antifreeze liquid used in cars (and domestic refrigerators). It is highly poisonous but cats and dogs seem to enjoy the flavour. Keep this poison away from animals at all times and if you suspect that he has ingested it do not wait to go to the vet. If you’re going on a walk in the snow protect your animal’s paws. There are special boots that avoid the painful wounds and rifts. You can also put some vaseline on the paws before you leave the house. If you are caught in a blizzard with your dog keep him on a leash at all times. Snow may disorient him and affect his sense of smell. Some animal are also very cold, so you may need to use a coat to protect him. Be careful and enjoy the walks on the snow.

IN MEMORY. . . Senior Some animals come to us when it is already too late. . . we do not have enough volunteers and our hands are full. Sénior was one of those cases. He was found in a very weak state. He was in shock and his vertebral column was severely injured. He died at the vet. May you have your rest old boy! |


I’M VOLUNTEER Armando Rodrigues My name is Armando Rodrigues, I’m from Quinta do Conde and I’m 38 years old. I own 3 pit bulls, 2 males and one female, this adopted from Bianca. I always had interest in animals. Unfortunately, when I was young my parents didn’t allowed pets. So from the moment I gained my independency and got my own house, I started to have pets, especially dogs. What motivates me the most as a volunteers is helping the animals, directly or indirectly, so they may find some comfort and happiness. I like to think that everything I do will make them happier and give them better conditions. I know they would do the same for me if they could. Unfortunately I have witness a dog being hit by a car. He crossed the road and the driver in the car in front of me caught him and did not even step on the break or stop to see what was happening. Further along I approached the man and I was so mad to see his contempt for the situation. That marked me and made me realize how some people are ignorant. In what concerns Bianca the best episodes for me are the times I go to the shelter and ask about a particular animal and they answer me he was adopted. I get mixed feeling of sadness and happiness, because I will not see him anymore but it is good that he found a home and a family that will love him. What I love the most about being a volunteer is helping animals at the shelter, seeing the joy they show when they see us, looking at them and seeing that, even when acting on instinct, the first feeling with which they receive us is joy. Feeling their happiness when we give them treats or put them on a leash and walk them and seeing that expression of freedom even if for just a few moments. My closest family also volunteers at Bianca. The animals’ conditions are bad in Portugal. . . very bad. . . Every day you meet new cases of abandoned animals, mistreated, dead. . . And the people who do this still walk away without punishment. Since animals are members of the family and there are so many rules regulating animal ownership (fees, taxes, licenses, mandatory vaccines), it was time for this country to defend animals’ rights and apply severe punishment for those who abandon or mistreats animals. If stealing is a crime why is not abandoning or mistreating animals a crime too? They live in our society and are living beings like us. The message I would like to leave here is for people not to abandon animals. We have domesticated them thousands of years ago for them to help us at our daily work. Today they are our best friends, the only ones who will never disappoint us. The only ones who welcome us with the greatest joy in the world whether it was a good or a bad day. We have the moral obligation to help them, because they depend on us entirely. Abandoning, mistreating, keeping them on a chain without conditions. . . If the roles switched would people enjoy being on their skin? |


I FOUND A HOME. . . It is always a great joy to see an animal being adopted. An adoption should always be a conscientious, well though and voluntary act. And that is why at Bianca all adoptions are carefully considered. This way we try to assure that the animals are in good hands, that they will have a family for their entire lifes and will be loved, cherished and respected as a member of the family that feels, reacts and suers like all of us. And even with all this some animals are still returned. Remember, if you cannot adopt there are other possibilities for you, like sponsoring. In this case, you are actually helping without taking the animal into your home. You may walk your sponsored animal, take him to the vet, etc. They thank that! Go to or send an email to and ďŹ nd out more about it. If you send us photos we will publish them on our website and social networks. Contact us by e-mail for the address!




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REMEMBER ME? This article is dedicate to the adopted animals. This month the news are about Lunna, adopted in 2012. Thank you to this family who adopted this ‘girl’! “Lunna is now with us for almost a year. In October 2011 we had to put our Maltese Romy to sleep. This caused great sorrow and we did not think we would be able to love a dog as much as we loved her. My husband and I grew up around dogs. So a few times we already had to say goodbye and now that we are 68 we have of our marriage we got our first dog. My husband thought: We don´t want this any more. But we could not help ourselves. Our daughter is a dog groomer and she adopted two dogs from Spain. We saw how with lots of love and patience she turned them into beautiful dogs.She said that, should we decide to take another dog, she would take care of it, should we not be able to. So we started looking on the internet and saw “Mirbessa”. It was a coincidence because we did not know this organization. In the middle of all these sweet dogs looking for a new home we noticed Lunna. In a video we saw she was somewhat shy. She would always be in the back when cookies were handed out. We wanted to take care of her. We never had any doubts. It had to be her. It was as if we were guide to her through the site. And now we have a cute little dog that we are crazy about. We saw Lunna come to live and enjoy herself. She is nosy, obedient, and funny (we laugh about many of her silly behaviors). She enjoys the garden, loves walks on the beach, our neighbor dogs and the birds in the field behind our house. She is becoming more independent and her self confidence is increasing. The first few weeks we thought she could not bark, but now she almost behaves like a guard dog. What a noise she can make! Dogs make fantastic friends, but what Lunna adds is the feeling of: We are so happy we can do this for you.” Jan and Jannie Vos |



Fi ve P o u n d a n d Tw a B a i r n s A highly successful production of the Scottish musical Five Pound & Twa Bairns was staged at Dundee REP Theatre in Scotland between 30 January and 1 February. A substantial proportion of the box office proceeds will be donated to Friends of Bianca together with Mike Gibb’s playwright royalty and monies received from the sale of programmes and CDs. The show was professionally recorded and a DVD will be released in early course with Friends of Bianca again enjoying profits from its sale.

Cheese and Wine Following the success of the Evenings For Bianca held in Aberdeen and Dundee in 2012, Another Evening for Bianca will be held on Saturday 11 May at Airyhall Community Centre. The format will be the same, a cheese and wine evening but with an all new programme of musical and theatre entertainment. Tickets priced £10 are now on sale from Mike at

Donations Collect A group of Friends of Bianca volunteers, led by Linda and Allan, will be spending Saturday 2 February at a Tesco superstore in Aberdeen bag packing and hopefully receiving donations to the charity for all their hard work. Good Luck! |


Newsletter EN Jan2013  

English version of Bianca newsletter of January 2013.

Newsletter EN Jan2013  

English version of Bianca newsletter of January 2013.