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Live Happily Using PUF Sandwich Panels If you are looking to insulate a room in order to maintain its ambience and temperature, PUF Sandwich Panels are one of the best options and are currently gaining a lot of popularity due to their effectiveness and wide spread utilities. They are extremely useful in insulating a room from the outside world in order to maintain the temperature of the interior. It prevents the heat from the interior of the chamber to escape to the outside thereby retaining the precise temperature of the room. These panels are extremely useful at places where the changes in weather and climate

take a heavy toll on people’s lives. In a world which is a victim of global warming and green house effects, there has been a huge transition in the natures of climate and weather as well. While hot areas are becoming hotter, cooler areas are becoming colder day by day. Survival becomes extremely difficult in such conditions and it is in these situations where PUF Sandwich Panels come to your rescue. Good quality panels are extremely effective in safe guarding the interior of the building from the changes in weather occurring outside and can withstand the conditions for long periods of time. They are used in defense shelters, telecom shelters, pre fabricated cold rooms and prefab shelters. If you are residing in a tropical environment where the heat of the sun is a major issue and you want to escape the hotness, you can easily keep the temperature of the room under control by cooling it through some means and then insulating it using PUF Sandwich panels. Similarly they can be used to keep the interior warm if you are a residing in an extremely cold area. The panels made of polyurethane (PUF stands for polyurethane fabricated) are strong, resistant to corrosion and can repel water as well. These panels can be generally seen in chillers, mobile vans, cold rooms, freezers and water coolers which have been built to expel the heat from the room and keep it cool. You must be extremely careful while purchasing them and investigate their characteristics because plenty of fake ones are available in the market. The best ones are generally slender and light in weight, possess efficient insulating capacity, can be fabricated easily and at good pace, have excellent

thermal efficiency and toughness and are equipped with insulating panels on both sides which are provided with cam locks.

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