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Official Bianca Association Newsletter | Year III


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Help us to help! Call 760 20 70 60 (0.60€ + vat) |

EDITORIAL The Christmas month is here and at the “Safety Tip” of this month we remind you of some special care you must have to keep your pet safe. We also tell you Délio’s story, a very sweet dog that still waits for adoption. This December we introduce you to Alive and Viva, two puppies with less than a week of life, found abandoned. Even after so many years of work there are still cases that impress us. See their stories in the “Featured animal” section. We also have new items for sale at the volunteers blog. Avail this opportunity to make your christmas shopping while helping Association Bianca. We would like to take this chance to inform you that Bianca needs white ink to paint a large wall at the shelter. If you have some ink leftovers at your house please come and bring it to us, even if you think that it’s not very much. Besides that we also need paint brushes and volunteers to do the job. Read more inside this edition.

Help us to help them!

MAKING ANIMALS HAPPY This month we selected the fostering kit, with which you are supporting one of Bianca’s animal for one whole year. This kit includes one foster certificate, one postcard and one pack of 4 badges. See other items and utilities at the blog and know that by buying something you are directly and actively helping Association Bianca.

DID YOU KNOW. . . … the group “Lets Walk the Dog” reunites every first Saturday of each month to walk the dogs from our shelter? And did you know you can also join them? It’s always a great cheerful and well spent morning and even if you do not know anyone, we will introduce ourselves and help you feel welcome. Join us and lets walk the dog! |


WE WERE ABANDONED... Bianca was formed 10 years ago and (unfortunately) we know by heart all the excuses people come up with to give their animals: health problems, job transfers, new houses, divorces, etc. But in fact, for those who love animals, there is no reason in the world that could lead them to abandon their animal. Our shelter is not the perfect home for any animal. We bring them to the shelter (hopefully) temporarily, give them a safe place to heal and be cared for, while trying to promote a responsible adoption for each and every animal. A responsible adoption because, if someone lacks the conditions to adopt, they shouldn’t do it. The animal may become stressed, psychologically damaged and his future life may be impaired. If you want to join our cause, you may visit us on Saturdays and find out more about us and our work. All help is welcome. If you can and want to adopt, please send an email to If you cannot adopt but want to help, know that you may sponsor. This way you will be providing an extra welfare to an animal. Know more at or send us an email.








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Flyn |


FEATURED ANIMAL COVER ISSUE A L I V E a n d V I VA This month we have two featured animals since the newborns Alive and Viva were both found. Alive was very lucky to be found at night, on a quarry where he was left to die. His strong yelp saved him! His little brother was not so lucky and was already dead when they were found. Viva was also left to die on a trash container, and was found by mere chance. Today they are both recovered and growing very well. Cases like these make us think of how many others are never found! Cases like this reect the importance of neutering and spaying not just avoiding unwanted litters and the animal overpopulation but also preventing the animals from running away from home in the pursuit of their reproductive instinct. The change of mentalities is an urgent issue! |


SPECIAL ADOPTIONS DÉLIO Délio is a very special case! He entered the shelter as a puppy, with just two months of age, and was rapidly adopted. One day, several months later, we received a phone call from the Lisbon’s Kennel informing us that a dog with a microchip registered in the name of our Association had been left there by the owner himself with the purpose of euthanasia. Délio was delivered to the kennel because his fur was miserable and the owner wanted to “put him down”. Fortunately that did not happen! His ex-owner, this so called young man, gave Délio tranquilizers in order to prevent him from digging the yard and bark. Clearly this individual mistakenly Délio at our shelter. confused a real dog with a porcelain decorative one!! We picked up Délio at the Lisbon’s Kennel. His appearance was pitiful, heartbreaking. . . Besides his fur condition and the fact that he had a completely altered immune state because of the tranquilizers’ abuse, his soul was of someone who had been used to suffer. Délio was afraid of everything and everyone. Today he is a more sociable dog, he loves cuddles but still fears strangers. Every once in a while his immune system drops and he has to take some pills. Délio needs a 5 star family because he is a sweetheart and a very special dog who has suffered too much.


We are entering the Holidays’ Season, a time when fireworks are very common. Animals have a natural fear of loud sounds and many tend to run away to hide. So double your attention and do not let your animal alone in the garden or places where he may go to the street. Don’t take unnecessary chances thinking that if he never ran away he will not do it this time. Remember that this is a time of the year when many animals get lost and never make their way back home! Keep the doors and gates closed, pay extra attention if you have low fences, and don’t leave your pet alone in the new year’s night. Avoid tragedies and protect your best friend. |


I’M VOLUNTEER Raquel Hello, I'm Ana Raquel Peres, my friends and family call me Raquel, I'm 33 years old and I am an Industrial Designer. I've always had pets at home. When I was little I had parakeets, a dog and always wanted a cat but my parents wouldn't let me! Currently I have 4 dogs and one big cat of 8 kilograms! They are more than just pets, they are members of my family and are treated as such. Well, my interest in animals was born with me I guess. I remember that as a child I wanted to be marine biologist and study whales. I had and still have this big admiration for humpback whales. I dreamed about dedicating my life to the animal welfare. . . but life spinned around and nowadays I do not regret my life nor being a designer. No, I love it! I feel fulfilled in design and the fact I'm a volunteer at Bianca, completes me even more. This way, I can join two sides and interests of my life! In the beginning, when my mother joined Bianca, I said to myself I didn’t want to have a strong connection to Bianca or to spent so much time, my personal time, volunteering because I saw how she was so involved and spent so much time and energy with Bianca. I struggled for a while but once you join it is almost impossible not to get involved. I started to see how my help was important and just could not leave it behind! I do not recall exactly when I started to help more actively but I have this idea that was in this particular day, when there was an emergency and it was needed to take one dog to the vet. I remember I was on vacations, it was my first day, I slept very little and there I went to the vet in my car at 8 o'clock in the morning. It was a few years back, not sure how long. And that is what motivated me most, being able to help and make something specific to make a difference in an animal’s life. Whether it is giving them a roof, food, water or even socializing them so they lose the fear of humans and get a chance to be adopted and live happily ever after. I think socialization is what I really enjoy mostly as a volunteer. It really motivates me and it’s amazing to see the animal changing and evolving as a dog. They begin losing their fears, letting me touch them, starting to enjoy cuddles and affection. Its so good and I know I’m making a big difference in that animal’s life. Since I joined Bianca, I had several episodes that marked my memory and its hard to choose one, but I think it was my first day at the shelter. I was there only for 15 minutes and then I enter Breton ‘s kennel and he bit me! I was so angry that I didn't reacted at first, but then I said 'NO!' to him and after that he was my best friend. We became really close and in the moment I was told he would be adopted I cried a lot! I always knew one day he would be adopted and it would be the best for him because I could |


I’M VOLUNTEER not adopt him myself. This is the hardest part of volunteership. It is not the rain, the sun, the heat or the physical hard work, no. . . it’s connecting with the animals knowing one day they will leave the shelter and get adopted. Although we know it is a good thing because then we may help others in need, because when one animal leaves, the shelter, another 4 or 5 enter. . . All messages written here in this "Volunteer of the Month" column, seem to point out the urgent need to change mentalities in the society and increase the awareness for animal abandonment and lack of animal welfare in Portugal. Besides that and in my opinion it is important to do something! Don’t be afraid to really help a dog or cat in need. I often see people that see abandoned animals and all they do is take photos and put it on facebook, e-mails or just pass the responsibility for the associations. This is nothing!! It is simply transferring the responsibility to someone else, not helping. Helping is taking the animal home for some time, while he recovers from illness or until he finds a forever home. . . It is necessary for everyone to do something, help, take some of our personal time to participate even in the smallest tasks. . . if we all did something each of us will have to do less and the animals gain better conditions. If we all spent a morning, afternoon or just an hour volunteering there will be more walked or petted dogs. Helping is volunteering at shelters or taking animals to the vet. There is so much each of us can do to help the animals and association in need, like volunteering at shelters or taking animals to the vet. If we all did something we could help a higher number of animals and raise their chance to find a home. This is helping! The associations often see themselves forced to say no because there is no more room for another animal at shelters or there is lack of foster families. . . Imagine if all the people who want to help or inform the associations of animals in need, did something to become active volunteers!! I can imagine the amount of animals that would be rescued from trash cans, sewers or the streets. The animals’ condition in Portugal are bad. We do not have an effective animal protection legislation, the ‘owner’ is always benefited with the omissive laws and almost always the ones who should be punished remain untouched.

IN MEMORY. . . Wh i t e C a t This girl was found and taken to our shelter in a fragile health condition. She was taken to the vet where unfortunately she passed away. Rest in peace sweet girl. |


I FOUND A HOME. . . It is always a great joy to see an animal being adopted. An adoption should always be a conscientious, well though and voluntary act. And that is why at Bianca all adoptions are carefully considered. This way we try to assure that the animals are in good hands, that they will have a family for their entire lifes and will be loved, cherished and respected as a member of the family that feels, reacts and suers like all of us. And even with all this some animals are still returned. Remember, if you cannot adopt there are other possibilities for you, like sponsoring. In this case, you are actually helping without taking the animal into your home. You may walk your sponsored animal, take him to the vet, etc. They thank that! Go to or send an email to and ďŹ nd out more about it. If you send us photos we will publish them on our website and social networks. Contact us by e-mail for the address!














Ama |


NEWS of the MONTH City Hall of Sesimbra in collaboration with Bianca More than 30 children of the primary school of Aldeia do Meco and Azoia visited the medical office of the Municipality’s Veterinarian, in November. The children learned what the vaccines and microchips are for, the care they should have with dogs and how to behave in their presence. Three of the sweetest dogs of Bianca served as an example for the procedures and promoted the bonding of children and animals. The alderwoman Carmen Cruz stated that "the objectives aim to teach the functions of the municipality veterinarian and sensitize the children for the correct and appropriate social behaviours towards animals". These actions happen throughout the year and will continue in 2013. They are also integrated in Bianca's Educational Program by which we visit schools and raise awareness in the youngsters for animal welfare, for the problem of abandonment and the correct care for our four-legged friends.


Dawg Day In Aberdeen was a huge success. The sun shone and literally hundreds of dogs came along. FOB found another new volunteer and handed out masses of Dog Walk flyers and sponsor forms. It is amazing just how many people had now heard of the charity and how many were so interested.

WHISKEY BOTTLING FUNDRAISER Whiskey Bottling Fundraiser at Catoctin Creek Distilling Company was a lot of fun and raised important donations for Bianca! We started with a continental breakfast in care of our hosts and co-owners of the distilling company, Scott and Becky Harris. This was followed by a tour of the distillery and lessons about making distilled spirits. We then all got a lesson on bottling whisky from filing the bottles to loading them into boxes. The team worked smoothly, bottling about 150 cases of Roundstone Rye Whisky. We were also given the opportunity to personalize the labels - many people will be buying bottles with "Friends of Bianca" written on the label! We sold two FOB T-shirts, and to end the day we held a raffle for all those donating to FOB, with the prize of a $25 iTunes gift card (donated by Sonyc Golden Retrievers). Thanks to supporters Dave and Catherine Shuff Robinson, Karen Bricken, Carroll Hanson, our hosts Becky and Scott Harris and all those who came and had fun while supporting the rescued pets at Bianca!!


Bianca wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a 2013 with less abandonment, less suffering and more happy animals. |


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