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OVERVIEW This portfolio is a recollection of the things that have happened during the SCI10 course. This portfolio is in magazine form. This magazine contains the things I have learned throughout the semester. This includes academic, cognitive and personal learnings. The first few pages focused more on the academic part. It is divided into the four modules that the course went through and it is also a documentation of my achievements and failures. After which, the magazine turns to a more cognitive-centric part of the course as I discuss the topic or module I enjoyed the most and why is it so. I will also explain what I would do if I turn back the time and retake the SCI10 course all over again. Finally, I will give my personal insights or personal lessons I have learned throughout the course. However, this part may not necessarily be related to science. The last page, to end the magazine, is the synopsis and the conclusion part. To the beloved reader, I hope you enjoy this magazine and the illustrations included!


The first module of the course is all about the practice of science and technology through the ages. The module touches up on the definition of the two concepts and how they have been studied by prominent scientists through the centuries. The most basic thing I have learned in this module and the thing that I really remembered the most is the definition of science. Science is defined as the

“rational inquiry to nature� According to my journals, this was one of the things that helped me understand the module because briefly, it summarizes the whole of science. I also learned that science can be deeply connected to our lives because scientific attitudes, such as curiosity, can be applied to any situations and happenings in life. Also from my second journal entry, I understood the module better through the concept of experimental models. These are helpful because science is a systematic body of knowledge and through these, it has been reformed and refined to the knowledge we have today. I also learned about the Intellectual Property Rights and how important it is for us in terms of copyrighting an idea. This is also important for us artists who plan on copyrighting a design.

One of the things I have learned in this module is the Intellectual Property Rights.


One of the important attitudes a scientist should possess is being curious of the natural world.

These are my journal entries about the first module, The Practice of Science and Technology.

As for my exams, I think it is one of the best testaments that I have learned something from the current module. Although I only got a C+, it reminded me that I should and that I can do better in this. It was also my first reminder that I should not underestimate the value of this course.


The second module of the course is all about science, technology and lifestyle. Basically, the module gives us insights and informations on technological impacts in the society. These impacts both have positive and negative effects in our society today. The bad part is some of the longterm effects aren’t even heard of or aren’t tested yet. Through them, the world has become smaller. I also learned a lot about smoking and its ill effects in our bodies, especially when I found out that there’s gas chamber poison, insecticide and many more harmful chemicals included in cigarettes. I felt fear for my relatives who are chain smokers because they are taking in all these dangerous stuff and it would slowly give them painful death.

My major offers classes on designing packaging and part of it is thinking of ways to efficiently use materials while making it look pleasing to the eyes.

On the other hand, I found the topic on packaging useful and applicable to my course, Information Design, because we, as students of the course, should work and find ways to innovate and to efficiently package a certain product while still keeping in mind the design aesthetics. This is also what we are going to take up next school year. Cigarettes may be addictive but remember that they’re very dangerous to our health!

From my journal entry, I found the topic of communication very helpful because the modern modes of communicating with others, such as mobile phones and the Internet, are just some of the most obvious applications and products of technology.

As for my exams, it has definitely improved, in terms of the score. I got one letter grade higher than the one before. This proved that I started not taking the course for granted and that I started studying for exams by reading the book and listening to the reports of my classmates.


The third module of the course is all about the environment and its sustainability. The readings in the book are terribly long; however, there are some topics and essays that I found really interesting, such as “SOS: Earth in Trouble!” and “An Inheritance of Waste: Facing and Overcoming Our Garbage Problems”. The module touched a bit on the Creation’s message (dominion vs. domination) and it helped me remember that these two words are commonly misunderstood and misused. Domination and dominion do not bear the same message. If we do not follow the message of “dominion”, our resources will disappear fast and perhaps, forever. The module is very relatable, not just because they are hot topics and issues being discussed by various sectors in the government now, but also because we are very involved in this in this. Whatever we do, whatever step we take will surely affect the environment. I find it really funny but at the same time, sad, that just by living and existing, we are polluting the environment (emission of CO2, etc.). This is also the time our group did a report on the Ecological Footprint. The footprint can help us by informing the public just how much impact they have on the environment because of our costly lifestyle and our unlimited consumption. The module also tackled about the environmental issues the world is facing right now.

Our group report was about the Ecological Footprint. I was really nervous when I reported this back then.

According to my journal entries, I found the concept of domination versus dominion the most helpful in understanding the module. From my other journal entry, another thing that helped me get through the module on the environment are the plenary lectures.

As for my exam, I improved from my last long test! I was really happy that I got a score of 45, despite reading, studying and going through a long list of materials. Perhaps, one of the reasons why I had this score was because I found the topic of sustainable environment really relatable.


The fourth and final module of the course is all about the origin of life. It tackled on how everything (the universe and our lives) started and how we became to be now. There were only two plenary lectures for this module but these lectures were the most helpful to me in understanding the topics. A journal entry of mine also said that the topics of genetics and natural selection helped me get by the module because it is a reminiscent of my second year high school lectures on Biology. It is also quite interesting to learn about different astronomical concepts such as the Big Bang Theory, redshift phenomenon, Hubble’s Law and many more. The paper on the Higgs Boson was also fun to write because I got to know that scientists are getting closer to the “truth”. Although I must admit that I had a difficult time processing some of the information regarding the birth of the universe, I did have fun imagining how the Big Bang happened. Some of the details sounded as if they are all part of some science fiction novel but it isn’t. It actually happened! I also had a hard time, taking into consideration how matter and the different elements were formed. Although with the help of little imagination, I somehow got it and hopefully carried the knowledge with me in my last exam.

The topic on genetics was really interesting but I never thought that it was also confusing, especially the genetic codes.


For me, my most favorite topic was the topic on the Origin of Life, most specifically how the universe started. I have no idea how I did in my last long test but I know that I had a fun time learning about the universe and all its complexities. The reason why I loved this topic is because‌ it’s about space! One of childhood dreams is to be an astronaut and to explore the space! I loved imagining about how the outer space looked like, how each planets orbit the sun, how a possible E.T. would look like, how black holes could suck space ships, and how stars would explode. Although it sounds gruesome and it would mark the end of the world, I also would want to see how the sun would die.


press the

button again?


If I could press the “start” button again like everything’s a game, I would do it. I had a lot of things I want to re-do and one of them is to tell the me before to not underestimate the value of this course and study harder.

I want to retake my exams again, especially the first and the last one, because I know that I was like this when I took them.

I want to do my report again because I think I did not explain the concept of Ecological Footprint clearly. I want to report again but this time, with confidence.

THINGS I LEARNED ABOUT MYSELF In this scientific journey, I got to know myself better. First, I learned that I had the patience to read a 327page book on science, technology and environment. Second, I learned that I can work with people I don’t know or I am not close with pretty well. The group facilitations, activities and papers helped me interact more with these people and that I can also perform well with them. Third, I learned that laziness and not paying attention in classes will get me nowhere in life. Maybe this one is more of a slap in the face or a sick reminder that I have overcome laziness and actually start paying attention to details. If I do so, then perhaps I would have had an easier time answering the exams and maybe even participate more in class.

SYNOPSIS AND CONCLUSION Overall, the course SCI10 is worth one’s time. One just needs motivation, patience and effort to get by! This course has also taught me how science can be applied in real life. We can see science in our everyday lives. We can see it in our house, school, community, etc. We can see it in the things we take for granted as well. Taking the time to know how the universe began and how we were born and how we evolved is also worthwhile. Knowing about the state of our ecology is important as well because through this, we would see how much we abuse Mother Earth despite all she gives us. We must learn from the universe to recycle the materials found nearby, just like how we are all made from stardust. To those who will take SCI10 in the future, I have something to say. Take your time and enjoy this course. It’s not everyday you get to have a course that would touch four different modules. It’s not everyday you get special plenary lectures to help you understand the modules more. It’s not everyday you get the President (and ex-President) of the Ateneo de Manila University to give a talk about his specialty. Through this course, you can also get to know more about yourself and maybe, improve while taking SCI10. In my case, I learned that I actually had the patience to read a very knowledgeheavy book about science. You can also get to work with people you barely (or never) know. You can also get to show your creativity skills during some of the activities during class.

SCI10 Portfolio  

A portfolio for SCI10: Science and Society (SY2012-2013) under Ms. Genejane M. Adarlo

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