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AWARD School Portfolio

Brief 1 To be issued at Tutorial One

Client: Odor-Eaters® Product:

Odor-Eaters® Foot & Sneaker Spray


Print / Poster

Target Audience:

People with foot odour problems

Single-minded proposition:

Stops Your Feet From Stinking.

Background/ proof of proposition:


Odor-Eaters® Foot & Sneaker Spray is the #1 selling foot odour product. Simply spray it on your feet, shoes and socks and it’s guaranteed to keep feet fresh and dry all day. It destroys odour on contact and dries crystal clear without messy residue.

Pack shot

Brief 3 To be issued at Tutorial Three

Client: Asics Product: Asics Performance Running Shoes Media:

Print Campaign (i.e. 3 ads)

Target Audience:

All runners, whether they run in competitions or purely for recreation.

Single-minded proposition:

Helps you run further.

Background/ proof of proposition:


Asics performance running shoes are designed to the highest specifications of support, cushioning and durability. As a result, they improve your performance and lessen the strain on your body. Asics logo

(She will be hidden throughout the magazine)

Brief 7

To be issued at Tutorial Seven Client:

NRMA Insurance

Product: ‘Home Plus’ Insurance Media/ Deliverables:

An online* idea to reach and engage insurance customers

Target Audience:

Everyone who has something worth insuring

Single-minded proposition:

Insurance cover for everything you own

Background/ proof of proposition:

‘Home Plus’ from NRMA offers all the features and benefits of standard home and contents insurance plus things like: automatic cover for accidental damage and burn out of electric motors; increased amounts you can claim for certain items; cover for your plants, trees and shrubs, cover for accidental damage to your contents outside the house; and even identity theft cover for legal costs and fees in case someone steals your identity.

*’online’ is a broad term and can refer to mobile phone activity, internet, social media and more (i.e. you have a lot of room to play in). If your idea requires a written description, try and keep it short and simple. As a guide, the idea may be to help retain existing customers, to acquire new ones, or satisfy both these tasks.


‘Identity Theft’ application on facebook.


Enter name of the friend’s identity you want stolen.

(3) Friend gets notified.


Friend goes to the identity thief’s facebook, where their name and picture have changed to theirs. This stays for 24 hours, then resumes back to normal.

Brief 10 To be issued at Tutorial Ten Client: Plants Plus Product:

Plants Plus Garden Centres


(At least) 3 different mediums of your choosing*

Target Audience:

All gardeners – everyone from the family member who wants to dress up their suburban backyard, to the inner-city dweller who wants to decorate their balcony or windowsill.

Single-minded proposition:

The largest range of plants.

Background/ proof of proposition:


Plants Plus Centres stock a huge range of flora, so there’s something for everyone. Also, their fully-trained horticultural staff can offer free advice on plants to match consumer design visions, lifestyles and various diverse environments. URL –

*Your media choice can include anything from a more traditional approach (eg. TV, radio, print) to more unusual channels (eg. Drink coasters, sky-writing, digital games etc). Importantly, it should be relevant to the message, target market and/or product you’re promoting.




(1) Fake personal ads to be placed in newspapers. (2) Trees with ‘P.P’ (Plants Plus) surrounded by a love heart carved into them, plus heart shaped shrubs will be placed around the city. (3) A gimmicky dating website ‘’ to match people with a plant that suits them.

Brief 5

To be issued at Tutorial Five Client:

Emirates Airlines

Product: Emirates Airlines Media:

Outdoor / Ambient

Target Audience:

People who travel overseas.

Single-minded proposition:

You can carry more luggage with Emirates.

Background/ proof of proposition:


Emirates has one of the world’s most generous baggage policies. Economy Class customers can check in 30 kg, Business Class travellers 40 kg and if you are flying First Class you can travel with 50 kg of checked baggage. URL:

Picture on the usual boot ad of a taxi, which creates the illusion of an oversized bag hanging out of the boot. ‘Pack more’ and the Emirates’ website are situated on bumper stickers.

Brief 6

To be issued at Tutorial Six Client:

GlaxoSmithKline Australia

Product: Panadol Rapid Media: Print Target Audience:

Anyone who needs short-term respite from pain.

Single-minded proposition:

Fast-acting pain relief.

Background/ proof of proposition:


Panadol® is Australia’s most trusted brand of pain reliever.
Panadol is a paracetamol-based analgesic and provides fast, effective temporary relief of pain and discomfort associated with: headache, tension headache, period pain, cold and flu symptoms, migraine headache, muscular aches, arthritis/ osteoarthritis, backache, and toothache. Pack shot

Now neither of you have an excuse.

Panadol速 Rapid

Brief 11 To be issued at Tutorial Eleven This week’s lecture was about challenging a ‘traditional’ brief, where part of the solution has already been decided, usually through media allocation (eg. who’s to say that the right answer to a business problem is a TV ad?) So this week, we’re giving you a business problem to solve. You can come up with any solution you see fit. We don’t want to limit your thinking in any way. There are no boundaries, but ‘simple’ is always good. Listed below are some examples of thinking outside the box. You can look up the case studies on Youtube for inspiration. OPTION 1 Client: News Limited Problem: Readership of tangible newspapers continues to fall as people are getting their ‘news fix’ online.

How can we encourage people to buy ’traditional’ newspapers or how can we find a better way to charge readers for accessing news online?

(Children are playing pass-the-parcel with iPads with news sites on their displays, which are wrapped up with sticky-tape, instead of newspaper).

1. Print Advertisements:

Aim: To show people that there are many more uses for a newspaper than just reading, and to make them question what would happen if newspapers died out.

Answer: The Newspaper. More than the news.

Problem: How can we encourage people to buy ‘traditional’ newspapers?

News Limited

(Bottom of bird cage lined with a Kindle).

More than the news.

The Newspaper.

The woman decides to brave the rain with the laptop over her head, being used as cover.

As she walks out of the train station, it is pouring with rain outside. Everyone is seen either with umbrellas or newspapers over their heads or running for cover.

A woman is shown riding on a train, reading the news on her laptop.

2. Television Advertisements:

News Limited (continued)

More than the news.

The Newspaper.

More than the news.

One of the neighbours opens their door to see what is on their doorstop. The camera follows their vision down to a smashed-up iPad with a news site on its display.

The fly then lands on the table in front of him, to which he grabs the Kindle and smashes the fly with it, like you would a newspaper.

The Newspaper.

Close-up of the boy throwing something over his shoulder whilst still riding his bike. You can’t see what it is, but it’s presumably a newspaper. The throwing of the object is then followed by a loud crash. This continues as the boy rides up the street.

A buzzing noise is heard in the distance. A fly then flies in front of the man’s face, to which he tries to shoo away. The fly continues to bother him, and the man keeps trying to unsuccessfully shoo the fly away.

A man is shown reading a news site on his Kindle.

Shot of a neighbourhood. It is early in the morning and the streets are empty except for, in the distance, a boy is seen on his bicycle doing the paper route.






(8) Instructions on how to make a newspaper hat.

(7) Cut and fold lines for the making of a paper doll.

(6) On boxing day, the newspaper will have a notice on it suggesting it be used to wrap Christmas decorations in for storage.

(5) A fake fish and chips (surrounded by fake crumpled/unfolded paper), with a notice alongside giving the reader a 50% discount on fish and chips, in return for them giving the shop the newspaper, so that they can wrap their meal in it.

(4) Instructions and fold lines for building a paper aeroplane.

(3) Free Bird Seed coupon, showing how newspaper can be used to line a bird’s cage.

(2) Newspaper comes with a retractable umbrella stem that easily affixes to the newspaper with a magnet and clips.

(1) Free Windex coupon to be used in conjunction with the newspaper for cleaning windows.




One of these willwill appear the newspaper aaweek a 52 year, 52 uses for newspapers, other than reading. One of these appear ininthe newspaper once aonce week for year, tofor show usesto forshow newspapers, other than reading.

3. Newspaper Advertisements/Ambient

News Limited (continued) 3. Newspaper Advertisements/Ambient

News Limited (continued)

Brief 9

To be issued at Tutorial Nine Client: Initiative

beyondblue: The National Depression


beyondblue is a national, independent, notfor-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related disorders in Australia.

Media: Online Target Audience:

Facebook users with grandparents/a grandparent

Single-minded proposition:

To provide the elderly with an easy communication tool to reconnect with society

Background/ proof of proposition: Scenarios of social exclusions experienced by older persons pose serious risks to their sense of identity, well-being and will to live. It is beyondblue’s belief that reconnecting the elderly with their Grandchildren can offer viable avenues for lowering these risks by reducing older people’s experiences of social exclusion. It is known that social media networks, such as facebook, are avidly used by the younger generation, therefore it is through this avenue that beyondblue hopes to encourage the elderly to join facebook. Why facebook? It has been proven that access to social media enables access to revenue streams, appropriate care, social networks, and providing channels for civic participation, cultural activities, learning and skills development opportunities (including access to advice and advocacy). By introducing elderly people to Facebook, we believe that this action has the ability to improve quality of life, in terms of social contact, entertainment and sense of value within their family, while also providing a means by which older people may be introduced to and eventually embrace appropriate technologies for their own interests.

‘facepal’ constantly works as the ‘middle man’ between both parties and will continue to post any activity on the Grandparent’s wall to their home, and the post they send back will be translated through to the Grandparent’s facebook account.

(6) ‘facepal’ then accepts the Grandchild’s friend request on behalf of the Grandparent. The Grandchild can now further contact the Grandparent through the account made for them.

(1) Sponsored ad on facebook, inviting younger people to contact their grandparents.

(5) ‘facepal’ creates a facebook account for the Grandparent and posts all replies and other actions from the Grandparent on her behalf, through her account.

(2) Grandchild enters in Grandparent’s details onto ‘facepal’ (a facebook app by beyondblue). They can also add an additional message if they wish.

(4) Granparent responds to the friend request by sending her reply to the address already supplied on the pre-paid envelope.

(3) Grandparent receives the friend request in the mail.

‘facepal’ Explanation: By reconnecting Grandchildren with their Grandparents in environments that both parties are comfortable with, it encourages the contact to continue for a longer amount of time. It’s combining old school communication with new school communication tools. There’s a constant cycle between both parties, where ‘facepal’ constantly works as the ‘middle man’, translating online content (wall posts, photo posts etc) to real world content (letters, photos etc in the mail) and vice versa. Not only will this initiative help to reconnect Grandchildren with their Grandparent’s, it will also help to familiarise the Grandparent’s with the facebook lingo. Furthermore, this may, in the future, encourage them to eventually join facebook, as they won’t be so daunted by the prospect now that they have an insight to how it works.

AWARD School Portfolio  

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