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Official Bianca Association Newsletter | Year III

JUNE’ 2012

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FLOR do MAR Help us to help! Call 760 20 70 60 (0.60€ + vat) |

EDITORIAL June was a hard month. We had few adoptions and unfortunately we collected so many dogs and cats from the streets. In just a weekend 13 dogs arrived at the shelter and a few more until the end of that same week. At the moment we urgently need food to feed our animals, and volunteers that may come to the shelter daily and help with the routine tasks. Even if you don’t have that much availability, help us for just one morning. You do not know the difference that can make. Every help is welcome. But not everything is negative! We had the privilege to attend some fairs to promote and advertise our animals and our work. Additionally the “Project Education” is going really well and some of our senior dogs were adopted. Read more inside this edition.

Help us to help them!

EVENTS B I A N C A’ S D A Y S Next July 14th we will be holding the annual Bianca’s Day party, this time at Quinta do Conde, just by the village council. This party is already a mark of our Association and we are very happy to be doing it again. Do not miss this chance! We will have stalls with funny games, antiques, utilities, raffles, food and drinks, live music, taekwondo demonstrations, acrobatics, surprise contests and lots of animation. The entrance is free! Visit us and have fun.

DO YOU KNOW. . . The mother has a fundamental role in the acquisition of the bite inhibition and the control of the mobility of the puppies, and so they should never be separated from her until the 8th week of life. |


WE WERE ABANDONED... Bianca was formed almost 10 years ago and (unfortunately) we know by heart all the excuses people come up with to give their animals: health problems, job transfers, new houses, divorces, etc. But in fact, for those who love animals, there is no reason in the world that could lead them to abandon their animal. Our shelter is not the perfect home for any animal. We bring them to the shelter (hopefully) temporarily, give them a safe place to heal and be cared for, while trying to promote a responsible adoption for each and every animal. A responsible adoption because, if someone lacks the conditions to adopt, they shouldn’t do it. The animal may become stressed, psychologically damaged and his future life may be impaired. If you want to join our cause, you may visit us on Saturdays and find out more about us and our work. All help is welcome.

Laida Clementina

If you can and want to adopt, please send an email to If you cannot adopt but want to help, know that you may sponsor. This way you will be providing an extra welfare to an animal. Know more at or send us an email.




Duffy Dora

Iti Riscas


Titan Kiko

Uma |
















Bijou Lili



Lola |


FEATURED ANIMAL COVER ISSUE FLOR DO MAR Flor do Mar (in english Flower of the Sea) reminds us of Renée, the little white blind poodle that was left to die. But Flor do Mar, although showing much more love for people and always wanting to be in our lap, was found in a much more serious condition! She was found by mere chance near Cabo Espichel between the bushes and covered with fleas, ticks and ants. She was refusing to move herself because she had two broken limbs. Her emaciation was impressive! She had only 2.700 kg (5.9 pounds) when she was supposed to have at least 5 kg (11 pounds). She obviously had not eaten for some days and when we fed her she ate eagerly. Besides that, her eyes were infected and we do not know if Flor do Mar on the day she was found she will regain her full sight. Flor do Mar was hospitalized with a severe anemia and her blood tests revealed that she suffers from leishmaniasis. Let’s hope that everything works out for her and that she finds a forever loving family. See her video here:

SPECIAL ADOPTIONS CASTRO Castro is a dog of nearly 9 years of age. He is one of those dogs that is almost part of the shelter, and he is healthy, beautiful and sweet, although he does not get along with other male dogs very well. Not everything can be perfect! He is a mixed Castro Laboreiro (a portuguese breed) and as such he is a large dog. Castro loves a good caress and a good walk. Remember that adult dogs are more calm, most of them are already educated and can also retrieve unconditional love, mostly because they know what it is not to have a home. Adopt him! Castro at our shelter. |


I’M A VOLUNTEER Débora Hello my name is Débora, I’m 12 years old and I’m a student. I’ve always had animals and the number has been growing lately. At the moment I have dogs, cats, guinea-pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, rabbits and birds. One day, when I was 9 years old, my mother took me to an animal shelter because I really loveD animals. Afterwards I dicovered that the shelter had a website and that it was called Bianca. Since that day I was really looking forward for returning there. I love walking the dogs at Bianca, because they need to run and play and there is nothing like a good happy walk to cheer the dogs up. I love helping frightened animal to lose their fears so they may be adopted one day. The reason I’m a volunteer is knowing that I’m helping animals so they may have a better life and be happy. I do everythinG to see their happy ‘faces’ after a good walk, play or petting. A lot of animals in Portugal are mistreated, abandoned and sometimes treated like garbage. . . I would like to see the abandonements decreasing and people realizing that animals are such good friends, even better than humans. I would also like to see adopted every single animal living at shelters. The breeding of dogs and cats should decrease and before people acquire a pet they should think if they would ever abandon. They should think that pets need forever love, a good life, water, food, ceiling, space to run, walks, carress, etc. People have to think if they can provide all that to a pet. I would like to see people who can not adopt a pet volunteering at shelters. Before buying animals people should visit a shelter. Who knows if they would not find the perfect pet there.

IN MEMORY OF. . . LUÍSA We like to think she died in peace. Luísa was a female dog living at the shelter for a very long time, and since she was a bit shy she was never adopted. She was not young and never found a home. . . only Bianca’s shelter where she always lived free and happy. One morning we arrived at the shelter and Luísa seemed to be sleeping. . . she died during the night. Despite everything, she had a calm and peaceful look, and maybe because of that we like to think she died in peace. May you rest in peace, sweet dog. |


TIPS Gardens and yards are great places to chill with your family and friends, including your dog or cat. However, is your garden safe for your pet? It is almost impossible to keep your dog or cat under your constant supervision, so it is very important that your chilling place is free of stressful or harmful objects. Keeping your garden completely safe it’s almost impossible but there are several steps you may follow that will help to protect your animals and children. Keep your gardening tools in a safe and locked place as well your pesticides and fertilizers. Use pesticides and fertilizers in moderation! Most of this products are poisonous for animals and children and even if they ingest a small portion it could be fatal. You may use organic or natural products that are much safer. If you have doubts ask your veterinarian or ask for advice in the your gardening store. Plants are very decorative in any garden, however some plants can be poisonous to dogs or cats, such as aloe vera, begonia, daffodils, lilies of the valley, tomatoes and gladiolas. If your garden has fruit trees, remove all fruits from the ground. Lumps of some fruits can be poisonous if chewed, like for example loquat, plum or peach core. Remove all the mushrooms, remember most of them are also toxic. If your dog likes to digg, find him a place here he can do it safely and teach him to digg only in the place you have chosen. Reduce all dangers from your dog’s eye level! Sharp and pointy objects, like branches or nails, may hurt them. Sit on the ground and look around, by doing this you will get your dog/cat or children perspective and see what they might play with and get hurt by. Dogs must always be protected against ticks, mosquitoes and fleas with appropriate spot-on or collars specially during heat seasons when this parasites are more active and reproduce. Last but not least, if you have a pool at your garden, teach your dog how to swim and show him where the stairs are, so he get out safely. This precaution may look naive but every year thousands of animals get drowned because they can not get out of the pool. By teaching them you are reducing the chance of him falling into the pool accidentally and drown. Make this safety measure a small play for your dog, he will enjoy and you will be more relaxed about his safety. Even if your dog is not fond of water there is still a risk of him falling on the pool. You may place a fence around the pool not allowing him to come close to the edge. As extra precaution, there are immersion sensors that you can buy and install in your pool. Some of this tips are also wonderful for children safety! Test your garden and enjoy it better. |


I FOUND A HOME. . . It is always a great joy to see an animal being adopted. An adoption should always be a conscientious, well though and voluntary act. And that is why at Bianca all adoptions are carefully considered. This way we try to assure that the animals are in good hands, that they will have a family for their entire lifes and will be loved, cherished and respected as a member of the family that feels, reacts and suers like all of us. And even with all this some animals are still returned. Remember, if you cannot adopt there are other possibilities for you, like sponsoring. In this case, you are actually helping without taking the animal into your home. You may walk your sponsored animal, take him to the vet, etc. They thank that! Go to or send an email to and ďŹ nd out more about it. If you send us photos we will publish them on our website and social networks. Contact us by e-mail for the address!







Mala Toca





Janota |








NEWS of the MONTH A L GA R V E I N T E R N AT I O N A L FA I R At the beginning of the month of June, Association Bianca, as happened the last few years, participated in Algarve International Fair, at Fatacil. This fair counts with the presence of several national and international associations and institutions and Bianca insists on being present and show it’s work. We participated in several contests and the dog Melissa won the second place at the “Most beautiful eyes” contest. All the effort and dedication of the volunteers that stayed at Algarve the whole weekend is commendable. We thank you all! |




P A R T Y O F S C H O O L “A Q U I N T A” Bianca was invited to be present at the party of the school “The farm of Sintra”. We participated with a kiosk with some merchandising, sandwiches and cakes for sale. It was a well spent day. Once again the volunteers were unwearying and made a great job.

MAKING ANIMALS HAPPY This month we call your attention to two dossiers with over 30 books of Wally’s World plus the ‘Great Atlas of Wally’ book. If you are a BD and a Wally’s fan do not miss this opportunity. Every book is in a perfect condition. See other items and utilities at the blog and know that by buying something you are directly and actively helping Association Bianca. |


2012 June Newsletter  

June 2012 edition of Biancas' oficial newsletter

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