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Issue #11 June 2021

African Strings #6 Painting

| W:30.00 H:40.00 in | AW127818912

by Donelli DiMaria

published by

Contemporary Art Magazine

Artistonish Magazine

Issue #11 June 2021 June - 2021

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Artistonish - June 2021


Reflections Painting, Acrylic on Paper - Cotton W:15 H:25 cm 2021 The colourful umbrellas make for fun reflections in this delicious glass of wine. Cher Pruys



Artistonish - June 2021

Rainforest Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:80 H:80 cm 2020 Rainforest colors, sounds, animals, air, plants, smell, trees, light, sun and rain. Christina Mitterhuber


Artistonish - June 2021


African Strings #6 Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:30 H:40 in 2021 Donelli DiMaria

Oil painting of female playing an African string instrument surrounded by other African artifacts and musical entities. AW127818912


Artistonish - June 2021

Galaxy on a rainy day Photography, Digital Photography on Photo Paper W:8 H:11 in 2021 Hiromi Kawano

I shoot beautiful scenery and flowers in Japan and layer them to make mysterious and beautiful artworks. Flowers and landscapes that change with the season give me inspiration. The theme of this work is hydrangea, and the motif of a rainy day is superimposed to express a world like a galaxy. I try to express the beauty of nature more beautifully. I hope that the beautiful nature will be preserved in the future.


Artistonish - June 2021


La Liga De Mentirosos Installation, Mixed Media W:274 H:182 D:40 cm 2019 John Affolter

A simulacrum to European football league using the trademark (hand woven) scarves as a symbol of individual and team unity. Each scarf design signifies team loyalties as well as a conformation to the league franchise. An obsolete rotting game time ball waits on the franchise plinth ready to be picked up by the referees as the entourage enters the pitch for a game of Trumpian rules.



Artistonish - June 2021

Turtle Turtle Painting, Watercolor on Paper W:28 H:20 in 2015 Lisa G Bailey


Artistonish - June 2021


Initiation Painting, Mixed Media on Glass W:32 H:32 in 2021 Tatyana Shvartsakh

I will, I Spell, I Predict, ... From Master and Margaret by M. Bulgakov AW127726150


Artistonish - June 2021

Solitaire Painting, Ink Painting on Paper W:11 H:14 in 2021

Valeri Cranston


Artistonish - June 2021


Hidden Behind the Mask! Painting, Mixed Media on Panel W:12 H:12 in 2021 Nimisha Doongarwal

Does the mask only protects us from Virus or also is isolating us from other people’s feelings. We can’t really see emotional and don’t really know how the person under that mask is doing. We haven’t seen people laugh for 14 months. Is it just because mask hides the face or is it more than that ? Our families and loved ones are struggling with COVID and we are so far and helpless. This is causing stress, anxiety and depression. Its hard to be away from families and hard to deal with all of this alone, but try seeking support and help. You are not alone!



Artistonish - June 2021

Independent Day and Vision of the Future Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:12 H:18 cm 2020 Tanya Momi

Mark Twain says. I kill my own snake and lite my own cigar. Make my own living and provide for own self. This painting shows a women from ancient times. She is thinking about the future. That one day she will pay her self The background has old Indian chakra symbols. Each chakra has a deep meaning of life. The Chakra are upside down because she has turn her thinking upside down. Her advance thinking. The louts flower grows in muddy water and become a beautiful pink flower. She is rising like a lotus flower. The dove is the symbol of freedom. She is free and flying away like a dove. She is not depending on anyone else she can make her own living. She is empowering women to pave the bright future for herself . A powerful women can make a living for her selves. As I have paved my own way and made living for myself and others. As a artist i can show and empower women around the world to have independence and self-sufficient life. You go girl with peace love and freedom. Raise better...


Artistonish - June 2021


Mystic Dawn Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:40 H:60 D:2 cm 2020 Ralph Lacher

The Mystique Series is a journey of the mind, a mystical space as well as a place in the physical world. The canvass is simply the launching pad for the viewers’ discoveries within the landscape. Nuances created by the layers of color, values and texture are meant to mirror the rich nuances reminiscent of the variations in nature itself.



Artistonish - June 2021

Tampa Concourse Digital Arts, Digitally Manipulated on Paper W:22 H:41 cm 2018 It's a pretty airport. I was waiting for a flight and I couldn't resist. Woody Hirsh


Artistonish - June 2021


Heteronormative Painting, Acrylic on Plexiglas W:30 H:36 in 2021 When staring into your lovers eyes blinds you to the burning world behind your back. Scarlett Weissman



Artistonish - June 2021

Old Man Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:20 H:16 in 2018 This is my uncle. I made this portrait because of his blue eyes and his style. Manon Germain


Artistonish - June 2021


Satans Leap Drawing, Pastel on Paper W:20 H:27 in 1998 Anthony Santomauro



Artistonish - June 2021

Twisted Flowers Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:16 H:20 in 2021 Twisted vase with dead flowers. Walter Smith


Artistonish - June 2021


Magic Mushrooms Sculpture W:14 H:14 D:11 in 2021 Andra Stanton

Long Net Stinkhorn Mushrooms Incredibly strange and beautiful Long Net Stinkhorn Mushrooms relaxing in the forest on a bed of disintegrating leaves beneath a tree.



Artistonish - June 2021

Uluru - a Sacred Monolith Photography W:15 H:10 in 2021 Ladka Kurzrock


Artistonish - June 2021


Mountain Image Mixed Media, Watercolor W:21 H:14 in 2020 Lian Mei Tsai

Watercolor Ink Rhyme~~Oriental Love. The use of water-based media (ink, acrylic, watercolor) to present the ink rhyme in the Western painting vocabulary, breaking the general traditional techniques, and combining Western art painting, to present a new Eastern painting language.



Artistonish - June 2021

Blooming Painting, Acrylic, Ink on Linen W:30 H:36 in 2021 Erin Starr


Artistonish - June 2021


Ecstagram Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:18 H:24 in 2021

Gregory Cooper



Artistonish - June 2021

Infinite Flow Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:36 H:48 in 2020 Newel Hunter

"Infinite Flow" is a perfect example of Hunter's highly fluid, expressionistic style -- which so often results in arresting images with a sense of depth and sculptural form. Black and white. Minimalist. Open to interpretation.

Acrylic on 36 x 48 x .8 inch gallery-wrapped canvas, edge painted, ready to hang.


Artistonish - June 2021


Lady Faith; An Oracle Mixed Media, Photographic Collage W:36 H:17 in 2021 Garrett Martin

Photo Collage on Hahnemuhle. It’s easy to get caught on the small things – like ourselves. We often forget who we are or where we came from and how easy and simple it can be swept away. Regardless of ones’ faith it is hard to deny the mysterious workings of a Divinity(?) and the times before ours.



Artistonish - June 2021

Cafe Skate 04 Photography W:30 H:18 in 2019 Underwater Photography Mary Beteta


Artistonish - June 2021


Eviscerate Painting, Acrylic W:24 H:30 in 2021 Acrylic on aluminum metal canvas Craig Garner



Artistonish - June 2021

DNA Photography W:32 H:18 in 2019 Multiplane Photography Dave Hull


Artistonish - June 2021


Defying Gravity? Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:24 H:36 in 2019 Can gravity be defied? Can an illusionist defy gravity? Were wires used? Donald White



Artistonish - June 2021

Cleansing the Earth Painting, Oil Color on Linen W:45 H:60 in 2020 This piece is part of Coronavirus Series Bamazi Talle


Artistonish - June 2021


She Who Heals Painting, Acrylic, Mixed Media on Canvas W:24 H:36 in 2020 Linda Storm

In November, 2016, I began a lifelong project to research and resurrect the divine feminine from ancient global cultures, with paint on canvas. When the pandemic began, my focus turned toward goddesses who were revered for their healing abilities.



Artistonish - June 2021

Crimson Curry Painting, Mixed Media on Canvas W:3 H:3 in 2020 Kerri Eden


Artistonish - June 2021


Women in Tech-Impenetrable Glass Ceiling No. 2 Digital Arts, Photographic Collage W:23 H:22 in 2021 Jady Bates

This series weaves images together to create a feeling, a snapshot of immense time and labor with no equal reward. Women in tech careers are still kept out of the top jobs and the inequality is showing. AW127577848


Artistonish - June 2021

Busy Street Organic Art W:11 H:14 in 2020 Magda Hanna


Artistonish - June 2021


Andromeda Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:48 H:60 in 2019 Hannah Gunderson



Artistonish - June 2021

Chasing Bernini Across Rome Painting, Acrylic on Paper W:42.50 H:30.50 in 2016 Gerard Huber

Since the invention of photography tourists have been recording the sights of Rome to share with family and friends. When confronting an actual artwork in-situ, they often experience a certain disorienting bewilderment because of the disparity between the remembered artwork from texts or guidebooks and what they are observing in real life. The work may appear larger -- or smaller, more or less brilliantly colored, or have a surprising variety of textures that seem to distort its assumed familiarity. It is as if the flat and static secondary reality of the photographic image has a greater credibility than the actual three-dimensional sculpture they are experiencing directly.


Artistonish - June 2021


View of otter cliffs Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:16 H:20 in 2020 Talia Mittelman



Artistonish - June 2021

Fluid Abstract 8 Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:16 H:24 in 2021 Andrew Armas


Artistonish - June 2021


Prisms Painting, Acrylic W:50 H:36 in 2021 Joie McClements

I love the strength and power of this dahlia. It is something that lasts only a brief period of time yet has such a presence. I added the look of prisms because we all see life differently through our own filters or prisms. It’s the first of a series on that theme.



Artistonish - June 2021

Coral Vase Sculpture W:9 H:9 D:8 in 2021 Porcelain Brooks Talley


Artistonish - June 2021


Reconnoitering Deception Pass Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:50 H:40 in 2018 Tom Gehrig



Artistonish - June 2021

Tide Photography, Cyanotype W:10 H:10 in 2020 Rebecca Santry

Inspired by the unpredictable movement of the tide, the rivers, the estuaries, the creeks and the tiny streams that surround and engulf BC. This piece was created using the natural textures found on Nexen Beach in Squamish, BC. AW127469968

Artistonish - June 2021


Wild Night at Disney Concert Hall Photography W:32.50 H:20 in 2021 Archival dye sublimation print on aluminum Jane Gottlieb



Artistonish - June 2021

Passage: 4AM Painting, Oil Color on Panel W:36 H:48 in 2021 Bruce Dean

An exploration of absence, mystery, and quiet. A scene that suggests inhabitance, but not presence. What happened just before? What follows just after? AW127318424

Artistonish - June 2021


Dereaye Photography W:16 H:20 in 2020 Charlton Corson



Artistonish - June 2021

Formation Digital Arts, Digital Painting on Aluminum W:17 H:17 in 2020 Rose Freeland

A formation of nature dye sublimation printed on metal, Self hanging system, floats on wall. Dawn natural color and light memorized from a forest walk. Mono printed on metal, edition of one.


Artistonish - June 2021


A sanguine aperture without operatic meaning Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:22 H:28 in 2016 Abstract Expressionism online gallery Nicholas Cavarretta



Artistonish - June 2021

Transcendent Summer Painting, Watercolor on Arches Paper W:22 H:30 in 2020 Terri Field

Watercolor Dyes on Paper Beginning with photos I take of trees while on walks, I am inspired by the way the light shines through the leaves and branches of trees. I intuitively use the shapes of the branches and colors from my imagination to portray the life and light of the moment.


Artistonish - June 2021


Where Are They Now? Gig 1 Mixed Media, Oil Color, Transfer Printmaking on Panel W:45 H:60 in 2020 - 2021 David Chatfield

Toner Transfers and Oil Paint on 25, 9"x12" Panels

The Where Are They Now Series asks what Depression Era individuals captured in iconic imagery would be doing in today's gig economy. If the Migrant Mother were alive I imagine her working at Walmart, but as they pay so little and cut hours to avoid benefits, she would need another gig (or two). See my website for her other gigs as well as where I imagine today's Breadlines are and what Hobos are up to.



Artistonish - June 2021

Feeling Jubilant Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:30 H:40 in 2020 Feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph through music and colors. Alex Alimohammadi


Artistonish - June 2021


Garlic Photography, Digital Photography W:16 H:13.56 in 2019 Mario Congreve



Artistonish - June 2021

Step UP and Step IN Painting, Acrylic on Board W:24 H:20 in 2020 Arlette Poland

This is the first of two pieces on museum board created with acrylic. Each color, each brush stroke is part of the story and part of the question. This one asks if you can step UP to your best and kindest self even if time or other obstacles are in your way. And, this reminds you that the Way (Dao) calls you to step up... now! Can you step UP into your life even when the ground is cracked and floats? Even when the light calls you forward, can you still climb the ladder, step up to your best and kindest self?


Artistonish - June 2021


Along the Edge 3 Photography W:18 H:12 in 2021 Sunlight patterns on the riverbed Robert Bergstrom



Artistonish - June 2021

Two, all-beef patties... Painting, Acrylic on Gold Leaf W:16 H:16 cm 2019 Classic Hamburger on table with a golden background. Duke Windsor


Artistonish - June 2021


Lone Voqauro Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:18 H:24 in 2019 Hispanic cowboy on his horse Keith Batcheller



Artistonish - June 2021

Oculus III Painting, Acrylic W:36 H:48 in 2020 Frank Oliva


Artistonish - June 2021


Fox's Vanity Top Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:30 H:26 in 2009 This is my roommate's vanity top showing what a very interesting life she has lead so far. Lynda Gardner



Artistonish - June 2021

Childhood Painting, Oil Color W:48 H:24 in 2021 My art is a window to the transcendent. Yijun GE


Artistonish - June 2021


Deep Waters Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:20 H:20 in 2018 Marie Krajan



Artistonish - June 2021

Holding Pattern II Drawing, Color Pencil, Ink W:18 H:14.50 in 2015 Sharon Teabo

The background colors are layered so that the viewer perceives the illusion of movement. Figures roam freely on top of the form. AW127643904

Artistonish - June 2021


Bowed Chilkat River Bald Eagle Photography W:20 H:16 in 2018 Debbie McCulliss

On the Chilkat River, Alaska for five days in November, I observed our national symbol of freedom—bald eagles of all ages, male and female, mottled and white-headed, flying with salmon in their talons, attacking each other in midair, vocalizing with passion to protect their catch.



Artistonish - June 2021

2.3 Harp (Musical Instrument) Mixed Media W:13 H:17.50 D:2 in 2015 Kristi Backman

Acrylic paint, Fiber, Fiberglass, Stones Lightweight fiberglass, relief wall-mount sculpture, display with hanging wire artifact from imagined culture. AW127694208

Artistonish - June 2021


Coexistence Painting, Oil Color, Mixed Media W:30 H:24 in 2020 Hee Yoo

Warnings about global warming are getting stronger and we are facing an environmental crisis. The work challenges the relationship, coexistence, between humans and nature and reevaluates the importance of finding balance.



Artistonish - June 2021

Change My View Painting, Oil Color on Wood W:24 H:24 in 2018 Claire Ray


Artistonish - June 2021


Rain Stones Photography W:20 H:16 in 2019 Color photo of black stones on a doormat during a rainstorm reflecting nearby balcony railings. Tom Glassman



Artistonish - June 2021

Ways - Away Drawing W:11 H:12 in 2020 Ink Wash and Micron Pens Mal Ugland


Artistonish - June 2021


300 Years is a Long Time Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:36 H:36 in 2015 Anne Cherubim

This painting is based on the idea of the planet Jupiter, and the very first things I read about it many years ago. This piece is done in shades of brown, white, beige, and metallic bronze. The image appears differently depending on where you are standing, or how the light hits it.



Artistonish - June 2021

Beauty in Chaos Photography W:17 H:11 in 2019 Danielle Eisentrager

This photograph is showing how something can still have beauty even if it makes us uneasy by seeing flames around us. Location: Polk County show F/2020, other pieces have been exhibited in Iowa as well.


Artistonish - June 2021


Matrix Sculpture, Mixed Media W:32 H:32 D:4 in 2018 Rocks, Wire, Hotmelt Adhesive Karen Theisen



Artistonish - June 2021

The View from Different Perspectives Drawing, Pastel on Board - Wood W:24 H:20 in 2021 Kyle Minarsky

'The View From Different Perspectives' is done in pastel on wood in a surrealist, pointillist impressionist style. The concept behind this piece is that people often have different perspective of the same view. AW127759904

Artistonish - June 2021


Graffiti Textile Art, Tapestry W:44 H:66 in 2018 Nancy Kozikowski

This pattern is inspired by graffiti which I consider a global style, a universal tribal expression, whether in New York City, or a Chinese village. AW127199400


Artistonish - June 2021

The Watcher Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:59 H:70 in 2020 Celine Vankimmenade


Artistonish - June 2021


Peace Painting, Mixed Media, Acrylic W:60 H:48 in 2021 Tara Verkuil



Artistonish - June 2021

The Burden of Purpose and Gift Assemblage W:25 H:34 D:12 in 2016 Leslie Mcquaide

Assemblage with clay, encaustic, wine rack, typewriter keys, porcelain carousel horse, screws, rhinestones, metal ferns and flowers, Hollywood film can, antique loom warp board, birds and other found objects AW127757488

Artistonish - June 2021


Gentle Men on the Street Fiber Art W:51 H:56 in 2020 Mixed Fiber Media Relief Wall Hanging Marie Bergstedt



Artistonish - June 2021

Caves of Ajanta, India Painting, Watercolor W:16 H:12 in 2021 Sagnik Biswas

The Ajanta Caves are approximately 30 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments which date from the 2nd century BCE to about 480 CE in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra state of India. AW127941144

Artistonish - June 2021


Surfing Mermaid Sculpture on Metal W:24 H:48 D:29 in 2020 Jim Herbert



Artistonish - June 2021

Power-less Without Rest Ceramic Art, Sculpture, Stoneware W:13 H:13 D:6.50 in 2021 Monica Hewryk


Artistonish - June 2021


This is my Father’s World Mixed Media W:16 H:20 in 2021 Sculpting medium with glazed Acrylics

Kelley Gneckow



Artistonish - June 2021

Ritual Digital Arts on Canvas W:24 H:30 in 2021 Don Bergland

Pigment Print on Canvas An unsettling supposition captured in an open-air theatrical stage, proclaiming a righteous agnosticism in the face of existential oblivion.


Artistonish Magazine

Issue #11 June 2021 June - 2021

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