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Issue #10 May 2021

The Hill We Climb | W:30.00 H:40.00 in | by Juliane von Kunhardt | AW127290052

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Issue #10 May 2021 May - 2021

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Artistonish - May 2021


Rage Drawing, Pastel on Paper W:30 H:22 in 1990 Anthony Santomauro



Artistonish - May 2021

Looking For Paradise Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:89 H:146 cm 2020 Looking for a paradise ... My paradise. Beatriz Lopez


Artistonish - May 2021


Cone Flower Painting, Acrylic on Paper - Cotton W:15 H:15 cm 2020 Nature at its nest! Cher Pruys



Artistonish - May 2021

Morning Break II Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:30 H:40 cm 2020 Christina Mitterhuber


Artistonish - May 2021


BEAUTY and the BEASTS No.10 Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:61 H:76 D:1 cm 2020 Joseph Urie

The development of images from my childhood and to the present day has provided me with a varied ,variety, to explore. Initially I concentrated on my memories/imagery mainly, and as I worked more on this I decided to add my recent travel experiences to compare and contrast these important developments in my life as a painter.



Artistonish - May 2021

The Hill We Climb Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:30 H:40 in 2021 Juliane von Kunhardt

Hope turns into butter ies turn into words turn into paper planes. The poem "The hill we climb" by Amanda Gorman is remembered as a highlight of the presidential inauguration of 2021. It is a message of unity, re ections on the past, and hope for the future. It brings light to a time of unrest, and the notion that a younger generation might be able to start fresh where the rest of us feels divided and helpless. In this painting, I highlighted Gorman's already ever so bright coat, emphasizing yellow for joy. Yellow for playfulness. Yellow for vitality. I choose to play with those colors like Amanda plays with words. Like reassuring aphorisms, I let the yellow y around in form of butter ies and paper planes. The blue stands for hope.


Artistonish - May 2021


Wind in Motion Painting, Watercolor on Paper W:27 H:19 in 2015 Lisa G Bailey

This watercolor focuses on a collection of diverse yet antiquated windmills that are mostly located in Cape Cod, MA. AW127618202


Artistonish - May 2021

Hanoi Painting, Mixed Media on Canvas W:30 H:40 in 2020 Matthew Laurence

The work 'Hanoi' within the Urban Jungle series combines urban decay in our living spaces with a lens towards controlling the planet’s ecosystems. We are now seeing the impact that humans have on our environment through major changes in the climate systems and mass population shifts. Image elements of urban decay that I have captured from ve continents over the past 20 years are projected upon nature’s green spaces using a range of mixed media techniques that frame the work.


Artistonish - May 2021


Haircut Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:40 H:50 cm 2020 - 2021 Life in 2021 Silvia Schmidtova



Artistonish - May 2021

Communities of Matter Drawing, Ink, Acrylic on Paper W:50 H:70 cm 2020 Svetlana Smirnova

Alcohol ink and acrylic marker on Yupo paper protected with 4 layers of varnish including UV protection. Communities of Matter is an abstract image of whether it is a community of cells, whether it is a human settlement from a height of ight, an image of all material and living things. In a red-pink-brown color with a contrasting white line as a symbol of community communication.


Artistonish - May 2021


Lobos Tree sh Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:16 H:20 in 2021 Theodore Heublein

'Sous Marine', This technique is what I am calling creating artwork underwater. Using Oil on canvas, I create paintings underwater that include the immediacy of the subject matter. The series is part of a suite of paintings called ‘Above and Below Point Lobos SNR’. This image is from dive at Betos Reef in Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, Carmel, California.



Artistonish - May 2021

DIE GÄNSEMAGD Painting, Mixed Media on Paper W:52 H:75 cm 2020 - 2021 Thorsten Boehm

The work "DIE GÄNSEMAGD" from 2021 is an allegory for the free- ying soul of human nature. THE GOOSEMAID only serves her very own nature, not a master. For her, life is a purely spiritual journey and no ideology or religious concept will capture her.


Artistonish - May 2021


Nairobi Girl Photography, Digital Photography on Photo Paper W:16 H:20 in 2017 Dave McKinney

An image caught from the window of a taxi in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya. I nd the gaze of this young girl to be interesting as her eyes follow the viewer from any angle side to side. Kenya offers the visitor a culturally diverse nation made up of different tribal groups, each with distinct languages, dress, music, and food.



Artistonish - May 2021

Lionel Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:16 H:20 in 2021 Manon Germain

Le petit Lionel. This little guy is 2 years old and he is in the daycare of my daughter .He is adorable, smart and thoughtful. When I saw him I asked his mother if I could paint him. The two grand-mothers ask to have a copy of the painting. I told them in the summer I will take a picture again to make a new one.


Artistonish - May 2021


Riverbank With Flowers Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:80 H:60 cm 2020 A summer day at the bank of the river. Nora Komoroczki



Artistonish - May 2021

Their Eyes Are Judging Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:16 H:20 cm 2021 Messiah Brown

Seeing is believing. When actions meet expectations they become believable. We have our moments of lacking discernment, and use ignorance as our source of judgment. I can’t put my nger on this piece. Eyes are windows to souls that we learned to blind fold. And if seeing is to believe then I wanted to believe in the kindness of humanity that preach of changes that’ll come tomorrow. I want to believe that when they say "come as you are" they mean it. I see the changes.


Artistonish - May 2021


The Tumbler Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:55 H:55 in 2021 Myrna Pronchuk



Artistonish - May 2021

Suger High Painting, Watercolor W:24 H:18 in 2021 Watercolor depiction of candy sticks in Bell jars. Michael Granger


Artistonish - May 2021


Growing Pains Part 1 Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:18 H:30 in 2016 Doretha Murray



Artistonish - May 2021

Imagineering Photography W:18 H:12 in 2021 Nicol Hockett

Digital Image on Premium Photo Paper Imagineering is a vibrant and colorful display of creative conceptualization -- a dynamic, cerebral blueprint comprising organic and arti cial shapes, formulas, logic, and process. It is music. It is architecture. It is the engineering of a virtual masterpiece imagined.


Artistonish - May 2021


Late Moon Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:24 H:30 in 2021 A full moon refuses to leave as a dark dawn emerges Ann Kraus



Artistonish - May 2021

Brooklyn Inner Stairway Painting, Watercolor on Paper W:18 H:24 in 2021 Alexandra Jamieson

An inner stairway at the Brooklyn Hall complex, still under construction in the Navy Yards neighborhood. Humans have built our industrial world with nods to nature's fractal designs. This work explores the decay and evolution of this geographic space.


Artistonish - May 2021


Opera Painting, Mixed Media on Glass W:24 H:24 in 2020 She is fatum, destiny when she ies or sings... Tatyana Shvartsakh



Artistonish - May 2021

Hera's Gift Painting, Watercolor W:14 H:19 in 2021 Original Watercolor of Calla Lilies Steven Vando


Artistonish - May 2021


On the Edge Photography, Digital Photography W:36 H:24 in 2017 Nicholas Teetelli



Artistonish - May 2021

Grid II Painting, Mixed Media on Canvas W:48 H:48 in 2016 Mixed media on canvas, plaster and acrylic paint Mircea Popescu


Artistonish - May 2021


Buried At The Intersection Mixed Media W:11 H:14 in 2021 Christina Polosky

Actual words collaged from the 2020 Report of the Fort Hood Independent Review Committee intersected with a 2021 Task and Purpose article entitled “The Truth About False Sexual Assault Reports in the Military” belying what women in the military already know: there are many layers to being a woman in the military; and when you are addressing the issue of sexual violence, our female military members are buried at the intersection—Every. Single. Day.



Artistonish - May 2021

Happy Birthday to You Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:24 H:24 in 2020 This is an artistic depiction of an astrological chart drawn for May 23, 2009, 10 am, WV, USA Victoria Pendragon


Artistonish - May 2021


Can black lives matter yet? Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:48 H:48 in 2020 This painting is a part of the Black Lives Matter - Racial Justice Collection. Caren Jo Shapiro



Artistonish - May 2021

Dalili the Doctor Painting, Oil Color W:48 H:60 in 2020 Mark Landry

"Dalili the Doctor" pays homage to Normal Rockwell's classic "Rosie the Riveter" while honoring frontline American healthcare workers during the deadly 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Modeled after real-life doctor Elizabeth Lord, the piece pays tribute to women of color, the Black Lives Matter movement, and "Sisters in Science" while the titular character steps on the cover of Donald Trump's book, "The Art of the Deal." The name "Dalili" means "omen" in Swahili.


Artistonish - May 2021


Everyones Everything No. 2 Collage W:10 H:19 in 2020 Vintage paper collage/ transgender Janet Gold



Artistonish - May 2021

Mauricio Happened By Photography W:19 H:13 in 2018 Steve Knight


Artistonish - May 2021


Under Siege Painting, Watercolor W:20 H:19.50 in 2020 Gary Johnson

Abstract depicting the current crisis in American Cities that are under siege from radicals. A shield is protecting the city from a full attack, however, it is not suf cient to hold back everything being launched to destroy it. My rst ever political piece. I hope my last.



Artistonish - May 2021

One Mixed Media W:48 H:60 in 2020 One from the many and many from the One Theodore Clements


Artistonish - May 2021


GABBY's Angel Drawing W:11 H:17 in 2020 Brush drawing colorized and printed Joseph Cook



Artistonish - May 2021

Daydreamer Sculpture W:16 H:36 D:28 in 2020 Sabrina Barilone

Stoneware, Underglaze, Glaze, Wood, Acrylic She sits listlessly looking out of a window that sits just above her sightline into the real world. She sits waiting and the moments carry into weeks and months. She is isolated with all her emotions of helplessness, solitude and fear, eager for a return to some form of normalcy. She is all of us.


Artistonish - May 2021


Earth Song Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:40 H:30 in 2019 Marcella Muhammad

I have used my signature style of Plasticism or Plastic Space abstract to blend a variety of elements using color and the ow of light to bind all together. The subject and actual musical notes are in uenced by a Michael Jackson song of the same name aimed at saving our planet.



Artistonish - May 2021

Moon Moth in the Vineyard Drawing, Color Pencil W:18 H:28 in 2018 Nancy Jacey

Prismacolor Premier colored pencils over Sharpie color burst ultra- ne point assorted color markers on Strathmore cold-pressed 500 series illustration board, using my own reference photographs and imagination. AW127701334

Artistonish - May 2021


Day of the Iguana Painting, Watercolor W:28 H:18 in 2020 Shelley Holtzman

The reference for this image was created by collaging my own photographs. I continue to move elements around as I paint, composing a new reality. AW127977402


Artistonish - May 2021

Cow Mixed Media W:16 H:20 in 2020 Fused glass cow on real cow hide. Fired three times, glued onto cow hide and board. Sheri Zoch


Artistonish - May 2021


The End of Democracy in the National Interest? Painting, Acrylic on Linen W:24 H:20 in 2020 Rich Sheaffer

This work is primarily four quadrants of different blacks, and is inspired by the impeachment events in the U.S. Senate in the period January 29-31, 2020. What can the four quadrants signify? Is this work looking backward in terms of how we arrived here, or looking forward to what is to come?



Artistonish - May 2021

Strong Painting, Acrylic on Paper W:16 H:20 in 2019 Amy Charmatz


Artistonish - May 2021


On Becoming Painting, Oil Color on Board W:16 H:16 in 2021 We are part of all that is, no matter what state we are in. Whether in a body or ying free. Timeless. Harriet Forman Barrett



Artistonish - May 2021

Crazy Caravan Mixed Media W:34 H:28 in 2018 CRAZY CARAVANS is a 1950's vacation pastime. Susan Gilbert


Artistonish - May 2021


Blue Rain Painting, Mixed Media W:12 H:12 in 2021 Abstract with brilliant blues owing through contrasting colors with ribbons of metallic highlights. Therese Misner



Artistonish - May 2021

Re ections I Painting, Acrylic on Panel W:47 H:28 in 2016 Gerard Huber


Artistonish - May 2021


On the Rooftop Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:36 H:36 in 2020 Kim Richards



Artistonish - May 2021

Ecliptic Series No. 15 Painting W:30 H:40 in 2019 Cold wax and oil on panel Sudie Rakusin


Artistonish - May 2021


Lone Palm Photography W:4 H:5 in 2011 Platinum/Palladium Photograph Carolyn Rogers



Artistonish - May 2021

Ophelia Frame Jewelry W:12 H:16 in 2021 Copper, Plexiglass Maria Baquerizo


Artistonish - May 2021


The Water Bearer Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:49 H:72 in 2018 Noe Pina



Artistonish - May 2021

Innocence Lost Printmaking, Screen Print W:11 H:15 in 2021 Steve James

The state of Texas allows worshipers to bring guns into our most sacred of institutions. It does not matter whether you agree or disagree with this law. It represents a sad state of where we are in this country if it has come to this. This toy represents good from a bygone era.


Artistonish - May 2021


It Can't Rain All The Time Digital Arts W:24 H:16 in 2020 Photography digital art Meghann Brunney



Artistonish - May 2021

Beans from Farmers Market series Painting, Acrylic W:36 H:36 in 2021 Julie Crowder


Artistonish - May 2021


America during a Pandemic Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:16 H:20 in 2020 Jada Grantlin

America during a pandemic was no easy time for any civilian in this country. COVID19 changed a lot of nancial situation for many individuals for better or for worse. As a young black artist I got the privileges to connect more closely with my art and grow as an artist.



Artistonish - May 2021

Mr. Elijah's Masterpiece Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:16 H:20 in 2020 Rina Lucas

Before returning to the mountains of Virginia, I spent 5 years in the Lowcountry of Charleston, SC where Sweetgrass baskets are sewn together with long leaf pine needles, bull rush, palmetto leaves, and the prayers of the Gullah people. Mr. Elijah, a master of his art, inspires me to create my own.


Artistonish - May 2021


Green Man Painting, Oil Color W:14 H:18 in 2018 An Arcimboldo-style painting depicting a man whose face is entirely composed of leafy vegetation. John Kane



Artistonish - May 2021

Yellow One Drawing, Pastel on Paper W:30 H:42 in 2020 Emma Kam

Yellow One abstracts a ower in its budding and blossoming stages. Using gradients of color, I create an illusionistic space in which the viewer can ruminate and self-re ect on their own experiences with nature. AW127130468

Artistonish - May 2021


Rorshach's Dream Painting W:14 H:14 in 2018 Alcohol Ink Valeri Cranston



Artistonish - May 2021

Work from Home Printmaking W:14 H:18 in 2021 Linocut and Chine colle on paper Esther DelaquisBaidoo


Artistonish - May 2021


Autumn Sun ower Digital Arts W:8 H:10 in 2021 Debra Whelan

This big, bright yellow sun ower is painted with lots of bold color and textural effects for the eye to behold! Sun owers represent long life, adoration and loyalty and since they represent the sun, they also bring to mind happiness and optimism!



Artistonish - May 2021

Living Life Constructs Your Soul Fiber Art W:39 H:19 in 2020 Jennifer Flores

Photograph and cotton thread Meandering through the streets of Vienna, I came across a lovely public art display painted on the side of a construction site. It is a small part of the full message “Living life constructs you soul”. The cotton overshot pattern gives energy to the image.


Artistonish - May 2021


INTERMUNDIUM Photography W:17 H:25 in 2021 Megan Mickael



Artistonish - May 2021

Shattering Identi ers Sculpture on Ceramic W:24 H:48 in 2021 Gabrielle Rollins

This piece is about the different facial and or perspectives that individuals make when they explain how they identify themselves using a physical term, like their occupation, race, religion, adjectives, and just their actual name.


Artistonish - May 2021


Jolene Painting W:9 H:12 in 2021 Shiela Mahaney


Artistonish Magazine

Issue #10 May 2021 May - 2021

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